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Maybe they should’ve started with something smaller, maybe taking them one by one into town instead of going all four together at the same time.

John sighed and glanced down at Sammy who was curled up close to him, as close as possible, and moved his arm enough to rub at his back. Sammy was shaking and clinging to him as tightly as he could and if he hadn’t had such a grip on himself he was sure that Sammy would be sobbing as well.

John tried to think calming and soothing thoughts, trying to communicate that with Sammy as best as he could. Sammy was a bit of an empath, a telepath, a mess of things and but whatever he was he fed off of people’s emotions and feelings.

But that also meant that the more people around him, the more things he felt, the more overwhelming everything around him was.

With the five of them at Bobbys it was a bit more manageable. He was used to them and he was able to either ignore or easily live with it, he wasn’t sure what Sammy did to deal with it and made a mental note to ask him about it later.

John hoisted Sammy up a bit more, still rubbing at his back. They had managed to get into town for under four minutes before Sammy had cracked and broke, clutching at his head and close to just breaking down right then and there.

So he had quickly brought them into the park, into as secluded a corner he was able to find that fast and just focused on helping Sammy to calm down.

He glanced to the side to where Dean and Mary were sitting, leaning against one another with Dean quietly pointing things out for Mary who was looking around with wide eyes. If anything they seemed to be enjoying being outside of the house and somewhere else, the fresh air seemed to be doing them some good.

He did have to give Mary his sunglasses, and they kept slipping down her face which she seemed to find a bit amusing, to help her to be able to see. She wasn’t used to the sun as well and he made another mental note to get them either under some sort of shade or sunscreen.

When it seemed that Sammy was starting to relax a bit more he looked down at him, his hand still moving. “Sammy, you back with us?” he asked in a murmur.

It took a moment but Sammy gave a small nod, his grip on Johns shirt loosening just slightly.

Dean looked at them as well, moving to lean against Johns lap and reached for Sammy’s hand, running his fingers over the back of it. “Sammy?”

Slowly Sammy turned his head, opening one eye to look at Dean, breathing heavily. Bit by bit Sammy started to let go of Johns shirt and reached for Dean as well. Running his hand over Sammys back one more time he carefully placed Sammy into Dean’s lap and arms.

Dean wrapped his arms around Sammy, the two curling around one another and John could almost see the rest of the tension leave Sammy as he held onto his brother.

With that John relaxed as well, rubbing at his eyes before he looked at Mary. She was watching the boys and then looked up at him, smiling at him. He returned the smile and leaned back onto the bench.

“How you doing?” he asked her, glancing at the boys and back at her.

“Good.” Mary said, turning towards the sun and tilting her head to let it wash over her completely. “Its warm.”

“Yeah it is.” John said, copying her motion for a moment and savoring the sunlight. He couldn’t stop looking at the boys to make sure that they were okay and calm, reaching out to wrap his arms around Dean and by extension Sammy as well.

He looked around the park, happy that it was empty and then back at the other three. He reached down and took his boots off, setting his feet on the grass. He knelt in front of the boys and did the same, pulling their shoes off and letting it fall to the ground.

Mary watched them and copied it, taking her shoes off as well, eyes widening when she placed her bare feet on the grass.

John smiled at her and picked the boys up to set them on the grass as well. Dean giggled lightly and laid back onto the grass, still holding onto Sammy. He turned them both onto their sides so that they could each be on the grass.

John held his hand out to Mary who easily took it, holding onto him as she got off of the bench and sat down on the grass next to him, placing her head on his shoulder.

John couldn’t help himself, he relaxed more and tilted his head so that it could press against Mary’s head as she leaned against him. The boys were just inches away and easily within reach. The sun was shining and now everything was calmed down and alright.

Letting out a small sigh he half glanced at Mary who met his gaze with another smile.

Everything was warm and safe and calm now and for the time being, he could relax.

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Jack tried on his own. And he failed. He just brought back “a shell, incapable of holding life”.

