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So I’ve been listening to Old Me on repeat for basically the last 24 hours and I feel like I can finally sorta articulate my thoughts on it. I feel like this song is just such a huge step for the boys. It captures there growth with the sound and the vocals and the lyrics capture the hardships they’ve faced along their journey perfectly. It’s the perfect combination of a new era of music ad paying tribute to where they started. I’m just so proud of these boys it’s unexplainable. I’m so proud to be a 5sos fan and can’t put it into words.

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Here I present to you the Fetus 5SOS Medical Team

Consisting of:

Dr. Calum Hood - Stuffed Animal Surgery

Dr. Luke Hemmings - Lego Surgery

Dr. Michael Clifford - Operation Game Surgery

Dr. Ashton Irwin - Stabbing people w/ fake needles

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Not being able to go and see the band that has gotten me through the lowest lows I’ve been through and not being able to express my sadness to friends or family has got to be one of the most heartbreaking things…the closest 5SOS is touring to me is Toronto and I’m absolutely gutted to think I won’t be able to see them again. It’s all I want…

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