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#my kitty

This is my cat. His name is Leo and he is the love of my life ❤

I’ve been dealing with depression for over 10 years now and Leo has been the reason of my smile for the past month. Now I have more strength to fight agaisnt depression thanks to him.

I finished my internship contract in October, and graduated from College in December. I could barely get of out bed or my house ever since, but it stopped when Leo was brought into my life.

So I’m really thankful for this little cat, because now I open my window every morning, clean my bedroom, look for a new job and I can finally go out for a walk by myself and enjoy.

I love you, Leo! ❤🐱🐾

If you ever deal with depression, consider adopting. Cats, dogs, any animal. And really really take care of them. They deserve all the love you can give. 🐾

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