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#midoriya izuku

shy boy

izuku midoriya x fem!reader

all characters are 21 years old

published: february 16, 2020

warnings: smut, bondage, dom!fem

summary: izuku has always been seen as a sub. many of his friends saying that to him as a joke, if only they knew how much he loved it though.



the gleaming of the moonlight couldn’t be more aesthetic in the moment. highlighting ____’s every feature and showing izuku just how lucky he was to have her in his life.

currently they sat on the couch, her face snuggled into his chest as a blanket rested over them and random netflix chic-flic played in the background.

but if he was to be totally honest, he couldn’t give more than two shits about the movie, ____ just said that she had wanted to watch it and so he complied. he looked down at her as he gently ran his hands through her hair.

‘god i got so lucky..’ he thought as she looked up at him, moonlight casting shadows of her eyelashes on her cheek bones as her eyes sparkled in the light.

he felt his cheeks heat up at the smirk on her face as she caught him staring at her.

“what’cha thinking about izu,” she said, her arms gently rubbing up and down his side, slightly brushing up the material.

“you,” he said, pink painting his face perfectly as he slightly looked away, she noticed from this angle and illumination that his jawline had prominently sharpened since high school. his hair had gone through a few changes, but now was a undercut.

his freckles hadn’t gone away and highlighted his cheek bones as his emerald eyes shone even brighter, having gained slight flecks of hazel in them. but nothing had changed more than his body type and height.

she remembered when he used to be shorter than her, being that she was 5’7 at the time of second year and he was 5’6, soon surpassing her in third year when he had a major growth spurt, causing him to tower over now with his 6’0 structure.

his toned muscles had grown more full, making him a total meal to most’s eyes as he was frequently in photoshoots. showing off his skinny waist and large thighs. god she could feel herself drooling at the thought.

“and what about me are you thinking about,” she said, sitting up a sitting, her breath hitting his sensitive neck as he shivered.

“…y-your body…” he shyly said as she smirked, placing a gentle kiss to one of the more sensitive parts on his neck, making one of his hands clutch her waist as she giggled.

“why? why are you thinking about my body izuku?” she said as he whimpered slightly as she bit down on his neck when he gave her silence. “answer me izuku.”

he felt himself become semi-hard just at her voice. she always knew how to rile him up.

“b-because i-i want to see it..” he said sheepishly, finally spewing out his answer as she giggled against his neck, kissing up his neck and jaw as she placed his jaw between her fingers, directing his face to look at her as her eyes glazed over with lust.

“all you had to do was asked sweetheart~” she said as she leaned in, placing a sweet kiss to his lips as his hand came up to the back of her head, pulling her in.

she bit down on his bottom lip as he looked at her with pleading eyes. eyes filled with desire and lust that almost mirrored her own.

“what do you want to see honey?” she said as her fingers traced the edge of his shirt, feeling the softness of his stomach with the occasional scars that littered his body. he had always been insecure about them, but she had shown him many times just how much she couldn’t care and that it showed his strengths.

“y-you without a s-shirt,” he said, already slightly breathing heavily as she narrowed her eyes and smiled. reaching for the bottom of her shirt and pulling it up and over, but slowing down when it got to her breasts.

tossing her shirt to the side, izuku’s eyes traveled her chest as the moonlight also showed off her perfect body, small scars also littered her body as he traced them.

she grabbed the bottom of his shirt as well, pulling it up and over his head as she dragged her hands over his strong arms and pulling his hands away from her skin. grabbing his hands, she placed them above his head, using her magnetic quirk to call the metal cuffs he knew all too well to her hands.

“just because you asked to see my body, doesn’t mean you get to touch it just yet sweet cheeks,” she said as she cuffed him to the stand next to the couch.

“rude…” he said under her breath as she looked down at him.

“what was that?” she spat.

“n-nothing miss!” he said as she smirked.

“good boy,” she said as her hands ran over his pecs and abs, lowering her head as she kissed at his neck. she kicked off the blanket as cool air hit their feet. she slide her body up, now straddling him as she felt his slight bulge in his joggers.

kissing down his neck, she drew patterns on his sides, causing him to moan and giggle at the same time. he was always so ticklish. she hummed at his response and used her other hand to gently press over his bulge.

“looks like someone’s a tad bit excited…” she whispered in his ear as she kissed his hot, flushed cheek.

“who w-wouldn’t be excited in something l-like this,” he said, slightly groaning out as she smiled.

“want me to do more? to make you feel good?” she said, almost teasing like as she kissed his pecs, leaving hickies to paint his chest. since they were both heroes, they couldn’t leave hickies in most spots so that media didn’t freak out. but in terms of izuku, his pecs and abs were her canvas to paint.

