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Kara still finds humans confusing sometimes. If someone walks in on her and Alex midway through sex, Alex panics and pulls up the sheets and insists they were just cuddling. Another time though, when she was being big spoon to Kate and Mary walked in, Kate hastily pulled off her top and yelled "Fucking! We're fucking!"


YES!  This absolutely happened, and Kara was so confused

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Thirst content: Kate tops Mary 90% of the time. The only time that's not the case is with threesomes, with Sophie or someone, and then they both top Kate, Mary kissing her and looking in her eyes as Sophie straps her. Kate does have an exhibitionist streak, and being watched so closely while she's subbing has its own thrill.

Mary is 100% a power bottom.

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Wholesome thoughts: Kate taking Mary for her first tattoo, and holding her hand during. They match. Mary posts a picture on instagram of it once its done, holding it next to Kate's.

That is totally cute, and I love it.

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What was Batmilton’s first declaration of love? (And first kiss?)

Look, this is Kate Kane we’re talking about.  The first kiss, the Batwoman reveal and the declaration of love all happen at the same time.  Kate and Mary have been dancing around it for a while, getting closer and closer.  They both know they want it, but the words haven’t been spoken.  Then someone kidnaps Mary, and Kate rescues her, and kisses her in full Batwoman costume, and tells her she loves her without the voice changer, and Mary NEVER lets her live it down.

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I’m just putting this out there into the world.  It is currently January 11th.  My birthday is May 15th.

That is plenty of time for someone to write me a birthday fic were Alex and Mary are trying to set Kate and Kara up, and in the meantime, Alice is totally jealous of all the time Kate is spending with this blonde reporter from National City, and is actively trying to kill her.  So, one the one hand, you have Alex and Mary trying to Parent Trap Kate and Kara, while on the other hand, you have Alice’s Wile E. Coyote to Kara’s Road Runner.

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Mary and Alex being matchmakers for Kara and Kate.

“Those two are completely hopeless.”

“Oh my God, right?” Mary says, turning to Alex. “I mean, come on. It’s almost painful to watch.”

“I mean, could they be any more obvious about the fact that they like each other?” Alex cries. “Literally everyone can see it, except-”

“Them,” Mary finishes with a sigh. “Trust me, I’ve been suffering over this too.”

Alex frowns a little. “Maybe we should do something about it?”

“Are you talking about setting up our sisters?” Mary asks. “Because if you are, I’m totally in.”

“We need to make sure that we respect their privacy,” Alex says, “but also make sure they both learn how to use their words and talk to each other about their feelings.”

“Getting Kate to talk about her feelings can be really hard,” Mary says. “But I bet I’ll be able to do it. Getting her to talk about her feelings with Kara…”

“At least Kate is openly gay,” Alex counters. “I might need to talk Kara through a sexuality crisis.”

“You mean she thinks she’s straight?” Mary demands. “Making those eyes at my sister?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” Alex admits. “She’s never mentioned anything, but that doesn’t mean she identifies as straight. I guess I’ll have to find out.”

Mary looks at Kate and Kara again. “We are sure they’re into each other, right? We’re not just reading into things too much?”

Kate says something to Kara that Alex is too far away to overhear, but she’s can hear Kara laugh, and she can see the look on Kate’s face as she watches her. She can also see the look on Kara’s face, the effortless smile that almost never graces her face. She’s been wearing it all night.

“I don’t think we’re reading into things,” she says. “I think Kate and Kara just need to learn to read.”

Mary snorts. “All in favor of teaching them, then?”

Alex raises a hand with a grin. “Aye.”

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I think we all need some soft romance. What is Kate and Mary’s wedding like?

A little weird for the guests, to be honest.  Kate hires two wedding planners.  One Korean, and One Jewish, and is like, “I’m a Jewish woman marrying a Korean Woman.  Figure this shit out.”

She spends a lot of time with them both over the next few months, along with Mary, working out ways to incorporate both traditions.  It ends up being a nice blend of both.  A short ceremony with a Rabbi, white both Kate and Mary in a Hanbok.  Mary wears the traditional pink, Kate goes for Purple.  They skip the bit of the ceremony involved in drinking wine from a gourd because Mary’s mother isn’t there to participate, but they do stomp on the champaign glass together.  The reception is a bit more in the Jewish tradition, long and boisterous.

In the end, Kate and Mary end up sneaking out early, and having a quiet evening together.  Luke, Julia, Sophie and Kara cover for them.

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A/N: Welp, like I said, trash for Kate Kane. There will probably be more of this and hopefully I got the voices and character at least sorta right. With only half a season, not much to go on, but I think it’s okay. Enjoy!

