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#morgie’s super. dysfunctional. halloween

Update time baby!!!!

We have all the stuff!!!!!! We just need to sow the blazer, turn the trousers into shorts and make sure the sweater fits :))))))

I’m currently wearing the socks + the shoes, which are very comfortable

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Halloween update!!!!

I’ve got:

•the jacket

•the shirt

•a tie

•trousers that will be turned into shorts

What I don’t have

•the jumper (it’s so specific!!!!!)

•the socks (it’s hard to find socks that go to below the knee for some reason!!!)

I’m also gonna have to turn my hair into his some how (there’s gonna be a lot of hairspray and hair jell lmao)

But other than that, it’s coming together!!!! And I’m very excited!!!!!!

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