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SPN 14x01

Ok, so Michael’s just flapping around, telling people they are worthless and ( presumably ) smiting them for no reason ? What a prat.

And the writers have forgotten Cas is an angel. Again. For a minute there, I seriously thought Cas was gonna go ballistic and smite everyone. After all, he did threaten to burn What’s-his-face to ash. As far as I could tell, Cas was “de-powered” - again - to allow Sam a moment to shine. And shine he did. When Sam declared there’d be no new King of Hell ? I got chills. Apparently the Winchesters have gotten a Reputation ™©>>

Sam looked visibly anguished, dealing with Nick and he was still nice to him anyway. Even as tired and stressed as he is, he still found a way to talk to Jack and have a kind word for Nick. Granted it was mainly to gain info about Dean, but you know. Still.

That Scene™ ( the one with Jamil ) was insensitive and unnecessary and I have no idea why it was put in and even less idea why Jensen would feel the need to talk about it later at that convention ( Seriously. What was he thinking ? ) But that’s neither here nor there. His accent was almost perfect though. I was busy cringing through most of the scene ( ew ew ew - colonial flashbacks ew ) but he got almost everything right except the name. But that’d be make sense right ? He’s a good singer and he clearly has a ear for accents and sounds in general. Even if he learnt it off by heart, he executed it perfectly.

Jo was awesome as always. She was the only one of Michael’s victims who rattled him a little bit. Good. He needs rattling. As much rattling as possible. I cannot believe Gabriel is related to him. I wonder what an interaction between Gabe and Jo would look like ? It should be interesting, if nothing else. Also, how does Dean know all that about her ? He met her for like, once. What, he got all that from five seconds of interaction ?

Bobby Singer and Jack bonding was adorable, Bobby apparently always needs someone to protect and watch over and Jack desperately needed an anchor, given how lost and confused he was feeling. Mary was her usual calm logical self. She even tried to mother Sam, but Sam was having none of it. Eh. She tried.

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So, yeah, I’m not going to miss Mary. Worst mother in the history of television. She worked with the Brit Men of Letters after they tried to kill Sam. Sam was the kid she died for. I don’t care who you are, when someone tries to kill your child, especially one you gave up your life for, you don’t work with the people who did it.

Jack did them a huge ass favor. Although I’m not really a fan of him either.

Originally posted by but-the-truth-lies

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Mary finally returned to the motel room, choosing not to say anything about the relief on Sams face when he saw her.

“Spoke to Dean.” Mary said sitting back on the bed and laying down. “He seems more annoyed than anything else.”

Sam nodded. “He keeps listening to his iPod to annoy Michael into submission.” he told her. “Not quite sure if that’s working though.”

Mary gave a small smile at the thought of it and let her hands go down to her stomach, wishing with everything she had for something she wasn’t even sure of anymore.

She let herself think for a moment, daydream just a bit. She tried to imagine what the child would look like. Would it be a boy or a girl? Would they have John’s looks more or hers?

Her mind slowly painted an image. A baby girl with John’s eyes and her hair, her face was more like Sammy’s had been, mostly John with a touch of hers. Campbell shaped eyes and Winchester cheeks.

She could imagine her with Sam and Dean. Her sitting in Dean’s lap, her hands on the impalas steering wheel, copying Dean as he drove. Sitting on top of Sam’s shoulders as they worked at a table together, putting puzzles and reading.

They would be so good to her, they would look after her and just be amazing older brothers to her.

Maybe even amazing pseudo parents.

Mary tightened her hold around her stomach and took a deep breath, swallowing hard and coming to a decision.

Slowly she brought herself up, staring at the both of them. “We need to talk, the four of us.”

“Alright.” Sam said taking his phone out and shooting a quick text to his brother. He waited for a few minutes before he got up and took his tablet out of his bag and placed it on the table. He opened something and then moved the tablet towards everyone and Dean was on the screen.

“Hey.” Dean said, his voice sounding distant and static filled. “Alright, lets talk.”

