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[Anonymous asked:

I have the biggest kink for Jiang Cheng getting fucked by dogs. Something about him getting bent over and pounded on his dog’s cock for 2-3 hours before having a nice big knot slammed into him. Jc being forced to sit still while he’s loaded up with doggie cum is so fucking good to me. Added strength kink if it’s a big dog (like st Bernard/Leonberger)


Wen Chao knows Jiang Cheng likes dogs so, when the Wen captured him, Jiang Cheng got thrown in the kennels as a prize for the dogs.]

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Christmas au when there’s a xmas party at Cloud Recess and Nie Huisang is teasing Wei ying that he’s never kissed anyone and dares him to stand under the mistletoe and kiss the first person that walks by even if that person might be Lan Qiren. Wei ying obviously takes him up on that offer and goes to stand under it.

Lan zhan is about to walk by but wants to turn around for some reason but Nie Huisang who’s next to him “accidentally” pushes Lan Zhan like the little snek he is which causes him to crash into Wei Ying. The latter is like thank god and kisses the life out of Lan Zhan.

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Jiang Cheng: If anyone touches me, I’ll destroy them without hesitation.

Wei Wuxian: Zewu-Jun is literally hugging you.

Lan Xichen: *Hugging Jiang Cheng’s waist*

Jiang Cheng: And?

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I keep seeing fics - granted some of them are maybe older fics - saying WangXian (in CQL) got married when they did the three bows at the Jiang ancestor hall, but the third bow would have to be to each other? so they would NOT “have gotten stealth married, with Jiang Cheng witnessing” etc. They’d still have to do the three bows properly (and preferably with proper witnesses, etc.)

In the novel it’s a bit clearer to people unfamiliar with the cultural conventions, maybe, bc we get Wei Wuxian’s internal narration praying to the heavens to treat the bows they did as the first two bows and praying to “reserve this man next to me,” and that they’ll make up the third bow later.

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Is anyone else interested in a fix it AU where Meng Yao is still sneaky and knows how to manipulate Mingjue and Xichen but like???? Not in a bad way??? He doesn’t want to hurt them just have 150% of their attention at all times and also get rid of that horrible master of swords and also spoil Huaisang a little (he thinks he’s a brat, but he’s a pretty crier and wants to teach him his sneaky ways and sometimes they hang out and gossip about boys and stuff) but generally nothing bad really happens Meng Yao is just sneaky and bratty and sorta slutty because sex is a very good distraction tactic and convincing his boyfriends he has zero ambition other than getting rammed into next week is also kinda fun and tbh??? I’m writing it anyways. Bye.

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