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#morgan stark

What do you mean Tony is dead? Nah, he’s just chilling with Morgan, Pepper, Peter, Happy, and Rhodey in his lake house living his best life🙂

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I've see you asked for prompts so... What about a sleep over, like Peter goes to the cabin spend the night and he has a nightmare, BUT, this is the differente part, Morgan wakes him up, tells him it's okay to have nightmares and that she can stay with him if he wants, but do what ever you want I just want a big brother lil sister moment, I'm sure everything you write will be great

Here you go my love! Probably every sentence in this is clunky but I don’t care because I really loved writing this prompt! :)

“He’s back!” Tony shouts joyfully from the front porch as Peter steps out of the car, bright grin covering his face. Morgan squeals, tearing out of her dad’s grip and bolting towards her brother. Peter catches her easily, swinging her around once before pulling her in for a tight hug. 

“I missed you!” Morgan smiles, wrapping her legs around Peter’s waist. 

“I was only gone for two weeks!” Peter laughs, kissing his sister’s cheek. 

Peter carries Morgan back up to the house where he drops her back to the ground to embrace Tony. “Welcome home, kid,” Tony says with a soft smile. Tony’s hand easily finds its way into the boy’s hair. 

“Thanks,” Peter grins. A yawn spreads across his face as he blinks sleepily. 

Tony laughs, “Tired?”

“I had two exams yesterday and two more on Monday,” Peter moans. 

Tony claps him on the shoulder and gently leads him into the house, “Well lucky for you dinner is almost ready and you can go to be right after.” Peter thanks Tony again as they walk into the kitchen. 

Pepper, who is cooking something that smells absolutely amazing, looks up from her recipe book and gives Peter a warm smile. 

“Hi, Pepper,” Peter says as he walks over to embrace the woman. 

“Long week?” Pepper asks as he basically crumbles into her arms. 

“You have no idea,” Peter groans, tucking his head against her neck.

Pepper smiles sympathetically, “Just take it easy okay?” Peter nods. “Why don’t you go help your sister set the table? Dinner will be ready in just a few.” 

Peter helps Morgan set the table and pretty soon the Starks sit down for dinner, passing plates routinely between them as the conversation flows easily. 

“How are May and Happy doing?” Pepper asks Peter. 

Peter groans, “I’m so glad I’m not living with them anymore.”

Tony laughs, “College dorm rooms are better than living with your aunt and Happy?”

Peter nods seriously, “They’re so gross and there’s so much PDA!” Peter sighs, “But they’re happy together so…”

“When’s Uncle Happy coming to visit?” Morgan interrupts, messily scooping food into her mouth. 

“Next week, Morguna,” Tony ruffles her hair.  

After the dishes are cleaned and leftovers are stored in the fridge, Peter hugs all of the Starks and walks up the stairs to their wishes of goodnight and sweet dreams. 

“Peter! Help!” Morgan’s shrill voice echoes through his head as she cries out in pain. 

“Morgan?” Peter calls. Nothing but darkness surrounds him and all he can hear is his little sister’s cries for help. 

“Kid! Where are you?” It’s Tony this time. “Help us!” 

“Tony!” Peter screams. He stumbles blindly through the darkness. Something sharp scratches his leg, sending him to the ground. Peter cries out in pain and calls out, “I can’t see. Where are you?”

“Morgan’s hurt,” Tony calls back. “Please, she doesn’t have much longer.”

“Peter, help!” Morgan sobs. 

Peter covers his ears, curling on his side, “I can’t help you. I don’t know how! I can’t find you!”


Peter wakes up to someone shaking his shoulder. He gasps, sitting bolt upright. Beside his bed is Morgan, one arm wrapped around her stuffed elephant, her eyes deep with worry. Peter wastes no time in scooping Morgan into his arms, burying his nose against her hair, “You’re okay,” he murmurs to himself. 

“What’s wrong? You were shouting,” Morgan says softly.

Peter gently releases her from his hold, “It was just a bad dream,” Peter assures the little girl, brushing her hair out of her face. “You can go back to sleep now.”

Morgan shakes her head stubbornly and sits across from Peter, “I want to stay here.”

Peter huffs, his thundering heart echoing in his ears. Morgan needs sleep. And he just needs to be alone he can calm himself down, “Go to bed, Morgan. I’m fine.” Morgan says nothing, but she crawls into her brother’s lap and hugs him tight around the middle. 

“Your heart’s beating really fast,” Morgan acknowledges, her cheek smushed up against Peter’s chest. 

Peter sighs and returns the embrace, finding comfort on Morgan’s body weight on top of him, “That’s because I was really scared,” he explains. 

“Are you scared now?” Morgan looks up at Peter with big brown eyes. 

Peter shakes his head, ducking down to press a kiss to her forehead, “No.”

“It’s okay to be scared,” Morgan says matter-of-factly. “That’s what mommy and daddy tell me when I have nightmares. They said that even after we wake up dreams can still scare us.”

Peter smiles, “Well they’re very smart people.”

Morgan pulls away from Peter and pulls her stuffed elephant into her lap, rubbing the ears, “I can stay with you if you want until you’re not scared anymore. That’s what you do for me.” 