“I’m not beating the bush around here, I’m not going to hunt or try to avoid the topic.” Mary said, leaning forward onto her knees. “There is a possibility that I am going to die.”

They all looked like they were about to protest, Dean a bit delayed from the internet connection, but Mary immediately shot in.

“That is a possibility, we can’t ignore that.” she continued. “And I want to make sure of a few things in case that happens.”

Mary took a deep breath. “I want the baby to live.” she said. “Regardless of what I need to do to ensure that.”

Sam looked a bit strained, his jaw moving from side to side. “Okay.” he said, his voice pressed lightly.

“Now, in regards to the archangel grace, if that means that the kid is a nephilim, then so be it.” Mary said. “I just hope that the kid doesn’t come out all grown up like you did Jack.” she added, trying to make a joke.

Jack smiled slightly at her at that, a sad smile on his face, but didn’t say anything.

“Now I know you guys are going to take good care of the baby, I don’t need to be assured that.” Mary said. “But I do need to know that they’ll be safe, especially because of the grace and Michael.”

“We’re still not sure about that mom.” Dean said, rubbing at his eyes. “Maybe it’ll be different if its in a person like a nephilim verses in a tube.”

Sam had been scribbling something on a notepad, she could see some numbers and months on the edges of the pieces.

“Mom, you’re already three months pregnant.” he said, staring at his notes. “And nephilim only need five months before they’re born so…I think there’s about…three months left. At the most.”

“And that’s if the grace is going into the baby and making it a nephilim.” Dean added. “We still don’t know if that’s whats going to happen.” he grimaced then and rolled his eyes, muttering something under his breath.

Sam glanced at the screen at his brother but didn’t say anything about the movement. “Either way, we’re running out of time.” he said. “So for now, mom and Dean are going to be separated from each other, Jack you stay with mom.”

Jack nodded and glanced at Mary once more. “I’ll take care of you.” he promised to her.

Mary smiled back at him. “I know.” she said softly. “I’m in good hands.”

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Y’all I think that in the end of supernatural, everyone will be genuinely happy. They’ll all be one big family, Cas, Jack, Dean and Sam and whoever else. They’ll gather around a table and drink and have good times, knowing that they’ve defeated everything and their life will be back to vampire nests once a month. They’ll finally relax and not have to worry. It won’t be perfect, but it will be their perfect.

And then the empty will remember it’s deal with Cas.

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Supernatural Imagine

🌟 Rewrite the Rules 🌟

Part 2

Originally posted by jacques4824


(Female Reader)


A/N: Hey everyone! Guess who finally wrote a Part 2 to this imagine! That’s right ME! I have been waiting for someone to ask for a part 2 and guess freaking what!? Someone did and that someone is @onlyimaginary16 so part 2 is dedicated to you! Hope you all enjoy part 2 cause this will be the end of this imagine. Also I am so freaking sorry this took forever to get out. I’ve been super busy with so many things in my life and it’s just complicated.

Y/N: Your Name

*Lyrics will be in bold italics*



I hadn’t been down to Earth in weeks…I heard Sam’s prayers for me to comeback so we could talk that Dean, Cas, and him would figure this out. It broke my heart even more.

Naomi left me alone, even Ariella left me alone. I was depressed and Duma showed concerned for me wanted to know what was wrong, but I didn’t want to talk about it because I knew I would start to cry. I wished I didn’t leave that night; I wished I stayed with Sam, I just couldn’t forget that kiss we shared. If only the rules weren’t the way they are…

I walked around the clean white halls of Heaven, when Castiel came running down the hall.

“Y/N! There you are! Sam is injured it’s bad. You have to come to Earth.”

I said, “W-What!? Castiel, I can’t you know the-”

I was interrupted by Naomi, Raziel, Adriel, and Ariella who came running down the hall as well. Raziel, Ariella and, Adriel glared at Castiel and had their Angel blades out.

Naomi spoke, “Y/N, don’t you dare go with Castiel!”

Castiel glared back at them, “She has a right to choose where she wants to go. She does not have to follow your orders, Naomi.”

