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Anxiety Disorders vs Normal Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal stress response to stressors. It has always been a part of the human brain and it always will be. Anxiety is felt by everyone at least once in your life. It can be because of a stressor such as a huge upcoming test or a very life changing surgery. It is normal to feel anxious or extremely stressed about thse things. But the anxiety goes away after the event; and people so not usually repeat the same amount of anxiety over and over again. However, if you are feeling extreme anxiety in everyday life, that is hard to control and interfere with functioning, this is when it becomes an Anxiety Disorder. Let’s look at a difference between two people and see how it compares.

Suzy is a college student. She is about to graduate in front of many, many, many people. Suzy has never felt socially anxious in the past much, but this one event is making her a bit more anxious than usual. Her heart is beating faster and she is a little sweaty. Suzy is expecting normal stress response anxiety. But Suzy is able to control her anxiety. She finishes graduation without panicking or leaving. She was able to cope.

Michael is also a college student. Today is a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary. But Michael is also anxious because he knows like every other day, he has to interact with people. Michael gets so overwhelmed about this everyday that sometimes he has panic attacks or skips school entirely. He doesn’t know how to control his anxiety. Michael is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

I hope this clears up more the difference between normal anxiety vs anxiety disorders. Drop any questions for me in the ask box! Loe you guys!

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Nothing has made me want to hide my mental disorder more than studying counseling in graduate school. I know. That sounds insane. Changes need to be made with the way administration teaches counseling students. Instead of making students feel like they cannot accomplish anything or help others since they have a mental disorder, they need to teach students to accept it and to make adjustments that will help them achieve the same goals in a different way. 

Nobody is the same. Our unique experiences and troubles give us our own set of knowledge and skills. I read a textbook for class that told me that having personal experience with dealing with mental illness is not an acceptable motivator for wanting to be a counselor. I disagree. Having personal experience with mental illness helps you empathize with others who are also struggling. And “experience with dealing with mental illness” is NEVER the sole reason someone is pursuing this career. That greatly simplifies people’s motivations. It is always attached to something else, like a desire to understand one’s own mental illness, and through one’s own personal interest, learning how to help others as well. Even if your personal experience led you to considering this field, I guarantee you that while you continue studying, you will develop new interests, goals, and desires, and will discover a lot about yourself and what you want. 

Ok, sorry for the rant. This is the only place I can go off where my real name is not written all over my post!

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The light overpowers my vision,

As I lean on the railing of the frozen over bridge,

Fingertips purple,

Time is loss.

The same thoughts over and over.

The same velocity As each car that drives by,

Who am I?

A simple question,

So simple,

Yet…wheres my answer?

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Repost and comment if you know any blogs so I can follow!

And add me in any chats! I need somebody to talk to and motivate me (not recovery)

I’m not in recovery but I support anyone who is! I’m proud of you!

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I Got Stoned And Started Typing To Post On FB (And Ended With Something That Could NEVER Get Posted)

Hah. I hit my vape pen a bunch and then this happened:

This afternoon, after taking way too many hits of my *state tested, clean and safe* vape pen, I was surfing hulu on my laptop while scrolling through facebook on my phone and playing Stardew Valley on the PS4 every few minutes in between and I suddenly, in fact altogether _casually_ thought to myself, “I wonder if I’d want kids and be able to take care of them if I made it to 38?”

And the thing is, that is literally the most positive organic thought I’ve had in my VERY busy, VERY chatty brain in almost two years. It is the first thought I have had regarding a potential future that wasn’t colored by the idea that My Mom Is Dead So Nothing I Could Do In Life Would Mean Anything Or Be Possible Because She Isn’t Here To Experience It Too Or To Help Me Through.

This stoned, distracted, completely mindless and unfocused random little insignificant thought… is the first time in over a year and a half of thinking, that did not immediately end with, “She’s Dead So You Can’t Ever Hope For That Anymore Because It Means Nothing Now That She Can’t Be There To Experience It Or Get To Be Proud Of Me For Once” and also, “Nothing Is Possible Without Her Because Without Her I’m Alone And Unable Forever Unless Someone Else Takes Over Helping Me But That Will Never Happen And I Will Never Be Ok Or Able On My Own.”

I mean, no wonder I’m doing so poorly and also dealing so badly with her death?! Being close was great in a lot of ways and awful in others. Our codependent enmeshment was deeply and traumatically unhealthy. Having to be your mother’s best and only friend at 8 years old is… really weird. And abnormal. But then, so is developing a diagnosable anxiety disorder and eating disorder at FOUR YEARS OLD is kind of abnormal too!

