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Ugh.. lately I've been staying up late into the evening doing my homework and it gets pretty lonely.. Would you mind keeping me company?

Awww, dear human, of course

Hehe, depending on what it is, i may be of some assistance!! Though, i doubt humans have classes on advanced electronics and space travel

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hello and welcome to the pose that took me 8000 years to finish

My group of moth characters isn’t based on a DnD party, but if it was, Zeke would definitely be the bard. xD

I’m realizing now that I haven’t finished the ref sheet with his updated design yet but here it is anyway lol. At least I finished something today.

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Another throwback. Dense Macabre done in fall of 2016. Lots and lots and lots and lots of dots. Reaching out to my spirit animal. Ideas for the second piece are in the works. 

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A warning for this episode: slight language and stressful themes

Matters of the heart
Episode 13:Tough tutelage


{open to old Corona and many are participating in preparing for winter; pan to Isaiah looking out his bedroom window; he sighs and Draki slithers up his shoulder and nudges him with his snout}

Isaiah: OH! Heh…thanks boy…but you should get back to your heat lamp…

{he carries Draki back over to the terrarium his dad made for him; Varian knocks on the door and walks in}

Varian: Hey Bud. Don’t you wanna go out and play with the others?

Isaiah:  nope!

Varian:  Isaiah you can’t stay cooped up in your room forever. it’s not healthy… trust me I know.

Isaiah:  dad I appreciate your concern but I’m quite fine here with all my other friends.

Varian:.. other friends?

Isaiah: yeah look!  just last week I bought this Madagascar hissing cockroach off of a trader!  and I have this black widow spider that I’ve been studying!

Varian:  what is it with you and your affinity for the venomous things?

Isaiah: What is it with you and Alchemy?

Varian: touche. But I’m serious… I know you’re afraid of the cult and what they might be doing out there but staring at the tree line is not going to help your mental state trust me.

Isaiah: so what do you recommend I do? just wait around for them to attack!?

Varian: I was going to say live your life one day at a time… nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future buddy. But worrying about it is not going to do you any favors the best thing we can do is prepare for what’s to come.

{Isaiah looks like he gets an idea}

Isaiah: Dad! You’re a genius!

Varian: oh ho I don’t know about that! *does a pose*

{ Isaiah runs over and hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing his cloak}

Isaiah:  I’ll be back later tonight for dinner!

Varian:! Be careful and don’t go too far!

Isaiah: got it!

{He runs past a plate of toast but goes back and grabs a slice before running out the door with it in his mouth; cut to the cult HQ and Larkspur sitting on her throne}

Larkspur: Well?

Noremoth: Our vessel is growing stronger.. her wound is almost completely healed.

Larkspur: wounds that would have never happened had she gone alone

Noremoth: are you still on about that!?  she would have been surrounded either way!  the device is almost finished.  our best mechanics have been working on it for many years so perhaps you should just focus on being happy about that.

Larkspur: you forget yourself Noremoth…

Noremoth: oh do I now?  you weren’t there. you didn’t see.

Larkspur: what exactly did I not see that is so important? all I saw was that you brought our vessel back wounded.

Noremoth:  I saved the vessel! if it were not for me she would be dead and we would be going through another several years of trying to locate a new host! you told me once before that the way we were going to get The Shard of the Moonstone was through ransom!  is holding a knife to a child’s throat what you meant!?

Larkspur: *sips drink*

Noremoth: Well?

Larkspur:… you’re so sensitive about those things, aren’t you? if you continue to see that boy as a child and not an enemy you will never get very far. I understand your… past makes it difficult for you to see him any other way… a poor innocent child thrust into a bad situation. erase that from your mind now.  she is nothing but another obstacle in our way…remember that.

Noremoth:   whatever you say… but I’m not dropping the point of if had I not been there our vessel would be dead and that you still condemn me as if they were my mistake she was shot.

Larkspur: ugh… fine… I apologize is that what you were looking for? the point is the device is almost complete and our vessel is almost fully healed.  I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.  we will be getting that Moonstone Shard one way or another and we will do whatever it takes to obtain it. do I make myself clear?


Larkspur: very well then… you may go… oh and Noremoth?  never question my judgment again.

{cut to old Corona; Quirin is tossing grain into one of the storage barns; Isaiah is running up to him but slips and starts sliding towards some sharp farm equipment}

Isaiah: AHHHH!

{Quirn grabs him}

Quirin: Isaiah, are you alright!?

Isaiah: That’s not important right now!