Raziel looked at me, “You have been a loyal Angel to Heaven, Y/N. Do not become a traitor like him and Lucifer!”

I stood there listening to what they all said. But I was worried about Sam, what if he didn’t make it? I stared down my three older siblings and spoke “I am done with Heaven. I choose to follow my heart. I don’t care about what the rules say. I won’t be Heaven’s soldier anymore.”

I left with Castiel and went to the Bunker. I was greeted by Dean, Jack, and Mary. I asked, “Where’s Sam?”

Dean said, “In his room, He hasn’t woken up at all.”

I went to Sam’s room, he laid still on his bed. I walked over and pulled the chair from the desk over and sat down by him. I gently grabbed his hand and held it in my own. I closed my eyes and healed him. He still hasn’t opened his eyes…I couldn’t help but hate seeing him like this. I felt tears slip down my face, but I didn’t wipe them away.

“W-What if we rewrite t-the stars? Say y-you were made to…be mine…Nothing can k-keep us apart…Y-You were t-the one I was meant to f-find…”

I hung my head as I cried, I didn’t let go of his hand and that’s when I felt his fingers begin to move. I thought I imagined it at first, but then I looked up at his face. His eyes began to open and he blinked a few times. I began to smile and wrapped both my hands around his hand as I continued to hold it.

“You’re here.” He said quietly.

I let go and put my hands on his cheeks and leaned in and kissed him. I smiled at him, he smiled at me and I felt him run his hands through my hair. I kissed him again and I felt so happy to be with him.

I don’t care what Naomi and the others will say or do. I’m with the one I love and that’s all that matters to me…I am finally free.


A/N: I hope everyone liked this imagine. Again I am so sorry that it took so long for me to get this out. Also sorry this is so short it’s all I could come up with.

@enby-in-fandom @grellaofasgard @miasif @assbutt-still-in-hell

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When Billie was first introduced on Supernatural, she had it in for Sam and Dean. Since becoming Death, she’s changed. But is she an ally of the boys, or still an adversary? Let’s take a look.

In Season 11, Billie was overall a helpful presence. Although she introduces herself with a bang threatening Sam in Form and Void, she comes back strong by indirectly helping Crowley coerce Rowena into summoning Lucifer in The Devil in the Details. Then she shows up of her own volition to help the gang stop Amara in Alpha and Omega

Season 12 sees Billie more determined to reap Sam, Dean, and now Mary. She sets her sights on Mary in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, yet makes no aggressive action. She helps Dean, and although she wanted to reap the Winchesters, she didn’t, leaving the scene a net positive attendant. Yet First Blood is probably what most people think of when they characterize Billie as a villain. However, Billie’s actions in First Blood were not malicious. For one thing, Dean called her, and she answered. Even though she answered with every intention to find an opportunity to reap him, she did answer, and that is a courtesy to be appreciated. Why didn’t he just pray to Cas in the first place? Did Cas not answer? Never mind, I’m still salty. Anyway, she answered, which was the nice thing to do. Then she didn’t force Sam and Dean to do anything. She made a deal with them, and both sides agreed. She didn’t offer to help set them both free, but why would she? Reapers don’t interfere like that. One could argue that reapers don’t interfere in this way either. There’s no argument here, but it’s evident that with no boss, reapers were playing it a little fast and loose with the rules. They made a deal. Billie was even flexible enough to accept Mary Winchester in place of Sam or Dean, and got stabbed for her trouble. Nice job, Cas. By the way, where are the “cosmic consequences”? Will they ever come? Jesus. 

In Season 13, Billie gets a new gig, and becomes ten times more awesome. She’ll never top the old Death, though. Julian, you are missed. Rip. Anyway, Billie as Death is decidedly friendlier than Billie as an ordinary reaper. Rather than throw Dean into the Empty when he dies, she gives him some choice info and refutes his depressive thought processes. What? She must know that one of the rules of being Death is maintaining a bromance with Dean Winchester. Her support is shown again in Funeralia when it’s revealed that she’s posted a reaper to babysit Sam and Dean. Funeralia also showcases her mercy. She doesn’t kill Rowena, even after she’s proven to be a danger to the world. She doesn’t threaten Rowena like she did with Sam and Dean before becoming Death. Instead she offers Rowena some comfort, and goes on her merry way. Likely the same way the old Death would have handled the situation.