“y-yes.. please..” he said as she laughed darkly.

“what do you want exactly..?” she asked as she rubbed small circles on his clothed member.

“i want you to.. to.. s-suck it..” he stuttered out as she pressed harder, making him moan.

“suck what exactly? i need specifics izuku,” she said as he looked at her, almost glaring at her smug look on her face.

“m-my dick.. p-please..” he said, his whole face and neck becoming red as she bit her lip at how cute he was.

“as you wish,” she said as he felt himself twitch in his pants and you finally kissed along his v-line and edge of his joggers.

pulling his joggers down slowly she thought of all the different things she could do to him. to make him blush and make him moan her name.

pulling his joggers off all the way, she saw the massive tent in his pants as he groaned at the slight release of his joggers.

she looked up at him, looking at how his slightly sweaty body shone in the moonlight. she bit the inside of her cheek as she burned the memory into her head.

“you look so hot right now izuku, i can’t wait to suck your pretty dick and make you feel so good baby,” she said as he moaned at her words.

she leaned her head down and kissed over his bulge, licking up and down his boxer as he gently thrusted his hips, wanting more.

“impatient are we?” she giggles as he sighs.

“well when your teasing me like this, yes!” he said as she chuckled, slowly grasping the waistline of his red boxers and pulling them down, throwing them also to the side as his large member slapped against his abdomen. she felt herself become excited as she looked at the member.

he was quite long but not as thick, slightly veiny with a pink tip. she saw his slit leak with pre-cum as she licked her lips. licking up his length as he sighed.

“aah~” he said as she kept licking his base, getting it covered with her as she slightly pumped it.

she paused for a moment and then smirked.

“i think i have a better idea then just sucking..” she said as she sat back up, her warmth leaving his pelvis as he whined, but shut up as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, letting her breast fall as he felt himself drool.

her hands gripped her breasts, slightly teasing herself as she looked at izuku. his face was hot and he was slightly panting. his member twitching slightly as she leaned down, placing his member inbetween her breasts. he moaned at the warm hills of flesh rubbing against his sensitive area.

she started to thrust his member through her breast cavern. wrapping his length around her as he moaned. his hands pulling against his restrictions as he longed to touch her. to feel her soft skin in her hands.

“f-faster.. ahh..” he said as she nodded, speeding up her pace as he leaned his head back. shutting his eyes tight as his fists clenched and he thrusted upwards. aiding her as he looked into her eyes. she was panting slightly as she looked down to see she could lick the tip of him.

licking his slit he groaned out.

“___!” he said as she sped up, she could basically feel her excitement staining through her panties.

he felt himself becoming close as she presses her breasts even closer together. making him moan out as she felt his member twitch.

“___ i’m gonna cum..” he called out as she nodded.

“do it, cum all over my face,” she said as soon he came undone. spirts flying over her face as he moaned loudly. almost too loud. but neither of them cared at the moment as the last remaining of his load fell down the side of his member, some falling on her breast as she looked up at him. seeing him panting hard, but seeing that his member was as hard as ever.

“looks like someone is up for a round two? no?” she said as he could only nod his head as she smirked.

reaching above him, she unlocked the cuffs as she grabbed his sore wrists, kissing them as he wrapped them around her waist, pulling her joggers to rub against his member.

“n-now it’s your turn b-babe,” he said as she smiled, leaning down to kiss him slightly rough as he helped her out of her joggers. soon pulling her panties down as well and throwing them to the side.

she again straddled him as she could feel her excitement run down her thighs as his member awaited for her.

“you ready?” she asked as he nodded frantically.

she grasped his member as she lowered his head into her core. easily slipping in as they both moaned. it took a few seconds for her to fully place him in her core.

after finally hitting the end, they both cried into each other’s mouth as she leaned her hips back up, the slamming her hips down.

“ahh… fuck..” she said as his hands gripped her waist. guiding her up and down his girth as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder, tugging his hair as she sped up.

“y-you’re so t-tight—,” he said as you kissed his neck. too focused on riding up and down to hear was he was saying.

the feeling of him filling her up to the brim was enough to make her feel hot, but the actual thing was so much better.

“y-you’re so big izu, your filling me up so nicely~” she cooed into his ear as he moaning, thrusting his hips up as they chased after their climaxes.

soon she felt the tight knot in her stomach become bigger.

“izu, baby, i’m so close, be a good boy and m-make me cum,” she said into his ear as she cried out as he thrusted his hips roughly into her.

“ahh.. i’m close too..” he said as she pulled at his hair more as he gripped her waist harshly. digging into the soft skin as they felt theirselves become to come unloose.

