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[Anonymous asked:

I have the biggest kink for Jiang Cheng getting fucked by dogs. Something about him getting bent over and pounded on his dog’s cock for 2-3 hours before having a nice big knot slammed into him. Jc being forced to sit still while he’s loaded up with doggie cum is so fucking good to me. Added strength kink if it’s a big dog (like st Bernard/Leonberger)


Wen Chao knows Jiang Cheng likes dogs so, when the Wen captured him, Jiang Cheng got thrown in the kennels as a prize for the dogs.]

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Modern MDZS au — high school edition

  • High school is where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji met for the first time
  • Wei Wuxian was skater boi
  • He also liked to dye his hair and wear multiple piercings in each ear
  • Lan Wangji had him in a few of his classes and thought Wei Wuxian was a no-good delinquent
  • When Nie Huaisang came out as genderqueer, Wei Wuxian was super supportive and joined them the first time they went to a GSA meeting
  • Wen Qing devoted a lot of her time to the GSA, even becoming the club’s leader for her last two years
  • Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian were two of the school’s best soccer players
  • Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji were also on the soccer team but they’re three years apart in age so they only got to play on the same team for one year, when Lan Xichen was a senior and Lan Wangji was a freshman
  • Nie Huaisang was a drama geek and managed to convince Wei Wuxian to join the school musical their senior year
  • (Lan Wangji went to see it all three nights)
  • Lan Wangji took way too many AP classes. Wei Wuxian was also in a lot of the same classes, because despite being a lazy prankster he’s still super smart
  • Mian Mian, Jiao Jiao, and Zhao Zhiruo (which is what I have named Wen Chao’s unnamed wife) were a trio of popular girls for a while, until Jiao Jiao started sleeping with Zhao Zhiruo’s boyfriend and getting jealous when Wen Chao called Mian Mian pretty, which lead to a whole heap of drama their sophomore year
  • Mian Mian and Zhao Zhiruo still remained friends though, they just ditched Jiao Jiao and Wen Chao
  • In senior year Wen Chao and Jiao Jiao were named prom king and queen but everyone is like 93% sure they cheated somehow because they don’t know anyone who actually voted for them
  • Lan Wangji went to senior prom with the intention of finally confessing to Wei Wuxian but then he just spent the entire time awkwardly hovering in the corner of the room until Wei Wuxian dragged him out to dance with him and his friends
  • Lan Wangji still remembers the night fondly even tho he completely chickened out
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Unpopular opinion but I prefer the Donghua than The Untamed despite its S2's rushed pace. I don't like how the drama made detailed events just to make it all as empty cans that don't have other values other than "WWX is such a victim uWu". Like...I already see many, MANY other C-drama protagonists/heroes that's much 'grey' than Cql!WWX, and all these dramas are on television not web dramas. Cql team simply doesn't make effort on that even though that's one of novel's most important themes.
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Christmas au when there’s a xmas party at Cloud Recess and Nie Huisang is teasing Wei ying that he’s never kissed anyone and dares him to stand under the mistletoe and kiss the first person that walks by even if that person might be Lan Qiren. Wei ying obviously takes him up on that offer and goes to stand under it.

Lan zhan is about to walk by but wants to turn around for some reason but Nie Huisang who’s next to him “accidentally” pushes Lan Zhan like the little snek he is which causes him to crash into Wei Ying. The latter is like thank god and kisses the life out of Lan Zhan.

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ngl the few blogs who keep posting the cql actors' photos in the mo dao zu shi tag are making me hate the cql series. the photos are not related to cql or mo dao zu shi, they're just photos of the actors in magazine photoshots or doing promos, not for cql, just some skincare products or the other projects. If people want to see the actors' stuff, they would go to the actors' tag, I wish those blogs would stop cross tagging. It's been going on forever, it's SUPER annoying.

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I honestly feels cheated with wwx's costumes in Untamed. Most of them looks kinda bad, only bit of them are good. I loves long wide-sleeves clothes more and not even once untamed's wwx black/red costumes have that. I also really want to see untamed!wwx's hair to have varieties in styling, such as maybe making its tying lower sometimes.
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I want to laugh everytime someone says yiling laozu is sweet hurt baby uwu. Yiling was very sadistic and cruel. He literally forced wen chao to do cannibalism While he tortured him for days. And wwx was very sane during this, he had time to think whether this was right or wrong. What he did wasn’t simple revenge. He woke up the wens from the dead to have the living wens be killed by their loved ones. He tortured EVERY single Wen before he killed them. Wwx can be a very terrifying person.
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It seems to me people expect lwj to be this perfect pure angel so they get mad when he doesn't act like it. Mxtx likes her ml's and mc's a certain way it's not something new. Don't like it? Thats easy, don't read her novels.
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I really don’t like it when people call wen Ning & Wen Qing wwx’s family?? Cause they’re not?? Just call them friends/best friends, I don’t see the “family” the fandom speaks of.
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Jiang Cheng: If anyone touches me, I’ll destroy them without hesitation.

Wei Wuxian: Zewu-Jun is literally hugging you.

Lan Xichen: *Hugging Jiang Cheng’s waist*

Jiang Cheng: And?

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