Season 14 doesn’t contradict Billie’s position as a good guy. In Nihilism, she intervenes and helps Sam and Dean by teleporting everyone to the bunker so Sam and Cas could have a chance against Alternate Michael. Telling Dean his destinies was an interesting move. Spilling the ~super secret~ Ma’lak Box assembly instructions was an annoying development as we had never heard of this box before, but it’s unimportant. What’s important is whether she told the truth to Dean that this was his only option to defeat Alternate Michael. (If you like, check out my post about ways Dean and co. could have taken Michael out.) It’s a little suspicious that there was only one option that would work, but Billie never lied before, so it’s unlikely she would start now. The old Death was the most trustworthy character on the show, and Billie seems to be following in his footsteps for the most part.

In essence, Billie lives by a code: the Natural Order of things must be protected. She wants to reap Sam and Dean in the beginning because they’re an affront to the Natural Order. Every time she appears she is trying to protect it, from Funeralia to Advanced Thanatology. We know from Appointment in Samarra that messing with the Natural Order screws things up big time, and reapers are the ones to sweep up the mess. So is it really so strange that she disliked Sam and Dean on sight? Only when she became Death did she understand the important part they were destined to play. She may at times be opposed to Sam and Dean, but she always stands with the Natural Order, and that places her firmly in the good guy camp.

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quick impressions:

1. well that was deeply upsetting.

2. i tried to put this into words after just seeing a gifset of samndean brooding over mary’s funeral pyre the other day but after watching the performance of their grief? the lingering shots of photos and mementos? it all just leaves a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach.

2.5. LIKE. how do i even express the swelling sense of disquiet at watching their mourning of her, when for over thirty years she was held up as a symbol and a justification for all of the shitty things they did? ‘mom would’ve wanted this’ was ultimate validation–sam even hallucinated her telling him that it was ok to feel the things he did all the way back in 4.21; dean kept bringing her up as a motivation to do whatever it took to close the gates of hell in s8. when she actually came to life in s12, there was instant friction between what her sons expected her to be and what she actually was, which was a retired hunter and a young mother to two small children. she was immediately expected to provide succour and emotional support to her grown-ass sons, despite the fact that she was both younger and vastly less experienced than them. that she went on to try and find herself instead of flailing to conform to dean’s the winchesters’ impossibly high standards of her as a mother figure was fascinating, but her character path meandered from there and ended up being an emotional touchstone for the brothers, valued for just being there and being their mother, or galvanising them into action by dying/disappearing. 

3. jack does feel, and feel deeply, though? he immediately regretted killing mary by accident and went to great lengths to do the thing he’d learned from the winchesters that he ought to do: try and resurrect her. he was legit tortured by what he’d done (until the last half of 14.19 anyway), and had his own personal hallucifer voice his greatest fears and darkest doubts to him. his righteous rage in frying nick to a crisp has no doubt been reflected in samndean’s eyes multiple times. that this somehow translates into an ‘absence of morality’ is just such a specious argument.

jack centered his moral universe around sam and dean winchester, who themselves are a bundle of contradictions and extremely ethically suspect decisions. he’s only been alive for two years, and in those two years he has been repeatedly told that his instincts are dangerous, that he is one half pure evil, and that he must trust the likes of samndean and castiel to validate his actions. of course he’s easily manipulated–his sense of self is pliable enough to be non-existent. one learns and unlearns and relearns right and wrong and all of the spaces in between from the people around them. that the depletion of a human soul means you are fundamentally incapable of applying what you’ve learned to be ‘good’ or that ‘decency’ is something that you can inherit like a biological trait is just… weird.