“That would be great, Mo,” Peter says. “But let’s try to get some sleep okay?”

Morgan nods and crawls under the covers beside Peter. As Peter lays down on his back, Morgan cuddles up to his side, using his chest as a pillow. “You comfortable?” Peter asks his sister with a soft smile on his face. Morgan nods sleepily into his chest and as Peter wraps an arm around her, she snuggles even closer. 

“Night, Petey,” Morgan whispers. 

“Good night,” Peter returns, knowing that with his sister by his side he’ll fall back into a restful sleep.

Send me some prompts! <3

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[Peter is watching an old Disney show in the living room with Tony and Morgan]

Five year old Morgan: I don’t want to watch this anymore. It’s boring.

Tony: We have two other TVs in our home and there’s a tablet is in my office, Morgan. Go watch one of those.

Morgan: I don’t want to move though.

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Morgan tiptoed her way towards the bed on the other end of the large room, hoping Peter hadn’t heard the door open. (He had. Just as he did the excited little gasps that Morgan made, as she stealthily - well, as stealthy as any five year old could - crept forward. He was trying very hard to control his smile as he feigned sleep.)

At the foot of the queen sized bed, the girl scrambled up and crouched into position. A big smile on her face as she narrated her actions.

“A wild Morgan has appeared! Morgan uses ‘tackle’ on sleeping Peter!”

Then she pounced. Peter let out an ‘oof’, as she landed on his middle, and quickly wrapped his arms around her so that she wouldn’t fall off. Not bothering to hide his grin any longer, he squinted up at his little sister.

“The attack was very effective. Sleeping Peter woke up. Awake Peter uses ‘tickle’.”

Morgan squealed as Peter’s fingers danced over her sides, laughing loudly while trying to wiggle out of the 19 year old’s grasp. 

“Morg-hahaha- Morgan has no more- hahaha- hp- haha. She fainted.”

Smirking, Peter stopped his assault and the little girl collapsed on his chest, exhausted but smiling.

“No fair attacking my weak point.”

He chuckled and lightly wrapped his arms around her, feeling as she relaxed against him. 

“That’s for the surprise attack. So, Morgie-moo. Why are you up at-” he quickly grabbed his phone from his nightstand to look at the time. “6:21am on a Sunday. Did we have plans today and I forgot?”

Morgan shook her head against his chest, then folded her arms over it and propped her chin up on her hands to look directly at her big brother.

“I had a dream.”

“Good dream, or bad dream?”

“Hm. First it was a bad dream. But then something funny happened. And then it was a good dream.”

He smiled at her encouragingly.

“Really? Sounds exciting. What was it about?”

“There was a dragon!” She exclaimed with wide eyes. “And it was flying around and roaring really loud and people were scared and running away.”

Peter nodded. 

“That does sound scary. Was the dragon breathing fire?”

Morgan shook her head.

“No. But it had really sharp teeth and claws and it was super big. And then it was flying up to the top of the tower and clung to it like the big ape in the movie.”

Peter frowned.

“Who showed you King Kong?”

“Uncle Sam. He said if he don’t show me good movies, you and dad will wash my brain with only bad sci-fi flicks like Star Wars. I told him you can’t wash a brain. Only hair. And then he laughed and we watched the movie, but he covered my eyes during the scary parts. Hey, what’s sci-fi and Star Wars? How come you haven’t shown me?”

She looked very indignant for a five year old. A skill undoubtedly learned from her mother.

“Don’t worry Morga-chu, I’ll show you all the Star Wars movies when you are a little older. Promise. Remind me to web Sam to the ceiling later. But what happened in your dream? Did the Dragon attack the tower?”

“It was about to! But then you and Daddy and the others showed up and fought it!”

Peter grinned, while carefully rearranging his blanket to cover Morgan as well. No sense in letting her get cold, and maybe he could get her to sleep a few more hours.

“Avengers and Spiderman to the rescue! So, what happened then? We kicked it’s scaly butt, right?”

But Morgan regretfully shook her head. 

“It was too powerful. Daddy’s blasters (- she hadn’t quite mastered the word ‘repulsor’ yet) just made little puff-clouds against the dragon’s skin, and all the other weapons were useless too. And the dragon was too strong for your webs, and just snapped them. And it knocked Thor out of the sky. And it stepped on the Hulk and he couldn’t get it’s foot off him.”

There was just the slightest tremble in her voice, and Peter wound his arms around her a little bit tighter.

“I’m guessing that was the bad part of the dream, hm?”

She nodded. “It was really scary.”

Peter was getting ready to console her, when suddenly she brightened right back up.

“And then your tummy growled!”

He looked at her, stunned and bewildered.

“My… tummy growled?”

“Hmhm. Really loudly. Like, as loud as when the dragon roared.” Then she waved a finger in his face, again, in a scarily good imitation of her mom. “Because you been skipping meals again, mister.”

The sight of a five year old girl berating a 19 year old enhanced superhero would be funny, if it wasn’t also strangely intimidating. Peter was quick to lift up both his hands in surrender. 

“I promise to take better care of myself. Including all the dream versions of me.”

She looked at him closely for a second, nodded, and then went back to recounting her dream.