The thing is… some physical aspects of puberty for me started very early. VERY early. All aspects of puberty seemed to start earlier in me than a lot of girls in my class, in my grade. So maybe it makes sense too then that I would develop these psychological issues so early, particularly with the stress and fear of moving from Texas to Michigan and leaving the first friends I remember having, how terrified I was of change and meeting new people, trying to make new friends. I was so painfully and obviously shy. I was so afraid of people.

But anyway. No one caught the anxiety disorder until I did myself…. in college. I lived with a totally unchecked anxiety disorder and pretty high-but-not-yet-extreme depression from the ages of five and eleven/twelve respectively, and the first time I got ANY help was at the age of 19. No wonder I was sick for so long. The fucking eating disorder is suuuuch a perfect(ly horrifying) coping mechanism. And since it was my primary, and often only, coping mechanism for many many many years, as in almost ALL of the first two decades of my life. Two decades of drilling this into myself of How To Relieve Stress And Self Soothe = Disordered Behaviors And NOTHING ELSE.

Is it really any wonder why I’m like this??? I am dealing with the loss of my only family; my best friend by leaps and bounds and freakin lightyears; my entire and very giving safety net - so I could try something new or move away or whatever and I knew I was safe because if it didn’t work out or I tanked I could ALWAYS go home. Always.

I’m also dealing with the loss of… the person who never let me try things because she was a control freak so I could never learn from her; the person who taught me the

passive aggressive ➡️ passive aggressive ➡️ very aggressive

method of responding to interpersonal relations, which I mean… how could anything go wrong?! 🙃🙃🙃

I’m dealing with the loss of a relationship where my mom once, in all seriousness, asked me if I’d have a baby if I didn’t have to take care of it, she would take care of it for me.

Like, I know part of her was “joking” but… she wanted to be a grandmother. She wanted to see me have a career, a family, security.

But also who sort of benefited from my continued illness; my inability to cope or work; my low functionality, my constant need of help, support, and validation… they made her SO frustrated but also kept her busy and kept her from being alone, kept me with her but also sometimes was too much for her so it was upsetting, because surprise - crazy people gon turn up a notch higher than you can predict, and don’t ever forget that.

I am mourning this relationship that either fully shaped or strongly influenced almost every issue I have now. I don’t mean to shirk responsibility, just to be clear - I have to actually try as much as is literally possible to fix the things in me that are broken. I have to find a therapist and go to therapy. Trust my doctors, try a hundred different meds that might ALL make me horribly sick or even more crazy or both as side effects while still trying to build some kind of life. Maybe, eventually, find one, but also… get out of bed every day. Shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, GET OUT. Grab your coat boots keys purse and go outside. Make it into your car, drive it down a few blocks (depending on where you want coffee/are you reading a book or can you play HP there/etc), get coffee and sit and read or play a bit or work lines or whatever. Make your to do list there! Lay out a plan for the day. Schedule at least two work items then set a timed break for video games or whatever. When the alarm goes off, you MUST get back to work. Two to three more items earns a longer break to play OR taking care of any other immediate need stuff and then going out or something.

If you want to get some casual exercise, go to either mall. Walk around for Shopkick, the game, and to get your blood flowing at least a teensy bit while working out rarely used muscles and burning juuuuust a few calories.

You spend SO much goddamned money on delivery, when actually — Going out yourself is SO much better for you. It is obviously MUCH cheaper, but it’s also good to get out of the house even if only going to and from the car and into the store or restaurant or whatever, and it’s very VERY important to drive the car regularly, to keep the battery functional and the guts ok. ((Also RE: CARS — Next warm day, that Prius goes through an intense car wash. Need to get that shit out so it stops stinking, prob growing mold ugh ugh need fix!))

But I mean JUST THINK how much money you’d have left, maybe to even treat yourself to better things, and also if I stop ordering, I will 100% lose weight. So muck fucking weight lmao. And with a job, I’ve got two sources of income coming in! And hopefully still medicaid for as long as I can possibly have it 😭

This got REALLY away from my stoned assssss BUT. The original point is this:

I thought about myself as potentially being alive six years from now, which is very much not what I see lately but which, for once, didn’t automatically sound like a punishment, and I thought of myself six years older and wondering if I might be better enough to be an ok caregiver and also have a relationship that could sustain children coming in, and I was able to and did have one?? That’s SO bananas to me lol. It made me feel… weirdly hopeful though.

