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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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@gogoseabrook Looks like Tumblr is continuing to eat your ask dear… BUT IM DETERMINED TO FIND YOUR WORDS! 😁



{Wings of Faith} She kept trying, flying was her only hope of survival.

{secret!au 2} Her brain flying a million miles a minute between confusing feelings and combatant thoughts.


{Wings of Faith} His steady heartbeat beside her ear slowly eased her sobs.

{Monsters} I take an instinctive step towards him, my heart breaking that he would even think that.

{secret!au} When Zed went and saw her, his heart hurt.

{secret!au 2} “Oh come on! If I didn’t run, obviously we didn’t do anything that bad!” She defended lightheartedly.

{Thin Ice} Her heart felt so light knowing she could make him so happy.

{Young Lust} I open my eyes and the sight almost makes my heart beat.


{Wings of Faith} Addison’s eyes lifted to his with a hint of fear behind her gaze.

{Monsters} “No I can’t! I-I don’t know how!” I yell fearfully.

{secret!au 2} He gently replaced his hand on her bare hip and scooted slightly closer, her anger shifting with faint traces of fear, which concerned him.

{Young Lust} I inhale sharply because fear flashes across her face.


{Wings of Faith} “… My wings! M-my wings.” She wept in agony.


{Wings of Faith} “You know what I mean.” Zed laughs again, leaning down and kissing his little sister’s forehead.

{Missy&Dale!OneShot} He cleared his throat and kissed Missy’s forehead where she lay in the hospital bed before joining the doctor in the doorway.

{secret!au} He wades into the water with Addison in his arms, kissing her gently before lowering her down.

{secret!au 2} She kept her kisses soft and delicate, trying to keep his face in the least amount of pain as possible.

{Thin Ice} He pulls her in for another tight hug and kisses the top of her hair before pulling back, still beaming at her.

{Young Lust} “Yeah, you look… amazing, by the way.” I compliment, kissing her knuckles as we walk.

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Zombie, love, nose (for the words!)

Woohoooo!!! You always know how to keep me motivated! 😘😘😘



{Missy&Dale!OneShot} “Is it a zombie ****?” Dale asked.

{Monsters} “People still call me a monster because of my Zombieism.” He paused to look at me. “Do you think I’m a monster too?”

{D&D!au} “We’ll just go hunting for zombies tonight.” Both of her packmates grin mischievously.

{Thin Ice} It wasn’t long before she realized they were back at the ‘Zombie Safe Room’.

{Young Lust} My Zombie can smell the crowd of brains ready to be eaten just beyond that door.


{Wings of Faith} “It’s not everyday love just falls out of the sky.” She teased.

{Not Such a Bad Thing} Addison dropped her chin slightly, nibbling her bottom lip and tasting the edge of the concealer that covered the love bite Zed had left there.

{Monsters} “How could I be afraid when I’m in love with you?” He replied with a smile.

{secret!au} Under the veil of night, he sneaks into the city where they’re holding the ******* he was in love with.

{secret!au 2} Yup. Zed was most definitely in love.

{D&D!au} “Really? I’d love to tag along!” She chirped excitedly.

{Young Lust} I love Addison cuddles more than anything in the world.


{Wings of Faith} She pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation, wanting, needing, answers but knew right now wouldn’t get them anywhere.

{secret!au 2} “Frozen peas are the best thing for a broken nose.” She offers, as he knows, from experience.

{Young Lust} I take the opportunity to break free of their grasps and quickly step forward and wrap my arms around Addison, burying my nose in her hair and immediately calming further.

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Part 1 here

(NSFW content ahead!) 

Words: 6185

Saerva’s story continues and he has emotions. Someone help him. 


He didn’t come back the next day. You had waited on the stairs, yarn and fabric in hand without getting much work done. The sun was beginning to set which left you little light to work with so you gathered your supplies to bring them inside. The wolf head had found its new place on the dining table and you glanced at it while lighting a candle. 

The flame danced playfully inside the gemstone eyes’ reflection, making you think of different eyes entirely. Four eyes. How peculiar, you thought absently while moving around the small cottage with whatever household duties you could come up with. The candle had marked its second hour before you realized how dark it was outside and how little you had gotten done. With a huff you threw a dishcloth on the table and sat down. It did you no good to ponder over where Saerva was, you had only met him twice and he was free to do as he pleased. But, he said he would visit. 

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Realizing that is probably deeply unintuitive to most people that I tag ‘monster’ only for monsters and other things that align with my personal psychosis, and 'monsters’ for monsters in general.

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