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Generation of miracles with a S/O who’s better than them at basketball but is shy about it/doesn’t show off too much headcanons plz! 馃檶馃徏馃榿馃ぉ馃榿馃檶馃徏

A/N: Heyy anon,,these were fun to write so we hope you like them hehe ~Bliss & Lily


Originally posted by stuff-y


  • You knew your boyfriend, Aomine, was a really really good basketball player
  • He was also really intimidating on the court
  • Which was why you never told him you could play
  • Of course he found out eventually when he invited you to play 2v2 with him against Kagami and Kuroko
  • He honestly didn’t think you’d be able to play well and just thought you’d look cute playing
  • He was right about one thing
  • You were extremely cute when playing
  • But you were also extremely good
  • Like he barely gets to touch the ball and you guys were winning??
  • Let’s just say Aomine was confused and just stood there with a dazed look on his face
  • “Oi Y/n, why didn’t you ever tell me you were good at basketball?”
  • “Ummm…”
  • “Nevermind, I know now,” he said with a smirk
  • He proceeded to practically kick Kagami and Kuroko out of the court and challenged you to one-on-one
  • In which you beat him
  • When the game ended, he just stared at you with the same dazed face except this time you could see his eyes were brimming with happiness and love
  • Having an s/o who not only plays basketball but can beat him in it was the best thing he could ever ask for
  • “Guess I’m not the only one who can beat me now”
  • You blushed at his words
  • From then on, you guys would spend lots of time playing basketball
  • You’d teach each other different skills and challenge the heck out of each other
  • The scariest thing is when you two team up
  • Once you played together a bit and got used to each other, you two became unstoppable
  • At the end of every game you play and win together, Aomine would now say “The only one that can beat us is us.”

Originally posted by kunikidaz


  • Akashi didn’t you were good at basketball
  • He didn’t even know you could play
  • So it came as a shock to him when you told him you were on the school team and that you were playing a game the next day
  • He got over his initial shock pretty quickly and decided to support you fully at the game
  • The game was about to start and he saw you lead your team onto the court and go to shake hands with a person from the other team
  • So you were captain, just like him
  • Your team got into position and Akashi noted that you were in the point guard’s position
  • When he actually saw you play though, he was beyond impressed
  • Your skills were on par with his, maybe even better
  • You dribbled fast and confused all your opponents
  • They couldn’t steal the ball from you either no matter how hard they tried
  • Pretty soon, the gap between the scores started increasing
  • Akashi smirked as the first half ended
  • I’m gonna need to challenge y/n sometime…
  • The second half started and the opponent seemed to play better, quickly equalizing
  • Akashi started to worry a little until he saw a glint in your eye
  • Suddenly, your movements became faster and more refined
  • Akashi looked closely and saw you were in the zone
  • Not only that, you managed to put your entire team in zone too
  • Just like he did
  • He was bursting with pride and admiration at this point
  • When the game ended, you met him outside the gym where he congratulated you on your win
  • He then went into an in-depth analysis of your skills and the game
  • Basically he was just complimenting you fancily
  • He really was impressed tho
  • And he looked forward to playing with, as well as against, you in the future

Originally posted by strifeshart


  • It was when he told you he would teach you how to play basketball as his partner
  • For him, it was a date for how romantic it is
  • At first he teaches you the basics, he dribbles the ball from left to right and a crossover
  • And so the game begins
  • Standing at the center of the court, pressure is all you could feel
  • With the stance that can have your reflexes actioned well, Kise is dribbling the ball slowly enough for you to follow its steps
  • You as the defender, follows his footsteps as fast as lightning
  • You are about to catch him and you did- it’s because he retrieved his last step, placing his right forwarded foot earlier backward and so he enters the shooting position, lifts the ball in the air and shoot
  • You are amazed for he did Midorima’s high projectile three
  • The game continued with the ball in his possession again but with faster dribbling
  • You are no prodigy, well, you are no basketball player either
  • But the second you stole the ball from Kise’s fast dribbling results him stunned by your surprising entry
  • Now, thanks to him earlier, you are able to shoot from the center line, just by seeing it 
  • “Woah Y/N-cchi! You didn’t tell me you can play!”
  • You performed it just exactly as him, not an inch of difference was distinguished
  • And Kise is amazed, for he already knows that your specialty is also the same as his, COPYING.
  • And so the battle of the cats begins!
  • Both with the talent who can copy the other’s movements 
  • You don’t expect a good game but who can copy the most?