So he kinda made it worse… but also at least now they have a body to moarn to.

They are making a Hunter’s Funeral and Cas, my cute, caring Angel, tried to go to him to comfort him but he got stopped by Sam because… he knows that Cas being next to him and apologizing for what he could have said and prevented from happening, would be a big mistake.

My poor babus. Dean, you just got your mom back and she didn’t deserve to die this way. But at least your happy in Heaven.

And Cas? I know you feel like you failed and it’s all your fault and you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve… but you can’t. And you know that. But… at least you try to be there for people even if you being there makes the situation a little more complicated.

I just love Cas for still trying, still being there for them. Dean…. you were a Momma’s boy and you loved it more than anything to have her back. And now that she’s gone? I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling.

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Two episodes and I am brain-fucked:

This is me right now:

Sam&Dean and co. are visiting Earth 2 to rescue Jack and Mary. They took Luci’s grace to get there and Rowena, the dumbass, angered him so he got out of his magical shackles. Rowena throws Luci into Earth 2 then a million things happen, Sam dies, gets resurrected by Luci and makes a deal with him. He goes to the camp and everyone’s shocked that bitch-ass Luci is there (I would be too since he is an asshole). Then ya-da ya-da, everyone gets put into Earth 1 and Sam leaves Luci behind. Luci then makes a deal with E2!Michael and they find a way to get into Earth 1.

Then they separated their ways and Luci went to find Jack and tricked him into leaving Earth before E2!Michael nuked it.

Good thing Sam’s prayer comes right through in that moment and he leaves immediately to save Sam and Dean. Because, guess what? E2!Michael is about to kill my precious Dean. So Jack steps in and weakens him immensely. Then E2!Michael says “binch, we had a dealio” and everyone knows what’s up. Then after Luci’s lies come out Jack found out about Maggie, too. When Jack saw how he is a monster, how he gives no fuck about humans? He got attacked by Luci and some of his grace got into him. Means, he’s juiced up now. Peachy.

And then this mfer teleports with Jack (and Sam) to a church????? And he is like

(or more like more than one) and tells Jack and Sam to fight until one of them dies and Sam picks up the Archangel Blade and gives it to Jack to kill Sam with it and Jack is then like “binch, no, you’re family, I love you” and he tries killing himself.

Then guess who. made. a fucking huge entrance? Dean with angel wings….. or more like E2!Michael in Dean… (ew that sounds gross). Michael made a deal with Dean to be the engine but Dean is the one, who takes the wheel, then as epic as it looked like they (Sam, Dean and Jack… kinda) killed Lucifer with the Archangel Blade.

Bit noooo it doesn’t stop there. Why should it ever stop there? Fucking E2!Michael took over Dean’s vessel.

Oh, and E2!Michael?

Peace out. (I still have Season 14 to live-blog I’m not going anywhere).

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Okay so we know how Mary and John are important biblical names, and how Sam is probably from Samson because of how he gets his power from those luscious locks. But now I’m like well wheres the inspiration for Dean, what character from the bible is out here eating pie, drinking beer and having a crush on an angel?

Originally posted by carry-on-gayward-son

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I finally broke and put #teammary in my description. Please interpret this in the spirit in which it was meant, which is to say Mary is and will remain the best Winchester in my completely objective opinion send tweet siri

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Dungeons and Demons: Mary as a Barbarian
I chose Barbarian for Mary because she’s a fierce defender of her family. She’s been a warrior since she was young, and she’s fought to survive her entire life. Mary is all about combat. She uses her strength and her will to take her enemies down, but she’s very soft with the people she loves.

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Luci killed him. Mary put him and herself into Earth 2 and sacrificed herself for her sons and the whole universe.

But…. Cas is dead. Dean…. the look on your face? In your eyes? It’s… it’s engraved in my brain. I can’t believe he died. I am full on crying. This is so unfair. This is so sad, so tragic, so so so so unfair.

Cas, you didn’t deserve this. To be killed by Luci. You didn’t deserve any of this.

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