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It’s ya boi, showin support for another- fellow- shopper in this amazing community! Today we have a lovely bean called Syan Smol! This bean has only 26 subs but with the HUGE following behind McHanzo, I think we can get em into the triple digits if we really tried! And even if you don’t like McHanzo, they have other speedpaints on their channel that’s worth a watch! Please check em out if and when you can. They are amazing!

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The Beginning part 4

Kaaru and the boy are walking through the desert, their car broken down and their destination 15 miles away. 

“Where are we going Mcada?” He asks and she hums. 

“Well, We’re tryin ta get to Arazonia, which is 15 miles north. Across this desert unfortunately.” She says and he cringes. 

“Can I hear more of the story as we walk?” He asks and she smiles a bit. 

“Sure thing Jesse.” She says.


Mccree and Hanzo stare at the girl in front of them. They can’t believe their ears! There was no possible way she was one, telling the truth, and two, even possible if it was true. 

“I don’t hear any questions.” She says, looking expectantly at them.

How?” They ask in sync and she nods. 

“Okay, not the best question I’ve been asked by the two of you from any point in time but whatever.” She shrugs. “I have a similar ability to Lena’s blinking. But instead of just going back a few moments, I can go back entire years. I collect intel but because I’m currently grounded by you in 2093 I’m technically supposed to use any of my abilities.” She says as Toby grabs her holo-album.

“Why should we believe you?” Hanzo asks as Mccree tries to process he’ll have a daughter in the future. 

“Alright alright, better questions already.” She nods as she opens the album and swipes through photos before bringing up one of Mccree and Hanzo with a little girl in a kiddy pool in the backyard of a little house on the treeline. “This was when I was 4. Genji took the picture.” She says.

“Pictures can be faked.” Hanzo huffed. 

“Fair point. Hold on. I have something that might help.” She says, digging into her pocket.

“What are you doing?” Hanzo frowns at her. 

“Looking for a note you gave me.” She says. 

“What good will a note do you?” Mccree asks. 

“It has a bunch of your secrets listed on it.” She says and Hanzo rolls his eyes, taking a drink of his coffee. 

It takes her a little while but she finds it and Mccree looks at Hanzo worriedly. He simply rolls his eyes again.

“Mccree can’t dance without stepping all over his partners feet.” She says, making him flush. 

“Only Reaper knows that. And he can be bribed.” He says looking away.

“Hanzo can’t swim.” She says and Hanzo chokes on his coffee.

“Y-You could have found that out from Genji.” He says insistently.

“Mccree is a Narcolept. Hanzo an Insomniac.” She says, not looking at the note. “I know that one from experience.” She says as Mccree looks at Hanzo, starting to believe her. 

“Everyone knows that.” Hanzo insists. 

“Fine, I’ll tell you something you don’t even know yet. You’re wedding is tomorrow because Mccree is going on a 2 month mission to Siberia to track down talon agents left in that part of the world. And he already knows.” She says and Mccree looks at her shocked. 

“Only Morrison knows that.” He says and Hanzo looks at him.

“Why were you keeping that from me? You promised to be honest with me at the beginning of our relationship.” Hanzo hisses.

“He planned to tell you tonight but I beat him to it.” She shrugs, suddenly sipping from a tea cup.

“Darlin I didn’t know what ta do. I was just tryna figure out the right words ta explain myself.” Mccree says, pleading with the fire in Hanzo’s eyes. 

Hanzo looks to the girl with a deep scowl. She knows it well as the teacup disappears and toby barks at him. 

“Why are you here?” He insists from her.

“I’m here to write a report on my birth.” She says simply, causing them to go into shock again.


Jesse looks at Mcada skeptically.

“Time travel? Now that’s impossible.” He says, causing her to laugh.

“Maybe right now but this story is based in the future.” She says as they stop at a little tree to sit under until dark.

“Then how do you know it?” He asks.

“That’s another long story entirely.” She laughs. “Go ahead and sleep some kid, we’re walking all night.” She says and he nods, leaning on the tree.

“Goodnight Mcada.” He mumbles and she smiles a bit.

“Night, Jesse.” She says softly, keeping watch.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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mchanzo - at the bar

posting this here too because it’s still one of my favorite pieces i’ve drawn of them ; u ;

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Hanzo… Mccree… He is your another son!?

We don’t talk about that SF Cowboy oitfit

His gun is piece together with bow…

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Have you ever considered for doing a fic of a double date? Any ships you want!

Haven’t written for McHanzo or Symmarah for a while, and I’ve always wanted to develop Hanzo and Symmetra’s rapport in my fics more.


