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September 2019

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon listening to Emily Heller’s comedy special(it’s free on youtube) and reading for my ethics class. I have my first Spanish exam tomorrow, and I’m kind of nervous. I can generally remember vocab pretty well, but verb conjugations are my eternal enemy and now we’re expected to know preterite and imperfect and quite frankly my brain is not ready for that. Other than the eternal struggle of cramming all the academic information in my head along with my eternal list of fun facts(I’ve recently been on a tangent of learning about green funerals), this year has been good so far. 

I bought some “zero waste” makeup the other day and I’ve been really loving it. I know it may not make a big difference, but slowly I’m switching over  the products I use day to day and it at least makes me feel a little better. This brand is called Nudi Goods and the products are super reasonably prices and work really well(their insta is super cute too). I got the brow wax and bioluminescence highlight stick and I’ve been loving them. 

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One of my favorite things about hypnosis, especially related to memory manipulation (like giving her secret triggers that she doesn’t remember), is getting to make her question which thoughts are hers.

If she’s been particularly horny all day, or if she can’t get a certain fantasy out of her head, it’s so simple to ask if she thinks those thoughts belong to her or if I put them there without her knowing and watch her melt. And of course I just love teasing her about which it really is.

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Yay or nay: knife with a wii remote strap

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