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Kirei is known for mapo tofu or at least eating it because it’s the closest thing that will make him feel joy. Next to you know people dying and having their lives ruined.

However he also likes eating spicy food in general. The spicier the better and is known to carry a small bottle of tabasco sauce or some other hot sauce and will put it on everything.

Including coffee.

He will also eat a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce. And he will also make people spixy food or put the mixture of wasabi and soy sauce in their food or hot sauce.

Just to see their reaction.

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Augustus FitzClarence

  • When they met: 1830
  • Where they met: In the Irish sea above Neriria.
  • Where he was from: England
  • His age: 25
  • Elizabeth’s “age”: 15
  • His personality: Elizabeth knows nothing of this.
  • How long they were together: An hour or two at most
  • Fc: Unknown what the real Lord Augustus looked like, but in the movie, the prince is depicted as pale skinned, brown haired, and blue eyed.

Elizabeth spotted him on a ship when she went to the surface for the first time on her 15th birthday. The ship then wrecked, and she saved and healed him. He is the one she went to Locke to make the deal for. When she was 15, felt that she loved him. And though he remained in the back of her mind for many years, she later learned when she met Matthew and Cam and possibly Daniel what love really was. She was more in love with his looks and the idea of loving and being loved by him. Though he felt the one who saved him was beautiful, he didn’t know Elizabeth herself existed. Augustus loved the woman who he woke beside on the beach after Elizabeth fled, Sarah Gordon. They married factually in 1845 and had 6 children before he died at 49.

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This blog legit just sounds like bored first worlders slinging shit bc they have nothing better to do man

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have i complained about tumblr’s scheduling feature

they’d be better off with a standard calendar/clock selection setup

instead they made a half hearted attempt to make it understand human language time

but I haven’t been able to find a guide to what it can understand

for example it likes “today” but not “tonight”

it’s annoying

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While it’s been stated that Touya has a weak constitution in terms of his qurk, and possibly inheriting the same from Rei. However when you look at the definition of what a weak constitution means, it attributes to two things:

Your physical build and your physical condition. So it’s hardly to do with Touya’s quirk or having a weakness to ice. Now mind you the term weak constitution can refer to either how slender someone is and or what kind of illness they have.

Assuming that Touya was 6 or so when he got his quirk, it’s possible that prior to that he could have had symptopms of asthma or other immune deficincies. He could have a weak immune system. Not to mention mind you Touya is smaller than both Natsuo and Fuyumi as a child. In adulthood assuming that he’s Dabi, he was a slender build yet athletic build to him. 

Now mind you that Endeavor is bulkier than Touya. So looking at  Touya would be in the same way as a football loving coach in Texas would look as his slender framed son, he’s weak. 

Also mind you that getting sick a lot isn’t inherently connected to one’s quirk especially if it’s something that’s been occurring since prior to their quirk activating. While overusing his quirk might damage him, however it’s only physical damage.

In general, Touya’s weak consitution is more so attributed to his slender frame, than his quirk.

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ok i rewatched all of the angels’ scenes, and for Gabriel, it comes down to:

man, the perfectly bland and sincere delivery!!

so like, you can either decide that he’s an idiot and he sincerely believes this (so he’s just a cog, even if a top cog, in the Heavenly propaganda machine &tc) or that he’s just that good at appearing innocent & sincere (after all, he has to lie to himself as well and even first of all). i personally prefer to go with option 2 :)

in this light, Uriel’s derisive smirk (when the angels without Gabriel are openly bullying & threatening Aziraphale) gets a new meaning:

‘…a higher authority’ - Aziraphale continues, after a pause. ‘oh yes, please complain to Gabriel about this, I can’t wait, he will certainly take your side over ours’, Uriel seems to be thinking. (once he implies he’s going to take it even higher, she gets openly derisive/angry.)

what i’m saying is, Gabriel’s gentle and sincere handling of Aziraphale in the beginning of the show is actually a perfectly choreographed act and Aziraphale knows it, and Gabriel knows it too and leans into it with all appearance of sincerity: after all, it’s not him who’s going to be dealing with any… negative repercussions of Aziraphale’s mistakes, it’s not him who’s going to have to shout and punish and be unpleasant (ugh, so unAngelic!!). oh no, Gabriel can afford to be as nice as he wants to, and Aziraphale should want that as well, shouldn’t he?? surely, surely Aziraphale won’t let him down, it’s unthinkable, isn’t it??