Originally posted by zechs


  • Surprisingly for Midorima, you two went on a date
  • It’s your way home, when a ball hit your boyfriend’s head from behind
  • “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?!” You redirect your sight to the lively public court nearby, being played with a bunch of 5 old-looking highschoolers
  • You could only tell it was on purpose for they are laughing at your boyfriend
  • You are about to tell them off but Midorima stops you by grasping your hand
  • “It’s okay Y/N. Don’t mind them-nanodayo.”
  •  “But-”
  • “Hey tall megane! Come join us for fun!”
  • You look at Midorima, only to hear a “no”, he tells you he didn’t want to ruin the day but it was ruined beforehand
  • You sigh, and raise your right hand to seize attention
  • “I’ll play. 5 vs 2, how about that?”
  • “Y/N, when did you start learning how to play basket-”
  • The game starts with perseverance in both teams
  • It’s this moment that pride comes first
  • The ball is on the other side’s possession, he’s about to shoot it when Midorima blocks it
  • The ball bounces off within your reach, you dribble it and make your way to shoot it from a nearer distance
  • You surpass every opponent’s defense, and as a high jumper, you jump as high as you could and dunk it in
  • They are surprised, but Midorima’s reaction is the one you want to see the most
  • The day ended with you and your boyfriend winning, while walking towards your home he complimented you many times as if diamonds and jewels

Originally posted by zechs


  • You and your boyfriend were on a date
  • Where your date turned out to be watching an official basketball game
  • You were sitting together at the front seats while eating chips and sweets he bought 
  • You were thrilled watching the game, but not as thrilled when the host called you unexpectedly
  • It was a one time event where the hosts get to pick from the crowd randomly, and fortunately it landed on you
  • The chosen one then must shoot from the center line, with the prize of a 100,000 dollars if they succeed 
  • You glanced at Murasakibara to gain confidence, thinking whether you could do it or not 
  • But hesitations diminished when he cheered for you, “Y/N-chin, I know you can do it.” 
  • You took a deep breath and positioned yourself at the center line of the court
  • You could hear every roar from the crowd, but your boyfriend’s cute cheering overshadowed all of it
  • Yes.. everything is going to be fine because Atsushi is here, you thought.
  • Now the challenge had started, the host gave you the ball and the crowd got quiet, waiting for your venture
  • Some thought, “There is no way a girl could shoot that,” but some was just waiting for you to strive
  • You bent your knees for a better balance, extended your arms to the air and threw!
  • Your instincts took over you, without any calculations nor logic 
  • And yet you succeeded, winning over thousands of dollars
  • “WOAAAAAAAAH!” The crowd yelled in great surprise and amazement, deafening but you were satisfied with their cheer
  • The challenge ended with you winning as well as the basketball game, the two of you decided to go home
  • It ended already, but your boyfriend couldn’t shut up about what you did earlier
  • “Y/N-chin, how did you do that? I could never.”
  • “Now don’t be such a pretender, you’re pro!”
  • “Well, I’ve never expected you know how to play.”
  • “Hahaha you just never asked,”
  • “Then let’s play tomorrow. You were really good, Y/N-chin.”
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dr kishitani: shintarous been studying for so long… how do i get him to come out of his room?

takao: leave it to me

[3 minutes later]

midorima, glowing green, chasing after takao: CEREAL IS NOT A SOUP

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It’s happening! I finally created the server I was talking about and I truly hope people will join and rant with me about knb

I made the rules very simple but essential, and I hope everyone will have a great time <33


Originally posted by kawaiinohime

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OMG I can’t believe I’ve already finished with this event and I am so happy to be able to participate in this event. Pardon the late post, I am in deep with The Untamed Fandom, I am quite distracted and it actually takes me quite a while to decide on which pairing I am going to use. For this, I’ve decided to use the LDR theme just because I certainly know how it feels to be in this type of relationship. Been there, done that and never again lol But this one comes with a happy ending. So without further ado, here’s the last installment. This event isn’t possible with @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby, many thanks to you guys <3

Day 6 Prompt: Free (MuraMido side AoKi Future Fic, College Students AU)

Title: Valentines’ Promise

Summary: College students Midorima and Kise ponder about their long-distance relationship with their respective partners, the struggles of being in a long-distance relationship. 