___ looked into his eyes as she slammed her lips on his as they both screamed into each other’s mouths as she came. the tightening of her core made izuku go over the edge.

“i’m cumming!” he said as her hands dropped to his back as she scratched harshly down it, most likely leaving marks as he came inside her. filling her up to the brim as she collapsed on him.

she kept calling out his name as they both were trying to catch their breath. his hands entangled in her hair as she hid her face in his neck.

he didn’t pull out for a few minutes as they just sat there, the rom-com in the back finally over as netflix showed a “are you still watching?” as a sign to mock them.

finally he slipped out as she looked into his eyes.

“such a good little sub you are izuku,” she said as she gently ran her head down his cheek as he sighed and leaned into her touch.

“i love you ___,” he said as she smiled sweetly, leaning in to kiss him as she whispered back…

“i love you too my sweet shy boy..”

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Finally figured out why I had no energy to write! Working on getting my chronic illness under control, so I’m finally back in the mood to get typing again. Arcann story coming in the next few days.



The cherry blossoms petals rained around Midoriya as his heart leapt from his chest with nervous anticipation.

In mere minutes he would meet his soulmate, the person destiny had ordained he was meant to be with. This entire life so far has been leading to his moment and it would be an understatement to say his emotions were going haywire.
He walked quickly along the park’s main path, senses becoming heightened as he sought out the person, he’d been waiting decades for.

To his right, past the line of cherry blossom trees a group of children played tag. They served as a momentary distraction before the sight of his arm forced him to focus.


Ahead of him a couple emerged from around a bend, walking hand in hand. Every few steps one of them shot an adoring glance at the other. Just like Midoriya, they were absorbed in their own little love bubble, the falling petals and their unending love creating a barrier between them and the world. As they left his sight, he saw their eyes meet and smiles ignite on their faces.

Looking ahead once again, Midoriya noticed a lone photographer, taking advantage of the falling petals. Was this her? Was she the one? Would they at last meet?

He stopped for a moment, nerves overtaking him. He looked at his feet, building the courage to approach the woman. The petals fell around him like an hourglass, the only way Midoriya could tell time was moving apart from his mark. Finally, he let out a sigh and looked up.

The woman was gone.


Panic started to set in. Who could his soulmate be? Did he have one? Was he cursed to not have a soulmate? Was that even possible? He could only move forward toward the path bend in a daze, anxiety and fear consuming him the world went black around him. It consumed him so entirely he barely felt himself fall.


Lifting his head, he was, at long last, greeted by destiny.

Two words entered Midoriya’s mind when he gazed upon the man in front of him.

Arrogant perfection

Even though the man’s gaze was focused on his phone, his radiant smile gave away so much of his personality. Confidence, hot-headedness and competitiveness all came through. This was only amplified when he ran his hand through his spiky yellow hair.


In a whirlwind, the man tucked his phone into a pocket inside his pressed suit, before wiping the petals of his shoulders. Midoriya moved to stand then but the man was in front of him before he could manage, leaning down so their faces are only inches apart.
The smile somehow grew wider and was joined with a hungry glint in the man’s sharp red eyes.


“You know, I think I’m going to call you Deku”.

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ShinDeku Hc #48

Shinsou has two cats named Sushi and Sashimi. Sushi is black and white and super friendly to the point where he’s in your face all the time. Sashimi is orange and more skittish. Deku loves them both and tries not to feel personally attacked when Sashimi is scared of him at first, but he’s elated when she starts coming out more after a few months of them dating

(credit to @keithedrifter)

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♥*♡∞:。.。 HEART 。.。:∞♡*♥

A/N: Requested by @candychronicles​ a while ago! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it for Valentine’s day! I really need to get the others done as soon as possible! It’s kinda short but I hope you still like it! The poet in me jumped out I’m so sorry

Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x GN!Reader


**✿❀ ❀✿**

‘Heart’ possesses a variety of figurative meanings. Love, strength, passion, honesty, kindness, compassion, and the list could go on with infinitely more. 

All of them meant Midoriya Izuku.

He took those meanings and breathed life into them, adorning them with flowers, turning them into a heavenly reality. Sometimes all he had to do was smile, other times he just had to be himself to the fullest. You always saw him engulfed in light, glowing with purity, shining with earnest, brimming with determination. 

It was so utterly beyond your comprehension how this angelic presence in your life saw himself as ‘not good enough’ - to you he was the most beautiful person on Earth, and the best friend, best partner, best companion one could ever hope to ask for.

Over the course of your relationship, you had built in the habit of kissing him right where his heart was to remind him of all this. Words often seemed to fail you when you were trying to convey the truth of the deepest dimensions hidden within your emotions. So you turned to touch. 

