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20 one word prompts

guess who’s posting. it’s me

1. annoyance

The sound of the rooftop door opening sets off his fight or flight instinct–except it’s a stranger, and he’s not in high school anymore.

2. comfort

The front camera on Akashi’s phone is terrible quality, he notes, and then he realizes that the other has probably never video called anyone before–an assumption proven true when he spends five minutes attempting to show him how to unmute himself.

3. harsh

He wasn’t really that invested in the whole thing (okay, it would be nice to win since he’s leaving, since he gave up so much free time, etc) but practicing for the better part of a year and getting basically completely discarded kind of hurt.

4. denial

fuck off, he types in response; he should’ve known that it wouldn’t be that easy to rid himself of Akashi–and no, he didn’t want to see him again.

5. final(s)

Who the hell are you? he asks, and only much later does he realize how much Akashi needed it.

6. sport

It’s just a game, really–not life or death–but the way Akashi looks right now, smiling just barely, both eyes red-magenta-whatever, makes him feel this stupid mixture of proud-annoyed-relieved.

7. first

Akashi texts, Good night. I love you; he elbows him in the side and says, “Just say it out loud, you ruined my combo.“

8. light

Shadow metaphors aside, he’s not used to being seen; Akashi looks at him too brightly, illuminates too many parts he didn’t know were missing.

9. wall

Sometimes it’s like Akashi retracts back into himself, rebuilds year-old defenses, but he’s always been blunt and honest, and they’ve always been ready to poke at each other’s lifelong insecurities at a moment’s notice.

10. dream

“It’s just me,” he breathes quietly, as Akashi looks up at him, wide-eyed and breathless and terrified.

11. trust

When he lets Akashi borrow his signed, limited edition cover version of the latest volume, the other gives him a terribly characteristic look of amusement but makes no further comment.

12. time

“Two years,” he says, and Akashi nods, looking down at their entwined hands, already thinking of their next meeting, and the next, and the next.

13. dismissal

“We’re done for the day,” Akashi announces, then turns to him and, to his utter horror, adds, “Chihiro, could you see me for a moment?”

14. touch

“This bed was made for one person,” he points out, but Akashi has already curled up against his side (and he finds that he doesn’t mind it too much).

15. quiet

For the first time, he notices how silent the apartment is–on a completely unrelated note, when did Akashi say his graduation ceremony was again?

16. vulnerable

They don’t talk about family, but he’s heard little bits and pieces from rumors and Mibuchi; it’s enough for him to know not to broach that particular subject.

17. careful

When he goes to investigate the noise that sounded suspiciously like glass breaking, he finds Akashi in the kitchen, along with transparent shards and fermented fish splattered across the floor tiles.

18. exhaustion

Seldom does he wake before Akashi, so he takes a moment to scrutinize the dark circles underneath the other’s eyes and gets out of bed as cautiously as he can.

19. wish

He glances at Akashi a few feet away, dressed in a striped blue yukata, and puts the blank tanzaku back down.

20. routine

He looks up at the sound of the front door opening—the turn of the key in a lock, the slight squeak of the hinges—and listens for the call of I’m home.

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“You could’ve waited ten minutes until I was done.” Mayuzumi sighed as he finished rinsing out the conditioner in his hair.

Kuroko spat out the toothpaste and stuck out his tongue in the mirror when he and Mayuzumi locked eyes through it. Mayuzumi flipped him off good naturedly.

Kuroko finished rinsing out his mouth and he turned around, raising a brow at his roommate. “Your ass was taking too long.”

There was nothing between them but a glass door. In hindsight, they should’ve put up some curtains instead but the apartment already came stocked with glass doors. They just tried to give each other some privacy when showering, although Kuroko had a penchant for walking in while Mayuzumi was using the shower. Mayuzumi couldn’t even lock the door because Kuroko figured out how to open it.

It was the hazards of having a two bedroom, one bath living situation.

Currently, Mayuzumi was stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, uncaring if Kuroko was still in the bathroom. He’d long since given up having any semblance of privacy with his roommate around. “Maybe you just wanted to see me naked.”

Kuroko gagged. “You’re lucky I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Get out of here, Kuroko.”

Kuroko casually flipped him off as he walked out, leaving the door open because he knew that would annoy Mayuzumi.

Whatever. Not like he had something Kuroko hadn’t already seen.

And vice versa.

Kuroko made a face as he pulled out his phone to text Akashi while he started that morning’s coffee.

I’ve seen Mayuzumi naked again and I just don’t see what you’re drooling over.

Akashi’s texts came in quickly after that.


… Again??

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‘i’m fine where i am right now,’ mayuzumi mumbles, half-asleep, but very much aware of how akashi’s touch lingers in the curves of his jaw, his lips ghosting in the shell of his ear. mayuzumi sighs contentedly. ‘perfectly fine.’


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