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#molecular biology

So what’s the vibe for today?

Since it’s already 4pm I’d go with: This day sucks because I sucked at doing shit.

But let’s not be so negative cause it really does not help. There are a lot of metabolisms that need some revision aka. can you finally start studying?!

Exam is on Wednesday, is Sunday now so: focus

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jan 27 — genetics is harder than you’d think

i’m having a really rough time grasping the basics of genetics currently. i understand everything from the textbook and lecture, but then for some reason on all my quizzes and other assignments i keep getting everything wrong! and it’s completely different than what i learn from the book. kinda stressed

on a more positive note however, i got appointed to be the colligate alumnae relations chairwoman in my sorority! i’m super excited about it and i went to my first PR department (section i work under) meeting today and it was wonderful!! i have so many ideas i can’t wait

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january study challenge—days 23, 24, & 25

had a very busy week so here are the past few days of the study challenge!

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

oooh it would have to be a tour of Norway+Sweden

I’d love to drive myself across the coasts and through cities / towns just taking in the scenery and trying good food

what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

ideally? nothing. currently? so many things.

I definitely function best in a clean environment but you wouldn’t believe that with the state I keep my room in ;)

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

write summaries / note sheets for each chapter then write flashcards on them.

if I’m low on time I would just do flashcards, but in doing that I definitely don’t learn the material to the depth I would want

also with maths- and physics-based exams I mostly use practice sheets and old exams to learn because practicing what I need to do helps me a ton

ft. molecular biology practical & gel electrophoresis

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My professor is the embodiment of chaotic energy. Here are some of his quotes from our first lecture:

“There is no textbook for this course. I AM THE TEXTBOOK.”

“I don’t post slides early because I make them up last minute”

“The exams are whatever I decide to rant about during your lectures”

“Plagiarism is punishable by death”

“Obviously I get paid whether or not you show up to class”

“Your previous prerequisite classes are crap”

“A lot of major biochemistry textbooks are written by authors who have been dead for decades now. That means those textbooks belong in a tombstone and not in a classroom”

“If you can find the material in a textbook or google, then it shouldn’t be in a course you’re paying for”

“Everything you’re taught in previous biology courses is a LOAD OF CRAP”

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