And indeed.

One touch from him told a journey, one touch from you told a fairy tale. 

One exchanged gaze reflected the stars.

While the closing distance between you shaped the sunset on your way to freedom.

“I love you.” 

“I love you.”

Three words, eight letters. It was them that were finally able to pass on your feelings towards one another, and allowed your hearts to reach for each other and hold hands. What shame was there in saying those words so often? 

They told forever. 

Imagine all the forevers that would come every time you said it.

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Tomura Shigaraki was watching as the League Of Villains cause havoc on Tokyo again. It was actually fun to watch. That is, until a small voice came from below him.

“St-stop, Villains! I’ll beat you!” it was… a small person with green, fluffy and messy hair. He was wearing a faded All Might shirt that looked a bit too small, some faded jeans that were a bit too short, and a pair of bright red shoes that looked a bit too big. A normal civilian in Shigarki’s eyes.

“Listen, why don’t you run along, this isn’t your place to be, you’re no hero.”

“Yes, I am! I-I may not have a quirk, but I’ll be the first hero without one!” the person yelled at Shigaraki.

Have a sneak peak of my fanfic.

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Esa noche (Bakudeku) Parte 2

Al llegar al hogar de los Midoriya, Bakugou apenas le dedicó un pensamiento de disculpa ante la intromisión a Inko, quien dormía tranquilamente en su habitación. La mirada que Izuku le había dado al invitarlo a pasar esa noche con él había sido tan intensa, tan determinada, que había encontrado imposible negarse. Necesitaba saber qué pasaba por la mente de ese chico.

Pero Deku había caminado el corto trayecto en silencio, un paso delante de él, como si Katsuki no hubiese tenido sus ojos sobre su nuca todo el tiempo. El nerd estaba teniendo uno de esos pocos momentos en que nadie podía leer su expresión. Y tal cosa comenzaba a exasperarlo.

Al entrar a la habitación, Katsuki sonrió para sí mismo al notar aquellos infantiles y ya viejos pósters de All Might aún colgados en las paredes. Entrar a ese cuarto era abrir una puerta a la melancolía cada vez, aunque jamás fuese a admitirlo en voz alta.

Al llegar frente a la cama, se giró para enfrentar a Izuku, quien se aseguraba de cerrar bien la puerta. Katsuki se cruzó de brazos y esperó a que el chico hablara.

En su lugar, Izuku se llevó una mano detrás de la cabeza y despeinó aún más su rebelde cabello. Sus ojos miraban a cualquier lado menos al frente.

Katsuki contó hasta 5 antes de perder la paciencia.

“Oi, ¿qué está pasando?”

Izuku, evidentemente nervioso, apretujó entre sus manos el borde de su camiseta antes de tomar aire y por primera vez levantar la vista.

“¿Crees que estoy haciendo lo correcto, Kacchan?”

Katsuki pestañeó un par de veces en su lugar, la pregunta tomándolo por sorpresa.


Izuku volvió a desviar la mirada hacia un lado al escucharlo, sin ofrecer mayor explicación. Katsuki frunció el ceño.

“Oi, nerd ¿por qué estás dudando ahora? Es un poco tarde para eso”

Como respuesta, Izuku se encogió de hombros. Katsuki se encontró suspirando con cansancio ante la falta de coherencia de la situación. Refregándose los ojos con una mano, se sentó a la orilla de la cama.

“All Might no es de tomar decisiones sin pensar o sin tener una buena razón para ello. Si él está seguro de que este viaje te ayudará a crecer como héroe, no dudaría de su palabra”

A pesar de que su cabeza le gritaba que le dijera a Izuku que se quedara, que iniciaran sus carreras juntos, Katsuki se obligó a ser objetivo. Parte de él creeía firmemente en las palabras que acababa de decir.

Izuku suspiró profundamente, relajando sus hombros por primera vez desde que llegaron a casa.

“Lo sé, y confío en All Might. Siempre lo he hecho. Pero pasar dos años del otro lado del mundo… no lo sé, no termino de hacerme a la idea”

Katsuki contempló en silencio al chico que había pasado casi toda su vida detrás de él y a su lado en los últimos años. Podía entender la ansiedad que le causaba estar tanto tiempo lejos, pero también había sido testigo de la emoción que la idea le había causado al inicio. Esta era la inseguridad de Deku hablando, nada más.

“Deku”, le llamó, esperando que el chico se atreviera a mirarlo a los ojos una vez. Sin defraudarlo, Izuku elevó la vista.

