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Problematically Good and Problematically Bad Deuteragonists

[Spoilers Ahead]

I’ve been in the My Hero Academia fandom for a while now. I’ve also been in recently introduced to the Invader Zim fandom because of the hype surrounding the movie (it was well worth watching through the entire series for). That was when I noticed something about the two series:


Now, I’m not entirely sure if Jhonen Vasquez meant for Dib to become Zim’s deuteragonist, but Kohei Horikoshi is not subtle about Katsuki being Izuku’s deuteragonist. What’s interesting is that the two dynamics are inherently problematic for different reasons, but one of them works, and the other doesn’t. Let me explain:

Probematically Good: Zim and Dib

Now, just because their dynamic is arguably better doesn’t make it all that great. Zim wants to conquer the Earth and remove Dib out of the picture through various means, while Dib wants to expose and experiment on Zim for his own gain. They both want to one up the other for their own gratification. But as much as they hate each other’s guts, their relationship is astonishingly symbiotic, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

The important key to their dynamic is that there’s a balance. At any given moment, they can switch their narrative roles: Zim as the protagonist and Dib as the antagonist, or Dib as the protagonist and Zim as the antagonist. There are also times where both Zim and Dib are the protagonists, but usually begrudgingly so, and only because a more antagonistic force is at play.

That and they are completely willing to work together if the situation calls for it, like escaping the nightmare realm in Dib’s head, or foiling Tak’s plan to dominate the Earth. The only time Zim and Dib don’t work together is during “Planet Jackers,” but that was before either of the previously mentioned instances, and on top of that, there was no logical incentive for Dib to join Zim. (In the Halloween special, Dib accidentally drags Zim into his head, and with Tak, Zim shows Dib pictures of the giant weanie stand, bringing out his suspicions.)

Even if the characters hate each other’s guts, they recognize each other to the same extent, and also understand their capabilities. Their dynamic may not be completely healthy, but it is balanced (which is ironic considering it’s between an eccentric alien conqueror and a prodigious 12 year old boy).

Probematically Bad: Izuku and Katsuki

This is probably the first problem with Izuku and Katsuki’s dynamic: it is NOT equal.

In recent chapters, mostly after Deku vs Kacchan 2, Horikoshi tries to make it seem like the dynamic is equal, but paying close attention makes it clear that it isn’t.

Even disregarding Izuku and Katsuki’s toxic past, the dynamic is still unequal. Katsuki is unnecessarily a douche who likes throwing around his brawn and other signifiers of superiority whenever possible. He’s started mellowing out a bit, but his asshole attitude and self centered tendencies are still present when they don’t have to be. You can still be a conceited and hot headed individual without being 100% of a self centered egotist. What’s even worst is how Izuku, Katsuki’s basic counter in nearly every way possible, sing Katsuki’s praises to hell and back while Katsuki constantly tells him off, even though Katsuki should like praise?

Zim and Dib are foils, too, but their dynamic is more complimentary, while Izuku and Katsuki’s dynamic is more counterintuitive.

Katsuki is condescending and completely one track minded, similar to a certain Irken invader. However, Zim actually recognizes that even he isn’t the greatest being in the galaxy, and is willing to work with others without complaint, except maybe Dib. How many times has Zim asked GIR, Computer, and even Minimoose to come to his aid? I can only think of one instance where Katsuki willingly accepted helo without backing himself into a corner (the Kamino hand hold, if you were curious). He only worked with Izuku during final exams because he got himself decked, both by All Might and even Izuku. He onky handed Denki the grenade during the Provisional License Exam because he recognized he wasn’t getting out of this on his own, and if Denki and Eijiro hadn’t followed him, he’d be another flesh ball and likely would have failed the exam there.

Compare that to Izuku, who is actively willing to help others, and actualky takes some time to think through things without immediately resorting to fisticuffs. He sees the potential in everybody, and holds his peers up in a high regard. Katsuki only holds people up with begruding respect, and while he has been getting better, his character development is sad compared to the other characters, like Shoto or even Tenya.