“And then everyone was looking at you. Even the dragon. And it bowed it’s big head down to you and then it licked you up with it’s giant tongue!”

“Eww. Dragon slobber.” He shuddered for effect. Morgan laughed.

“It thought you were a dragon baby, because of your empty tummy sounding just like a roar. And then it didn’t wanna fight you anymore. And then the dragon told you-”

“Wait, the dragon could speak?”

“Yes.” She made it sound like that should have been clear from the beginning. The eye-roll was definitely picked up from Tony. “So, then the dragon told you that someone had stolen her eggs!”

He nodded seriously.

“Female, speaking dragon looking for her dragon-napped children in Manhattan. Got ya. What happened then?”

Satisfied that her brother was keeping up with the story, Morgan continued.

“So then you all decided to help her find her eggs, because someone who would steal a dragon’s babies is bad, and heroes fight bad people.”

Another nod. “Right you are.”

“So then Daddy called Mommy, because he didn’t know how to find dragon babies, and Mommy knows everything.”

Peter bit his lip hard to stop the laugh that was bubbling up.

“And then Mommy put on her Rescue armor and flew to where you were, and then she and Aunty Natasha found the bad people. Because Aunty Natasha is always winning when we play hide and seek, so she can find anyone.”

Which made perfect sense to Peter.

“So then you all beat up the bad guys and saved the eggs! And THEN the eggs were cracking open, and there were tiny, little baby dragons!”

“How many?”

Morgan had to think for a few seconds, scrunching up her nose when trying to remember.

“Uhm… 3. And as a thank you for helping her find her children, the Mama dragon let me play with them.”

“Wait, when did you get there?”

“I was there the whole time, how else could I know what happened. Duh.”

“Well… you got me there.”

“And then I got to name the dragon babies! I named the one with blue wings Blueberry. And the one with red wings Cherry. And the one with green wings Kiwi.”

A tiny yawn escaped her at the end, and her eyes were getting a bit droopy. Peter started to gently rub his hand over her back.

“Those are excellent names. Was that how the dream ended?”

She shook her head and then softly laid it down on her brother’s chest, trying to smother another yawn with little success.

“No. We played a lot with Blueberry,.. and Cherry, and Kiwi… and then… Daddy built them… a really big… and nice.. dragon cave… and then we had… a sleepover…”

A quick look down revealed that Morgan had fallen back asleep, and Peter carefully, so as not to jostle her, pulled the blanket a little higher, so that they covered her shoulders. He leaned down a little to press a soft kiss to the crown of her hair. 

“Sleep tight, little dragon.”

Then he too closed his eyes and went back to hopefully catch a few more hours of sleep.

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@intiate03 asks: Hey could u write a ff on tony visiting peter at MIT with morgan bcz he was missing him . And them meeting one of tony teachers or someone who tony knew form his time in MIT

requests are open

A/N: another first for me! thanks a lot for your request sweetie🌸 I’m no really familiar with the X-Men universe but I tried making a parallel between the two universes like they did in one of the comics. It’s a short short blurb so I hope you will like it✨

‘Good to see you again’ - Iron Dad & Spidey Son

Warning: cuteness infinite level, and NO ENDGAME in this house!!


Finally some free time. 

Tony sighs while turning in office chair when he hears the sound of steps echoing in the lab, coming to his direction. As he turns to see who it could be - even if he definitely knows already -, the little body of his daughter jumps right into him making both of them spin in the chair, laughing.

“Well well well, look who’s there!”

The little girl giggles in her father’s arms. “Daddy you done with work? Can we go now? Pleaaaaaase?”

Tony stops the chair with his feet and after waiting a few seconds, he stands still holding Morgan in his arms.

“Yes, sweetie. We can finally go. But first, we need to tell mum we’re going out. Can you go tell her while daddy close the lab?”

“Yes!! We’re finally seeing Peter!!”

Morgan jumps out of Tony’s grasp and runs outside the lab to her mum, Pepper, who was somewhere in the house doing her own business. Tony signs again, now pleased. He promised his daughter a few weeks ago that he will find some time to go visit Peter together, because the boy was getting busy with his lessons at MIT so they saw him less recently. And the little girl missed him a lot. And little did she knows that her father also couldn’t wait to see Spidey boy again.

Meanwhile, Peter finishes his first lesson of the afternoon. Having a few hours’ break before the next one, he thinks about reviewing some of his notes outside the campus. While sitting on a bench of the MIT garden, he soon hears in the distance someone calling his name, awakening his spider senses. And as he turns his head toward the voice, he couldn’t help but stands to be soon almost tackled to the ground by Morgan.

“Peter!! Hi!!” the girl screams in joy in his face.

Peter chuckles and wraps his arms around Morgan, spinning her in the air, a big smile now on his face. 

“Morgan!! Oh my God, I’m so happy to see you, little one!!”

They both keep giggling, happy to meet again after so long. And then, Peter starts hearing some shocked whispers around him and wonders what was happening.

“Dad! I found him!!”

“You sure did, sweetie.”

