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you don’t get to hurt me and decide it doesn’t matter

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my mom will buy a lottery ticket and win 3 dollars and use those 3 dollars to get more tickets

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my moms doing laundry and someone left their clothes in a washer wet for over a week

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15 August 2019

Mothers can ruin their children lives. And no child deserves that. No child has to respect or love that kind of mother.

I need someone to talk to me. Please. I don’t want to be alone.

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Last session I told my psychologist that my mom wanted to out for a trip with me. And she literally said, that it's normal to be with your mom when your 40. Idrk why she says that becuz she says that pretty often whenever I talk more bout my mom.But I plan on leaving the house as soon as I finish with school and can go to university(told her that). I don't have the greatest relationship with my mom, but idk. That confuses me ..

Hey there. It’s okay to not have a good relationship with your mother. I definitely don’t. And it’s okay to stay with her until you’re ready to leave. That doesn’t mean that your obligated to spend time with her. Don’t feel bad for looking out for yourself. And don’t let your psychologist confuse you about how you’re feeling.

-Mod Christa

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Mom sent me a pic of my 2 days old niece & SHE’S SO BABIE… I love her

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Repost @urban_survival
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These…“things” are America’s future #Pastors, #LoanOfficers, #Teachers, #OBGYN, #LawEnforcement Officers, #Judges, #Presidents, #Cooks, #Professors, #Wives and most importantly, #MOTHERS.
#new#strength#think#future#ideas#reality#SelfDefense#DefendYourself##HueyPNewtonGunClub#Power (at New York, New York)

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i went to the record store and i wanted to go to a new restaurant that has lao street food but alas i had no money and was waiting for my mom to get my sister her dance clothes, when i have money hopefully i can go. business is so sad in down town

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