“…Why?” said Hanzo, watching McCree straighten his collar in the mirror.

“No one ever has to justify wearing a bolo tie,” said McCree, tucking his shirt in.

“You know that’s not what I mean. Why are we doing this?” said Hanzo.

“Civvy night’s important to Pharah,” said McCree, “And Pharah’s important to me. I’ve known her since she was a skinny little scamp about yea high.” He brought a hand halfway up his ribs, “Anyway we need stuff like this. We’re fighting a long fight.”

Hanzo adjusted his own dark blue blazer that he was wearing over a tasteful yellow v-neck shirt, a result of an afternoon ‘thrifting’ with Tracer and Brigitte. That whole excursion was utterly baffling to him until Tracer offhandedly mentioned Genji and Hanzo had immediately realized that it was Genji who had suggested they invite him along in yet another attempt to try and ingratiate him to the rest of the Watchpoint. He had confronted Genji about it, but Genji had more or less played it off with, ‘I just thought you should get some new clothes since you’re staying with us’  which, infuriatingly, was true, but there was something sickening about the idea of Genji running around the watchpoint asking people to hang out with his poor lonely brother who murdered him. If it wasn’t thrifting with Brigitte and Tracer, it was morning jogs with Reinhardt, or Winston’s movie night—even Mercy had managed to stuff down her dislike of him enough to invite him along to her book club. Book clubs! What kind of illegal splinter organization had book clubs?! And for the record, no, he wasn’t willing to discuss the fact that Where the Crawdads Sing had made him cry.

“Hey—You in there, darlin’?” said McCree and Hanzo suddenly snapped back to the present.

Hanzo glanced down a bit self consciously, picking a stray bit of lint off of his blazer. “Did you plan this with Genji?” he asked.

“Nah—this is me and Pharah dragging you and Satya along in a night of shenanigans. Y’know, balancing out the friend stuff with the couple-y stuff.”

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I was playing Overwatch on skirmish, and my team was all Hanzos, and I said in the chat that we’re either Genji’s worst nightmare or McCree’s best fantasy. The guy laughing in the chat made my day

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Just posted chapter 1 of a new bounty hunter fic :3


“I suppose you are here to recruit me, then.”

Another guttural chuckle escapes the man. The sound makes Hanzo ears prick with interest in a way he has not felt in decades. “I ain’t here for hero business.”

“So you have taken up your former commander’s invitation.” Hanzo picks up his chopsticks but does not move them into his bowl. “Talon is usually more subtle with their recruitment efforts. I suppose I should thank them for the bounty when this is over.”

This time the man laughs, full and with a rasp indicative of a tobacco problem Hanzo is all too familiar with. The only other patron in the small ramen stand jumps at the sudden sound from their seat at the end of the bar. The chef looks up from the bowl he’s been drying for the last ten minutes since he served the man in a cowboy hat. He makes eye contact with Hanzo, lifts an eyebrow in question while looking between the two of them. With a subtle shake of his head, Hanzo lifts a bite of noodles to his mouth.

“Funny, he never mentioned you got a sense of humor in you.” The man pushes away his half-empty bowl and leans as far back on his stool as is possible without falling off. Lax. “Nah, I’m a free agent these days. I’m here for you, darlin’.”

“How precious.”

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I want more vampire McCreeeeeeeeee

Like seriously??? There has to be more vampire McCree that I’m missing like, damn.

I wanna read a fan fic or see some art or comics about Vampire!McCree using his hypnosis powers on Hanzo (because Vampires can do that, it’s just sorta been forgotten I’ve noticed) and using his control LITERALLY just to pet Hanzo’s hair and gush over how beautiful he is and how much he loves him and Hanzo just cooing and cuddling up to McCree and wrapped in his serape. Maybe some blood sucking but PLEASE MORE MCCREE USING VAMPIRE HYPNOSIS POWERS TO LOVE HANZO AHHHHHH

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hey there :3

i recently decided to make a return to tumblr with a fresh new account and my dash is pretty empty! i need some blogs to follow!

so, like/reblog if your blog contains:

- overwatch
- cow chop
- game grumps
- studio ghibli
- star wars
- stardew valley
- castlevania (2017)
- umbrella academy
- sherlock
- my hero academia
- sonic the hedgehog
- hazbin hotel

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Chapter 12: In Your Arms is Where I belong

This was not how he imagined the rest of this day. Sure he had been angry at Genji but when he hadn’t been he had thought the day would be beautiful and wonderful. A last chance to have some sort of love before Jesse would leave to go back home.

Now since that was no longer an option he had thought it would just at least be a very tense wedding and something he could drink to forget later.

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