None other than the famous Anthony Stark aka Iron Man walks toward both of them, hidden behind his signature sunglasses, emanating power and class from him. Obviously people would start freaking out. And Peter feels even happier. He delicately puts Morgan back on her feet and taking her tiny hands in his, he (proudly) waits for Tony to stop in front of him.

“Hey, how are you doing, son?”

Son. This is the nickname Tony likes using to call Peter. He would never admit it out loud to the world but this boy, no, young man standing while looking at him in awe is like his own son. And for sure Morgan sees him as her big brother.

“I’m doing more than great, Mr. Start” replies Peter, still smiling.

Tony smiles back and ruffles the boy’s curly hair with his hand, before giving him a warm embrace.

“Good to see you again, son.”

“Good to see you again, Mr. Stark.”

“Well good to see you too, Tony.”

The new voice calling out to Tony makes him break his embrace with Peter, Morgan hiding behind both men as they all see the person moves to them. And Tony couldn’t help but smirk.

“What can I say? Who doesn’t like seeing the most talented and handsome Iron Man?” 

“As cocky as ever, Stark. You would never change.”

Peter recognises the voice as soon as he heard it. Because here now stands Professor Charles Xavier, one of Peter’s teachers at MIT. Of course he knows who he is. He is one of the most strict and intelligent professor of all the US, and nobody wants to mess with them. Peter has some classes with him and he can say he admires the man in the wheelchair. 

“So, you and Mr. Parker know each other?” professor Xavier says, his gaze going from the man in his forties and his friendly student. “Why am I not even surprised.”

“Well, the kid here is sure a nerd but that brain of his is one of a kind. A bit awkward but still smart. Everything I look for in an intern at Stark’s Industry.”

“After knowing you for quite a long time, I sense when you have something in mind, Tony.”

Peter closely looks at both men exchanging words, Morgan still gripping at his jumper. He conforts her by caressing her head.

“You, er, you both know each other?” tempts asking Peter.

“You see, kid, professor Xavier and I work together sometimes-”

“But Mr. Stark here clearly is avoiding me for, what, eight months now? Tony you can’t run away forever when we have to talk about Illumi-”

“I know I knoooooooow” interrupts Tony, exasperates. “But I’ve been super busy with the Avengers and my business - you know I’m a real business man, also family stuff and blah blah blah.”

Peter and Morgan try to hide their giggles while watching Tony being… well, Tony.


Tony puts one arm around Peter’s shoulders and brings him against him again, Morgan following closely.

“I’m in the middle of a happy family reunion right here so if you would excuse us!”

The three of them start walking toward the street, leaving the professor by himself. 

“Don’t be a Stark and call me, Tony. You know why!” shouts professor Xavier at them.

“Yeah yeah, I’ve still got your number somewhere. I think? Bye, X!” Tony begins whistle.

“Er- b-bye professor Xavier!” Peter manages to say.

Professor Xavier lets out a sigh, looking at them walking toward some shops in the street nearby. Then he decides to go back inside the building, making his way between the students.

“At least, he got the family he ever wanted.”

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Hidden Secret

(Avengers x Reader)

@ilovefanfics2019​ I hope this is what you imagined. 

@xximaweirdoxx​ your’s is up next!!


Originally posted by christmasdowney

You could barely contain your excitement as you were eating your pancakes with Morgan. Today all of the Avengers were coming for the weekend to your house. While you loved all of the other Avengers, but you were more excited that Peter would be joining them this time. Peter was your best friend since you guys were the same age. When Peter joined the Avengers you two connected immediately and were pretty much inseparable.

“When is Unca Peter coming?” Morgan looked up at your dad while she was shoving a pancake into her mouth. Your heart grew like fifteen sizes when you looked at Morgan’s face of adoration when she said Peter’s name. Morgan loved Peter just as much as you did, but when she was little she dubbed him as an uncle and it was the cutest thing to watch the two of them interact. 

“I’m not sure Morg Dog but I know he won’t be here until after breakfast, so the quicker that you finish maybe he will get here sooner.” You dad said while Morgan was busy stuffing the rest of her breakfast in her mouth in record time. Her face was covered in syrup and your dad went to wipe off her mouth. Once she was finished she grabbed your hand and dragged you to her bedroom to help her pick out an outfit for the day.

“What to you think Morgs?” You asked her as you picked out an outfit. She smiled and nodded her head very quickly. After she was in her clothes you heard footsteps walking up the stairs figuring it was your dad, until you heard them speak.

“Lookin’ good Morgs.” Morgan squealed and ran to the source of the voice. You turned around and saw Peter standing in the doorway with Morgan in his arms. 

“Hi Unca Peter! I missed you.” Morgan said as she quickly wrapped her hands around Peter’s neck. 

Peter laughed a little, “Missed you to Morgs. Do you know what I missed most about you?” Morgan quickly shook her head. “I missed your cute laugh.” Peter said as he began to tickle her. Morgan let out her cute little giggle as Peter continued to tickle her in his arms.

“Unca Peter stop!” She cried as giggles were still leaving her mouth and was trying to squirm out of his arms. Peter finally relented and set her back on the ground. Morgan quickly ran behind you hoping that she would protect you from Peter. “Y/N save me.” Morgan’s little hands were clawing against the back of your thighs to try and get you to pick her up. Although you let out a little squeal and jump away from Morgan. You quickly looked at Peter and saw that his eyebrows were raised, you turned around again and quickly picked Morgan up in your arms.

