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Yaoyorozu wanted to start her own fashion line so she created some looks for the boys and ask them to model. Everyone is trying to be serious stoic models but kirishima just wont. He just wants to smile

(I’m an emo shit so these all got hot topic vibes sorry)

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i know this is a saiki k blog but i spent wayy too much time on this i was binging BNHA and have come to the realization that i love tododeku so heres their potential child’s face

i kept looking up other designs but i didn’t like any of them. anyways, for powers im thinking todoroki’s powers plus breathing fire (from deku’s dad). i didn’t think he’d inherit any of deku’s powers because he was originally quirkless, but i do think deku would eventually pass on one for all to him so he’d be one OP kiddo

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It’s been some time since I last updated my fic so I’m leaving a screenshot of a little piece of its next chapter. I don’t know if anybody will see it but I felt like I should show that I’m still working on “Midoriya Izuku. Quirk: Cuteness” and not simply abandoning it.

It’s not corrected by my beta so maybe there are mistakes and/or it’ll change until I post but that’s it.

See you 🖖🏼

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(((in this au bkdk are in the military w/no quirks and they are fighting monsters that have come through from another dimension!!! they are the last ones standing and are trying to stop the monsters from going to the rest of the world!! they probably will never see their families again!!!!!! )))

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Deku scenario where

(This is actually a cut off version of another request, but when I saw this I took it as a challenge, because I didn’t write for Izuku enough. I was like ohhhh bet. Deku scenario here. Six Deku scenarios, actually.)


Five times Midoriya Izuku missed his chance to say something, and the one time he didn’t need to.

I. He’s four when he discovers he’s quirkless.

He spends another night at his mom’s computer, watching the same clip of All Might again and again and again. But it’s different this time. He’s four when he’s forced to come to terms with the fact that this could never be him. A harsh reality for a kid, but one he’ll unfortunately continue be confronted with a number of times more throughout his life.

It was 10:00 p.m. when she crept in resting her hand against the back of the chair, watching wearily as he moved to replay the video for the hundredth time.

Tears finally filled her eyes, as she moved one hand to his head of curly green hair. She engulfed him into his arms, apologizing between sobbing fits for doing this to him. For doing this to her baby. Izuku is only four, yet he knows it’s not his mom’s fault. He knows he should say something, and yet he’s still so shaken up that he can’t bring himself to.

By the time he comes up with something, his mother grew silent, and he figures he’s missed his chance.

II. He’s eleven when his childhood frenemy extends his bullying to people beyond him.

It was midway through his first year of middle school and the sweet girl in his art class was being cornered by a familiar blonde and two friends whom he called his “sidekicks.” He hadn’t gotten physical with you. She was just a girl. (In fact it would be another four years before his violence becomes rated E for Everybody.) But soon enough she began to cry.

Izuku watched meekly, thinking about how badly he wanted to say something. How much he wanted to defend the only person who was nice to him that wasn’t his mom. But as he stretched his arm out, he caught sight of a large bruise flourishing in his forearm, and remembered the promise he made to his mom earlier that week. He’d stop interacting with Kaachan Bakugou. It was what’s best for him. It’s what’s best for the both of them. Inko couldn’t bear to see her son being abused just as much as Izuku couldn’t bare to be abused.

The girl’s eyes locked with his from across the room, and his own widened in panic.

She was calling him to help and he was frozen like a deer in headlights. He needed to speak but didn’t know what to say. He moved to stand, freezing once again in fear. And while he attempted to calm his nerves and say something. Anything…

Before he could, though, the teacher of his art class forcibly pulled him off of her, and Izuku knows that he’s missed his chance to speak up.

There’s not much chance he’ll ever be a hero anyways.

III. He’s fourteen when he meets the man he’d idolized since he was a toddler.

This same man tells him it’s frankly impossible to be a quirkless hero, yet sees something in him (whether it be pity or potential) and takes him under his wing. In just a few months he becomes more of a father to Izuku than Izuku’s own father was to him.

Come the entrance exams, he’s a completely different version of himself than he was before. Stronger, smarter, and (at least to Izuku) overall better. He had so much gratitude for All Might. There was so much he wanted to say. How thankful he was. How much he’s improved. How overwhelming it was to receive a quirk after fifteen years of quirklessness. Though the second he opens his mouth, he realizes that if he didn’t leave at that moment, he’d miss the entrance exams.

IV. He’s fifteen when he encounters the people who would soon become his best friends.

One being a private school kid who told him to shut up during the entrance exams, and the other being the girl to keep him from falling on his face on the way into the building. Pretty girls didn’t usually pay much attention to him. One not just speaking to him, but actively keeping him from embarrassing himself was more positive attention than he’d received in his entire life.