Also on Ao3

Shintaro stirs from his sleep induced self. The sun rays are peeking through his window as his alarm clock starts to ring. Slowly, he tries to sit up and snooze the alarm, grabs his glasses with his right hand as well as putting it back on his face, also with his right hand. He removes his nightcap and stretches his arms for a bit before standing up and unveils the curtains. It is a nice and sunny day but Shintaro can’t help but feel that this is gonna be a good day for Cancers. Carefully, he goes downstairs and fixes himself some breakfast. 

He is living alone in a condominium now for two years after he has graduated high school. Ever since he is a child, he always knows that he has wanted to be a doctor although he has to give up playing basketball. During his last year in high school, he has been offered to go pro to America. However, his father is against it and tells him that he should go to medical school instead of playing on the big stage. He has been heartbroken by that time. The other members of the Generation of Miracles get an offer too. Aomine and Akashi are currently in America playing on the big stage as well as Murasakibara. In Kise’s case, he has decided not to go because it is his lifetime dream to be a pilot so he has persuaded it instead. 

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a lot of Midorima’s idk “meanness” feels very performative. most of the time when he’s being a blunt jerk he’s also surrounded by multiple people, or he’s with a stranger, or someone he deems unsafe—for lack of a better term. I just think it’s interesting how he drops the attitude (while still having a dry humor) when talking one-on-one (ie takao, kuroko, kise)

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hi!! i lov ur blog!!! can i get a scenario w gom+hanamiya where their male s/o catches them cheating on him w a girl and hes just like "o srry,," or is just silent and walks away all casual like he expected them to eventually cheat on him w a girl bc he was just "an experiment" or smth like that and they try to explain or fix things between them but now hes too afraid to trust them in fear of getting cheated on again? :00

I think that: a) I didn’t give you what you asked for and b) I had too much fun with this

Kuroko: For some reason, he wasn’t where he normally was after practice. You would meet him to walk home together on Wednesdays. Thinking he might still be in the locker room or something, you made your way to the gym. You could hear voices echoing as you got a bit closer, one of which was clearly Tetsu’s velvety murmur. The other was much too familiar, and much too female. You were silent, so when they quieted down, chills began to run down your spine. Just peeking your head in, you could see the two clearly, baby blue and soft pink, like cotton candy. Although it probably tasted like sulfur. Tetsu didn’t have the wherewithal to pull away from his childhood friend until he heard the sound of your half-assed applause for them. He looked shocked, stiff, like a deer in the headlights. Momoi was too uncomfortable to even look at you. Throughout your relationship, you could never shake the feeling that he was in love with her. You were just a fling, a way for him to figure himself out. It hurt a little bit to finally accept the truth before you. “I figured you really were just into girls,” you said softly, “but you could have at least been honest with me.” With that, you turned to leave. He couldn’t just let you leave like that. It was a misunderstanding, really. He stood up and rushed to stand between you and the door, so that he could explain what happened. But the damage was done and it felt like you walked right through him as you left.

Kise: It was something you always tried to ignore. Girls flocked to him for his attention (which you really couldn’t blame them for doing) but for some reason, he always felt the need to flirt back. It was lunch, and you were sitting across from him, trying to get food down despite your lack of appetite, and watching your boyfriend give his attention to someone else right in front of you. Not even that Kuroko guy. Just some girl; she was hanging around him a lot lately. But the position of his arm caught your eye and you knew in an instant that he was holding her hand under the table, right in front of you. Red-faced with both anger and embarrassment, you stood up suddenly, slamming your hands on the table. “I get it,” you spat. Kise was frozen for a moment in shock, and by the time he came to, you had thrown your uneaten lunch away and were halfway to the door, muttering to yourself about how stupid you were to ever believe he could be into you. He tried to go after you, but his foot got caught underneath the table and he fell backwards. Calling your name was pointless as you couldn’t hear much over the sound of your breaking heart pounding in your ears.