“Morgs, I think your sister has been hiding something from us.” Peter sang as he slowly walked towards you and you kept backing up. All of a sudden you were lying on your back with Peter holding up your arms. “I think your sister is ticklish Morgs, wanna help me find out?” Peter asked. 

You looked at Morgan’s wide eyes, she had no idea if you were ticklish or not, she was the only one who ever got tickled at home. Morgan smiled wide and started to tickle you on your stomach and you let out child like giggles and were squirming away from her hands. Peter was also laughing at the new discovery that Morgan helped find. After a little while they let you go but you knew deep down that this wasn’t the last time this is going to happen today, knowing Peter he would definitely exploit that as much as possible. You didn’t want the other Avengers or your dad to know though because you hated the sound of your laugh. It was stupid sounding and childish and if the Avengers knew about your little weakness they would take advantage of it as much as possible. 

You grabbed Morgan to make your way downstairs to see if the other Avengers were here yet. “Morgs can you keep a secret?” You asked her. Morgan looked at you with curiosity. “Let’s not tell Daddy and the other Avengers that I’m ticklish okay, my laugh is embarrassing.”

“Okay, Y/N.” She held out her pinky to make a pinkie promise, something that was sacred to her. You knew that your secret was safe, but you were more worried about Peter. As you got downstairs you sent Morgan down and she quickly ran to snuggle into auntie Nat’s arms. You made your way over to sit in-between Bucky and Thor. You knew you’d be safe from Peter if he tried anything. You saw Peter saunter into the living with a smirk on his face, he came and right in front of you on the floor. 

Steve decided to start a game of Telestrations and throughout the game you kept feeling a brush on the arches of either of your feet. You were fighting so hard to keep you giggles in. 

“You alright Y/N?” Bucky asked you. You just nodded but your face scrunched up again as Peter started to tickle your foot again. 

“Peter stop tickling Y/N. She doesn’t want anyone to know.” Morgan stated but immediately realized what she said and covered her little mouth. 

“Wait our little Y/N is still ticklish.” Bucky said with wonder as he quickly started to tickle your sides, you burst out in the cute giggles that you hated. 

“And she still giggles like she used too.” Steve gushed as he smirk over at you.

“I thought you grew out of that Y/N.” Your dad said. “But I wonder if she outgrew her ticklish spots.” Suddenly you are lying on your back with your dad holding your arms above your head. “Do any of you remember them?”

“I think she was ticklish on her armpits.” Nat said as she quickly wriggled her finger into your armpits, you desperately tried to pull your arms out of your dad’s grip while you couldn’t stop the giggles that poured out of your mouth. You were begging Nat to stop but she didn’t listen. “But you’re giggling so you must like this. Tickle, tickle, tickle.” She sang knowing the effect that teasing had on you. She finally stopped but you felt fingers trail up your socked feet. You looked down and saw Thor smiling back at you.

“This little piggy went to the market.” Thor began to sing as he tickled your big toe and he continued to sing the rhyme as he worked his way down your toes. “And this little piggy went whee whee whee all the way home.” He quickly tickled all the way down your foot, you couldn’t stop laughing and eventually you let out a snort. That caused everyone to start laughing at you. Once Thor did this on your other foot, which caused the same reaction Thor moved away from you. Only to have Steve sit on your waist.

“Y/N do you remember if you have all of your ribs.” Steve smirked down at you as he started to carefully placed his hands on your ribs and proceeded to work his way up your ribcage, while ‘loosing’ count multiple times and starting over. You couldn’t help but shriek each time he moved to another rib and proceed to giggle each time he counted a rib. After he finally counted all of your ribs he popped off of your waist only for Bucky to replace him but facing your feet.

“Hey Y/N reckon I can still make you kick.” Bucky asked you rhetorically as you felt rapid squeezing above your kneecaps. You screamed and let out deep belly laugher, while you proceeded to try and kick your legs enough so Bucky would lose his grip. Although he was the Winter Solider so what did you expect. “Awe look at ticklish little Y/N. I think you’ve gotten more ticklish since we’ve last tickled you.” Finally Bucky had mercy on your knees. 

You thought your torment was over but all of a sudden you felt someone else sit on your waist. You couldn’t think of a spot that the Avengers haven’t tickled yet but you look through your tear filled eyes to see Peter smirk down at you. He leaned down and proceeded to whisper in your ear. “I have a secret to tell you.” Peter’s breath was tickling your ear and neck so you were giggling and craning your neck to get away from Peter’s tickly breath. “What’s wrong Y/N? I’m trying to tell a secret.” Peter just continued to whisper pointless things in your ear as you tried desperately to get away. “Do you like raspberries Y/N?” Peter finally asked you before he proceeded to blow raspberries all over your neck on both sides. You couldn’t stop the hysterical childlike giggles coming out of your mouth. This was your ultimate weakness you were never able to stand raspberries as a child. How did Peter know to torment you this way?

