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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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This week has been tough. I haven’t posted anything in a while because at the end of last week my school was hit with some really personal information and that last Thursday and Friday, everybody in school was emotionally exhausted, so it’s been tough. On Friday I did however leave school to attend the climate strike in my town and then I went to my boyfriend’s house because it was Valentines day. But to say I wasn’t hopeful at the start of this week to get loads of work done, would be a lie. I planned on doing a past paper for each of my subjects everyday - we were off for the week because it is mid-term - however, as per usual, I set up this workload thinking I’d actually be able to do it. I would love to say that I worked my ass off everyday this week, bu that would be the biggest load of bullshit ever; I didn’t properly start working till yesterday. I am proud of my chemistry notes I made yesterday, however, next week is our data tracking 3 (dt3) and on Monday I have biology…the one subject I’ve basically done nothing for. On Monday I have biology at 1:00, I have Tuesday off, Wednesday I have chemistry at 9:15, Thursday I have maths at 9:15 and finally on Friday I have physics at 9:15. I’m fucked. I don’t really know how to answer the questions from AS2 in biology and that whats most of the paper is going to be on. I also have physics homework but that won’t be due to till next week. On Wednesday afternoon my year has to go to this weird careers talk but I no longer have to go, but I already said I could, so next week is really not going to be a vibe. So I’m probably not going to post anything till next Saturday but I think that’s fair due to my exam timetable. Also not to flex but I’m proud of my chemistry mind-maps:

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just had my first mock for my senior exams. i think it went okay?

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Friday, 24th January // 1st week of term

Whew. This week has been really tough for several family related reasons. I had really wanted to be posting more but this just wasn’t the time to be doing it. Today was probably my most productive day of the week though - and I’m really glad. I had a tutorial at Nuffield College (a postgrad college), wrote an essay on paternalism and caught up on lecture notes. Arguably I spent too much time gazing at the Rad Cam (top left) but that’s neither here nor there…

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So I had mocks last week and the week before. Some of the went alright, others… Not so much. Nothing I can do about it now except learn from it.

I also took some retake’s from last year since I wasn’t happy with the grades. I felt like biology went really well, physics was okay, however, chemistry is not my strongest subject. But I gave it my best regardless.

So yeah, thought I would update you all, stay positive!

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hi! can you give me a rundown, possibly, of why louis’ upset about the interview (or why people are thinking he is??) my internet connect isn’t good enough to load videos right now. If you can’t no worries

Louis was just on BBC One Breakfast show and they asked about:
- Personal trauma
- Spat with Zayn
- 1D reunion (which was the only he said he liked)
- Indicated that he was behind for just now having an album out when others are on their second already
- Asked about the child

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