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#marvin the magnificent

Marvin: Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and

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Headcanon, or at least something for my writing verse - Marvin can’t do slight of hand magic without cheating. To the public, he’s known as a magician, not a wizard, so for any performances in front of an audience that doesn’t consist of other characters like himself, he uses his actual magic magic to make his card tricks and the like look natural, when in reality his tricks are merely illusions within illusions.

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he is Pansexual

falls in love easily  

 likes symphonic, power and fantasy metal 

 is sassy af but also a sweet heart 

 has 4 shelter  cats but he wants to adopt all the cats from the shelter

he also feeds the neighborhood stray’s 

 also loves birds 

 is super fanashible 

is super intelligent when it comes to magic stuff, but dumb af when it comes to anything else

has markings that enhance his power (a bit like Siren markings on Borderlands)

has phoenix wings 

loves junk food

is scared of dogs and thunder 

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Here’s a complication of art I’ve done recently!

First four are a couple of fusions me and my friends made! Exa (with the glasses) is mine and Eero is @iv0ry-keys and @sparky-stunned ‘s!

Then middle is a first panel I’m trying to work on for a heterochromaic comic! I keep getting burnt out working on it tho |D

Third is a birthday present for @iv0ry-keys from last week! It’s one of our fusions, Dissonance and her oc, Samira!

Abd lastly- another fusion ^^; but y’all may know! It’s Chroma!! In a fancy phantom!nate inspired costume!

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Day 24: Begging

[Day 23]

“B͢eg͡ bef̧o҉re ̴me,” Anti hissed, smile broad as he gestured to his weak, shivering captives. Even more satisfying was the grief in Marvin’s eyes as he tried not to acknowledge them. “Beg̢, magician, ̡a̷nd I ͢míg̡ht ҉spare ̵th̢ém.”

It was nothing but bait, a ploy for his humiliation, but Marvin had nothing else to bank on. The others had already broken him: Chase, beaten to near-unconsciousness, moaning in his own world of agony. Alex, his stage manager, clueless and petrified into silence. Elyse, just a helpless little girl, sobbing for him in the corner.

Slowly he lowered himself to hands and knees. “Please,” he murmured, no pretenses, no pride. “Please, I beg you. Have mercy. Let them go free and I…I’ll surrender to you.” Anti giggled, a shrill, grating sound, and shifted a foot toward him—an obvious request. Face burning, Marvin dipped his head, ghosting pale lips over his boot. It tasted like poison. “…Master.”

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so i’ve started watching “13 Reasons Why” recently & gotten really into it, so i thought it would be a cool concept if i took the egos & put them into that universe.

nobody really has a set role yet, except for chase who would be hannah baker & the rest of the septics are on the tapes.

(i hope it’s alright, i never usually colour 😅)

💕please reblog, don’t repost💕

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I’m really out here considering making the Killer!Jackieboy AU a full-fledged thing after looking back on it now huh. For anyone interested, search my blog for “killer jackieboy.” :)

This entire AU/story concept was inspired by Set It Off’s song Killer in the Mirror, 10/10 recommend giving it a listen even if its just to get a better gist of this whole idea. :D

So anyway, here’s some ideas that might be subject to change-

  • All the asks/etc are the “prologue” so to speak
    • Jackie discovering his sidekick Marvin never died but is actually now a massive crime boss.
    • Marvin attempting to convince him to join forces with him instead.
    • Jackie’s betrayal driving him to murder Marvin.
    • In his moments before death, Marvin cursed his soul to Jackie and is now manipulating him into continue his crimes. Think kinda like Dr. Facilier’s shadow. Though part of it is also Jackie just,,, not handling grief well tbh. He’s gradually losing more of his sanity over time and his morals are quickly greying.
    • News breaking out about a huge spike in murders and the other egos learning of it, then catching Jackie in/after the act and being Very Stricken.
  • After first finding out Jackie is behind all the brutal murders, Henrik does some,,, Dumb Choices and the end result is him being “fused” with Anti in a way. He did it to try and stop his best friend(s apparently? At least that’s what Jackie said…). He swears. But the results are not what he expected and Anti has a little more control than he anticipated and now he’s gotta deal with that AND trying to bring Jackie to his senses or just put him out of his misery.
  • Witnessing what their friend has done to himself, more or less because of them, Marvin’s absolutely BITCH-SLAPPED (temporarily? there are definitely some Lasting Effects no matter where the story goes here) out of his way of thinking. Now he has to try and stop or at LEAST reign Jackie in a little. To undo all the twisted shit he’s implanted into Jackie’s mind and what a monster he’s created.
  • Maybe some Spicy Resurrection shit goes down somewhere in the future to bring Marv back. (*nudges Phoenix Marvin concept the community has*)
  • Whether Marvin comes back or not, now Jackie and Henrik gotta make a Long, Whump-Filled “Recovery” together and MMMMMM SUPERDRUG ANGST. >:D

I dunno how involved I’m gonna get in this idea because it feels more like a story idea than a whole AU, but even just this concept post is a good summary for me. Maybe I’ll doodle some concepts for Jackie and Henrik

I doodled a Jackie a while back but he looks like All My Other Jackies and I wanna change that. Killer in the Mirror is from a blue-themed album so his appearance might be more blue and green than his iconic red. Obviously even if primarily blue, he’ll have RGB all in him Somewhere, its just His Colors, yknow?

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How about "spoiled" with Jackie and Marvin? There's some different directions you could take this, I'm curious which one you'll take :)c

It’s too early in the morning for Marvin, and he has to settle for drinking his coffee black. It’s not the greatest taste in the world, but it’ll do, for now. He’s enjoying a blissful few moments, watching the sun rise as he takes this time to enjoy the serenity he never experiences before the day begins for the rest of the household. Later, he’ll have to go into work, Chase and Jackie will be fighting over the bathroom in their attempts to get ready for the day, and Henrik will probably slink down into his lab to avoid the chaos. 

Marvin can almost see it happening like clockwork.

Unfortunately, his peace doesn’t last when he hears heavy footsteps on the stairs. They’re too heavy sounding, which tells Marvin that someone’s either sleepwalking, or just barely crawling out of bed and isn’t fully conscious yet. He guesses the latter when he sees Jackie stumble into the kitchen, clumsily grabbing at a bowl and…fork, before heading for the pantry to grab a box of cereal. Well, oatmeal, but Marvin isn’t going to say anything. 

He watches in silence as Jackie spills the contents of three packets into his bowl before dropping them into the bin. It’s now that Marvin remembers why he’s drinking his coffee black this morning, because Jackie is now pouring milk into his cereal.

“Jackie, no wait, the milk is spoiled-” Marvin tries to jerk forward, to grab at the bowl, but Jackie just stares at him as he takes a forkful of the disgusting concoction he’s created, crunching noisily on his mess, then swallowing.

“…Er….I’ll leave you to it then. I hope you feel sick later.” Marvin leans back against the counter, going back to his coffee. At least black coffee is preferable.

“S’your fault,” Jackie grumbles. “Didn’t say anythin’ until I got to the milk. ‘M gonna spite you.” He picks up his bowl and moves closer to Marvin, forcing Marvin to watch as Jackie…well…eats.

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If you're taking requests, could I get a sad/hurt Marvin or Yancy? (Love your art btw your style is adorable 💜)

Absolutely🖤💚🖤 And Thank you so much! 🖤


(Pretty Please Reblog 💕 Do not Repost)

Fanart requests are Open ~📩

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