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Disclaimer: If a person married someone from the same house as they were born into, I have not listed them in this list. Please look at the list sorted by birth for them. Houses that rule(d)/reside(d) in other countries but originally came from German and/or Austrian territories and/or are generally regarded as belonging to this cultural room are listed among the German & Austrian Houses.

German & Austrian Houses

House of Castell

House of Coburg (Cadet branch of the House of Wettin)

House of Faber

House of Habsburg (incl. Habsburg-Lorraine)

House of Hanover (Cadet branch of the House of Welf)

House of Hesse

House of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

House of Hohenzollern

House of Nassau

House of Oldenburg

House of Supplinburg

House of Thurn and Taxis

House of Welf (without the British Hanover branch)

House of Wettin (without the Coburg branch)

House of Wittelsbach

The House of Württemberg

The Ottonians

Foreign Houses

House of Bourbon

House of Braganza

House of Lorraine

House of Medici

House of Radziwiłł

House of Romanov (incl. Romanov-Holstein-Gottrop)

House of Tudor

House of Valois

House of Vasa

Minor Nobles

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Disclaimer: Houses that rule(d)/reside(d) in other countries but originally came from German and/or Austrian territories and/or are generally regarded as belonging to this cultural room are listed among the German & Austrian Houses.

German & Austrian Houses

House of Ascania

House of Coburg (Cadet branch of the House of Wettin)

House of Habsburg

House of Hanover (Cadet branch of the House of Welf)

House of Hesse

House of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

House of Hohenzollern

House of La Marck

House of Leiningen

House of Liechtenstein

House of Mecklenburg

House of Northeim

House of Oldenburg

House of Reuß

House of Thurn and Taxis

House of Welf

House of Wettin

House of Wittelsbach

House of Württemberg

Minor Nobles

Foreign Houses

House of Aviz

House of Bourbon

Byzantine Imperial Family

House of Chotek

House of Jagiellon

House of Trastámara

House of Valois


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I said I’d do a master post when I had the time so I want to a say a massive thank you to these guys who took the time out to make my edit request for the quote 

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”

Honestly guys, I just love how each one is different and unique but they all show the same thing, unconditional love and devotion between Lan Zhan/ Lan Wangji and Wei Ying/ Wei WuXian - which ultimately gives us WangXian.
And I am so happy to learn that others think the quote fits them too! I was a bit worried people wouldn’t see what I see when I think of that quote but you guys totally do!
So if you continue to scroll down you’ll find the tagged usernames of the very talented content creators who have made beautiful posts. 

@dramalordess @mika–82 @jonryas @ghafahey@xiao-zhan @exoistheuniverse @itsazbitch

I’ll continue to update this post when or if more people decide to make anymore content for this particular quote I requested.

I sometimes miss notifications so I do apologize if I have missed anyone, please comment this post or message me and I’ll add you ASAP! 

Thank you again! and if you haven’t followed these guys and want amazing MDZS/CQL content on a regular basis then show these guys some love!

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You guys! Your edits are just too amazing! Thank you so much!

I’m going to be doing a master post for those of you who have taken the time to make my edit request. I’ll be adding the tags again from all the lovely people from Tumblr who have made my request which I asked for with the quote  “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return” and OMG, you GUYS! They are so amazing! Honestly you people who make creative content on Tumblr are blessed and very talented and need more support! 

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Veronica Master Post

Name:Veronica Belladonna

Race:Faunus (half breed)




Hair color: Blonde with a bit of black

Eye color:Lilac

Complexion:light brown tan (can get pale)


Affiliation:Good guys

Weapon:Feral- tekko kagi gloves with three long retractable and detachable blades. Fire blades are her go to choice and even without them,the gloves are decent for brawling.


Semblance: Slink- Allows her to go through any object and even bring people or other objects along with her. If she stops using it while in an object, she will be forced out of it.

Goal:Be an exceptional designer

Family:The Belladonna and Xiao Long family.

Likes:Fashion, music, attention, scenery, Nick, and showing off.

Dislikes:Weakness, fake people, loud mouths, the rain, most people.

Notable things:She’s not a fighter or aspiring to be a huntress.

Bio:The only child of Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. Though technically a half breed, a rare faunus gene mutation has given the spunky girl cat ears as well as a tail! It is because of this that Veronica is more graceful and acrobatic I’m almost every she does despite her aggressive personality. Those who manage to chip away at however, will find more aggressive behavior with a soft spot barely in reach. Don’t let her demeanor and fashion choice fool you. She’s as smart as a whip, handy to have around, and knows how to work a room. Like most felines, who knows what exactly going on in that head of hers? Besides the thoughts of a certain charming rich boy that is….

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SPN Fanfic

Characters - Alpha!Sam x omega!reader, beta!Dean x omega!Reader (poly fic; no Wincest)

Summary - You were raised by a single beta mother who had six alpha brothers. It had been a total shock to everyone when you presented as omega three months before your eighteenth birthday. Having no clue how to “be omega” you immediately went on suppressants and did what you could to make your scent nonexistent. You led an average life for an unmated omega, until some strange activity brought Sam and Dean Winchester into town.

A/N - This is a bit of a slow burn, sorry (not sorry). It’s my first time doing a full on A/B/O fic, so bear with me…Enjoy!

Read it HERE on Ao3! Or Keep Reading for the links to the Tumblr posts…

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My OCs Master List

Until I carve out a huge hunk of time to update and to my OCs lists, here is a general character log of all my current OCs (minus my 7kpp OCs, they’re getting revamped into new, more original OCs because I decided to use them in original work in the near future). You can refer to this list for ockiss20/oc kiss week, any ask question posts, or just in general for your own curiosity. When I have the time later, I’ll add a link to their tags but I’ve known in the past sometimes their tags don’t show all of their posts so sometimes using the search option for their name yields more results. 

