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Hey hey hey glad you feel better! I don't know if you do angst but if you do could you write me some Shuri x Mj with this prompt: "What if I'm in too many pieces now to fix myself again?" Totally ok if you don't wanna I can send something else.😊

Deep and Unspoken

A/N Hey hey hey sorry babe I opened the message and then it got lost and I couldn’t find it till I got on my laptop I’m so sorry anyway I hope you like this. And I LOVE doing angst fyi ❤

Pairing: Mj X Shuri

Warning: just some good old Angst

Word count: 515 just a short one for yah


The key was in the ignition before Shuri could even finish her sentence. The street lights and signs all blurred to thin colorful lines and the low voices on the radio merged into hushed faded sounds. 

It was a regular routine. Mj would rush over to Shuri everytime she broke down, and it was often. 

In the day Shuri would be fine, more than fine even. She laughed the loudest, and smiled the brightest. She was vibrant and full on life but when the night came, her smile dimmed and sobs replaced her laughter. Her vibrancy drained to a sad grey dullness.

Mj was the only one who could pull her from this dark place she put herself in. She’d fall apart each night and Mj pieces her back together. Their love for each other was on a subatomic level. It was deep and unspoken, It was simple but profound. 

The door to Shuri’s apartment was already cracked open a bit, so Mj stepped in and walked towards the bedroom where she knew she’d find her. Aching crys hollowed out the room, if filled the space with thick dense air, it swallowed up the light and left only shadows. 

Mj rushed to Shuri, sliding down the wall beside her, resting her head on Shuri’s shoulder. 

“Im here now it’s ok, Come on get up, let’s get you cleaned up and back in bed” Mj whispered in a soft hushed tone but Shuri did not reply.

“Hey, I said come on. I’ll put on a movie and make some popcor-” Mj said while pushing herself off of the wall until she was interrupted by Shuris shaky low voice.

“Stop, just STOP. I..I can’t do this to you anymore, I can’t keep letting you come to my rescue and fix me, it’s not fair to you, it’s not right”

Mj brows sank down in confusion, Shuri’s words repeating in her ears like a painful sting. She kneeled down next to Shuri placing her hand on hers, thumb rubbing softly on shuris skin. 

“I don’t fix you, I don’t even come to your rescue. I come to remind you that you are strong, the strongest person I have ever known, you and only YOU can put yourself back together” Mj explained, her eyes never leaving Shuri’s.

“But What if I’m in too many pieces to fix myself again? What if I can’t this time?” Shuri stammered tears soaking down her face, pain painted in every word that slipped out her lips. 

“Hey listen to me, can and you will because you have to.” Mj insisted a shy smile creeping up her face. There was so much more she wanted to say like how her world would be mute without the sound of Shuri’s laughter and each room would be empty without her presence, the warmth of the sun would remind her of her skin and dark oak trees of her eyes, but she didn’t have to say those things because she knew. 

They had a love that was deep and unspoken, it was simple but profound.

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when you plan staying at school all day to study so you bring your 20 lb med surge book. later you realize you left your stupid laptop charger at home,


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“No, no you’re good.” She laughed, still sleepy. You could feel your face grow hot. You’d accidentally fallen asleep on her, and she looked so cute half asleep. “We still have a few more hours…” She yawned, this time her head falling on your shoulder. She could barely stay awake. You were gonna celebrate, but that would have woken her up. Instead you made a mental note to do so when you got home, where no one could see. “Goodnight y/n.” She mumbled, getting comfortable in her seat.

“Goodnight MJ.” You whispered, turning out the overhead light. You’d liked her for as long as possible, as long as you could remember. You’d always been too nervous to tell her. This trip was your chance, but things never seemed to work out well. Always split up into groups or someone stepping between you two. You got lucky on the plane home, though. Your seat was changed to the one right next to her. Best part of the whole trip.

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Hi~ Tomorrow will finally be the College Entrance Exam I was waiting for~! Wish me all the luck and I hope I pass it ♡♡
#エムジェ #ジンジン #チャウヌ
#ムンビン #ラキ #ユンサナ
#엠제이 #진진 #차은우 #문빈 #라키
#mj #jinjin #chaeunwoo #moonbin #rocky #yoonsanha

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<2019> 최신유행 프로그램 시즌 2 티저
#문빈 #빈
#MoonBin #Bin

#아스트로문빈 #문빈아스트로
#아스트로_문빈 #문빈_아스트로
#Astro_MoonBin #MoonBin_Astro

#엠제이 #진진 #차은우 #라키 #윤산하
#mj #jinjin #chaeunwoo #rocky #yoonsanha #astro

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Mr. Harrington: ok class here is our randomly generated writing prompt [pulls out a piece of paper] “Write about the time you smiled this month”

Flash: [raise hand] Mr. Harrington, I haven’t really smiled since the snap, can I be exempt?

Mr. Harrington: uhhh let me try again [pulls out another piece of paper] “give some good advice to your past self”

MJ: I’d probably tell her to skip all of junior-sophomore year, she’s going to repeat it anyways after she comes back from the dust.

Mr. Harrington: ugggggghhhhhh- let me try this one last time [pulls out a piece of paper] “write about a time you had a near death eXPERIENCE-” NOPE! I give! I’m out! Peace!

Peter: oh damn, the one paper I actually know how to write.

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