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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I’m absolutely terrified of zombies but I just had a dream abt a sentient zombie called patches who had the softest little voice and the sweetest face and wheezed when they laughed and I’m kinda lowkey in love?

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Random but I hate dreaming. I never used to dream (or at least if I did I wouldn’t remember I did) and for a while I’ve been having dreams regularly and usually they are weird and creepy and I don’t like it

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I really need help

I’ve gain so much weight

I’m falling to pieces

I can’t keep doing this

I’ve had 200 calories today

I think I’ll fast tomorrow

I have to fast tomorrow

I’m so fat

I hate myself

Everyone’s noticed

I can tell

They all know I’m fat

I’m going to get to 50kg/110lbs by my birthday (23 days)

I need to

I’m not functioning

Somebody help me please

I need to be skinny

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percy as a baker/pastry chef percabeth au please :)

okayokay but here me out: percabeth au where they meet the same way you and pastry boy did 👀 (or any sort of percabeth college au you write is pure gold!!)

Sweet on America AU
Part 1

“This is ridiculous.”

Piper glances up from her phone to throw Annabeth a look, half exasperated and half teasing. “It’s not ridiculous. It’ll work, trust me.”

“What if I don’t want it to work?” Annabeth says, tucking her feet up underneath herself on the couch and rolling her eyes.

“You do want it to work, or you would have ripped the phone out of my hands by now.”

Annabeth narrows her eyes. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Shut up and help me pick the last photo. What about this one?” Piper holds her phone up, showcasing a photo of Annabeth posing on the Golden Gate Bridge from the last time she visited her dad. “You look really cute in it. Look at that smile.”

Annabeth smiles now, wide and exaggerated and clearly sarcastic. “Sure. Whatever.”

“Jesus, Annabeth, can you at least pretend to be a little excited about this? We could be about to find your soulmate!” Piper exclaims, turning the phone around and getting back to constructing Annabeth’s profile.

“Ew, don’t.” Annabeth throws her head back, letting it sink into the soft cushions. “Just because you’re all loved up with Jason and want someone to go on double dates with -”

“That is not why we’re doing this,” Piper says without looking up.

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my discord is regular baby boy🐛#2547 invite me to ur servers invite me to ur home invite me into your hearts

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