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I know Callum already has a lot going on next week, but hear me out... Pride would be a perfect opportunity for Ben to flirt with some randomer (maybe post-heart-to-heart as he's scared of his feelings!!!) and be spotted by Callum who feels it like a punch in the gut

Hiya Anon!

Ohhhhh don’t get my hopes up with imagining something like that lmao! I mean considering it’s Pride I was thinking it would make sense if Callum saw him with someone cause that seems obvious and we’ve got Callum apparently pining. I’ve already said to @calhighway my headcannon about Kathy finding Ben some doctor boyfriend to date and Callum deciding to dedicate his life to hating this guy lmaooooooo. So hopefully we do get something like that where Callum is jealous because so far Ben’s attention has been on him, he hasn’t really experienced seeing Ben with someone else. I bet it is gonna feel like a gut punch as well and prove that despite what he said, he is interested and wants Ben for himself.

I do think both boys will reject their feelings and maybe that’s part of what the cheek kiss is for. Even though it’s cute and intimate that’s maybe Ben putting a cap on the flirting and saying I’m gonna comfort you and give you advice but I’m not gonna try anything anymore because you’re not ready and I don’t wanna get hurt. So then Callum has to be the one who seeks out that connection again despite being terrified. Afterall, this is technically his story because even tho it’s gonna be an affair(and tbh a love story if the comments are anything to go by) it’s being told primarily from Callum’s pov as Tony said it’s his journey to finding acceptance.So for that to happen he needs to be the one who seeks out that connection with Ben again and slowly they can change each other and we’ll get Ben’s part of the storyline as well because hopefully Callum can save Ben’s soul. Like Callum he is so lost right now and needs to break down barriers and learn to love again.

Sorry your fun headcannon ask turned into me splurging emotional thoughts! I just love talking about these boys and the potential they have.

Cheers for the ask:)

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Touya’s favorite rpg is going to be Final Fantasy X. He mainly likes the music of the game and the aeons. He feels a main connection to Tidus and his problems with Jecht.

It’s also when he was inspired to play guitar. Jecht’s theme was the first song he learned how to play.

As far as fighting games are concerned he’s good at Guilty Gear. Specifically Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PLUS. He mains Johnny, Testament, Baiken and occassionally Bridget.

Though he will spam the circle button on the PS2 version just to annoy people when he’s playing Bridget.

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In OotP, after Nagini bit Mr. Weasley, do you think St. Mungo’s called Snape for some advice or opinion? 

Because it took them a few days to heal Mr. Weasley completely and Severus is very good at healing, he also knows a lot about poisons as a potions master and he’s one of few people who met Nagini so he might give them some insight.

I also think about that young eager healer who tried to stitch Mr. Weasley’s wound with muggle stitches but they always dissolved. Maybe Severus taught him potions at Hogwarts and now i wonder if they ever had a discussion about muggle medicine or Severus thought he’s just crazy.

Same thing happened a year later, but with Katie Bell. He took care of her before they sent her to St. Mungo’s. Did he get updates about her (directly or just through Dumbledore?), did they ask for his opinion about the curse?

I also wonder how much stuff he did outside Hogwarts, because he obviously can’t learn everything just from the books without any direct research and i kinda refuse to believe his life was limited only to the inside of school.

He might be unpleasant to work with, but you cannot deny that he’s competent. It makes me a little bit sad that he didn’t get a chance to do something else than teaching potions…

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Do you think Light ever felt guilty about what he was doing?

He did feel genuinely guilty when he killed two people by testing the Death Note. And I think after that, after fully realising that the Death Note does indeed work, Light actively tries to make his conscience free of any guilt. He rationalises his actions and decides to use his powers for something “good” instead.

But I’d say he isn’t fully confident in what he’s doing up until he meets Ryuk.

His nervousness here could surely have been about many things: about still not being used to murder people, the fear of getting caught or about trying to comprehend the power and nature of the Death Note, since he still doesn’t know where it even came from. When Ryuk appears, he says he’s “ready for anything” and asks him if he’s going to take his soul now. (Ryuk obviously doesn’t and instead tells him that the notebook is now Light’s. That was probably important for him to hear too, haha.)