Okay, I realized the perspective changed several times throughout the fic, so I’v got that fixed. It is now at least 99% second person. 

“Well, aren’t you just the most adorable little thing,” The woman grinned impishly. “We can have so much fun with you.”

You gulped. You didn’t know what she meant by “fun” but you knew you didn’t like it. Her smile sent chills down your spine. She gripped your chin in a surprisingly hard grip, her face only an inch from yours. 

“You just have the most beautiful face. It will work well.”

“W-what do you want?” You asked.

The woman stepped back, white hair bouncing as she did. “I just said, didn’t I? I want your face.”

“Just … just let me go. Please,” You begged.

“What? You don’t want to play with dear Alice? I must say, I’m horribly disappointed. And for the insubordination, you will have to pay a price. I can’t do anything to harm that pretty little face, but the rest of you, well …” 

Before you could register what was happening, a knife plunged into you shoulder. A scream echoed from your lungs as you felt it twist inside you before Alice slowly dragged it out. Blood poured from the wound, tears stained your cheeks. Your breath came out in heavy wheezes as pain continued to shoot through you in shockwaves. 

“Now, would you like to play?”

You didn’t answer, only stared at the blood seeping down your shirt and onto the ropes that fastened you to your seat. 

“I asked you a question,” Alice growled. “When I ask, you answer.”

“N-no … please don’t hurt me.”

Alice cocked her head to the side. “I see. My dear girl, I won’t hurt you. I’ll only make you suffer. It’s you who decides whether it hurts.”

The cold metal of spiked brass knuckles pounded into your stomach as Alice rammed into it with her fist. She was smiling. Enjoying the sound of your screams as the punched you repeatedly. When she finally stopped, you head hung limply. You were soaked in blood. Every inch of your body shook in agony.

And that’s when somebody else entered the room. He was a scraggly looking young man, with long hair and a thin figure. You didn’t know why, but just seeing him sent a chill down your spine. He carried an heir of unease.

“That’s my face?”

“Yes, Mouse, that’s your new face. Do you like it?”

“It’s a girl.”

“We do what is necessary, Mouse. Remember, you needed a woman’s face. It will fit you just fine. Do you like it?” There was malice in her voice the second time she asked that question. 

“Yes, Alice. I like it. It’s a good face. It will be useful.”

“Useful for what?” You squeaked.

Alice knelt down in front of you and caressed my cheek with one gloved hand. You tried to draw away, but it only caused you to gasp in pain. “Useful for Mouse. Nobody wants to see his face, but if we place yours on him, the world will never know the difference. There are oh so many things he can do with this face.”

Alice’s words sent a shiver down my spine. I squeezed my eyes shut as she ran her hands over my face as if studying it. Feeling every bump and curve. 

“Oh my … you’re very warm. You may be striking a fever. No doubt from those awful wounds. But don’t worry, my pet, I’ll bandage you up.”

“Leave me alone,” You whispered. You couldn’t keep the fear from your voice.

“No can do. But don’t be nervous. I’m very good with a bandage.” 

The cleanliness of the bandages she used was questionable. In a place like this, no matter how many times something had been sanitized, you still couldn’t be certain it was clean. 

They moved you to a bed, and though you tried to fight and protest, you were too weak. It only caused more pain and more blood. You were lightheaded, dizzy. And you could only stare as they tied you to the bed posts. 

“What a good girl, finally listening. You stopped fighting. It’s a shame you won’t be alive much longer. I have grown rather fond of you.”

“Please don’t kill me,” You squeaked.

“My dear girl. If only it were in the cards.” She grabbed a wad of gauze and pressed it to the wound in your shoulder. You cried out in pain and Alice tisked. “Not very strong, are we? Can’t handle a little pain?” She pressed harder.

“Stop,” You gasped.

“I’m sorry, but I thought you wanted to live a while longer. Besides, the flesh is better when fresh. However, I do not wish to hear your screams. Mouse, gag her.”

A dirty cloth was shoved in your mouth and tied behind the back of your head. It tasted horrible and made it difficult to breathe. You struggled against it, but Mouse was much stronger. It wasn’t much of a fight. 

She smiled sweetly at you as she fastened the gauze the your skin. It was a sickly sight - how could one so terrible feel so good about what they were doing? It was as if your pain gave her great pleasure. She moved to the wounds on your stomach, which somehow hurt even more. You were certain that, in this filthy place, they had already become infected. 

Your flesh wouldn’t be too great after that. 

Tears streamed down your cheeks.

Alice wiped them away with a knuckle, a little too gently. “Don’t cry. You’ll stain your cheeks.”


