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Dean Winchester as a therapist

Client: Sometimes I feel depressed, and-

Dean: Alcohol.

Client: Well I-

Dean: All of the alcohol.

Client: I-

Dean: Oh, and murder.

Client: M…murder?

Dean: You misunderstand. I don’t mean human murder. Like ghosts and monsters and things.


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This is here because I as a Destiel fan is frustrated as hell and I’m pretty sure all of you are as well. 

So here goes, Destiel: The Rant (this is kinda directed towards the makers of SPN)

Originally posted by ketchup0212

First off, Destiel is literally the largest ship in SPN, everyone ships it. 

Okay fine, I get that you might not make Sabriel canon, and it’s fine, it hurts but we’ll be fine. But what about fucking DESTIEL. 

What’s wrong with making Destiel canon, you put in so much sexual tension between them how hard could it be to just script a kiss in or something it’s not like you haven’t been building the sexual tension up for like the what PAST 10 SEASONS. 

Even Cas said it himself “DEAN AND I SHARE A MORE PROFOUND BOND,”

We all know it, the fandom knows it, you know it, Misha knows it, Jensen knows it, Jared knows it, hell even the wives and the kids probably know it as well. So why can’t it turn canon? 

It’s not like you haven’t had any lgbt+ characters before *cough cough* Charlie *cough cough*. So what’s so wrong with Destiel, we’re not even asking you to make Dean and Cas gay, you can make them Bi if you want to, and by doing that you’re just making the show more appealing to more audiences. I mean who doesn’t love some lgbt+ characters.     

So before you officially end supernatural in season 15 at least leave us some satisfaction of knowing that one of the most shipped ships in supernatural did happen and we wouldn’t have to cry about it not being canon.   

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Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Platonic reader

Warnings: Major Angst, and then more angst, character death 

1k words. This was set in season 2 when Sam was killed by Jake. 

Authors Note: Soooo I am having a major writer’s block and I’m not sure how to fix it. I have done everything from being in a peaceful mood, smoking some weed, listening to music, taking a walk and brainstorming and nothing has worked so I apologize for the lateness on Kingdom of Red Roses, I have the second chapter halfway done but since I’m not getting anymore inspiration it’s being placed on a hold. I dug up this fic that I wrote about a year ago, edited it some more and well made it into this. Please be patient with me, and I love every single one of you. P.S. If anyone wants to be my friend, it’ll be much appreciated because I’m having it rough right now. But enough of the heavy, enjoy the fic! Feedback is appreciated 

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