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Yo your Kacchan-was-kidnapped-a-shit-ton-of-times headcanon got me thinking about that one post on here where he's trying to flirt, but it's a picture of that meme where the person goes, "I've been kidnapped TWICE." Except it's Kacchan trying to convince himself that people ACTUALLY like him, so he's all like "I've been kidnapped like sixteen fucking times, goddamnit, I can't be THAT bad" like muttering to himself in his room or something, and I caN'T-

Katsuki’s never had issues convincing himself that other people want him. It’s convincing himself that other people don’t always want to use him as a means to an end, that other people may actually enjoy being around him, and that other people wanting to be around him isn’t always going to bring harm to him, that’s the real issue. Learning to trust other people again and find value in himself as a person rather then as a tool is difficult, but he’s working at it, slowly but steadily.

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A few extra notes on my headcanon that Katsuki got kidnapped a bunch of times as a child;

  • As a result of his kidnappings, he got extremely sensitive to other people trying to touch him. He hated people even bumping into him, because kidnappers often would pull that same trick to hit him with a quirk of some sort. This lead to him “overreacting” to other kids touching/pushing/etc.
  • Izuku never got the memo, and being a hyperactive little kid, he was highly prone to touching Katsuki without meaning to or thinking it through. During their childhood he never understood why Katsuki got so hostile about it. Years later, when he finds out, well… it puts some things in context.
  • Katsuki assumed that any kids with strong quirks ended up kidnapped. As such, he thought that Izuku didn’t get kidnapped because he was quirkless, and on some subconscious level he was actually jealous that Izuku didn’t have to put up with that. When he found out Izuku had a quirk after all (his freshly acquired one), this adds a bunch of layers to his anger at thinking that Izuku lied to him/others, particularly considering all Katsuki had gone through with his own quirk.
  • There were a few constants to Katsuki’s kidnappings. One of them was that he was always taken alone, and the other was that he was never rescued. If heroes showed up at all, it was long after he’d already escaped.
  • Katsuki always told himself that it was fine, that he was tough and strong and he had a powerful quirk so of course he could save himself. He thought that was normal. That people were supposed to save themselves. Deep down though, some part of him wished a hero would come save him, but he pushed those thoughts away.
  • That’s part of why it hurt so much, that the one time that a kidnapping was too much, the one time he wasn’t good enough to save himself, the one time he messed up; that’s when other people came to save him. That’s when he watched his hero fall and countless others hurt. All because he was too weak to save himself this time around.
  • After everything’s been uncovered, that’s one of the hardest parts of it all on Aizawa. That Katsuki was failed by the hero system, by everyone really, again and again, but Katsuki doesn’t see it like that. So Aizawa’s left at a loss trying to explain to this kid that he should be more upset. He should be angry and feel betrayed and failed. But Katsuki doesn’t, because he never saw it as anyone else’s job to save him in the first place.
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Mirio having a Y/N who is a walking heater. Like it's a cold rainy day (snow or hail) and Mirio is freezing. Y/N is playing on the sofa and they are warm. Or if it's a hot day, Y/N becomes a cooler. Y/N is a squishy small warm ac. (I hope you make it extremely fluff!)

Heck yea bröther!!!! I decided to make this headcanons as I felt it would work better, hope you don’t mind!!!! If you do mind, let me know!!!!


  • Mirio loves your for all of your qualities, wether they be good or bad. He likes the height difference between you two, he likes the cute laugh you have… He adores you from head to toe, and nothing could change that!
  • But, he wouldn’t lie to himself, one of his favorite things about you was your quirk.
  • You could manipulate your body temperature to extremes if you needed to, but only for limited amounts of time over what your bodies limits are. Your body usually sat at a middle ground in the temperate months, but in colder or warmer months, your body temperature would be the naturally set itself as the polar opposite as the weather around you.
  • To put it into simpler terms, you were basically a heater and an A/C in one package!
  • One thing Mirio never liked was the cold. He couldn’t stand it whatsoever. But when you came into his life, everything changed!
  • Mirio used his hatred for the cold as an excuse to hug and snuggle up to you like a big puppy. Even before the two of you were dating, he always found some way to wiggle his way into your arms, all while claiming “it’s cold out. I need this [Y/N]. Let me have this.”
  • One thing you did both before dating and after dating was snuggle up on the common room couch and watch movies while drinking whatever hot beverages you preferred. It wasn’t hard to tell why everyone thought you two were dating.
  • You would often do similar things with your other friends, allowing them to huddle up to you for warmth in the colder months. Mirio usually never found himself to be the jealous type, but… it irked him that one of your friends might get the wrong idea behind your affections. So, naturally, he took matters into his own hands and confessed to you.
  • After Mirio confessed his feelings to you, and you had confessed your mutual ones, his snuggly-ness only got worse (or better?). Mirio is pretty physically affectionate as is, and your quirk only gave him more reasons to be all over you.
  • Of course, cold months don’t last forever. This was both good and bad news to Mirio.
  • He had figured that his days of snuggling with you were up now that the colder months were gone! He’d have to keep a room super cold if he would have to cuddle you!
  • Or so he thought.
  • As previously stated, your body was not limited to heating up. You could cool your body as well!
  • Mirio only realized this after you had placed a cool hand on his forehead after he had collapsed from the heat while training.
  • He had mistook your quirk for just a heating quirk. Boy was he wrong! and he was so happy to be.
  • Mirio sometimes would take your hands and place them on both of the sides of his face, quietly enjoying their coldness. Also he just likes the feeling of you cupping his cheeks.
  • He has a tendency to completely curl himself around you on hot nights. You know that feeling of flipping your pillow to the cooler side? Imagine that, except your pillow just didn’t get less and less cool by the second. That’s how cuddling you felt to Mirio in the colder months. He LOVED it.
  • He had figured out a way to cool off a room quickly was to place you in front of a fan. You still don’t know how you felt about this discovery of his, because yeah sure it worked, the room was nice and ventilated and now cool, but at what cost? The cost was that you had to sit in front of a fricken fan for 30 minutes and not move!! Grr!!!
  • He ofc snuggles you after and apologizes for making you do so. It’s not a necessary apology of course, you aren’t actually angry at him for it, he’s just trying to be comfy. But you accept the apology in the form of cuddles, because gosh you love your big teddy bear of a boyfriend.
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Todoroki and Kirishima comforting their s/o

