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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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So I’ve been thinking of doing a nuzlocke again (haven’t done one in a while since my Black 2 nuzlocke which failed miserably thanks to shiny magnemite) but I’m not sure which game to nuzlocke. Thought about doing one with X, HeartGold or Sapphire.

So I thought I would let you guys choose which one I do a nuzlocke on! And maybe choose my starter as well.

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I’m kind of glad I don’t really remember most of my teen years bc I spent so much time wanting to be seen and in doing so be validated by men. I would welcome their attention and would be flattered when they assumed I was older than I was and it was so damaging to the point where I don’t even like men looking at me now and I formed a disconnect with my own body bc it felt like it had been tainted and even now I still kind of hate myself and my body for encouraging that and for fucking growing breasts at ten and exposing myself to that yet idk it was and is still all tied up in a sort of savageness and desire for my own destruction

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Gobs creatures punks fairies! The magic of spray paint is real. Finally I can ride with and harness the power of glitter pink!!!

Problem: old red bike was stolen 😭

Solution: get a bigger bike, better lock, and spray paint it pink with glitter and feminist/witch phrases 💁‍♀️

Hoping and praying it won’t be stolen again! 🥳

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Things I did yesterday:

A collection of small things I did yesterday that I let myself indulge in.


• found a raven feather covered in raindrops on my front door.

• drank blood orange tea with a teaspoon of honey and a bit of almond milk.

• read more of Mathew lewis “The monk”

• confessed my undying love to a vampire.

• Sat by my fogged window listening to cosmo sheldrake.

• Created a cleansing protection chant for my altar.

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