Quirin:  what?

Isaiah:  Grandpa you used to tell me about your time in the Brotherhood when I was a little boy right?

Quirin: ummm Isaiah you still are a little boy.

Isaiah: grandpa!

Quirin: okay okay!  yes I would tell you about my time in the Brotherhood. what does that have to do with anything right now?

Isaiah: I want you to teach me how to fight!

{Quirin stops and falters for a moment before turning to him}

Quirin:  you want me to what?

Isaiah: dad knows how to fight! you know how to fight!  even the Queen knows how to work a… frying pan… But I can barely lift a sword!  how am I supposed to protect the others!?

Quirin: Isaiah first of all if it were to come to a  battle you would leave with the women and children. there’s no need for me to teach you how to fight.

{Isaiah grips onto his grandfather’s arm}

Isaiah:  Grandpa…please…Quirin: *sighs*….. fine…  you win… follow me…

Isaiah: YEAH! WOOT! uh…i mean..thank you…

{Cut to the orchard and Quirin hands him a short sword}

Isaiah:…Grandpa… what is this? I’m pretty sure the cult could pick their teeth with this.

Quirin: If you think I’m handing a beginner a longsword you’ve got another thing coming. Plus I’m pretty sure if you got injured right now your father would end me. does he even know we’re doing this?

Isaiah: …mmmaaaayyybbeee?

Quirin: in other words no… got it…

{Quirin throws an apple and it hits Isaiah square in the forehead; Isaiah makes a prolonged and loud groan}

Isaiah: nngh..GRANDPA! W-WHAT THE HELL!?

Quirin: First things first, watch your mouth… I’m your grandfather first and a teacher second.

Isaiah: fine… but still what was that for!?

Quirin:  you’re supposed to slice the Apple in half.  helps with predicting your enemy’s blows and blocking them effectively.  if I try and swing at you you’re going to get knocked over in 5 seconds we don’t really have any other sword fighters that are your size.  so the Apple trick is going to have to do.

Isaiah:  well a little warning next time would be appreciated… Quirin: Let’s try that again shall we?  I’m going to throw the Apple at you and I want you to try and block it with your sword…

{Isaiah gets into a proper stance}

Quirin:  where did you learn to do that? I didn’t say anything about the proper stance yet.

Isaiah:  just throw the damn Apple….

{Quirin throws it and Isaiah slices it in two}

Quirin: good job…

{he throws two and Isaiah slices one and gets hit by the other}

Isaiah: AUGH!..nggh

Quirin: If you think on a battlefield you’re only facing one opponent at a time you’re going to be sorely mistaken.

{he throws another apple and Isaiah slices it before being hit with another}

Quirin: again…

{Start a montage of Isaiah learning to block attacks by slicing apples it ends with Isaiah panting, covered in bruises}

Quirin:  it appears you’ve reached your limit… you truly are my grandson…

Isaiah: huh?

Quirin:  my limit was shorter.. you seem to have surpassed me…

{Isaiah smirks and Quirin helps him up}

Quirin: Next we’re going to be working on your footwork…Sword fighting isn’t all about just staying in one place and clashing swords.  you need to be able to dodge and perry attacks.  as I said before we don’t really have any sword fighters your size and I wasn’t going to let you practice blocking blows on me.  however, it looks like now we don’t have a choice.

Isaiah: what?

{Quirin swings his staff; Isaiah blocks it and struggles but shoves him off; Quirin kicks his feet out}

Isaiah: AH!

Quirin:  be careful of your footwork don’t allow your enemy to see an opening.

{Isaiah charges and Quirin moves out of the way leading to Isaiah landing harshly on the ground}

Quirin:  get up… you wanted to learn how to fight well this is the harsh reality… a battle is ruthless they aren’t going to wait for you to get back up.

{Isaiah gets back up and holds up his sword}

Quirin: there we go…

{they clash swords and begin fighting; Isaiah attempts to hold his ground and fight. He lunges at Quirin and once again Quirin dodges; Isaiah spins back around but loses his footing and falls harshly against a tree making apples fall. Isaiah coughs and sputters}

Quirin: Isaiah!

{Quirin drops his sword and runs over}

Quirin: are you alright?

{Isaiah has a bleeding lip and whimpers}

Quirin: oh Isaiah…

{He goes to help him up but Isaiah pushes him off and attempts to get up himself only to fall harshly to the ground}

Quirin: Isaiah that’s enough…. you’ve reached your limit for today besides you end up getting seriously hurt your father will never let me hear the end of it.