What’s worse is that there’s nothing mutual about their relationship. They aren’t each other’s compliments; they’re each other’s counters. Katsuki is willing to verbally (and previously physically) bash Izuku over and over, but Izuku always looked towards him with respect, only resorting to physical confrontation with Katsuki if he wanted to help him. Even learning about One for All has done nothing to help further advance Katsuki as a character. He acts like Izuku and All Might forced the secret on him even though he clearly threw a tantrum about it in order to get Izuku to tell the truth, thinking it would explain how he passed the Provisional License Exam even if Izuku’s strength had nothing to do with it. Katsuki even goes as far to say that he’d be able to use all of One for All’s quirks at a point where Izuku could barely use one, and Izuku believes him, even though a) It’s clear that, strength aside, there’s a psychological component to the additional quirks, and b) Katsuki was beaten by All Might, and by that logic, if he wanted to use all of One for All’s additional quirks, he’d have to be as strong (if not stronger) than All Might to use all the quirks properly. We know Katsuki is stronger now, but he probably still isn’t All Might levels of strength yet. And Izuku just blindly agrees with Katsuki because clearly, Katsuki could do no wrong. Sure, he has a few troublesome bits, but he’s overall great hero quality. Well, strength aside, he’s not, but that’s a debate for another time.


I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

Zim and Dib both hate each other, but they also properly acknowledge one another and are willing to work with each other and others when necessary. They both have their good and bad points, but that only adds to their worth in their dynamic and as characters.

Izuku admires Katsuki as a Symbol of Victory, but Katsuki probably thinks of Izuku as barely human, going out of his way to assert dominance even when it’s completely unnecessary, while Izuku is still willing to trail behind him all the while. Izuku is a good person, while Katsuki is a bad person who’s just barely learning to be a good person.

TL;DR Zim and Dib are a good example of problematic deuteragonists and can occasionally act as good deuteragonists, whil Izuku and Katsuki’s deuteragonists dynamic is completely counterintuitive since the narrative and Katsuki refuse to shape up, and since Izuku is the only positive force in the relationship, leaving it imbalanced, problematic, and overall bad.

Thank you for your time.

-Crimson Lion (21 September 2019)

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The coming out scene in Black Sails is still so compleately incredible to me. Silver’s entire speech afterwards is just so well written and human. He’s given the key to Flints entire existence and he reacts by finding a way to reassure him that 1. Silver isn’t going anywhere and 2. He doesn’t care that Flint’s queer. You can literally see Flint relax after Silver still calls him friend, after he had such a shitty experience being outed to his mentor he probably thought he was going to undeservedly loose part of the respect Silver had for him, but no! Silver reassures him in the most Silver way by being a little shit and going “Ok so you totally love me, understandable, but don’t worry, I’m going to outlive you.” And thats… exactly what flint needed from someone who went from just some asshole with a map to the person who now knows him most intimately of anyone alive.

God I love this shows dialogue

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I’ve been taking some notes for a fic I probably won’t write, and I figured the notes would probably be useful to someone other than me. Roughly speaking, the powers of people who are akumatised/evilized fall into nine different categories: flying, being sneaky, being strong, techno powers, controlling their environment, neutralising people, building armies, interfacing with miraculous holders, or “other” for everyone left over. People can have powers that fall into multiple categories at once, or fall into a category only partway.

For an explanation of the categories and some examples, see below. Villain names are written in both English and French. Minor spoilers (such as villain names and powers) for season 3 part 1 (both English and French).

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also, I think a lot of people tend to gloss over the fact that Azula is a kid. sure, she's one with a lot of power, and does cruel things sometimes, but she herself went through just as much as zuko did (more, I would say cause she didn't have iroh either) and yeah she should be held responsible for her actions to a degree but people need to not dump every evil thing ever done on her for the sake of villianising a kid. also I really wish she'd gotten taut redemption, it would've been amazing

Wanna hear my wild guess? I have number of reasons why this happened:

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Any headcanons on how the members would celebrate chen's bday? I love ur headcanons so much, and im pretty thirsty for some baekchen these days

I think we have a pretty good idea of how it goes—if they’re home, Chanyeol texts him hbd then uploads a screenshot to ig to prove that he’s #first and has friends, Jongdae calls him on it. Sehun texts too (and is probably actually first) & is sweet about it. Junmeyon texts and uploads something too because he forgot to get Jongdae a gift again and Jongdae isn’t going to let it go again. Jongin doesn’t remember his own bday much less Jongdae’s. Baekhyun knows what day it is because he’s always ready to wake him up with the appropriate number of celebratory punches. Minseok wishes him hbd in person & gives a gift with a card. Yixing texts a day late, Jongdae says ‘thank you ge <33′ then tells him to eat and sleep.