(ok, but to counter my own point a little bit, given that god and angels and heaven and hell exist in this universe, then is it possible that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ exist outside of the ever-evolving concepts formed by human society? that there is an objective way to be ‘good’ and ‘evil’, devoid of context that’s informed by circumstance or beliefs or human frailty. hm.)

3.5. it is curious that jack seems calm, even cheery, when performing biblical acts on the instructions of dumah when he was so tortured only half an episode earlier, but perhaps he was calmed by the promise of validation by samndean. if this is what they would want, then it is Right to do. (on a doylist level, i feel like it was a way to get the very difficult pill of samndean manipulating this kid into an eternal prison down just a little bit easier.)

3.8. and finally it is those humans with ~souls who use their power over jack’s feelings and worldview to manipulate him into dying for eternity in a little box while desperately trying to justify it to themselves and everybody else. 

4. sam following dean’s lead and helping to lock up jack hurt so goddamn much to watch. but it’s perfectly understandable–he’s fully internalised why dean did the same thing to him all the way back in 4.21. it’s why he stopped the third trial in s8 after dean’s monologue. it’s why he fell to his knees, ready to be decapitated by dean if that was dean wanted in the s10 finale. it’s why he apologised for taking a break from hunting in s11. it’s bad enough when it’s hurting sam, but it’s extra agonising to watch when it’s hurting jack as well. i mean–kudos, Show, but OUCH.

4.5. sam is genuinely distressed by what he’s done, tho, but the crucial thing is he doesn’t stand up to dean as much as he needs to, and in that sense, he has utterly failed jack. not just in this ep, but from the beginning of s13 when he was firmly in jack’s corner, sure, but spent more energy defending dean’s unjustified rage towards him than anything else. 

i hope this comes to a head between them in the season finale and plays out over the final season. sam and dean haven’t truly been at ideological odds since s9–for the last few years, samndean have done things as a unit, or rather, dean exercised his power as Supreme Moral Arbiter of the Universe and sam followed without much, or any protest. if he does stand up against dean, a lot of other issues can be dealt with alongside–resurrections, the idea of permanence, and the truly elusive and enigmatic idea of informed consent.

5. i’m genuinely excited for the finale–the cliffhanger at the end of 19 was stomach-droppingly terrifying. gosh, this show is so gloriously fucking distressing.

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14x19 really got me

Jack is not a bad person just in a bad situation. He messed up so bad he cant undo it or get forgiveness. And now he lost his home, family, safety, comfort, etc.

Being in a hopeless situation with no one else to blame, but yourself is a suffocating feeling.

Do I think Dean is right? No

Im I mad a Dean or think hes cruel? No

He is in pain and shock. Jack does deserve some kind of rehabilitation and a bit of forgivess. However I understand why Dean cant give that.

Now that they’ve betrayed each other.. like hallucination Lucifer said all trust is gone.

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so i was at universal and i went on a ride called revenge of the mummy, and at one point in the ride, it made it look like the ride was ending but then the ceiling literally went up in flames and my immediate reaction was to yell, “MARY WINCHESTER?”

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Mary Winchester is just as bad as John Winchester.

They both abandoned their children when they needed them the most.

Mary’s only interactions with the boys was when she needed something from them.

She worked with the British men of letters, knowing the pain they had caused to Sam.

Ignored them when they tried to get in contact with her.

Accepted the abuse John had done to the boys, not even bothering to confront John about the abuse or training the boys into the life despite her not wanting them to do so in the first place.

Dismissed their concerns when they tried to warn her about the British men of letters, not even apologizing later on when she found out it was all true.

Claims to love them, but does not bother to put time aside to spend time with them and when she does, she ignores them or talks very little.

I am well aware that she needed time to process the changes that had happened over the thirty years she was gone, but she makes no effort to even acknowledge the boys existence unless she needs them for her own gain. Mary Winchester is just as bad as the man she proclaims to hate for the things he forced the boys to do, and that’s my take on her character. 

Feel free to continue this thread with your opinion on what I’ve said. 

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