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Forgot to mention that earlier this month I celebrated two years clean from meth and heroin! Kinda wanted to brag about it because it’s a big fucking deal! I remember when two hours seemed impossible. I still need to get off of Suboxone but I’m getting there. It’s gonna take some time and a lot of work on myself but it WILL happen, because if I can stop using the other shit then I can do anything I set my mind to.

Okay that’s all ty for your time 💕

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I took 9 Adderall and barely ate yesterday. My weight went from 106.6 lbs yesterday to 101.2 lbs today. It’s amazing how I don’t feel the weight change but anyway… by Monday hopefully I will weigh 95 lbs and by my 9 year anniversary on Feburary 28th I would like to hit 90lbs.

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