“Dos años pasan en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Los nerds de tus amigos seguirán aquí cuando vuelvas, son demasiado densos como para olvidarse de ti tan fácil. Tu mamá estará esperando el día para recibirte con el mejor katsudon de tu vida y ella estará bien en tu ausencia. Te prometí que me aseguraría de ello ¿no? ¿Acaso dudas de mi palabra?”

Izuku se apresuró a negar con la cabeza mientras daba grandes pasos para acortar la distancia entre él y Kacchan, deteniéndose en el punto justo para no quedar entre las piernas de su amigo. Katsuki ignoró lo rápido que su corazón comenzó a latir.

“Nunca dudaría de tu promesa, Kacchan. Sé que mamá estará bien. Y sé que nuestros amigos estarán siempre”.

Katsuki dejó salir un pequeño tch!, ante la palabra nuestros. Izuku se rió por lo bajo.

“¿Entonces qué carajo te está haciendo dudarlo a esta altura, Deku?”

Izuku lo miró desde su lugar, intensamente, mientras se mordía el labio inferior. Katsuki levantó ambas cejas, instigándole a que hablara. Justo cuando su paciencia se agotaba e iba a gritarle poco apropiadamente que dejara de dar tantas vueltas, Izuku habló en un susurro.

“¿Y tú?”

Katsuki se quedó sin palabras por segunda vez en la noche. Izuku tragó saliva visiblemente, pero esa extraña determinación presente una vez más en sus ojos.

“Dentro de dos años, cuando vuelva… ¿seguirás aquí?”

¿Seguiremos siendo nosotros? ¿Seguirás siendo el mismo Kacchan del que tengo memoria? ¿Aún tendremos… esto, entre nosotros?

Era fácil ver lo que Izuku no estaba diciendo pero que era casi tangible para ambos. Las miradas, los roces, los suspiros, todo eso a lo que nunca le habían puesto nombre.

Kacchan y Deku se miraron fijamente a los ojos por varios minutos. Uno esperando una respuesta y el otro tratando de descifrar algo más en los verdes irises.

Con una calma que le sorprendía a sí mismo, Katsuki le respondió en un susurro.

“No puedo asegurarte que el mismo yo de ahora sea el que te encontrarás en dos años”, le dijo, para luego llevarse una mano sobre el pecho, tratando de ignorar con toda su voluntad lo cursi que sonaría, “pero esto lleva años aquí y dudo mucho que vaya a desaparecer tan pronto”.

De repente los ojos de Izuku tenía un tenue brillo en ellos, como si se hubiesen llenado de lágrimas de un momento a otro. Algo que no le sorprendería para nada.

Rodando los ojos, una de las manos de Katsuki encontró la de Izuku y con un leve empujón hizo que el chico quedara sentado sobre él. Deku lo miró con los ojos enormes y las mejillas furiosamente coloradas.


“¿Qué me dices de ti, futuro Símbolo de la paz?”, le preguntó, más que nada para distraerse de lo caliente que se sentían sus mejillas. Se sentía ridículo.

Pero feliz al mismo tiempo.

Después de unos segundos en silencio, Izuku se rió. Antes de que pudiera protestar por tal cosa, Deku apoyó su frente sobre la suya en un gesto reconfortante.

“Para mí siempre ha sido Kacchan. Estoy seguro de que eso no cambiará”, respondió. Y aunque la habitación estaba a oscuras, apenas iluminada por la luz natural de la luna que se filtraba entre las cortinas, Katsuki estaba seguro de que Izuku estaba sonriendo enormemente.

Su estómago estaba haciendo piruetas en su cuerpo, a la par que sus latidos seguían incrementándose.

Sin pensarlo demasiado, llevó una de sus manos hacia el cabello de Izuku y hundió sus dedos en sus hebras. Un gesto que solía tener cuando ambos estaban enfrascados estudiando para un examen particularmente difícil. Solía lograr que Deku dejara de murmurar para sí mismo frenéticamente.

Ahora había logrado que la respiración del chico se entrecortara. Ambos se mantuvieron la mirada, expectantes a quién sería el primero en dirigirla solo unos milimetros más abajo, como si de una luz verde se tratase.

Izuku fue el primero y Kacchan sonrió genuinamente antes de aventurarse a encontrar sus labios.

Tantos años de malentendidos, de terquedad, de inmadurez, de peleas, de llantos y de disculpas, todo para culminar en este simple momento.

Mientras Izuku le correpondía el gesto, cruzando sus brazos sobre los hombros de Katsuki y suspirando en medio del beso, sintió como sus propios ojos ardían.

Tendría que esperar dos años para volver a repetir todas esas sensaciones pero por ahora, por esa noche, todo valía la pena.

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