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nothing weird to see here, just @crash-bump-bring-the-whump​‘s Asao getting rekt because, I dunno about you, but Alma felt it was About Time

thank you so much for lending me your nasty angel for my gal to mess up! It had been a while since I last did a fully rendered piece, it was challenging but I missed it <3

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starting off the year right and that means lots of drawings of my main gal! so here’s a sketchdump of some drawings I’ve done in the past few days
many thanks to my friends for lending me their ocs

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well, someone’s not happy with Alma’s decisions it seems

last post of the year! I thought i was gonna pick this drawing back up until january but I’ve been having lots of inspiration lately so I decided to finally finish it, poor Alma is gonna be regretting some things c:

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Yooo! I love your work! Can I request Mista doing dirty things for his vampire boss at a beach? Like they go to the beach in a private spot at night since Giorno is a vampire and can't go out during the day?

yes, i like this,,, scenario,,,



Originally posted by josephine-joestar

Giorno slowly stepped out of the car, his blonde locks clung right passed his shoulders. Guido slowly stepped out of the car with the beach stuff. Giorno only held his drink and his beach bag. Giorno smiled to himself, he loved sea so much. It shimmered under the moonlight, it made him feel warm inside.

The two of them stepped onto the beach to setup. Guido placed the towel down, he brushed over it and Giorno took a seat on it. The blondie slowly removed his loose sundress. Giorno decided to be.. scandalous. He wore a tight fitting bikini with a soft pink floral design. The top was only covering his nipples. Meanwhile the bottom barely managed to cover his cute cock. Guido swallowed and slowly looked away. He took off his shirt then hat, he laid right next to his boss.

Giorno let out a sharp sigh, bearing his beautiful white sharp teeth. Summer was much cooler at night, so it was for Mista not to be in the heat. Giorno however was fanning himself lazily as his eyes became half lidded. He whined a bit as he opened his thighs ever so slightly. Giorno could nearly feel one of his pecs fall out.

Guido couldn’t help but to stare at his boss in such a way. The wall his pecs squeezed along the fabric, and the way his cute lil’ cock almost stuck out. It made the gunner drool from his appearance. Giorno noticed the male staring at his figure. He couldn’t help but to giggle along his own fingers.

“Guido, you’re staring at me as if I’m a fine meal. Don’t tell me you want another taste of me.” Giorno slowly climbed into his lap and pawed at his crotch.

Mista huffed, “Would you mind… if I ate you again? I’ll do whatever you want, Boss.”

Giorno giggled as he slowly pulled down the other male’s swimtrunks. He only did it enough for his cock to fling out and touch his hands. Giorno smirked as he wrapped his hand around the fat member. Slowly, he jerked him up and down as Guido moaned under him.

“You promise you’ll be a good boy for me? I don’t want to put a cock ring on you again. I really you to listen to me, gunner.” Giorno was sly with his words, it sounded like a bitter melody.

Guido moaned as his head leaned back further into the towel, “Oh fuck yeah, I’ll be a good boy for you, Boss.”

Giorno gave a sharp smile, his sharp showed to the gunman. The male gave a soft sigh as he stared at his beautiful sharp teeth. They could easily sink into him, but would he care?

Giorno continued to jerk off his cock, pre-cum leaked from it. Giorno loved getting his hands all messy for his lover, especially when it was covered in his seed. Mista took a deep sigh in, he didn’t want to buck up, Giorno might punish him.

The blonde don leaned down and slowly licked up the thick member. Mista groaned as he reached his hands down to run his fingers through his Boss’ hair. Giorno gave him a small hum. feeling his curls and braid pulling apart. Giorno sunk his down to the base. He looked up at him with watery eyes, making a cute choking sounds. He then popped off his cock and started to kiss his slit.

Slowly, he wrapped his tongue around the head and went back down. He bobbed his head back and forth, only reaching the middle though. He slid his tongue on the underside of the dick. Giorno hummed among the big cock as Mista messed up his hair. He held his hair back, making sure that Giorno didn’t end up taking that in.

“Mmm…” Giorno hummed.

He went further down to the base. Giorno was now bobbing his head back and forth to the base. He could feel his messy pubes on his nose, but Giorno didn’t care. Whines and moans vibrated along the thick member, Guido couldn’t help but to dig his hands into his scalpe.

When Giorno reached back to his head, he felt Miata’s sweet seed coat his tongue. Giorno popped off his cock, as cum dripped from his mouth. He kissed the tip of his cock as cum bubbled out.

Giorno day back up, the gunman’s seed was dripping down his chest and chin. Giorno swallowed what was in his mouth and rubbed the cum into his chest. A residue was left, it made Guido’s cock twitch.

“I bet you want me now, right?” Giorno reaches down to the base and slowly moved up.

Guido moaned, “Babe please, let me fuck you.”