They go out to dinner as a group at some vaguely-related time with a couple members missing, and their manager takes a pic for the official ig, which baekai repost. There’s probably booze and arm punching and yelling and gift giving at home, and people with somewhere to be in the morning get annoyed.

They’re on the road this weekend tho, and if they’re not too tired after the concert and the official on-stage bday celebrations there, they prob have a lowkey hotel room party. Maybe someone (Baek?) promises to take him out for noraebang when they get home. They’re on tour, Jongdae’s 27, and he’s got a solo album coming out in a week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if wearing a silly hat on stage then crashing with some beers is all he can muster atm. And maybe a call home.

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What's a good emitter quirk?

Emitter Quirks are incredibly broad - more or less, they’re all Quirks where it isn’t your body itself that is changed/can be changed. Emitter Quirks are Quirks that, overall, don’t fall under “Mutant” or “Transformation”. It’s a ridiculous denomination, as it means that the ability to make any liquid taste like key lime yogurt and the ability to secrete liquid nitrogen from your eyeballs are, somehow, the overlapping area in a Venn Diagram.

“Good” is also a sense of relevance to the context - for example, let’s say that you’re fighting a villain whose Emitter-type is that he can swap two people’s Quirks after making eye contact with them. Considering 80% of the population have Quirks, you’re ready to lose your mind because after he makes eye contact with you, he can disappear into a crowd and suddenly, you no longer have your ability to make hands come out of the ground and instead you now have fly wings. This Quirk, however, is absolutely useless in a 1-on-1 match - unless the villain is wily enough to have a reflective surface on hand and make eye contact with himself. Then the easiest thing to do is just not rely on a Quirk and throw sand in his eyes. That makes the Quirk absolutely useless - just a bright flash would be enough. I’ve described an infuriating Quirk that sounds unbeatable - until you take it out of the context that MAKES it unbeatable.

That’s the essence of a good Quirk - it really isn’t how many city blocks it can level. It’s about making the best of what you have and manipulating the circumstances with your own hands so that you come out on top.

That being said, just give them Bast from Jojo. It’s stupidly good.

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can we talk about aziraphale’s character arc please i’m dying to talk about aziraphale’s character arc nobody’s talking about aziraphale’s character arc and how he goes from This


to This


over the course of the book when he, with Crowley’s help, realizes that he doesn’t have to remain silent when his “side” does things that he finds distasteful or objectionable and that he has the free will in himself to choose to defend humanity in the face of Heaven and Hell’s celestial war and I Love Him

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cersei + self worth?

Okay, so there is this great game called Until Dawn and there’s a quote about one of the characters that is always interesting to me, a lack of confidence that manifests as over confidence.

Now, I am not saying that it is a perfect analogy for Cersei cause I do genuinely think that she does have a lot of confidence in herself, she does think that she is very beautiful

But what is interesting, is that it does not take all that much for her sense of self worth to crumble. Again, the quote about Tywin’s eyes and how they could look at you is very interesting to me.

She starts out as described a Lord that her Father had intimidated with a glare into fleeing the room, but then she describes how he could always see how worthless and weak and ugly someone was down deep and when he looked at you, you knew.

Cersei has a lot of issues with her father, like a ton of them. He thinks that all of the Red Keep should have died with him, so he could have a retinue in hell but does not doubt that hell is where he is and that she is the only true son that he has.

During AFFC, she gains weight due to over eating but refuses to believe it and instead thinks that the washerwomen must have shrunk her gowns in the wash.

When she is being marched through the streets in ADWD, she has to constantly reminded herself that Jaime tells her that she’s beautiful and that he would never lie to her.

When Cersei’s own worth is question, she actually does not dismiss it that easily. Instead, she either violently reacts, she docked the washer woman’s wages and that was only after Taena talked her down from something worse, or she needs comfort, Jaime wouldn’t lie to her.

It’s also interesting to look at how she compares herself to Tommen, she often says that all she does is for him and how she was nothing like him, that she was never so sweet and innocent like he is.

Again, a lot of this lack of worth is very deep down and caused by both Tywin Lannister’s shitty parenting and just the terrible world that she’s grown up in, and it takes something heavy to bring it to the surface.

But it is there.