Midorima: You were just walking around the corner of the hallway, hoping that you would be able to run into him. When you saw him earlier that day, he was stressing about today being a particularly bad day for cancers and was unable to get his lucky item. You’d gone out of your during lunch to find it for him, going so far as to stop at a resale store where you were finally able to your hands on the hollow glass rabbit. You were doing your best to get over your reservations about dating him, as you were unsure if he was really into you or just curious and using your convenient crush on him as an opportunity to experiment. Perhaps you were right to doubt him; as you turned the corner, you immediately spotted the carrot only about ten feet away. The next thing you noticed was the girl beside him, pressed against his side, and his arm that was wrapped so comfortably around her. Their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. When he realized you were there, he pulled away from her and tried to approach you but you tossed the lucky item to his feet, happy to see it shatter right in front of him. Ha. Relatable. With that, you turned and tried to get away from him with as much of your dignity as you could manage.

Aomine: You were at his place, in his bed, with his arm wrapped around you as he slept beside you. His phone was under your pillow, so it wasn’t like you could ignore the buzzing that signaled he had a text. You would have gladly ignored it, but there was another one, and a few minutes later another one. You pulled the phone out from under your pillow and only glanced at the screen. You couldn’t help yourself. The messages were all from the same number, the name definitely belonging to a girl. You could figure out his pass-code easily (he was predictable and not that clever). Your heart dropped down into your stomach as you opened the messages, tears welling up in your eyes as you scrolled through older messages. Seeing the pictures exchanged between the two caused you to let out a sob, successfully waking him beside you. “What’s wrong?” he groaned, unaware of his phone in your hand. You pulled yourself out of his arms and off the bed as you tossed the phone at his chest. You knew the kinds of bodies he was attracted to, and you certainly didn’t fit the mold. You’d been trying to convince yourself that it was real, that he was actually interested in you. But like always, he was just fucking around, playing a game so easily with no effort at all. “I’m so stupid for taking this seriously for a second,” you murmured to yourself as you grabbed your things, trying your best not to slam his door on your way out.

Murasakibara: You had a cooking class together, although he was stuck at the counter in front of yours. It wasn’t so bad at first. Often during class he would turn to let you taste whatever you were making and you would do the same. And then it happened less often, and less, as his class partner was requiring more and more of his attention every day. She started by feeding him extra snacks she brought, making extra whipped cream on the side, but you hoped Murachin was only accepting it all because he really couldn’t think beyond his taste buds. But there was always that aching dread that he was more interested in her, you were just a fling to satisfy his curiosity. Then one day she offered to play the pocky game, and he accepted. You counted the seconds that passed by as their lips remained pressed together, watching in horror as she reached up to cup his cheek in her hand. The mixing bowl you’d been holding dropped onto the counter and you quickly began packing up your things, hoping that you would be able to get to a bathroom before a panic attack ensued. You couldn’t subdue your doubts anymore when the proof was right in front of you.

Akashi: You knew he wasn’t one for excessive romance or affection, and it hadn’t bothered you for the most part. Who were you kidding? It made your heart drop a bit every time he ignored you or shied away from your touch, claiming he needed to focus. Was he even attracted to you at all? Sometimes you worried that he didn’t get to know you during your time working on a project together and discovering that he was interested in you. It was very possible that he was just curious, and you were cute and smart enough and in the right place at the right time. The latter seemed more likely, as you tended to be in that position often, like today. You left your phone in your desk, but didn’t realize until you were halfway across the school. When you finally got there, you were a bit out of breath, but the wind was knocked out of you completely when you opened the door to the classroom to find a girl sitting on your desk with her hand resting on top of your phone and your supposed boyfriend leaning over her, kissing her. You pursed your lips as you approached them. Luckily for you, your insecurities led to you rehearsing this moment in your head at night a lot. Swiping your phone from the desk, you looked at Akashi directly. “I see,” you said softly before leaving the two to their business.