And if you look at how many people he already killed after just five days, you can easily see that there was a certain desperation behind his actions. So, I think large parts of his reasoning behind what he did is actually tied to guilt, the desperate need to turn things around (by creating a world where him killing criminals is not only accepted, but necessary to maintain peace & the well-being of “good” people).

He furthermore asks Ryuk why he gave the Death Note to him, obviously believing that he has been chosen to use the notebook. Even after Ryuk tells him that he just randomly dropped it, Light firmly believes that he had to use the Death Note the way he did, which is something he repeats even shortly before his death.

So on the one hand, he’s very much aware that murder is wrong, but he tells himself that doing nothing while having the power to potentially make the world a better place… would be worse. And I do believe that’s partly his way of coping.

I don’t necessarily think Light felt guilty for killing people after fully making up his mind about what to do with the Death Note, but his actions are still ego-driven. It’s not as selfless as he wants everyone to believe and it’s not even always obvious if he believes his own words. It’s just that, in his mind, he has no other choice but to continue. It would utterly destroy his ego and world views to admit he messed up big time after a certain point. Admitting guilt would also mean that everything he did and went through was in vain.

So the more people, especially innocent people who are just doing their jobs, have to die, the more strict he becomes, which is a vicious circle. And I think he slowly loses his conscience and empathy in the process.

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The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader | by Ryder Windham

THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE BOOK, because it really just nails Anakin’s status as an unreliable narrator when it comes to so much of this, it shows his rejection of the complications of difficult situations, instead of just seeing what he wants to see.

“They were less accepting, however, of his arrogant behavior when he demonstrated his abilities.” –> “They’re just jealous.”

“He urged Anakin to consider how freeing one slave on Tatooine might lead to the deaths of others, as some slavers might prefer to destroy their ‘property’ than release them from bondage.” –> “Why do the Jedi have to listen to anybody?”

“Obi-wan assured him that he himself had been frequently reminded by Qui-Gon to be more mindful of the Force.” –> “But somehow even the slightest criticism managed to leave Anakin feeling stung.”

All of these signal very, very clearly that Anakin is interpreting everything–or outright ignoring what’s actually the point–in the most bad faith and uncharitable way possible.  The way these things are worded shows that Anakin is arrogant, the Jedi are being being compassionate, Anakin is dismissing important points (like how the galaxy would never tolerate the Jedi not having oversight/just doing whatever they wanted), Anakin is twisting everything around.

It’s done in a way that makes my heart ache for him, because I get why he is the way he is, I have felt smaller scale versions of a lot of what Anakin feels.  But we’re directly shown that he received sympathy and support, but still it wasn’t enough.  The slightest criticism left him feeling stung, despite Obi-Wan reassuring him that he’d gone through the same or explaining how just doing whatever you wanted would get people hurt, the first people to suffer would be those who are already the worst off.


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ok Hastur seems to be Crowley’s direct supervisor & he’s overseeing the delivery of the Antichrist as Crowley’s manager. Ligur is there as the one actually entrusted with bringing the basket but he doesn’t know Crowley (or Earth) that well

what makes me laugh is that they’re OBVIOUSLY just popping in and out again, their only task is to meet Crowley, it’s less for a hour all told (’he should’ve been waiting for us’), and YET Hastur decides to troll Crowley with the old as dirt ‘recounting the deeds of the day’ routine. neither Hastur nor Ligur had any time in which to tempt mortals! they’re obviously lying! (’he saw all the pretty girls in the sun’ - YOU’VE BEEN HERE A SINGLE NIGHT THERE WAS NO SUN)

Ligur is obviously ‘wtf but okay i’ll play along’

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i just realized lux's birthday is in two weeks!! no pressure but u better be nice to him then

oh wow you’re right! his birthday is july 12th! wonder what i should do to celebrate hmmmm

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Slightly jumping off from this lovely meta by @sadnessofthings (seriously, the points about cerebral augs and employer pressure, in particular, are fantastic) and a couple of chats in the Discord:

I’m pretty sure that Jensen would likely have never been augmented without the accident (unless he’d been forced some other way). I also think that on some level, by the time HR starts, he’d been suspicious of Sarif - or at the very least, the way Sarif markets augs - for a good while.  He seems wary as hell of the tech. Or if not the tech, the way society’s responding to it like it’s a fashion accessory rather than a necessity.