Finally your dad let your arms go and Peter to get off of your waist. You glanced at Morgan, she looked back at you with a nervous smile. “What about your pinkie promise?” You asked slowly making your way over to your little sister. “I sorry.” She squeaked out as she tried to make a break for it, you chased her around for a little bit before hauling her up in your arms. Soon the living room was filled with her childish little giggles. 

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We didn’t have the “with great power comes great responsibility” line with MCU spiderman so what if… They give that line to Peter himself instead, in one of his last movies, as he’s mentoring someone - Morgan Stark, about 10 years later after Endgame? Y'know I actually had a dark thought about Pepper dying and Morgan needing a guardian and Peter is designed somehow (Rhodey or Happy would make more sense but I was picturing a reverse aunt/nephew - “uncle/niece” relationship) I hate when these stupid thoughts hit me

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someone eats the last of the beloved cereal and it starts world war three at the breakfast table?? UMMMM hot summer day at the lake house?? Peter being obsessed with fire and almost burning down the lake house when they have a campfire?? anything at all w Peter being allergic to bug ??? ALL OF THE ABOVE lol this is a disaster of a prompt but I hope it gets the muse going!!

You asked for it: here comes the chaos!!!!

read and leave kudos on AO3

“All I want are s’mores!” he cries, following after Tony’s retreating back with all the gusto of tailing a criminal. “Just say yes and I’ll stop asking!”

“That’s not how this works,” drolls Tony, not bothering to crane his neck backward as he speaks. “Between you and the other four year old of the place, I’m strong in the face of unrelenting pleas.”



Peter pouts, pulling out a pitiful, “Please, Tony?” from the depths of his soul. 

A pause. 

Peter doesn’t bother taping back his growing, victorious smirk since Tony’s back is still toward him. But the older man has stopped at the kitchen island, lunch plates forgotten before him, shoulders tensing up just a smidge, and Peter knows the signs of a crumbling empire. 

Then there’s a sigh. 

“A supervised campfire this evening. Morgan can stay up past her bedtime—“” 


“—but only if it’s Pepper approved.”

As much as Pepper Potts-Stark likes to feign the stern parent act, she’s as mushy for Peter and Morgan as her husband. Peter knows exactly what needs to be done in order to get Pepper’s approval. 

He spins on his heel, making for the stairs and shouts out for his little sister, 

“Hey, Momo! D’ya wanna take a selfie with me?”

He immediately garners her attention as he hears Morgan toss down whatever she was using and her thunderous footsteps racing from her bedroom toward the top of the stairs, screeching out a resounding, 


Tony groans from the bottom level. 

Peter grins unabashedly, swinging Morgan up into his arms and cuddles her close. 

“I think we need to send some pictures to Mom, whadda say?”

“Yes yes yes!”

Peter wanders into Morgan’s bedroom and plops down onto her rug, easing his back against her abandoned art table. 

“Dress up or regular selfie?”

Morgan tilts her head, brown eyes flicking toward the ceiling in thought. After a couple beats, she jumps in excitement and declares, “Regular selfies but I wanna wear a tiara!”

Peter nods, “Awesome! Go grab your purple tiara and come back over here, alright?”

She runs off as he pulls out his cell phone. 

Before long, Morgan is situated on his lap and Peter has his camera facing both of them. They take an obscene amount of pictures because Morgan likes to direct them on different poses. She’s rather bossy as she says to go between serious to silly to posing like they are Iron Man but Peter rolls with her assertions. 

“Guess what?” 

“Mmmm, what?!”

“Dad said that we can have a bonfire tonight!”

“AWESOME!” squawks Morgan, jumping from his lap, no longer interested in helping send the perfect picture to her mother and more interested in jumping onto her bed and bouncing. 


Morgan pretends she does not hear her father’s call of her name, bouncing until her tiara sits askew and even then continues showing her exuberance. 

Peter sends Pepper an adorable picture of two massively grinning faces with the message: Tony says we can have a bonfire tonight with your approval. 

Within moments, Pepper sends hearts for the picture and responds with a planning on catching anything on fire again?

Peter replies back with a no along with the angel emoji. 

In the end, Pepper gives her approval. 

Peter sweeps Morgan off her bed mid-jump, both of them squealing and laughing in high pitches, as he runs them back out of her room and races down the stairs. 

Tony hollers, “Lunch is ready, my two monsters!”

At the back of his mind, Peter feels for Tony having to wrangle both him and Morgan around for the remainder of the afternoon. Then again, he isn’t too concerned about it because despite his minor attempts acting indifferent, Tony is just as excited. 

“Let’s go collect wood from behind Gerald’s pin, shall we?” suggests Tony sometime after four, corralling them out of the garage after their latest volcano experiment finished and back into the late afternoon sun. 

“For the campfire?” asks Morgan, skipping behind her father, swinging her arms rather erratically. 

“Yeppers little Pepper.”

Morgan giggles then bolts on ahead to shower the family alpaca with her undivided attention. 

Now with little ears out of shot, Tony rounds on Peter, 

“Turn out your pockets.”

“What? Why!” 

“It’s like house arrest but I gotta make sure you’re not carrying a lighter on you.”

“That’s lame,” but Peter turns out his pockets anyways, knowing that he isn’t carrying anything incriminating on him. “Happy now, Mister Worrywart?”

