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Tick with a  “✔️” if your muse has done it or it applies

[✔️] Consumed alcohol

[ ✔️ ] Been drunk and done something silly

[ ] Drove when drunk

[ ✔️ ] Is an angry drunk

[ ✔️ ] Is a happy drunk

[ ✔️ ] Smoked

[ ] Finished whatever they smoked

[ ] Snorted coke

[✔️] Been high

[ ✔️ ] Done something stupid when high

[✔️] Had sex

[✔️] Had sex in public

[ ] Had an orgy

[✔️] Had a one night stand

[✔️] Had sex on the job they were supposed to do

[✔️] Kissed someone

[✔️] Kissed someone of the same sex

[✔️] Kissed in public

[✔️] Kissed someone with tongues

[✔️] Played a kissing game past childhood

[✔️] Had a crush on someone

[✔️] Had a crush on someone who’s related to someone they hate

[ ✔️ ] Had a on crush someone already taken

[ ✔️ ] Had a crush when in a relationship

[✔️] Had a crush and was an ass to them

[✔️] Gotten into a fight

[✔️] Used a weapon not part of the body

[✔️] Got away with being in a fight

[✔️] Got into a fight with someone of the same sex

[✔️] Fought and won unfairly

[✔️] Insulted someone

[ ] Said a racist insult

[ ] Used childish insults past childhood

[✔️] Used an insult in a different language

[✔️] Insulted someone without saying the actual the word

[ ] Drove a car over the speed limit

[ ] Got a ticket

[ ] Crashed the car

[ ] Parked badly and didn’t care

[ ] Done a hit and run

[✔️] Dared someone to do something stupid

[✔️] Played truth or dare

[✔️] Done a stupid dare

[✔️] Done a dare shamelessly

[✔️] Done a dare for the rest of the day/night

This just in, Lunae is an asshole.

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Tagging: @rukaen @kibaa-hart @liasahrgo @kytir @yuki-yukichan and whoever <3 

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my body and brain don’t know what to do right now because it’s release week????

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Send a Symbol for an AU Meeting Between Our Muses

🌋 - Our muses meet in ancient Pompeii a day before the Mt. Vesuvius erupts.

🌅 - Our muses meet on the beach during a summer party.

⚓ - Our muses are stranded on an island together.

🌠 - Your muse is an alien that lands its spaceship in my muse’s backyard.

❄ - Our muses meet at a ski resort.

🎡 - Our muses meet at a carnival.

🌏 - Our muses meet at a convention for villains who want to take over the world.

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