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thinkin bout missy

the first regeneration of the master to not actually use that name, to not actually make overtaking people a basic facet of her identity, already showing a previously unseen flexibility and a willingness to change, how she exchanges a laser screwdriver, exclusively a murder weapon, for a multipurpose sonic umbrella. how the master is introduced wearing black with yellow accents, how missy wears purple with black accents, how purple is the opposite of yellow, how even that shows how shes different. how shes not the the first regeneration of the master to be in love with the doctor but the first to act on it and openly starve for it. how the masters first conversation with the doctor and missys last conversation with the doctor parallel each other in how theyre framed

thinkin bout how well she connects to the old days of her character, the era of the delgado master mainly, who always had a willingness to work with the doctor, who toyed with him and betrayed him but again and again found himself on his side at the very end, describing himself, like missy does, as the doctors “old friend”

how missys theme and twelves theme share motifs. how missys theme has hidden lyrics when played backwards, “lay me down, lay me down, softly / tenderly the night will come / in your sweet embrace / sing the days of love / softly lay me down / tenderly the night will come / gently lay me down" which foreshadow her death literally right from the start

how so much of missy hinges on your interpretation of her, how much you believe her when she says she wants to be the doctors ally, how much you believe shes crying for real over all the people shes killed

how she dies without hope, without witness, without reward, making a choice so that everybody lives, everybody lives except her

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Some issues with Melo Suits Me I’ve though about this week:

(1) The the commercial director is presented as a romantic partner for Eun-jung. Like… he’s this masculine myth that a man can be abrasive and aggressive professionally and with strangers, but ultimately he is actually kind hearted and generous and this makes him a Good Man. We’re really gonna stick Eun-jung in the midst of an emotional crisis with a man who can’t regulate his emotions???? ok

I’m gonna be honest and say I’m sucker for this sort of problematicness and tend to enjoy the “masculine” tension of those traits in dramas, but in a drama like this where there’s a sheen of realism it does pull you out of it a bit, since irl this character would be terrible. But also to be fair, son seok-gu is actually portraying him in a way where I almost believe that maybe this guy just isn’t sure how to follow social/emotional conventions? Like is this dude on the spectrum? I would believe that.

(2) Hanjoo. I don’t really know what the show is trying to say about her life or if what it’s trying to do with her, but one thing that’s for sure is that in creating the character and the story there seems to be no substance given to motherhood. Like her kid is just a prop? Where is her real affection, anger, confusion? All of her pathos comes from her husband, her mil, her work…. it’s just not real.  I don’t need her to love her kid, or even care about him, but you don’t have to care for a kid and then end with very few feelings about it. And it’s not that’s she’s unfeeling or doesn’t love her son, it’s just that in the script and on screen, this are dead fish emotions. I hope something develops there.

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Re: the Mysterious Magic Woman- it just occurred to me that the whole business with Lucien is something Matt made up, since Taliesin has said he has no idea what any of that backstory is. Do you think Matt might’ve looked at three PC backstories with this element, thought ‘ooo presents’ and then decided to throw in a fourth that overlaps one or more of the others? I agree all four being one person seems unlikely.

Perhaps, but I’m not personally convinced. I do agree that the fact that Matt is the creator of Lucien’s mystery “spellslinger from the capital” means that she’s more likely to be someone from someone else’s backstory, to tie the PCs together. 

I’m not sure she fits, though, for any of these other cases. The thing with Beau’s father feels too individual to be something done by someone described as “from the capital” (which to me implies government connections) and both the woman from the asylum and the woman with the goblins seem deeply rooted in other times and places. The woman from the asylum is presumably still there, and the woman with the goblins was there the entire time Nott was, which would overlap the time Lucien met the woman from the capital.

My most tinfoil hat take on the “spellslinger from the capital” would be that she is a Scourger, and connected to Caleb’s backstory. This woman being Astrid would be a bit on-the-nose, but I also don’t think it’s impossible.

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Recovery and growth is ongoing. Everyone is changing and growing  continuously. 

If anyone has followed me for a while, you’d have noticed that I mostly posted my own stuff. Some part was because I kept getting new followers so I wanted everyone to see my posts.

However, another part was because I felt that yall would dislike me if I posted other people’s stuff. I had no proof that that would happen.. it was mostly anxiety and RSD telling me that people would unfollow me for a single silly post. 

I’ve been blogging for 2 years but it was only A WEEK ago that I managed to get past it. Y’all might have noticed I’m posting more jokey content.

Or maybe you haven’t. Its likely you haven’t, now that I think about it. It would just further highlight just how much it was all in my own head.