Bits of Megan’s dialogue point to that. She says at the start, “Admit it, you like him,” because it seems like Adam’s always grumbling about Sarif.  Adam is bothered by the defence contracts and doesn’t like the Typhoon. Heck, he even mutters about this to Sarif at one point in the game.

Also, Jensen seems very aware of the privacy-infringing potential of the infolink when he eventually has one. He’s very pissed-off if someone just wanders in, and he seems very “these are where I’m drawing my boundaries.” He’d seen them in action working at SI. I cannot imagine him signing up for one unless there’s no other option. I suspect he has Feelings on this, and that’s just “a minor aug”.

I think it’s pretty significant that when so many people at SI get employee perks and Malik mentions Sarif’s pushing “just a coupla augs” and being generous to employees, Adam pointedly isn’t augmented.  And he’s making more than enough money to do it if he wants to. Look at that penthouse and, as said, perks.

And then, when he’s augged-up and being sent on missions, he’ll pull Sarif up  on being asked to do anything even mildly illegal (see: breaking into the police station). He also doesn’t seem surprised by the request.

I feel like Jensen’s very ambivalent about aug tech and SI, and I can imagine that question only got harder after he got forced into augs, because he’d be trying to separate his own self-hatred and not project that onto other augs. 

It’s interesting that his first mission after getting back from sick leave, when he’s closed-off and clearly still grieving and brushes Malik off when she tries to tell him the augs can be a good thing, is Milwaukee Junction. Jensen’s sent on this mission when he’s in a raw place and still kind of horrified by what’s happened to him, and then there’s the added horror of seeing the hacker controlled through and destroyed by his own augs. And then… he meets Sanders, a man who tore out all his own augs after becoming addicted to augmentations and then losing control, and views augs purely as a way of someone else controlling you. And if you let Sanders go, I can’t help but wonder if Jensen hesitated because he saw something familiar there. Something he understood.

Actually, without the attack, I could see him being wary of augs post-Incident himself, because being paranoid is kind of what he does. He’s wary of folk professing to be his “brothers and sisters” in MD canon - not least because he didn’t go through the Incident himself and because, as part of Interpol, he’s part of the system oppressing them and seems to be very aware of that - but if he were himself unaugmented, that could get messy. I think he’d be absolutely anti- what the police are doing in Prague or the ghettos either way, though, looking at his history and his thoughts on corruption.

I don’t think he’s prejudiced against augmented people or that he views augmentation as a net bad. He does seem to believe they can help people. I do think he doesn’t always understand them, though, because the field is so new, and that he never wanted them for himself. And that he’s still wary of thinking of himself as part of the aug community, though with some options and choices, he can accept that and start to become more comfortable with it.

Basically, I think at best, Adam would’ve been a late-adopter of augs, even if he saw nothing wrong with them for others.

tl;dr: “I never asked for this.”

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man, i feel bad for to.mura. like his quirk is so isolating, and the fact he cant properly touch anything makes me sad. like, i headcanon that he is ALWAYS a little anxious about hurting the league so he never goes out of his way to touch them.  he feels its too much of a risk, so he keeps to himself.  He’d never admit to this, especially the part about caring about the league (he shows it in other ways though). 

but shigs just feels robbed sometimes. he just got fucked over completely. by society, by heroes, by his own damn quirk.  the only person he can really only freely touch without fearing something bad happening is Sora. But even then, he’s just. 

hm. this sucks. Like dont get me wrong. he loves the advantages he has with his quirk. but at the same time, its the reason he is what he is today. and he kinda hates his own existence?? hes angry at the fact hes alive. because all this bad shit happened. please come love this boi.

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I'm not trying to pressure or rush you in any way but I was wondering if we could get non-physical copies of your books yet. (I don't know what they're called.)

still working on it! turns out i am much more capable with the formatting of a physical book than that of an ebook. i know it’s taking ages, i appreciate your patience!

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