“Then pin me down and fuck me agianst the towel. Don’t you wanna treat your boss right?”

Giorno got off of him and slowly got on all fours in front of the male. His asshole was barely covered, but Guido noticed a cute little gem on. It was pink and shiny, it could been one of the plugs.

“What are you staring at? Don’t you want to come over here and fuck my brain out? Or do I have to ride my bad boy?” Giorno whined while swaying his hips from side to side.

Guido gulped and slowly move the string to the side. He used his index and middle finger to slowly pull the plug out. Giorno whined and threw his head down. When Guido pulled it out, lube began to leak from it.

“Fuck me… fuck me, Guido…” Giorno whined, “Fuck me until I can’t walk.”

Mista placed the plug down then slid deep inside of him. Giorno made a high pictched noise, he began to move on the cock. Mista however grabbed his thighs and started to pound right into his ass. Mista caressed his lover’s thighs then slowly started to jerk him off.

It was so easy to make his lover cum, he spilled himself all over the towel. Giorno whined as he looked back at the gunman. He really need his lover’s seed to violate his prostate. Giorno’s lips were parted as small whines escaped his lips.

“Fuck… You’re tight, I need to cum.” Guido moaned.

“Then cum in me, I won’t be angry… I need you inside of me.” Giorno giggled.

Guido nodded and let himself spill right inside of him. He panted as he gave his last bucks, Giorno’s eyes crossed.

“Good boy…” Giorno whined.

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Hey! Can I request "I'm going to try getting you out. Just hold still." And *places hands on the glass* for a monster Jesse McCree with a loving ending? You can choose what he is! :D

a/n: GOSH I’M SO SORRY THAT THIS TOOK SO L ONG! this request is from this prompt list right here!

Check out our Rules Page and Master List!

The small little golf cart jerked again, making you curse silently while you gave the container on the cart a glare over your shoulder. The creature in the tank was not happy in the least bit about the way you’d chosen to get it out of this place, you can’t blame it in the least. What with the water being sloshed around, a moving vehicle, and its thrashing tail wasn’t helping it in the least bit. 

“Alright! Today is break out day! So are you ready Jesse?” you placed your hands against the glass, swallowing your fear while the monster looked at your form, it’s own hand resting flush against where yours was placed on the glass. 

Taking that as an okay you removed your hand to start fiddling around with the control board. Using the small chip you snatched off of a guard and went about sorting through trash and various codes and such to open the tank. With a loud hiss and the sound of moving gears and grinding metal, you cheered, only for a searing pain to make you scream and see red. 

Ranked B persons filed into the room, guns trained on the opening in the tank while one person shot you in the leg and moved to place the barrel flush against your head. 

An inhuman, ear-splitting scream filled the room while the monster in the tanks limbs ripped the Rank B’s and surrounded you while the screams mixed and mingled. 

What bold words for you to say to a monster who to your knowledge didn’t speak a lick of English, but despite everything didn’t rip you limb from limb like the B Ranked persons in the compound. For a lowly D Ranked person that alone was a miracle, to not be killed by an obviously hostile monster. 

Placing your hand back on the glass tank you felt something warm, slimy and wet hold onto yours. The monster chittered, teeth clacking and those brilliant brown eyes swirled with gold looked back at you.

“I’m going to try and get you out. Just hold still,” your voice was quiet, but the monster heard you responding in some garbled fashion making you smile while it kissed your fingertips with the same reverence it had every other time before this. 

You return the gesture, kissing Jesse’s own hand before focusing on driving. A nice little home by the ocean waited for the two of you outside of this hell hole, and you couldn’t wait to leave this place behind. 

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Could I possibly get some demon junkrat with a fem s/o fluff headcanons? Also I love your works here as well as at tacticalvisor76. Absolutely amazing.

a/n: here you go, sweetie!! sorry for such a long wait in getting these out for you to read. i have a lot on my plate atm, so i hope that these hc’s are alright!!! 

Check out our Rules Page and Master List!

  • If you want a good cuddle buddy for the colder month’s then look no further for the demon you just so happen to be dating is really warm. A good source of warmth unless he touches you with his foot– it’s cold and be warned he will put that really cold foot on you when you’re almost asleep. 
  • Junkrat is really good at keeping old demons of yours and such at bay, especially whenever one comes back to haunt you or just drains you of any energy. 
  • Kisses are a bit awkward, too many teeth and broken skin. So get ready to have some little scars on your lip and near your mouth. Junkrat gives you small pecks near your lips, cheeks or a quick little lick with his tongue. 
  • Is a pretty okay cook in the kitchen! Might make you some food with things from the demon realm, but he puts his whole heart into it every time he cooks. 
  • Usually makes you some sort of new little trinket every so often. While the trinkets look a bit… off and scary to other’s, nothing, but good thoughts are infused into the trinkets. 
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