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#misha collins

The more I think about it the more I’m beginning to think that I’m bisexual

Like Blake Lively in A Simple Favor, Kristen Bell in anything, Danneel Ackles, Emilia Clarke, Camila Mendes, Misha Collins (fully aware he isn’t a woman but I mean Misha Collins dude), Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter, that girl I saw on the news 2 years ago whose name I don’t even know, …

I’m beginning to think that straight people wouldn’t feel the way I feel about them

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[Jack walks up behind Dean]

Jack:*gently taps his shoulder*

Dean:*turns* Hey Jack. What’s up

Jack:*sighs* I need to give you this. *hands Dean an envelope*

Dean:*opens it,looks at jack concerned* A parent teacher conference? Jack what did you do? least I think nothing. I mean-two days ago I heard this kid from Algebra class say that Bon Jovi is the worst band ever to come into existance. He said they sucked beyond belief and that it was ‘Living on a Prairie’ and not ‘Living on a Prayer’. The title he thinks it is doesn’t even make any sense! So I told him that and he got mad at me for contradicting him.

Dean:*holding back tears of joy* Did he do anything else?

Jack:*shakes head* No. He just told me to shut my whore mouth and to not talk about things I don’t know. But I told him I did know what I was talking about and that’s when he shoved me into my locker. I was in there until a custodian found me.

Dean:*angry now* Is that why you were late to dinner that night?

Jack:*nodding* Yes.

Dean:*nodding while folding the envelope into his pocket* Okay. I’ll tell Cas to get ready. We leave in a little.*turns*

Jack:*grabs Dean’s arm* No. Not Cas. Just you.

Dean:*startled* Why just me?

Jack:Cas doesn’t understand school as well as you do. Plus I know that if I did do something wrong I won’t hear the end of it with him in the car.

Dean:*smiling* Okay. You got it buddy. Tell you what-we have an hour to kill. Let’s get some dinner and go after.

Jack:*smiles* okay.

[After the conference is over]

Dean:Well that turned out better than I expected.

Jack:I can’t believe they want me to try out for Mathletes. I thought I was pretty average. Below average even.

[a boy a few meters away starts heckling jack]

Boy:Congrats on your joining to the Mathletes team Jackson. *sarcastically* That will sure help you pick up chicks!

Jack:*oblivious* I don’t know what math has to do with farms. There aren’t any nearby.

Boy:Gosh Jack your so stupid. So stupid you like Bon Jovi. Only idiots like you like ear piercing music.

Dean:Alright that’s it *charges towards him,picks up the boy and dumps him into the garbage bin,closes it* Come on Jack. We’re going to roll this piece of trash the hill.

Jack:*clapping excitedly* Okay!

[The boy screams for his life while tumbling down the hill into traffic]

Dean:*arm around Jacks shoulder* I got your back Buddy.

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