A/N: Thanks for your concern, anon! I can usually work with general stuff but sometimes I run dry. Either way, I was feeling this request and I hope you like it and you’re feeling better, in case you needed some comforting fluff 💖


  • He won’t say a word. He doesn’t have to. He sees you curled up with a sad look on your face and feels the need to help you get cozy.
  • He will curl up near you so that he knows if you want to be left alone or would accept his cuddles.
  • If it’s the latter, he will use his left side to warm you up. It will have such a soothing effect on you that whatever problems with falling asleep you might have had will gradually fade away.
  • He will totally fall asleep too, lulled in by the tranquility.
  • And thus, you will wake up together and start the next morning in a much better mood, thanks to your lover’s gentle affection.
  • He will totally serve you breakfast in bed and prepare your favourite beverage.
  • Then, he will gently prompt you to go out with him for a walk amidst fresh air to clear your thoughts.
  • Strolling around the streets arm in arm, you lean on his shoulder and become able to calmly talk to him about what’s bothering you.
  • Get ready because Shouto has every intention to spoil you that day.
  • He takes on an unusually serious demeanor.


  • Kirishima will make your feeling better a mission, and won’t give up until you give him your brightest smile.
  • He will joke around a lot in an attempt to make you laugh, and might even resort to other methods - tickling, for example.
  • Sometimes being forced to laugh really helps.
  • Eijirou understands you like no one else and is able to skillfully combine that with his positive energy. Yeah, he’s a keeper. Because this proves he’s the best of both worlds, and you find that immensely reassuring when you feel down.
  • He is more than willing to slow down to provide you with the best kind of comfort possible. One of my personal favourite things is Kirishima lending you his clothes for when he’s away or you’re just cuddling together in matching hoodies. Except you wear his and he has yours.
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Imagine Aizawa (accidentally) join the class competition

Aizawa is not considered a part of the class competition, but that is b/c he would  win it super easily if he was trying. Aizawa isn’t in the dorm common room too often, and he’s sitting down/napping there even less often, but 100% of the time if he is hanging out there for w/e reason, if a tired Katsuki wanders through he will end up with Katsuki snuggled into his side. He trumps any soft object and even Izuku with a soft object.

Aizawa pretends like this doesn’t mean anything to him, but he also has a tendency to be chilling in the dorm common room when he knows Katsuki has been having trouble sleeping, and he will not move when Katsuki is asleep on him under any circumstance short of someone dying.

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Monoma notices that Katsuki has always had a second underlying thing, and tells Katsuki "Hey, I think you have another quirk" in the Monoma way, and everyone is like, "Cool!" And he goes to the hospital or a quirk specialist who's like, "You're second quirk is to send out a vibe that tells people that you need love and affection." And Katsuki is like, "I don't really like this quirk."

Monoma, having just copied Katsuki’s secondary quirk: Oh, huh, interesting you’ve got a secondary quirk which is just Befriending Vibes.


Katsuki: “delete quirk”

Quirk: “quirk cannot be deleted while in use.”

Katsuki: “stop using quirk.”

Quirk: “quirk must be deleted to stop using.”

Katsuki: god fucking damn it.

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Boku No Hero Academia Lookin Fiine

Todoroki, Midoriya & Fuyumi


Dabi & Hawks






Present Mic


I had a few main trio pics but Tumblr deleted my shit and I deleted those pics.

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Normal class 1-a conversation

Kaminari: where the fucc does salt come from

Ashido: well then do you know where it comes from?


Todoroki: yea… Anyways Kaminari has a point like do they come from flowers

Izuku: listen, Todoroki. You are a very very smart person-

Ochaco: are they’re like… Factories making salt does it like come from the sky

-kirishima intensely thinking in the back-

Bakugo: can we just all agree on exploding Kaminari

Izuku: w-what no why?

Bakugo: he hurt my brain so I’m going to hurt him

Iida: no-

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