Tony sniffs, remains silent, then proceeds to dump several logs into Peter’s arms several moments later. “Go on and be helpful, Mister Menace.”

“That’s enough from you, old sport.”

“I still know how to use a repulsor, Mister Gatsby.” 

“Oooh, I’m quivering! I’m gonna be hunted down by Iron Dad himself because of his unsinkable crush of Leo DiCaprio.” 

Tony breaks first and snorts out his laughter. His father figure swats at Peter, though the teenager dodges the motion with ease of a pirouetting spider vigilante.

“I’m laughing at you, you goon! And mildly offend my kid keeps calling me old!” 

“So your infatuation with Mister DiCaprio has nothing—”

“Begone, you!” chuckles Tony. 

Peter shuffled away, beaming in triumph all the way to their designated fire pit. He can’t help tossing over his shoulder, “It IS a little weird both you and Pepper have a thing for him—" 

Only Tony doesn’t allow Peter to finish his train of thought all the way: a twig is tossed at his back and Peter finally lets go of their teasing. 

Serves Tony right, though, Peter thinks as logs fall from his arms into the unlit fire pit, see if he teases me about Kristen Bell again. 

However; knowing their relationship, Peter anticipates the new game of teasing each other about passed celebrity crushes will continue on until something new takes hold. It’s just how they are, really.

By the time Colonel Rhodes makes an appearance, bearing graham crackers and marshmallows (both mini AND jumbo sized!) and Hersey’s milk chocolate bars, Tony’s had to send Morgan inside to change clothes seeing as how she somehow ended up with Gerald’s bucket all down her front, and Peter takes the opportunity to greet Rhodey without the prying eyes of their best friend. 

“How’d you get him to agree to a bonfire so soon after last month’s incident?” prefaces Rhodey, raising an inquisitive brow at Peter. 

“Puppy eyes and Pepper.”

“Works like a charm every single time.”

They high five. 

As the sun sinks lower on the horizon, Pepper arrives home and Tony declares the start of their activities. Rhodey grills the burgers as Tony assists Morgan with making hot dogs over the fire. Pepper tugs Peter inside in order to grab paper plates, napkins, and condiments, and Peter obeys because he wants to keep Pepper on his side for as long as possible. 

But the way she keeps glancing over at him makes Peter realize she knows he’s got an ulterior motive up his sleeve. 

Best to ask for forgiveness and all that jazz.

Peter waits for the perfect opportunity. Ideally, it’s after dinner and either right as Pepper takes Morgan in for bed or his little sister is further away from the chaos. No matter what, Peter wants to keep Morgan safe. Tony has loosened up with his own hawk eyes making sure Peter behaves himself, but his wife hasn’t. Rhodey continues to throw encouraging head nudges. 

There’s only so much Peter can take before he gives into the pressure. 

Morgan fell asleep on Pepper ten minutes beforehand and Tony is whispering to his wife who should take the little girl up to bed. His two pseudo parents distracted, finds Rhodey turning to Peter and says, 

“I double dog dare you to throw gasoline into the fire.”

Peter turns to the other man and professes, “Coward. Make it a triple dare and I’ll do it hanging upside down from that branch over there.” and he points to a semi-sturdy looking tree branch. 

Rhodey snorts, shakes his head, and corrects his offer. “I triple dog dare you to throw gasoline into the fire.” 

And then he slips him a small, red bottle. 

Peter has to bite his lip from laughing. He swipes the loot out of Rhodey’s grip and stands up, slowly moseying over toward the tree he now needs to climb. 

Too bad Tony’s got tingling dad senses tonight. Peter doesn’t even make it halfway to the tree before he’s stopped in his tracks. 

“Peter Benjamin, that better not be gasoline in your hands.”


“And you sure as hell better not being thinking about climbing that tree.”

“It’s for the aesthetic?”

Rhodey snorts behind him. 

“Don’t you think the loss of your eyelashes and eyebrows was enough of a lesson for you, hmm?” Tony’s voice comes closer as Peter’s shoulders sag in defeat. 

“But I like the whoosh!” whines Peter. 

Tony snatches the gasoline outta his hands. “And I like my kids in one piece.” 

What a low blow, Peter muses, not bothering to hide his amusement in the dark. All the same he says, as he spins around, “I’m pretty sure I’m flame retardant anyways, being part-spider.” 

Tony sputters. 

And really, Peter just likes to mess with Tony any way he can. 

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Peter Parker x female reader


Originally posted by peters-holland

Word Count: 3598

Warnings: little bit of angst, but mostly fluff

Prompt Song: Painkiller, by Ruel

Summary: (Post-FFH) Now that Peter had all the time in the world to relax, it seems that’s the only thing he had trouble doing. But he’s lucky he has you.


The lush grass tickles Peter’s feet as he runs with bare feet. Morgan Stark was much faster than she looked. She lets out a squeal, when you jump out from behind her tent and throw your arms around her.

“Peter! I got her!”

You then proceeded to attack Morgan with kisses, as you lifted the giggling girl up into the air. When she turns, insisting it’s her turn to count, she covers her eyes and you take Peter’s hand. You both run off to find a hiding spot, all while disregarding the principle of stealth.