She was visibly put off by his silence, but he could only stay frozen as she rambled anxiously. By the time he’s crafted a semi-decent response, he’d missed his chance, as she makes up an excuse to leave.

V. He’s sixteen when he meets you.

He’s immediately struck. Sure Iida and Uraraka were people other than his mom who loved him, but not like you. You were different. You saw him differently. You treated him differently. He felt like someone in your presence.

Childhood bullying leaves a painful scar on your mental state. And since Izuku had been bullied since he was a toddler, he’s never been able to see himself as anything. In his mind, no matter how much he changed or how far he’s come along, a part of him would always believe that he really is worthless. A useless kid without a quirk that could do nothing but take his beating lying down. If he didn’t try to fight back, they’d get bored sooner and stop.

He’s not sure how, but you seemed to sense this in him. You understood it without it ever having to be said. Which, in turn, let him open up to you more and more about it. You soon enough were considered one of his best friends.

But you weren’t like Iida or Uraraka. Something about you was different. Something he couldn’t quite place. The start of something new.

The glowing embers of his love grew to a raging wildfire that he couldn’t stop. One that he couldn’t control either. The way your skin glowed in the last dying moments of golden sunlight, your laugh, the way your skin felt on his when you playfully put your hands on him. Moments like these overwhelmed him with the realization that he felt something for you. And he’d freeze. Become so struck with adoration that all he could do was stare. Marvel at the woman he had fallen for so quickly and so completely.

”Izuku?” He snapped out of his trance long enough to see your concerned gaze staring into him. That feeling in his chest swelled within him, quickly reaching his throat and making him completely unable to speak. He had to pull away from your gaze, instead choosing to gaze at the ocean flowing beneath his feet from his seat at the edge of the the pier. “What’s on your mind?” You questioned, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

He wanted to tell you everything. How you made him feel, and how much it was driving him crazy. How much you meant to him and how afraid he is to ruin everything with you. But that feeling got caught in his throat again. Izuku just shook his head meekly, knowing fully well he was missing his chance. He couldn’t do it. At least not right now.

”Nothing important.”

I. He’s eighteen when you confront him.

He knew he shouldn’t be, but he continues to accompany you on your midnight walks through the woods off campus. There are so many factors with them that could go wrong for both of you.

And yet part of him can’t bring himself to care.

But tonight was different.

Something was on your mind. Sonething he could tell was weighing you down. Something Izuku needed to get to the root of. Before he could even ask, you huffed in frustration and began to speak.

“Izuku,” He didn’t respond, but signalled to you he was listening as you continued to walk. “We need to talk.” His anxiety kicked into overdrive at the sound of those four words, and he would’ve missed what you had to say entirely if you hadn’t cut his train of thought off with “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.” He audibly sighed in relief. “I just have something important to say. Just…” You mirrored his sigh. “Just let me finish, okay?” He nodded. “Izuku, I love you. I know this is kind of coming out of nowhere but I can’t just let myself sit there and be your friend when I feel the way I do. I don’t want you to think I don’t value your friendship. I do- God, I do. That’s why I’ve waited so long to bring this up with you- but I don’t know if I can keep this up without ever telling you what’s been on my mind for two years. I just love you a lot. You understand me. Every time I see you I get this weird feeling within me, like a balloon-” You got so absorbed in your thoughts that you stopped walking completely to dedicate your energy to speaking. “-And now that I’ve told you this, I don’t doubt that this is going to change everything between us. Why wouldn’t it?- When one of your best friends tells you they’re in love with you how do you even react to that?- and if you don’t want to be friends anymore I totally get it, I just couldn’t bare to-”

Izuku cut you off by putting a hand on your shoulder. His touch wasn’t quite enough to silence you, though. And so you continued to ramble. “-to keep this inside of me.”

“(Y/N),” He sighed.

“I guess I figured rejection was better than nothing? But still-”


“You know what… Is it too late to pretend this never happened? I’m starting to-”


That seemed to be enough to at least call your attention back to him. “(Y/N), I- I’m- You know I- I’ve always-” He stammered nervously. He had so many things he wanted to say. So many thoughts that couldn’t seem to connect themselves cohesively. He was so afraid he was going to miss his chance yet again that in that moment his instincts took over for him, just like they did all those years ago.

And he kissed you.

It conveyed all he needed to tell you without actually telling you. He loves you, it was okay, you’d never lose him, you don’t need to be afraid, he loves you, he’s sorry for not telling you sooner, he’s glad you told him first, you can calm down, you can’t get rid of him that easily, you’re rambling and no longer cohesive, he loves you, he always has loved you, and he’s not going anywhere.

And for once, Izuku feels like he hadn’t missed his chance, and for once without saying anything at all.

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