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#mcu spiderman

Ever wondered how Aunt May adjusted to Peter’s Spideriness (yes, with a capital S) after Homecoming?

6 am in the morning

May: *goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water*

Peter: Oh hey Aunt May, good morning!

May: *still half asleep turns around to greet Peter* Good Morning Pe- wait *looks around* wha-

Peter: *sitting on the ceiling eauting dried cereal* Up here, May.


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It’s angsty one shot time!! Just Statistics is some pure Irondad and Spiderson hurt-comfort❤️💙 AO3, Fanfiction, Wattpad, and Quotev! I hope you enjoy and thank you to @/drawing_my_life_today on instagram for requesting even more angst!

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Outside of pretending to be heroes,I don’t think Syndrome and MCU Quentin Beck are very similar. Syndrome wanted to erase heroes(by killing supers,making gadgets, and planning to make them accessible. “Everyone will be a super,so there will be no supers”),Mysterio wanted to put himself as the main super,in order to get fame(The Next Iron Man).

Like mentioned before,Syndrome killed the supers. Team Mysterio takes advantage of a vacuum power to make a new hero.

Maybe that just proves tropes are great tools. Like,we have two villains very similar to each other on a first glance,and they still managed to have an original flair,IMO.

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Chapter 4: Aftermath

warnings: depictions of anxiety, mentions of injuries, language

Breathe in. Breathe out. In. Out. 

As the oxygen mask provided clean air for her lungs, Lila wished she had some lip balm. Or a mint. Or perfume, or deodorant, or new clothes, or really, anything that could get the smell of rubble, smoke, and dust off of her. Her lips were chapped, smoke sat on her tongue, dust covered her hair and skin, and her side ached. It ached badly. A paramedic that arrived at Delmar’s Bodega told her that she had bruised ribs. It was unlikely that anything else was really wrong, but at the very least, her ribs were going to be hurting her for a while.

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So,, you remember that Spidey Tot idea I posted about JARVIS? I kinda made an angsty thing about that 👀💔 (it was surprisingly hard to draw the destroyed mainframe)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: angst, insecurity, like one curse word, fluff
Summary: Peter Parker has to face a lot of dangers. Gangsters. Robberies. Aggressive drunk dudes coming out of bars at three am. His girlfriend’s insecurity…
A/N:  I’m gonna be honest, this the shittiest piece of garbage I have ever written. But enjoy… I guess

requests are open!!!



You kept staring at yourself in the mirror, feeling like it judged you. Every girl had those particular days where they feel cute and also those when they… don’t. 

Today was a category two.

You had woken up to a few new pimples across your forehead and a particular redness across your cheeks that made your skin look, somehow, irritated. You looked skinny on your profile, but like a fridge in the front. You had apparently shrunk during the night and, on top of everything, your boobs were hurting.

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