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Hey guys! If you’re looking for an easy, small minecraft server to play on with your friends, come join! It’s a server ran by 4 people who put their heart, time, and passion into the server. They have a strong passion for the server and their main goal is to satisfy each and every player to their best ability!
If you’re interested in joining, please check out the discord for more information!

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26 with Julian (and an apprentice obviously lol) After a fight and Julian gives apprentice the kiss??? Lmao, I love your writing

Awh, thank you, nonnie! ^_^ That’s very sweet of you. And YAY! ÒwÓ Apology kiss coming up!!

GenderneutralMC/you x Julian | SFW | apology kiss

It had a been a big fight. It hadn’t started like that, but one thing lead to the next and then it all exploded. Julian wasn’t sure where it had exploded, but what he was sure about is the remorse he felt in his chest.

It weighed down on him, and he didn’t even dare to imagine how bad you must’ve been feeling. You two usually didn’t let the sun go down on a fight, but this time… it had been bad… Julian sighed and left the mug of coffee on the table, unable to even enjoy his favourite beverage. He wasn’t good about apologies, not because of pride but because of fear of rejection. He was scared you might turn him away if he tried, he had always been like this. But he had to overcome his fears, didn’t he? That’s what he had learned through the whole past ordeal and forgetting that lesson would be bad.

Sighing again, the doctor stood up stretched his back and made his way towards the backroom of the shop, where he had seen you last when he went to fetch his coffee.

Cautiously he peeked his head through the curtain, seeing you sitting at the reading table, fumbling with the cards in your hands. Slowly he creeped in and made his way as inconspicuously as he could, ending up sitting next to you on the bench.

“Darling…?”  he whispered, trying to get your attention. With a small start you looked up dropping the cards on the table and blinking, as if pulling yourself out of a daydream.

“Y-yes…?” you said, uncertain. Yes, it had a been a big big fight. You weren’t sure if Julian was still mad, you weren’t sure how to apologise, you we-

Your train of thought was interrupted by Julian’s soft lips on yours. The kiss was sweet, remorseful, uncertain, but still there. And you gave into it, your arms around Julian’s neck, pulling him a bit, closing your eyes.

After a moment, both of you broke the kiss to breath and Julian looked away, blushed to the tips of his ears. “I’m… I’m so-” put you placed a finger on his warm lips and smiled gently at him, resting your forehead on his.

“It’s alright, that was enough apology, I think,” you whispered, kissing the tip of his nose, making him blush even harder. But then he smiled his trademark smile.

“Are you sure, darling…? I could give you a, uh, thorough and formal apology…,” he said, waggling his eyebrows. 

Laughing you kissed him again, and snuggled into the crook of his neck, sighing.

“Sure… why not?” you say playfully.


Oof, I hope you like it. x_x I’m not in the zone today, but I hope I did a good job. Please let me know, nonnie. OwO

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!! How about 😡?? :0

Hey! Thanks for the ask! 

😡 - Anger headcanon

Interestingly, there aren’t any known cases of Flavio getting violent or even angry! His clear mind and peaceful thoughts, mosty stop him from getting ticking out. This ability make him a really good tactican and diplomat. And even if he gets pissed, he wouldnt dare show it, because he would probably make himself umcomfortable, being rude. 

That doesnt mean he can’t be angry at all. He would totally go crazy if someone threatens or hurts his friends. Normally Flavio has a pyrophobia, meaning he is afraid of all kinds of fire, which made teaching him Incendio so difficult. But when he is in his, overprotective mode, you can’t find a space, that isnt going to burn in the next minute. Sadly that means, he isnt going to take care of his allies either. Making him a great diplomat but also a reckless and ruthless destroyer.

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Seven: searan! How about you try skateboarding ? It’s fun and it will go with your edgelord game going on !!

Searan: *glares* I try everything to be away from you

*5 minutes later*

Mc: oh searan, how was skateboarding?

Searan: shit, I didn’t know what to do, I put one foot on the skateboard and it started to move while my other leg was on the ground. Needless to say, I ripped myself a new fucking arsehole because of that

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So Minecraft… when we getting mossy slabs and stairs…and moss…..and placeable mushrooms on walls and the ground…..

Edit: Maybe more mushrooms??? What else do we desire…?

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🏡 для Алекса

Хедканон про дом.

Алекс живёт в Англии, в деревушке Флэтфорд со своими родителями: Дэвидом Джонсоном и Адарой Джонсон. Каждое лето они едят к Эмили Джонсон (матери Дэвида), потом к Роуз Уайт (матери Адары). После этого они едят к родственникам в Америку (дяде и тёте Адары).


Home headcanon.

Alex lives in England, in the village named Flatford with his parents: David Johnson and Adara Johnson. Every summer they go to Emily Johnson (David’s mother), then to Rose White (Adara’s mother). Then they go to relatives in America (Adara’s uncle and aunt).

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We didn’t get into NASS… but local boi @joeburn_ did 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 small preview of an absolute fire cracker Sika Studio’s set! Booooosh 👊👊👊👊👊

#NASSfestival #NASScoverage #wedidntgetin #nomediapass #leftoutside #devon #talent #mc #joeburn #skiastudios #sikastudios #originalnutter #trump #kim #livingthedream #fire #nutter #bideford #artist #originalcontent (at NASS)

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I’m thinking about giving myself a command block and to use it I have to sacrifice a diamond or a emerald to lava each time I use it…I might make a whole alter/shrine to really class it up

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Here we go again…

I changed my mind - back to year 3!

We don’t talk about that here, Bill.

Sure thing, Love.

Oh god, Rowan wasn’t kidding…

That boy saw things… Horrible things…

You gave her 100 house points for that!

At this point, she’s just being a team player.

Is this seriously how you going to start your speech?

Undermining your colleagues?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen, mate.

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