Hanamiya: There was something thrilling about being with him. Maybe it was due to something as simple as his demeanor. You suspected that it had more to do with the fact that you couldn’t quite figure his motives out. You went into this thinking that it would last a week or two, that he was just messing around, figuring himself out. But lately you were starting to get the impression that maybe he was after something more. Foolish of you to think like that. He was taking too long to meet up with you after school, and you made your way to the only place you could think of him lingering in right now: the locker room. You were unfortunately correct to assume he’d be there, although he wasn’t waiting for you to find him or anything like that. You found him there in nothing but a towel–which was being held up around his waist by some girl’s hands. He looked up at you and rolled his eyes when he saw who just walked in on them. “You have wonderful timing,” he said with a small sneer on his lips. You turned away from him, “I knew why you were with me, what I was getting myself into,” casually waving your hand as you walked off, “Glad you figured it out.”

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– Day 4 of KNB Valentine’s Week hosted by @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby

A/N: Happy Valnetine’s Day <3 Soo,,I know this is probably supposed to be a fluff-filled week but a little angst does no harm right? Also this is my first time writing a song fic so I hope you guys like it ~Lily

Song: Homesick - Dua Lipa

Summary: Midorima moves away for his studies and leaves you behind…


          Here, where the sky’s falling

You sat by your window, cup of warm tea in hand, staring at the softly-colored evening sky. 

          I’m covered in blue

It’s been a few months since he left.

You didn’t blame him though. 

Midorima Shintaro was after all a very passionate, ambitious, and hardworking man, so when he told you about his offer to go study abroad, you pushed him to go.

          I’m running and I’m crawling

          Fighting for you

Right, it was you who had encouraged him to go. To leave his country, his family, his friends. To leave you…

          When the rain stops

          Then, darling, what will I do

You told yourself it was because you loved him. Because when you love someone, you want what’s best for them, even if it means getting hurt.

          And I know I go all in

You sighed wondering how he was doing. Are his studies going well? Is he eating OK? Has he made any good friends? 

          But why do I

The same questions cross your mind every day. You never found out the answer to any of them though.

          You give me a reason

You both knew the complications of a long-distance relationship and maturely decided it’d be better off to just call it quits. Since then, you’ve gradually ceased all communication.

          Something to believe in

But that didn’t stop you from worrying about him or even from missing him.

          I know, I know, I know

You’ve tried all you could to move on, but you still haven’t.

          You give me a meaning

Your memories of him were the last thing connecting you to him. 

          Something I can breathe in

Those memories were a constant reminder of the love you had, the love you could’ve had.

          I know, I know, I know

They were all you could hold onto during the times you missed him most.

          It’s a bittersweet feeling

          Longing and I’m leaving

And you were missing him more now than you’ve ever before

          I go, I go, I go 

All you wanted was just to be with him again.

          But I wish I was there with you

That’s all you wanted.

          Oh, I wish I was there with you


          There’s a crack in my window

Midorima Shintaro sat alone in his dorm room. Before him was the material he needed to study for tomorrow’s test.  

          A bird in my room

But his eyes were focused on the photo on his phone.

          Angels all over

          That watch over you

It was one of the two of you together, around this time last year.

         When I’m walking on water

This is all so stupid. You both agreed things had to turn out this way so that he could focus on himself and his studies.

          All my dreams have come true

His studies have been going well so far though, perfectly in fact.

          Still, nothing means nothing

And yet…

          Without you, you

An aching emptiness filled every corner of his heart, sorrow seeping deep within his soul.

          You give me a reason

He blamed himself for everything.

          Something to believe in

You were always there for him, to support him in whatever he was doing

          I know, I know, I know

You were always there to make him smile and laugh

          You give me a meaning

But now you weren’t

          Something I can breathe in

All because he let you go

          I know, I know, I know

He let you go too easily

          It’s a bittersweet feeling

          Longing and I’m leaving

The pain of your absence haunted him every day

          I go, I go, I go

Sometimes, it was more than he could bear

          Tell my heart to lie

          But I know deep inside it’s true

All he wanted was to be with you again

          That I wish I was there with you

That’s all he wanted

          Oh, I wish I was there with you

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KnB Valentine’s Day Challenge Day 3

Happy KnB Vday Event Day 3! This was really quick, hope you all like it. Mido is not one I’ve written too much about, but I hope this does him justice. 

