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#midoriya izuku
I always imagine an AU where 1A and 1B have all met Midoriya in the past during villain attacks and when he gets in, Mido is swarmed by people who never got to thank him for saving their life in *Random villain attack* but, because of all the villain attacks he's been to, he has forgotten everyone and so hey fight for his affection. The only two he remembers were the two polar opposites. The outgoing rich girl momo and the introverted "mute" shinso. Sorry this was so long... =_=
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Ignore this

  • Bakugou is the class hypochondriac
  • Just hear me out ok-
  • He legit has hand sanitizer and cough drops on DECK
  • Bandaids?? Gauze? Alcohol? You b e t
  • You’d think it’d be Iida but no-
  • You sneeze anywhere near or (god forbid) on bakugou- and he will LEGIT try to end your entire existence
  • But not before he sanitizes the affected area ofc
  • He has an immune system of legitimate steel btw, its highly unnecessary-
  • His body is too perfect to be “infected by some weak ass illness”
  • “Ill just eXPLODE THE COLD AWAY!!!”
  • “…t-thats not how it works Kacchan-”
  • Class 1-A thinks its hilarious
  • But Bakugou also knows the most about first aid-
  • So they dont make fun of him anymore bc he’s been known to patch up classmates more than once
  • Only the ones on his team though
  • He did it once for Deku - and refused to do it again
  • Bc the smile Izuku gave him blinded him for a few days afterwards-
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Do you have any headcanons for Mirio? Especially Mirio and Izuku, Mirio and All Might, and the relationship between the three of them? I am so bummed that the series hasn’t touched on All Might overhearing Izuku “offering” OFA to Mirio (yet!) - that panel of him was heart wrenching!

Mirio is one of those characters I don’t think about a lot, then I do and remember, “oh yeah, I like that guy!”

- He has big bonehead energy.  I think he’d be the sort to be serious and focused during missions, but the moment lives are no longer on the line he shifts into chaotic dumbass mode.  He’d pull all sorts or stupid stunts just to see what would happen.  He also drags an increasingly distressed Amajiki with him.

- He’s gone as Vault Boy for Halloween every year since he was twelve.  Started with the basic jumpsuit but has since gotten more elaborate prop armor.  But glitching through the walls while invoking Todd Howard never gets old, for him at least.

- Had one of those classic anime “I respect your skills in battle so we’re friends now” moments when Izuku predicted his attack.  Decided from that moment on that he was going to help this tiny green kid reach his protagonist potential.  He explained it to his friends in those exact words.  And also help the guy lighten up a little.

- Mirio actually met All Might earlier in the school year.  He taught a couple third year classes before he retired from hero work, and continued to give theory and ethics lectures afterward.  Mirio didn’t get too many opportunities to converse with the man on a personal level, but those few times he did left him believing All Might was even cooler than on TV.  Though it was a little weird that All Might seemed to know some stuff about him.

- Despite his cheery attitude, the loss of his quirk did hit him hard.  He just saved the breakdown for behind closed doors with Amajiki and his family.  But after a few good cries, he’s ready to start over from square one.

- No one ever told him about the existence of One for All, but he had his suspicions even before Izuku offered his quirk.  He overheard Nighteye say some things when he thought he was out of earshot about a transferable quirk, but never got any details so thought nothing of it.  But when Izuku did make the offer, he caught on right away that it wasn’t hypothetical.  And beyond that, he recognized that Izuku wasn’t in the stable emotional state needed to be making offers like that.

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Crayon doodles (and one pencil), done during a quiet moment while the kids I was babysitting were plunked down in front of VeggieTales. (The last one is the result of one of the kids “helping” me. 😉 Complete with her attempt at spelling Izuku.)

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Pls ignore if the ask I sent yesterday actually went thru. I was wondering if you have any hc about All Might's eyes? What's up with that? His eyes glow! It seems to vary in intensity in correlation with his emotions too? Are his sclera black or are his eyes so sunken his brow casts a shadow? Would love to hear your thoughts. Especially if you have any body horror on ways OFA affected Toshinori's body

I think he’s just got heavy brow shadow and not black sclera, though I have played around with the idea of them going black temporarily when he’s scrapping the limits of his quirk.  I think his eyes glow for a similar reason.  If I were him, I’d maybe activate a tiny bit of the quirk to get the glowing eye effect when I wanted to be more intimidating or authoritative.  And then sometimes he goes into it automatically when he’s emotional.

As for body horror related to One for All, I’m afraid I don’t have much.  I like the thematic differences between AFO and OFA as the cruel power used to hoard and control versus the gift willingly passed down from teachers to students.  It feels out of place to attach body horror to what is supposed to be a kind quirk.  

And that belief also makes for an interesting contrast with all the ways Izuku’s body is ravaged in canon.  He is both the only one who we know has been hurt by the quirk, yet also the only one to tap into previously unknown potential (keeping it vague for the non manga readers).  I don’t think the quirk is actively fighting him, rather it’s just a lot of power crammed inside a very small child and kind intentions don’t reinforce bones.

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Just bits of Malu & how she “died”

Deku & Ground Zero were running on fumes and Dabi had one big blast left in him.

Malu had followed Dabi’s every order since they ran away together when they were kids.

He had her infiltrate the Academy & befriend the students….

Malu finally had the last of it and tried to run away but Dabi used her family’s safety against her.

Enough was enough and Malu jumped in between the boys and Dabi’s final attack.

She saved the heroes and shocked Dabi into fleeing in heartbreak and terror.

He had Kurogiri teleport him to the Todoroki household in order to steal Malu’s baby (claiming her to be his).

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