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A/N: @thestoryofme13 and I had a conversation really early in the morning…..and this happened.

Warnings: Memes, Strangling, swearing, Deceit, sex mention, fighting, yelling

Ship: Analogical 

The mindscape was quiet, especially for a Saturday afternoon, but Logan enjoyed the time to unwind and enjoy a good book. Not that he was ever long without one, but given the last few months, he’d had little time to himself, let alone to read.

He was aware of Remy in the kitchen, sitting on sink and sipping his favoured Starbucks drink, looking more amused than he should have been. Considering what was happening every few minutes.

Logan had done his best not to let his interest pique. Though…he had to admit, it was rather odd. He heard the whoosh of air, glancing up from his book for a moment to watch the result.

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