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Me every time I think of how my mom made fun of me & laughed @ me in my face when I told her I thought I might experience some form of delusions & hallucinations & I was worried

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When Mothers and Kids following our head instructor to do CPR. Supermom and super kids at Family Survival Training. P.S. there is a limitation to ages for the kids without parents training with them, please contact us…  

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Now that she’s ashamed of their ancient burls and
gibbous knobs –
“Don’t be ashamed!” I helplessly cry –
I find myself staring at the raw matter of their
decay, nails crumbling to the opalescent grit
of their lunulae, liver spots speckling the blue dorsal vein
with its throbbing blue limbs, as if the leopard,
symbol of lust in Dante, lay panting, enfeebled,
in the dark wood.

I can’t bear that these hands won’t always be here,
though I barely noticed them when they were still dexterous,
commanding me to come here, do this chore, listen to this
sweet story, come here, sweetheart, come here…

Now a scythelike rod planted within the same index finger
gives it an incongruous come-hither look that forces
passersby to point to themselves, thinking
she’s beckoning to them, an optical illusion, of course,
like the Beauty and the Crone.

“This hand is not the crux and matter of you,” I want to say,
but know she’d laugh and ask, “Is it what’s the matter
with you?” or – worse – look away in pain, saying,
“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.”

And so I hold on tight as she sits in her wheelchair, as if
to guide her somewhere, anywhere, until I kiss her
and her hands fall from my own to a spot on her desk
by the glass paperweight that my father gave her
when they were young: clear, abstract, voluptuous,
with five sparkling air bubbles clutching
a bouquet of clouds.

• David Woo

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i tried to write a poem about my mother,
but i came away with scrawled half-metaphors
that felt more like repressed memories
than poetry,
a distinction as vague as a mother’s love.
i am a daughter a dozen times over
to women who learned how to love me,
and how powerful that is–
to be chosen purposefully,
to be loved without obligation.
i will never be my mother’s daughter,
but i will be loved enough so that,
i can tell the ten-year-old named blame
that lives in the black of my heart
that she is not at fault.
someday, i will tell her i love her,
and i forgive her,
and i will no longer feel guilty
for being the daughter i was born as,
instead of the daughter i have become.

i am more than a definition. 

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Sally Jackson Headcanon

- It was after the war with the Giants and Gaea

- On every Mother’s day, Percy visited Sally

- They were talking for ours, when Sally brought up a question about the team’s mortal moms

- Percy answered that besides her, all the other mortal mothers are dead

- Sally immediately told Percy to bring Hazel, Frank, Leo, Nico and Jason; she also asked about what is their favorite food

- Next time when Percy showed up with his friends, he was shocked: Sally prepared an entire dining table with tacos, gumbo, rice, cookies ( regular and blue ones ), hamburgers and a bunch of other kind of food

- So they ate, and while they were eating, Sally had a little chat with every demigod

- After they finished their meals, Sally told the demigods that they can visit her anytime if they need emotional support or just a nice chat

- The demigods spread the news in both camps, so Sally soon became the No. 1 Supporter for demigods who needed support

- These demigods usually were the ones who just learned that they are children of gods, demigods with no ( or not caring ) mortal parents, demigods who were bullied, LGBT demigods who were ashamed to show the world their sexuality, etc…

- No month passed without at least one demigod visiting Sally

- Then many years later, when Sally’s time came, she was visited by Rhea, the Titaness of Motherhood and the Mother of the 6 eldest olympian

- She was amazed by Sally’s caring and loving attitude

- Rhea offered the opportunity of turning Sally into a goddess

- Sally accepted the request, and she became the goddess of Mothers and Emotional Support

- She is wondering around the Earth, helping the ones who need support

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