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try to get through the day ik it’s really hard but you gotta do it then sleep early like 7-8pm this works for me tbh

Thanks :) I don’t have to go back to school until Tuesday so hopefully I can fix it before then

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also i’m ugly dumb and my body sucks so why would anyone like me that must a bet or smth

Absolutely guarantee you it’s not a bet. You’re literally so pretty and I wish you could feel have the love for yourself that you spread to others because if anyone deserves it it’s you

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aly i’m so sorry sweetheart i love you. don’t listen to them. i love you. you’re valid. you’re beautiful nice pretty so sweet if anyone hates on you can fight me. if you ever feel down or bad cause of it. come talk to me i’ll try to cheer you up as good as i can. i love you so much 💓💓

You already have <3 I appreciate you to the ends of the earth

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22 FEBRAURY 2019

Drawn for cat day in Japan! The text says “Isaya’s cat: Mochi!” and then on the top row it says “manic episode (pic) and… (pic)” and the bottom pic says “depressed episode”

His parents got her for him cuz his bipolar is Assy and cats help Everything

Also I colored one:

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