By reading my posts, you might think that I have my ADHD under control but honestly, I’m just a few steps before some of you. I’m continuously growing and learning, just like yall.

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Is circumcision common practice on Asgard? I’ve read in your fics that the boys aren’t *ahem* cut, and I wanted to know if that was intentional. I know this is super weird ask, but I’ve been going mad binge reading your fics and just want your thoughts.

Firstly, thanks so much for reading my fics! I’m really glad you’re enjoying them. 

Secondly, there’s no such thing as a “weird" ask. Trust me, I’ve gotten much stranger asks than this one and I had no problem answering them. It’s all good! 😊

To answer your question, I did intentionally leave Thor and Loki uncut for two reasons, one being my own personal preference, and the other being that I’m using old Norse culture as a sort of template for Asgardian culture, and according to what I’ve been able to find online, the Vikings didn’t practice circumcision.

But is circumcision canon in the Marvel Universe’s Thor? I don’t really know. I doubt this subject has ever been brought up in the mostly teen-rated comics (anyone reading this is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong), so I believe it’s really up to the fan to decide if the characters are cut or not. This is a fascinating subject (as well as a taboo and potentially inflammatory one), but since this is fiction we’re dealing with here, I see absolutely no harm in exploring it. 

I think it would be interesting to read a fic where the author invents an Asgardian tradition of circumcision when a boy becomes a man or a young man proves himself a capable warrior. Perhaps Loki might be denied his circumcision because of Reasons, maybe for his inability to grow a beard, like Njál from Njáls saga. That’s practically a life sentence to being argr. Ouch. Or perhaps circumcision is used as a punishment for enemy prisoners. (Just imagine Aesir Thor disrobing a struggling, captured Jotunn Loki with the intent to cut him, but Things Happen and Thor finds a less harsh method of marking Loki as being vanquished.) 👀 There are lots of creative ways to play around this idea.

Thanks for sending this ask, anon! I truly enjoyed answering it.

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E tanta determinação que não perco nem para a minha própria determinação.

Panturrilha e legpress com 400kg 4x20

Na dança
Esse tipo de exercício melhorou e muito minha performance na dança me deixando mais leve e menos cansado os saltos ficaram mais altos e a quantidade de pulos aumentou.

Na saúde
Os exercício (coluna e membros inferiores) está auxiliando a redução de remédios para as 9 eu disse 9 hérnias de disco que tenho praticamente não sinto mais dores as que sinto já são suportáveis, os remédios antinflamátorios e da diabetes não se conflitam mais e com isso mantenho a minha visão estável e meu rim direito a 50% da funcionalidade corria risco de perde-lo.

#determinacao #aerocountry
#thedance #meta #forcabruta #samcowboy #segura
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So um. Can we talk about this part of Half-Blood Prince? Because this reads like a fic and I have some thoughts. 

“I can see Hogwarts,” said Malfoy, clearly relishing the effect he had created as he pointed out of the blackened window. “We’d better get our robes on.”

Harry was so busy staring at Malfoy, he did not notice Goyle reaching up for his trunk; as he swung it down, it hit Harry hard on the side of the head. He let out an involuntary gasp of pain, and Malfoy looked up at the luggage rack, frowning.

Harry was not afraid of Malfoy, but he still did not much like the idea of being discovered hiding under his Invisibility Cloak by a group of unfriendly Slytherins. Eyes still watering and head still throbbing, he drew his wand, careful not to disarrange the cloak, and waited, breath held. To his relief, Malfoy seemed to decide that he had imagined the noise; he pulled on his robes like the others, locked his trunk, and as the train slowed to a jerky crawl, fastened a thick new traveling cloak round his neck.

–Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

This is an uncut canon passage. And just. I’m not sure what part is better. 

Harry-hyper-vigilant-Potter getting so distracted by Malfoy changing that he fails to notice Goyle swinging a piece of luggage AT HIS HEAD. Or the bit where he apparently knows every item of clothing Malfoy owns well enough that he instantly notices a new traveling cloak. 

Or the fact that he thinks Malfoy is a Death Eater but is not afraid of being hurt by him (and is correct in this. Malfoy basically has Harry at his mercy after he petrifies him, and while breaking his nose isn’t nice, he could’ve done a lot worse to him…like hand him over to Voldemort. But he never even considers it). 

Oh yeah and Draco realizes Harry is there even though he’s invisible because  he makes a slight gasping sound for a second. And that’s enough for him to conclusively identify Harry. 

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