“We’ve got reports of a kidnapping,” Sophie said. “Young woman, early twenties. Her name is (Y/N). Discovered missing after she failed to show up for work for several days, a coworker went to see if she was okay. There are signs of a struggle, blood on the floor. We don’t have long if we want to find this girl alive.”

“Where was she taken from?” Kate asked, stepping toward the screen.

“The Orchard apartment complex.”

“That’s near the morgue. Have there been any other abductions?”

Sophie shook her head. “Not from what we’ve seen, though we will be keeping an eye out.”

Kate nodded, eyes still not leaving the screen. “Show me the crime scene photos?”

Sophie simply nodded and did as she was asked. 

Kate silently studied them. It showed an apartment that looked as if it was usually very clean, however, chairs were thrown aside, dishes broken, a vase lay in pieces on the floor. “What floor?”

“Fifth,” Sophie said.

“Are there any security cameras nearby?”

Jacob stepped forward with another image. “Only this one, about a block away. The street is busy, making it nearly impossible to identify the escape vehicle.”

“Play it,” Kate said. She was looking for something, though nobody was quite sure what she was searching for. Again, she studied it silently for several minutes before raising a hand. “There. That’s the vehicle.”

Jacob paused the video. “How do you know?”

“It belongs to Beth.”

The crows all exchanged a look. “We need to go,” Sophie said.

Kate was already gone. She ran back to Wayne Enterprises, trying to ignore Luke as he bombarded her with questions.

“Whoa, you came in a hurry, what’s going on? Is it Alice? Did she do something?”

“Can you shut up?”

“That’s incredibly rude. Okay, but I’ve been working on a new piece of tech and -”

Kate shoved him out of the elevator just before the doors closed. “Not the time, Luke.”

It wasn’t long before she had donned the suit, equipping herself with everything she might need, and rushed off. 


“N-no … No,” You cried as Alice pulled out a small knife. 

“Oh hush,” Alice snapped. “Your pathetic whimpering is starting to get on my nerves. Obviously, the gag didn’t work, but I’ll make sure you can’t talk anymore. I may need your face, but your tongue is free to dispose of.”

Your mouth was forced open and a cold metal clamp bit down on your tongue. Something pierced painfully through it, so no matter how you struggled, you couldn’t draw your tongue away from the clamp. Though you tried to scream and tear away, you couldn’t. Mouse held your head steady as Alice brought the knife to your tongue. 

You had never been more afraid. Had never cried so hard. You had gone through a lot in your short life, but this was by far the worst. And you were powerless.

“Beth!” The voice drew away Alice’s attention from me. “Let her go.”

“No can do, sis. I was just about to cut out her tongue. Care to watch?”

Through my tears, you were able to see the woman standing on the other end of the room. She wore an all black suit and had long, dyed red hair. She looked almost like Batman. 

“Touch her and you’ll regret it,” the woman growled. “Beth, this is not okay.’

Beth moved the knife from my tongue and ran the side of it along my face, stopping to press the tip against the side of my neck. “Her face is just what we need. And nobody will miss her. She’s alone. Uncared for. No family … No friends. The perfect victim.”

The woman slowly stepped closer, raising a gun. “Let her go or I will kill him.” 

The gun wasn’t pointed at Alice as you’d expected, but rather, at Mouse. 

“You wouldn’t.”

“You really think so? You’re the one that means something to me, not him. He’s the one who took you and turned you into this. It would be easy.”

Blood dripped from your neck where the knife cut into your skin.

“You’re not a killer, dear sister.”

The gun went off. You jumped, eyes squeezed shut. There was a gasp and you felt the pressure release from your neck as Alice dropped her instruments. When you opened your eyes, you saw the Bat … woman, with an incredulous expression as she looked around.

A second woman rushed in a moment later, followed by several people in Crows Security uniforms. 

You could hear screams behind you, no doubt from Mouse, as you could also hear Alice speaking to him. “Mouse … You shot him!”

“That’s right,” the second woman said. “Don’t worry, it’s not fatal. Arrest them.”

Alice threw something. You saw it zip past you and the moment it hit the ground, the room was covered in a thick fog. You coughed as the smoke filled your lungs. It stung your eyes and made you feel dizzy. 

Through the fog, you could see the bat woman approach you. “I got you.” The clamp was removed from your tongue and the bindings from your wrists and ankles. She lifted you into her strong arms, holding you close as she walked from the building. The second woman was close behind.

“Hey, Batwoman, you can’t take her.”

“She needs help, Sophie. You do your job, I’ll do mine. I’m taking her to the hospital. Catch Alice.”

Sophie didn’t say another word, just allowed Batwoman to carry you away. 

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