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@akasanata asked me for this list like a century ago! I’m so sorry, I’m the slowest in the world to answer that kind of thing. So here are the 5 movies that make me cry. But really crying, I do not know if I was tired that day or if the movie was incredibly moving, but I came out of the cinema sniffing.

The Return of the king

So yes it’s a little weird. I was an absolute fan of these films and when the last one was released to the cinema, it was like a tearing goodbye for me.


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120 battements par minute - BPM Beats per minute

This is the kind of movie I will only see once because it really reduced me to a puddle of tears for a week. Very strong, very very strong and moving.


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おくりびと, Okuribito - Departures

This film is absolutely magical, very funny and moving. The soundtrack of the film is great and makes the tears flow.


Always - Sunset on Third Street - Ōruweizu: San-chōme no Yūhi

A Japanese film released in 2005, it’s funny too but incredibly catchy. The characters are endearing and the period of the Japanese postwar superbly transcribed ( idealized without doubt but it is very beautiful). I saw it on my last day of my stay in Japan.


The Lion King (1994)

The first time I cried in a cinema ever. I was very young and I think all the children were in tears in the cinema!


Originally posted by disneyfeverdaily

Here is the list of films for which I very much remember crying. There are others for which I sniffed very strongly but the list would be too long. Thank you @akasanata​ for this ask !

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