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Mark Ruffalo mentioned that everyone will die in Infinity War, what if it's true lie in the comics Nebula will use Infinity Gauntlet to restore them back to normal wih few differences? That might explain Japan mission for Clint and Natasha and other things we've been hearing about IW like Captain Marvel suddenly existing there. I wonder what this new reality or timeline would mean for Bucky and Nat. Will they know each other?

Sorry this took so long. I’ve been working nonstop for the past week. Anyway…

Mark Ruffalo said the same thing during the AoU press before the movie came out. He said everyone dies, and it in fact was half true, half false (so I don’t trust him). For this one, I doubt they’ll die to create another universe when there’s still another Avengers movie in the works that is a direct sequel to the third Avengers movie.

Captain Marvel could have been away from Earth, that’s why she wasn’t there. Japan mission for Clint and Natasha isn’t far off, or hard to reference since that was in the comics. If they were going to reboot the franchise, that would be really weird and confusing for the ones who have been following the series already.

While I’m not saying this can’t happen, it’s going to be really… hard to pull off because they’ve culminated everything already. But if it does happen, then, I guess they’re wanting to be more true to the comics?? (I hope so). If a reboot does happen, I think they’ll make Nat and Bucky know each other. They should be hearing the commotion that is the buckynat tag asking for them.

Just looking at my blog alone is a commotion for them.

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With e.g. the only changes in the up-to-and-including-The-Avengers phase being that Ant-Man and Wasp are also Avengers (and however whoever’s in charge has to finagle the plot to make that happen, it would be cool if Wasp had something to do with their being called The Avengers like she did in the original comics canon).

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@irnqueen​ | “Glad to see you survived until I got here.”

So…Not to rain on your heroic parade here.”  His voice starts off, muffled, through the faceplate of the helmet, before the modulator and speakers kick on about halfway through, distorting his voice and amplifying it, so it sounded less like a guy suffocating in a metal coffin and more at a normal volume.  That’s what he’s been waiting for, while the display kicks back in, overlaying what he can see through the helmet’s lenses with the boot up sequence running quickly and the HUD coming back online.  The joints unlock, and he can move - much, much easier than before, and he starts to stand, from where he’s been sitting like a ragdoll in a pile of rubble.

Yeah, that’s gonna be sore in the morning.

But I have been doing this a long time.”  The first rule about superheroing is not to talk about exactly how long you’ve been superheroing, and this isn’t gonna be the place he starts doing that.  “I did have things under control.  Mostly.

That may be a complete overstatement of reality.  Doesn’t matter.  He finally gets fully to his feet, giving a stretch.  Oh…Oh, yeah, nothing’s broken, according to the scans, but he’s going to be black and blue from shoulders to ass.  Great!  “I was waiting for the reboot.  Which, ah.  Has rebooted.  But thanks.  Really.  You actually did really good out there…What I could see of it, anyway.

He raises one hand, gesturing at the helmet.  Can’t see much through the lenses with the external cameras down.  

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