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Posted @withregram • @introvert_awareness It might make us uncomfortable but the world need us to. We cant let the negativity be louder than the positivity ever! At what ever price that comes to us! 🧠❤🧠
#introvert #introverts #introvertproblems #introvertawareness #psychologystudent #psychologymagazine #antisocial #infj #growth #overthinker #Personality #introvertsunit #mentalillness #makeadifference #lookingwithin #mentalhealthawareness #introvertido #empath #selflove #positivevibes #recharge #goodvibe #theshaderoom #netflix #selfcare&love #introvethumor #uplifting #introvert_awareness (at Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom)

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I miss my mama!
->#alzheimers and #dementia are wicked diseases. The progression took hold so swiftly. In hindsight I should be glad it did to decrease the suffering of her loved ones. It’s said those with these diseases aren’t affected as much as those around them. Educate yourself. I miss her smile! 😔

#phattfamily #mentalhealth #mentalillness #alz #findacure

“I am an Alzheimer’s Survivor!,” said no one EVER! (at Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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Tried to catch some morning zoomies, but Nina stopped as soon as the camera came out lol. We had quite the day yesterday when the winter storm came through. It was bad, but thankfully we were able to stay in town with good friends. If you’ve got a serve weather warning out, please be safe, not sorry! ❄😊💜🐶
; ; ;
#Nina #NinaTheServiceStaffy #adoptresponsibly #shopresponsibly #adoptthecropped #pitbullsofinstagram #pibble #amstaffsofinstagram #ICouldLiveWithoutHer #ButIChooseLife #breatheinbreatheout #ilovemyrescue #tasktrained #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression #panicdisorder #ilovemyfamily #dontbullymybreed #dogswithjobs #pibblesmile #servicedogssavelives #servicedogsofinstagram #dontdistractservicedogs #workingdog #spoonie #fromsheltertohelper #servicedog #winterstorm (at Wenatchee, Washington)

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You’re going to realize that happiness was never about taking that degree, it was never about being like everyone else, it was never about shrinking yourself, it was never about becoming what other people thought you should be.

One day you’re going to see it, that happiness was always about chasing your dreams, embracing who you are, listening to your heart and choosing it, wherever it wanted to go.

One day you will realize that happiness was always about learning to live with yourself and it was never in the hands of others.

It was always about you. And it was always inside you.

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Nothing like coming home after work, playing in the snow, and snuggling up with the dogs to watch Disney’s #Togo ❄😊💜🐶
; ; ;
#Nina #NinaTheServiceStaffy #adoptresponsibly #shopresponsibly #adoptthecropped #pitbullsofinstagram #pibble #amstaffsofinstagram #ICouldLiveWithoutHer #ButIChooseLife #breatheinbreatheout #ilovemyrescue #tasktrained #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression #panicdisorder #ilovemyfamily #dontbullymybreed #dogswithjobs #pibblesmile #servicedogssavelives #servicedogsofinstagram #dontdistractservicedogs #workingdog #spoonie #fromsheltertohelper #servicedog (at Lake Wenatchee)

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Focuses for the months

Every month, I will have a few different areas of focus for this year. These are mostly based off of awareness months and weeks for 2020(related to mental health or mental illness, or about preventing things that can affect mental health) However if I find something I want to share or reblog and it doesn’t fit with it, it’s still fair game for me to RB. I also included for my personal research.

Rest January focus: Coping Skills, Anxiety Disorders

February focuses: Eating Disorders, Self Esteem, Teen Dating Violence Prevention

March focuses: Self Harm, Substance Abuse Sleep, Bipolar Disorders

April focuses: Autism acceptance, child abuse prevention, stress, sexual abuse and assault prevention

May focuses: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH, Borderline Personality Disorder, Mood Disorders, Dissociation,

June focuses: Gender and sexuality, PTSD, trauma and stress disorders, catatonia, psychotic disorders

July focuses: advocating minority mental health

August: neurocognitive disorders, abuse awareness, therapy options

September: Suicide Prevention

October: Bullying, Domestic Violence Prevention, ADHD, OCD

November: grief awareness, elimination disorders

December: learning disabilities, impulse control disorders

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Darkness, My Old Friend

I’m floating,

I’m floating,

I’m floating.

I look around, surrounded by the cold, and feel the wind around me

I open my eyes and I try to perceive , but black is all that I can see.

Has it always been like this?

I can’t seem to remember what the sun felt like…

Is it true, that ignorance truly is bliss?

I can’t remember what the warmth felt like, what the solitude and the comfort of safety would bring to my peace of mind.

I’m running,

I’m running,

I’m running.

I can feel it’s hot breath seeping down the back of my neck,

I can feel it slithering around my limbs, invading my blood stream, causing my thoughts to wreck.

I’ve felt this before.

I remember this. Oh, I remember this.

Darkness, my old friend.

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Aye this job has been slowly cutting my hours. Only on one day next week  Im looking for 2nd job but could humbly use some help with upcoming bills. Hope you’re all doing well. Much Love, Gratitude and Respect 

Venmo : artistanomaly 

Cashapp: $artistanomaly

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