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#mutant and proud

“Real men don’t abandon their families” - Marcos Diaz said this in The Gifted, and it hit me so hard in my feels.

Of course I would be watching this on my way to see the very father who abandoned me and the concept of being family to me. Oh, the irony.

All irony aside, this show is really good and reminded me why I loved the X-men and mutants in general.

Whose side are you on? The Frost Triplets/Lorna? Or Marcos and the Struckers?

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“Remember, Mutant and Proud”

I’ll never forget the first time I watched Raven on screen. This mutant who could be anyone she wanted and here we are. It had only been announced and the movie hasn’t come out yet but I somehow feel like I’ve already lost a friend… Watching both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence play this great character was a wonderful experience. I felt like it was appropriate to draw his as a memory to one of my other favourite character among the rest.Being a fan of this franchise for so long I just want to get this out of my mind and prepare myself for what Dark Phoenix has install. Watching it would be the death of me and I’m so grateful for the movies and what it had provided me. I know that Dark Phoenix is two months away but for me, it is not coming close enough. I’ve seen the trailers too many times and I’m still crying. But whatever comes I’ll be there for my favourite characters. 

I don’t know if I posted this yet but oh well I am still not over her death! 

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“Is helping your fellow mutant not reward enough for Raven Darkhölme?”

#PowersOfX [ 01 ] “The Last Dream of Professor X”

#XaviersDreamPod // #CBNpod #HoX #PoX #MutantAndProud #XDpod #PodsInColor

Εp 002 [ ✖️ ] ]

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I used to be such a klutz when I first got my mutation. I could barely hold a cup of water when I was trying to use both sets. But now look at me! I’m so happy with how much my hand eye coordination has improved over the past five years! I can throw pottery now and do the dishes. I can even play a decent game of smash using both sets!

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In "X Men: First Class", Magneto tells Raven that if she is not able to accept herself, no one else can ever accept her. In a later scene, Raven tells Hank that it is society that must accept the mutants (and I think it applies to anyone who is "different"), what is your opinion about it?

Hi, thank you for asking. I believe that the X men movies and this universe is important because you can apply this things in your life. I believe that erik was right, because he had to learn (by the hard way) that he needs to be himsef, with powers that he couldn’t control or understood at first, and even then he grew up like a leader for the mutants. I feel like he was super convinced and he wants to share his self confidence and teach the mutants to embrace themselves, asn they are.

“Mutant and proud” apply to many things to me, woman and proud, bi and proud, whatever what you need to embrace, is in this phrase.


Message me 1 thing you want to know about me.

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