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#miss americana spoilers

i cant stop thinking about the scene in miss americana where taylor’s filming the me! music video and she keeps saying she needs to work on her face because it looks mean and slappable and the director is like “you look confident and strong” and she says “i’m gonna try to be more likable next time” she’s so hard on herself and she’s internalized all of these criticisms and everyone around her sees how amazing she is but she’s filled with so much doubt it breaks my heart

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I always have to bring up everything that could go sideways or everything we need to expect. One: the President could come after you. Yeah, f*** that, I don’t care. If I get bad press for saying, “Don’t put a homophobic racist in office,” then I get bad press for that. I really don’t care.

MISS AMERICANA (2020), dir. Lana Wilson

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What was your favorite part of Miss Americana?

My favorite parts were definitely the little behind the scenes moments! like her pacing in her dressing room singing ready for it, spending time with her family, doing her makeup, etc.

I really like the part towards the end where she says “I want to love glitter and stand up for the double standard in our society, I want to wear pink and tell you how I feel about politics” it was really poignant to me

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Indiewire (x)
The power of 鈥淢iss Americana鈥 is in watching someone who stands astride the world gradually realize that her art is the only thing that she can control. If she can only hear the boos, it doesn鈥檛 matter how loudly the rest of the world is clapping, and so she might as well do what makes her feel good.
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i love the little details in miss americana that help us know when scenes were filmed or when songs were recorded like the size of benji indicating when the opening scene was shot or her red and green nails meant she wrote only the young and me! during the christmas season theyre just cute little details that we didnt need but now that we have them they feel so important and special

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the parallels between 13 year old taylor writing in her diary “relax, i can handle it. i’m young. i’m talented. they’ll see it in me. i’ve got to hang on” and 27 year old taylor writing in her diary “it’s serveless to worry about someday not being happy when i am happy now. ok. breathe” 

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