Prompts by (and much love to): @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby

Day 3: Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that? 

Mido x Reader, in which he confesses (…?) 


It’s not often that Midorima catches you off guard. As long as you two have been friends, you’ve become an expert at interpreting the underlying meanings behind his cold actions and stiff words. 

But when you arrive at your desk at school in the morning, you really couldn’t have foreseen the bouquet of red roses sitting on your desk. 

“Morning, Shin,” you greet, your gaze still glued onto the flowers occupying the entirety of your desk. “What’s this…?” 

If you’d asked anyone who had come to school early today, they’d have told you the green-haired boy had been waiting by your desk even before you’d arrived. And unbeknownst to you, although he’d been practicing what to say on Valentine’s in his head for the past week, he finds himself losing resolve at the last second. 

“Your lucky item for the day,” he finally answers, his voice toneless as he adjusts his glasses on his nose bridge. 

Your head whips upward and you squint your eyes at him. This couldn’t be… no way. Unless, it is… 

You shoot a glance to the fellow, friendly neighbourhood Shin-translator, and sure enough, Takao confirms your thoughts and sends you two thumbs up a few desks over. 

Giddiness makes its way up your spine, and a smile emerges on your face before you can stop it. “Shin. My mom was watching Oha Asa this morning. This isn’t my lucky item.” 

And here begins the impasse. The green-haired boy says nothing for a moment, only adjusting the glasses on his face. He looks like he wants to say something more, but you know it’s a struggle for him to do so in a busy classroom of about twenty other people. 

You won’t push him though. Most eyes had turned both your ways as soon as you’d walked into the room, and you value your privacy as much as he does.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the limits a little. 

“Don’t worry, Shin.” You peer up at him through your lashes. “It’s okay, I get it. My lucky item today is a carrot, and I always have one with me,” you say with a honey-sweet smile. 

I like you too, carrot, is what you wish you could say, but if Shin is anything, he’s clever. You have absolute trust that he’ll catch on. 

And sure enough, there it is, the corner of Shin’s mouth twitches. But your smile and the tinge of red warming his ears is too much for him, and he moves to take the flowers from your desk. 

“Ah. My mistake. It’s my lucky item.” 

You grab onto his taped fingers before he can remove them. 

There’s a million things you want to say in this moment to show him how much you love the flowers, love that he went out of his way to get them and put them on your desk so publicly like that, how much you reciprocate and just adore him—but you’re still in class. And under the watchful eyes of twenty or more students. Not to mention, you’re not sure how Shin would ever survive that direct onslaught of emotions. 

Instead, you watch as the sun plays with the hue of his unique hair; from the locks on his head, to the delicate brush fanning his eyes. You tug his hand so that he’s leaning toward you. 

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” You say in a low voice and watch with great amusement as his pretty lashes flutter in astonishment. And he pulls his hand away with pink staining his cheeks. 

“That’s what I was supposed to say to you,” he whispers back, his tone strained. There’s nothing Midorima hates more than losing, and losing out on a personal goal. 

“You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take,” you tease. 

To be fair, you should have at least expected what would happen next. But you don’t. Instead, before you can even release your grip on his hand and straighten from both of you being hunched over your desk, you’re being pulled forward instead. 

And all you can register is a flash of green before firm lips are slanted over yours in a chaste kiss. 

When Shin pulls away, you’re so shocked you don’t even register the low whistle a few desks over and the gasps of nearby bystanders. 

“I never miss,” is all Shin says, his glasses flashing for a split second as he pushes them up his nose. “I also have my lucky item with me all the time, after all.” 

With that, he turns away to take a seat at his desk. 

Once you’ve recovered from being stunned frozen, you realise it’s the closest to a Happy Valentine’s you’ll get from him in this crowded classroom. 

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