Isaiah: what’s the point anyway….

Quirin: Isaiah?

Isaiah:  I’m always going to be the blind weakling…the traitor’s son…

Quirin:..Isaiah, I want you to be honest with me right now…

Isaiah: yes?

Quirin:  what was the real reason you asked me out here? was it to actually learn sword fighting? or was it something else… what was the purpose of all this?

Isaiah:  just…. you don’t know what it was like.  she held a dagger to my throat… I had to stand there and watch my father and everyone else squirm. I hated it. I felt so useless.

Quirin: Isaiah…

Isaiah: I want to be able to do something!  I don’t want to be the scared little kid in the background watching all the adults solve my problems for me!  I want to be able to take care of myself!  I want to help!  I thought that maybe… just maybe if I knew how to defend myself I’d be of some use to you… to the Village…

Quirin: Isaiah no one is expecting you to do anything for us.  at the end of the day, you are still a child.  stop trying to grow up before you’re ready.

Isaiah:  everyone keeps telling me just enjoy being a kid!  let the adults handle it but at the same time I keep getting thrust into every situation!  I may not be ready to grow up but I have to!

Quirin:  does your father know about how you feel? does he know how stressed out you are? have you even bothered talking to him about this?

Isaiah: he stressed enough as it is he doesn’t need to know about my problems. my problems are my own. I need to deal with them on my own.

Quirin:  dealing with your problems on your own sounds pretty lonely… after all what’s the point of having a family if you can’t rely on them for things.

{isaiah looks over at him; Quirin picks up his short sword and hands it to him}

Quirin:  you may be wanting to grow up more but you have to remember you were still but a child.  you know your father was exactly like you.wanting to grow up before he was ready.  He didn’t listen to me then but I’m hoping you’ll listen to me now.

Isaiah: Grandpa?

Quirin:  your father thought he knew what was best.  he thought he knew what he was doing or what he was getting into but he didn’t.  and look what it did to him.  Don’t make the same mistake.  be patient with yourself.   it’s okay to ask for help once in a while. trying to deal with things on your own is painful and a lot of the times it doesn’t work.  there’s always going to be people that care about you.  and there’s always going to be people that want to protect you and you may want to protect them as well even from yourself.

Isaiah:  then what do I do? With everything that’s going on, am I just supposed to Stand By and Watch?

Quirin:  Isaiah… I can’t make you do anything.  I can tell you what the best course of action would be but I can’t guarantee you’ll listen. that decision is up to you.  there’s going to come a time when you’re going to disagree with what’s being said to you. what you’re being told to do. and it’s going to be up to you to decide for yourself who you’re going to listen to. the person talking to you or yourself. The outcome will depend on you. I can only hope we’ve raised you to make the better choice. Whatever it may be.

{Quirin gets up and walks away; fade to sunset and Isaiah sits with his sword by a tree in the orchard; Varian walks up to him with a stoic face}

Varian: So… your grandfather told me what happened today.

Isaiah:  I don’t want to talk about it…

Varian:  you said you’d be home by dinner… it’s getting past Sunset now.  you don’t normally do this. only when you’re feeling horrible about something.

Isaiah:  I understand what grandpa’s saying but… I also wanted to learn for me… I want to be able to protect myself…. I want to be useful to the village and everyone else too but… I never want to feel that scared again.


Isaiah: Huh? AH!

{Varian swings his sword at Isaiah and Isaiah reacts by blocking it; he stares at Varian shocked}

Isaiah: dad?

{Begin song “fighter”; Varian starts sword fighting with a shocked Isaiah}


Grab your sword and get up
Keep your legs apart now
Level your shoulders
Move one step at a time

Fighting is no joke do you think this is a game?
Move along with my feet
This is no time to look weak
Don’t forget to time your aim

Follow my lead
Don’t be afraid
You are my flesh and blood

(spoken) again!

You are my son!
But you’ll be a fighter when we’re done.

{they clash swords with Isaiah parrying his attacks}

Wipe that smirk off your face this                                                                          is no time for mistakes

One false move and it could be your life
Fightings about perception
Don’t fall for their deception

Parry my attacks now fight for your life
You are my son
Don’t be afraid
As long as you have your blade
You’re safe.

It’s in your blood!
You are my son!
But you’ll be a fighter when we’re done!

{Isaiah sees an opening and trips Varian off his feet; Isaiah points his sword at him and Varian smirks; end song}

Varian: …that’s my boy…


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