Dragon Age

Una Surana

Lydia Tabris

Boris Brosca

Maude Aeducan

Reva Cousland

Sardar Mahariel

Gerel Amell (she’s still fairly new so I haven’t done much with her)

Xena Hawke

Aegnus Hawke

Brynhild Hawke

Kai Cadash

Morana Adaar

Sigrun Lavellan

Mass Effect

Ivy Shepard

Ivanhoe “Ivan” Shepard

Izzy Shepard

Kyle Shepard

ME: Andromeda

Kirk Ryder

Padme Ryder


Goneril Sedae

Regan Sedae


Zoraa Lashem

Mirri Gwerder



Kavi Zifon

Hyal Tyuuk

Samira Bellini

Kazik Abreu

Mikom Jhar

Neven Rhee


Kial Wysten

Venka Fraser


Athena Grimm

Rei Fisher

FE: Awakening




FE: Fates





Fallout 4

Min-Ju Zhou

Fallout: NV

Natia Yilmaz

The Witcher

Friederike “Fritzi” Lagorio 




Mizuki Kan


Mitsuko Kurosawa


Yumiko Kurosawa (civilian AU)

Yumiko Hyuga (ninja AU)

Van Helsing RPs

Egil Swenhaugen

Rolf Dunklestein

Sigrid Swenhaugen

Morfran O’Bryne

Gabriele Van Helsing

Thanatos Wakahisa

A Creature Without Fear (ME RP)

Judith Jokinen 

Savitr Noaldis 

Bryn Whelan 


Farion Vandrium (more of a minor character/plot device but he’s useful)

Aqil’Osher vas Cerberus 


Delyth Toirrell nee Crewe (OC for an old fantasy RP)

Reagan Ancrath (Fable/Fable 3)

Voltage Games

Suzume Ishikawa (Her Love in the Force)

Sora Kurosawa (10 Days with My Devil)

Lyra Morgenstern/Ilmatar (Star Crossed Myth)

Jillian Norwood (Rose in the Embers)

The Arcana




Chloe Vass


Isha Snow

Neha Ozolos

Divinity: Original Sin 2




Octavia Alexius


Sahar Sharma (Pokemon Sun and Moon)


Parisa Emberstalker

Eurwen Starspell

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This is a sideblog. I will put videos here, and books and songs and audiobooks that I don’t mind L, to see and read and hear.

There is a lot of really terrible and exploitive media out there, and this is my filter bubble for him that I want to keep going for as long as I can.

He is four, and I think everything would be up to that age, but if this blog survives, maybe it will grow with him. I will tag the minimum age that in my highly subjective opinion is appropriate.

I will try to stick to English here (he reads and watches some things in Russian, too), and generally what’s available in the US (but not necessarily made here).

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Here You can find all of the Agents and Higher! This post will include any blogs that have been made for the Aspec Initiative as well as a list of all agents. If you’ve made a blog and need it to be added please contact me so I know! If you want to sign up to become an Agent/District Leader/Boss click here!

Don’t Forget to check back often as this list will be changed as more people join and blogs are made!

Aspec Initiative Center - You’re here already!


District Leaders



  • Astra

  • Bee

  • Boo

  • Bri

  • Cara

  • Chrom

  • Color

  • Emily

  • Eri

  • Hawk

  • Jinnh

  • Lazy

  • Lirpa

  • Mango

  • Maris

  • Music

  • Okami

  • Philo

  • Poet

  • Popper

  • Sera

  • Shea

  • Silvern

  • Twain

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Let me start by explaining why I titled the post with a hashtag. The answer is simple. I want this to become an actual movement. A Twitter and Tumblr tag. I want people to know it and tag it and spread it around. But, why?

Well, I know I’m not that old, but I remember the 00s. I remember a time when, even if you wrote a terrible fic, you could get feedback. Sure, it wasn’t always a great essay on how to improve, but even the smallest things could still put a smile on someone’s face. And that’s the core of the movement. We all know how good it is to receive and even give feedback and know how you made someone’s day. Every week there are posts on Reddit about how to gain an audience. How to get the attention and feedback that every author deserves. And the same advice tends to be given out over and over again. But it’s all in vain because much of that advice is outdated. We don’t need this mantra about “write for yourself” and “play review games,” or excuses like, “Well, it’s a small fandom” and “you wrote a rarepair,” we need an active, working movement to make audiences all across the board in fandoms big and small step up and realise how important feedback is to a community. It’s something that affects everyone creating content and thus, requires all parts of the community to come together in order to fix it.

For the time being, I have identified three parts of community that can play a large role in #BringFeedbackCultureBack. If there are more things that you (the audience) believe can help, feel free to include and explain them. The more information we have, the better we can help you and other creators!

I also want to note that I am talking specifically about writers because I am a writer. However, I acknowledge that this problem spreads beyond just writers. It affects all sorts of content creators – fanartists, fanvideo editors, picture editors, etc… If you or anyone you know out there has this kind of experience, please let me know! The more information and testimonials we have, the more we can spread them around and show people that this isn’t something we’re making up. The breakdown of Feedback Culture, along with certain mindsets (which I’ll get to) are legitimate issues in fandom space that we can solve!

Moving on, the main three parts of the community that I focus on are writers, readers and Big Name Fans (BNFs).

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