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#morgan stark
What are some of your fav Avengers and Peter headcanons?

hmmmm good question

first of all, they all go to the movies in their suits sometimes, just so they can make kiddos happy. don’t ask questions. you know I’m right bet they go to women’s marches, too!! and pride!!!! they use their reputations for GOOD! peter’s favorite avenger is obviously tony, but close second is carol. he thinks she’s neat and she’s like the cool aunt, so there’s less pressure when hanging out with her than there is hanging out with his father figure/idolhe likes to confuse steve with memes and vines and pop culture references

peter: Mr. Captain America, I think you’d get more likes than the Instagram egg

steve, squinting: t….thank you???

I feel like they have nap sessions. like team naps. they all find spots on couches and just lay down on each other’s legs and stuff. morgan isn’t an avenger, but she’s always invited. she likes snuggling with peter the mostsometimes they all occupy the same space while doing different things like the family they are

I hope that’s the sort of thing you wanted!!!

- 🐡

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馃枈 + Morgan

Morgan is a well-respected scientist who has spent time as a professor as well as a military contractor. She became an incredibly influential individual, due to in no small part her family name.

She, along with others her age, spearheaded a movement to shift the government back from militaristic to a more social focus. The paranoia left in the wake of the Snap left the world in a cold war like state, and they were determined to keep things from getting worse. 

However, there were those who disagreed, and the disagreements became violent. On several occasions, Morgan found herself on the opposite side of people she grew up with. 

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Tony: Pepper bought off-brand pop-tarts. Sometimes I think she’s acting out on purpose. I don’t know why she’s trying to drive me away but I’m not going to budge. I’ll love her through this. This is the raw and often ugly side of marriage people don’t want to talk about.

Pepper: they’re organic for our child you man baby.

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Well, this is it…I hope it’s better than my last fic’s ending, and not so rushed. But, 30 chapters..Nothing I’ve written has been this long before!

It’s been a wild ride, and with readers like you, I have had the most fun writing this! You’ve encouraged me so much to keep writing, no matter how bad I thought this was, and how crappy I felt a chapter was. I just want to say thank you!

Now, onto other things. I have decided to take a little break with Irondad to plan out my next fic and…my next original! This original won’t be G/t, but it will have a supernatural element to it! I won’t say anything, but it has to do with wolves lol. So, be on the lookout, okay? I’ll be working on My Tiny Pet, and a few other things.

And as always, if you liked this chapter, please leave a comment down below! I love each and every one of you, reader, commenter, and favoriter!

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I feel like the mcu could've done some really interesting stuff (and it seemed like it was a theme they were maybe deliberately building on) with how many terrible fathers there were and then Tony (and Scott, who they also forced to miss out on a huge part of his daughter's life) but then they just turned it into another dead/absent parent thing

I know!!! Tony and Scott have so much potential to be the chaotic soft dad duo they’re meant to be, in the perfect world Tony is alive and Cassie didn’t grow up without her dad, she comes back as her 9 year-old self. Tony and Scott are what you called overbearing Dads, Tony may think Scott is an idiot and Scott still think Tony is a jerk but they have bonded over their paranoia for the safety and wellbeing of their daughters against this world of evil. 

  • They put pads and everything on their daughters when they’re going for a little bike trip, Cassie has whined that she’s nine she’s fine without but Scott just shush her be like, set a good example for the Starks, we Langs aren’t reckless! Tony shoots him a hard glare, lucky for Scott, Tony adores Cassie so he doesn’t retaliate. 
  • They have also established this No Dates Till They’re Old Enough rule which Cassie and Morgan frown at them wearing the same ‘why are you like this Dad’ look on their faces. 
  • Despite the 4 years difference, Morgan and Cassie get along like the sisters they never know they have, Cassie always just takes Morgan’s hand and head straight to the playground discussing the game they’re gonna play later, leaving their two dumb dads behind when their petty squabbles are getting too petty, watching them sitting on the park bench with their arms crossed, barely tolerating each other existence always make the girls giggles. 
  • They know they (try to) act stern and tough but their daughters have seen through them from the start, a huge pushover is what they are. The girls always use them to get what they want, and when Pepper or Hope get mad they will use their sweet and innocent faces and say, but Dad says it’s okay :)? like they didn’t have this all planned out for Tony and Scott to walk right into the trap.
  • Tony and Scott might make a show of gagging when they see each other (that’s how mature they’re) but they’re a formidable duo at the PTA, they take no bullshit and will fight for what’s right and best for their kids. Scott always wants to high five Tony when they’re on a roll tearing someone or some stupid proposal down, but all Tony will give Scott is a wink and a smirk. 
  • Scott confronts Tony after one PTA meeting, determined to get his long over due high five, Tony sighs and looks around, making sure there’s no one around who can witness this, finally gives in and puts up his palm, Scott is visibly vibrating and smack his high five hard on Tony’s palm, he lets out an ow and then noticed an Ace of Spade is on his hand, he questions Scott with a frown and before he can say what Scott has made the card disappeared from his palm and throw the same card out from his mouth. Tony for once in his life is left speechless, but soon he recovers from the shock he’s demanding Scott to teach him
  • Now whenever Tony sees Scott, he always greets him with the card trick he’s been practicing for the past few days, and Scott either looks smug and proud or he takes the opportunity to insult Tony’s intelligence, which to his surprise Tony never looks offended but patiently listens to his somewhat constructive somewhat insulting criticism. 
  • Cassie and Morgan are having juice pops at the porch, watching their dads by the picnic table, and Cassie is looking at Tony with her big eyes filled with pity, ‘Your dad is becoming like my dad, I’m sorry Mo,’ to which Morgan only replies, ‘which means we’re more like sisters and it’s good.’
  • ‘We are way cooler though.’ ‘Yeah. They’re pretty dumb.’
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Morgan: Come! [She pats her bed.]
Tony: Oh, no, baby. I can't lay down. It's late. I have too much to do.
Morgan: Come on, daddy, please?
Tony: Okay. Just for a minute. All right.
Morgan: No, daddy. Under the blanket.
Tony: No, no. I can't get under.
Morgan: Please.
Tony: No. And don't touch me. I swear to God, if your little baby hands touch me, I'll fall asleep. Then I'll be in a lot of trouble. I'll play you a song okay?
Morgan: Okay.
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