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Head of Gold, Heart of Stone by silver_bubbles (3/7)

Miss Stark doesn’t wait for vocal consent. She just knocks on the door, once, twice, three times. Without an answer (even though she barely hesitates for more than a second) she opens the door and beckons Peter inside.

Other than the main room downstairs, the office is one of the most gaudily decorated places in the mansion. When Peter had thought that the outside hallways were lavish, he clearly hadn’t known the definition of lavish.

It’s extravagant, unnecessary, and appropriate for a person of Anthony Stark’s caliber. The famous works of art in the halls change to full-color portraits and photographs- of the family, of people Peter supposes are famous and doesn’t know the name of, of an older man with an odd mustache and silver hair, and of Miss Stark and someone who must be Anthony.

Of course, Peter doesn’t have to look at the picture of the couple for long, because the sound of a clearing throat jerks his attention to the man behind the desk.

Why look at a copy when you could look at the real thing?

The man looks like an Anthony, really, with tan skin and hair of a deep chestnut color. His facial hair is cut into strange shapes on his chin, angular and sharp. Peter’s search finds a pair of clear glasses, and behind them, brown eyes with the same level of confusion that he’s feeling.

He doesn’t look much like the sort of man Miss Stark would be interested in, if Peter’s being honest, but who is he to judge.

The confusion in Anthony’s- Mister Stark’s, pull yourself together- eyes sharpens to understanding as he looks Peter up and down, from the ragged holes in his shoes to the tangled mass of curls on top of his head. He can obviously tell exactly what he’s there for. As Mister Stark looks back and forth between Miss Potts and Peter, the understanding sharpens further yet.

“Virginia,” he says, in a voice as crisp and clear as his glasses, “a bit of warning would’ve been nice.”

Mister Stark shuffles the stack of papers on his desk into a neat pile and flips them over before Peter can see them.

“Nice to see you too, darling,” Pepper snaps. She takes a few steps away from Peter’s spot at the door, leaving him completely exposed. His heart sinks as another inspection, this one cursory, leads to a quiet sniff.

Not good.

Mister Stark points the end of his pen at Peter and flicks it ever so slightly. “Who’s this?”

“Happy’s chosen our new boot boy.” She clicks her tongue, shooting her husband an angry glare before turning back to Peter. Her eyes are softer as she meets his gaze. “Tony, this is Peter Parker.”

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I’m happy to say that the next chapter of Head of Gold, Heart of Stone should be coming out within the next two days! A preview:

Miss Stark doesn’t wait for vocal consent. She just knocks on the door, once, twice, three times. Without an answer (even though she barely hesitates for more than a second) she opens the door and beckons Peter inside.

Other than the main room downstairs, the office is one of the most gaudily decorated places in the mansion. When Peter had thought that the outside hallways were lavish, he clearly hadn’t known the definition of lavish.

It’s extravagant, unnecessary, and appropriate for a person of Anthony Stark’s caliber. The famous works of art in the halls change to full-color portraits and photographs- of the family, of people Peter supposes are famous and doesn’t know the name of, of an older man with an odd mustache and silver hair, and of Miss Stark and someone who must be Anthony.

Of course, Peter doesn’t have to look at the picture of the couple for long, because the sound of a clearing throat jerks his attention to the man behind the desk.

Why look at a copy when you could look at the real thing?

The man looks like an Anthony, really, with tan skin and hair of a deep chestnut color. His facial hair is cut into strange shapes on his chin, angular and sharp. Peter’s search finds a pair of clear glasses, and behind them, brown eyes with the same level of confusion that he’s feeling. 

He doesn’t look much like the sort of man Miss Stark would be interested in, if Peter’s being honest, but who is he to judge.

The confusion in Anthony’s- Mister Stark’s, pull yourself together- eyes sharpens to understanding as he looks Peter up and down, from the ragged holes in his shoes to the tangled mass of curls on top of his head. He can obviously tell exactly what he’s there for. As Mister Stark looks back and forth between Miss Potts and Peter, the understanding sharpens further yet.

“Virginia,” he says, in a voice as crisp and clear as his glasses, “a bit of warning would’ve been nice.”

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Burn V

Title: Burn V

Fandom: Marvel (MCU)

Type: series

Prompt/Summary: Things are looking up

Pairing(s): Tony Stark x daughter!reader, Peter Parker x Reader, Avengers X Reader

Requested? YES


Originally posted by robertchase

“Wow, I knew you guys were nerds before but this…this is a new level of nerd. A level unseen, unheard of ever before,” MJ said to the boys as we stood in line for Star Wars. Ned was dressed as Han Solo and Peter was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

You couldn’t help but laugh, and Ned and Peter both glared at you but only the superhero spoke up.

“Why aren’t you saying that to Y/N too? She’s dressed up just like us and everyone else here,” Peter said gesturing to the rest of the line who were all dressed as various characters from the series.

You decided to go as Rey, you had always liked her character and there was a sense of kinship in both being abandoned by your biological mothers. No matter, the one you had now was perfect.

“Yes but she actually pulls it off, without looking like a geek,” MJ turned to you. “Did you make that costume yourself?” She asked.

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