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Question: What was the best present ya got for Christmas?


Hizashi: I got a bracelet from Sho!

Shouta: Eri and Hitoshi stitched me a scarf.

Mirio: Tama got me a teddy bear, it’s really cute!

Hitoshi: Got a laptop from dad.

Fumikage: My father sent me a card.

Neito: A t-shirt from my sis.

Eri: Dad and pa got me a necklace!

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A last chance- Mirai Sasaki II

Mirai II POV

I was at my mom’s hospital room, she was on labour, but, her illness was getting the best of her, she had already fainted sometimes, this would be mom’s last day on earth, I knew it. I have a quirk similar to my father’s, time bending. It means I can see possibilities depending on the choices, but I can’t control the choices and can just use my power twice a day.

None of the possibilities showed mom would survive that weird illness, it was just killing her more and more every single day.

“At least dad won’t leave us, right?”

Mirai Sasaki, aka Sir Nighteye, aka the best dad and husband, according to mom. I inhirited his name, hair, skin and eye colors. he wasn’t there at the momment, he had an important mission that same day. he said he would be there later. I waited impatiently for him… He never came.

I just heard the mission went well, but with injured people. Daily basis, right?

But… the news would come sooner or later. And it came. Mom had just waken up from another faint when we recieved the  news that Dad was badly injured and wouldn’t live until tomorow, and since mom was in the middle of a great process, they asked me if I wanted to see him one last time.


- Mirai… don’t… worry… g-go… t-they’ll show the boy… to you later… okay…?

- M-mom…


I went, as fast as I could. I didn’t wanted to believe that dad was actually dying, but if he was, I wanted to be by his side, and make sure that would be any other possibility.

- MISS SASAKI! DON’T RUN TROUGH THE CORIDORS!- needless to say I didn’t listen to what they had to say. I wanted dad to live.


As I got closer to my finnish line, many familiar faces started to appear near me: Bubble Girl, Centipider, Recovery Girl, even mom’s parents, Grandpa Might and Nana Hope. I barely see them.

-Mirai-chan! I’m so sorry!- Bubble Girl started to hug me.

- My condolences, miss Sasaki.- Centipider continued.

-I can’t even imagine the pain, first your mother, and now your father…

- D-don’t blame y-yours-self, Recovery G-Girl…

I entered the room, already in tears. The sounds of the room were already creeping me out.


- D-dad…?

- Mirai… is that… you…?

- Y-yes dad… It’s me… and s-soon enough… the boy will be t-too…

- A boy…? That’s… amazing…

- Isn’t it? Soon enough, it’ll be just… m-me a-and him… m-mom will be gone too…

Dad held my hand. His hand is extremely large, but it was getting cold

- I wished… there was… another possibility… I c-could… s-stay for you…

Possibility. This word was one dad knew it was my kriptonite. My quirk activated as if it was in auto mode. But suddenly a little string of hope started to shine, in front of me. A possibility…

- There… is…

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May I request a sinful headcanon for Mirio, Hawks, and Aizawa with an s/o who gets embarrassed during intercourse since they are quick to orgasm because their partner just feels really good?

Hcs of Mirio, Hawks and Aizawa with a s/o who gets embarrassed during intercourse

Genre: NSFW (all characters are aged up, +18)

A/N: I was so excited for this one, Keigo is my bias wrecker🥵


Originally posted by kourai

Togata Mirio

  • Mirio will be proud to have such an effect on you and will most likely feel encouraged to give you more pleasure
  • He would give you time to come down from your climaxes first though to make sure you still wanted to continue
  • “Is it okay to keep going?” he questioned as you settled down for a bit, feeling comfortable enough you started to move your hips against him, giving him the approval to start a slow pace again
  • As a single tear made its way across your face, Mirio was beginning to panic, ‘Did he unconsciously hurt you?’, 'Is your overstimulation too much?’
  • “Does it hurt? Do you want to stop? I’ll g-”, “That’s not it, it’s… because I’m with you that I released this soon, nghh - did you… just get bigger?!?”
  • “When you say such cute things, I cannot help it. Don’t hold back, show me everything you have to offer.” he laughed as he mockingly thrusted inside you once more
  • This man is a real sunshine, always lightening up your mood and a shameless smooth talker
  • Afterwards Mirio will place several kisses on top of your head and shower you with words of affection during your cuddle session
  • In the end you worried about nothing, Mirio took pride in being able to satisfy you multiple times and was rather audible about it
  • 100% sure your neighbors hate you two for eternity


Originally posted by dailybnha

Takami Keigo

  • He is too sexy for this world, a god damn devil in angel disguise
  • Keigo did work you up quite well - dirty talk, little touches, body worship, it was only a matter of time before you ended up melting underneath him
  • Don’t you dare to think he will stop or slow his pace just because you release, he’ll just keep pounding into you and increase the pleasure
  • You were so embarrassed that you burried your head in his shoulder and slung your arms around his shoulders to prevent him from pulling back and looking into your face
  • “I want to see your lewd face, birdie.” Keigo announced through panted huffs as he peppered kisses all over your neck
  • Your strength left your arms and you were forced to let his shoulders go, only to be met by his handsome face and lustful orbs
  • Your faces were so close that you felt his breath on your slightly sweaty skin, letting a shiver run down your body, which sent a new wave of pleasure
  • “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back. I wanted to cum together, but it just -” you started rambling before he thrusts more lovingly inside you, shushing you in the process, his intimate moves making you moan louder than expected
  • “Were you so needy for me? And now you are giving up already? But we just started, so you better enjoy the ride tonight.” he winked at you before proceeding to make love with you
  • Your self consciousness and embarrassment faded as the only person that occupied your clouded mind was Keigo now


Originally posted by blindfolds

Aizawa Shouta

  • Shouta didn’t seem like he had a lot of experience, he seemed like to prefer taking a nap over sexual interactions
  • But it’s just as the saying ’hero in the streets senpai in the sheets
  • After a dozens of times he still could bring you to climax faster than you’d like to admit and you could still remember how you felt your first time with him like it was yesterday
  • 'How humiliating!’ you thought as you covered your face in your hands, your voice muffling “Don’t look at me.” to Shouta as you felt your blood rushing into your face
  • You didn’t need to tell him of your fears, you two were practically like soulmates and both of you didn’t need any words to communicate
  • He was the best lover you could ever have, he considered your emotions and shared his opinion with you
  • “That’s the point of having sex, right? Pleasuring each other is the only thing that matters in this moment.” he said, taking your hands in his to intertwine them, before he began setting a slow pace again
  • His kind words were kinda reassuring and you felt better with every second he put your feelings in the foreground
  • “You better watch me closely or pleasure won’t be the only problem you’ll face” he warned you, making it impossible not to stare at him
  • He didn’t promise too much as he took care of all your needs and fears this night and every other night that would come as well
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No Longer Available: Jiro Kyoka

Now Available: Midoriya Izuku, Kirishima Eijiro, Kaminari Denki, Sero Hanta, Mina Ashido, Yaoyorozu Momo, Ojiro Mashirao, Uraraka Ochaco, Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, Inasa Yoarashi

+ many more! (check available character list)

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