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Mossali 🌗 Nulitosc? :3

Mossali + Nulitosc = Nulisali

It’s a she I suppose, Mossali took over with that one.

They would be really strong, since I giess it’s the power of Void, Radiance and Nightmare…

Aaaand, emotionally unstabe + emotionally unstable = practicly a ticking bomb.

Nulisali in the mask and without the mask.

Also those two together = me kinda so X’“D

Have a nice day

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“Great job team. Heh, guess the resistance doesn’t need us anymore.”

I made a Sonic Heroes team with two of my buddies. We have Team Rad, consisting of Derby the Seagull (speed), Roberta the Coyote (power), and Kai the Dragonfly (flight).

Here, they celebrate with the resistance as the war with Eggman and Infinite comes to an end before taking their leave on their next adventure.

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I’ve held back on posting this oc but I think she’s good to go. This is Rubi, she’s a dog character but I like to draw her as a person too! She’s 15 and is fabulous show dog. 🎀 She’s Chavo’s one true love. (I’ve drawn her as long as I’ve drawn Chavo lol).

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Another OC!!!!

From the same kingdom as Ptolema, her name is Alena!! She’s kinda dumb, so good thing she isn’t on the battlefield.

Ptolema can’t remember for the life of her how her and Alena met, but if anything happened to Alena she’d rampage

Alena is apart of an aristocratic family, so she has connections, naturally. These will come in handy later. Alena is about 5’5 and she is sitting on her balcony.

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My digital art drawing of my character Maethwen Daystalker


Please do not kin or use as art and/or a face claim for another character)

Made in Autodesk Sketchbook in 2018

The short of her character is a Shitty-Mage-for-Hire and a Warlock moonlighting as a Mage… or is it the other way around, honestly she doesn’t even know anymore.

She’s fake, stuffy, snooty, smug, and utterly talent-less

Unless of course you count being the most repulsive attention whore ever made a talent.

Slowly but surly though her almost commitment to what ends up being an almost comically bad portrayal of a powerful Sin’dorei is breaking down. However, the question of what’s left when her denial and mal-adaptive copping is gone remains to be seen

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“But Tessa! 8 boys is a tiny team and illogical!! Where are your other characters?”

If anyone actually had this concern, you’re right and I love you.

Meet the girls

Paige Earnst

  • Emile’s step sister
  • 5'1
  • A year older than him she took a gap year bc she was worried about making friends
  • Turns out she didn’t have to be worried bc they love her
  • Stunts with Dee.

Lexi “flexi lexi” Foyer

  • She stunts with Emile
  • 5'2
  • She has the best jumps on the team hyperextension wise
  • She doesn’t have the vertical Remy has
  • An actual ray of sunshine

Skyler and Elizabeth Hoffman

  • Fraternal twins
  • Skye is 5'5 and Liz is 5'6
  • They don’t look very similar but they do the creepy “talk at the same time” thing all the time
  • Beautiful tumbling synchronization
  • They do TONS of “twin telepathy” challenges on their social media

Sierralyn Taylor

  • Patton’s flyer
  • The tallest girl
  • 5'8
  • Has almost as many competition day rituals as Virgil
  • Queen of game/comp day makeup

I love them all so much

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Hello Little Vampire fans, I’ve been posting some things related to this fandom and I finally decided to show one of my projects here.

For two years I have been looking, reading and analyzing several fanfictions from different sites, however, I realized that most of them were not well developed by the authors who wrote them. They seemed too generic for my taste, there were always characters with the same personalities and still some badly developed, it was frustrating me too much.

In the middle of last year (Maybe, between September and October.), An idea popped into my mind and hung on for weeks, what if I wrote / drew a fanfiction for The Little Vampire?

After a few months and weeks of drawing / writing, I come up with a draft of a fanfiction.

This fanfiction will have some OCs (Original Character.) That I ended up creating some time ago, I will explain one of them now and maybe others in other posts.

This is Rosebelle Thompson, older sister of the other children in the Thompson family.

Rosebelle is 14-15 years old, with blonde hair (which has some lighter locks than others.) With the sides of her gourd shaved and is always seen wearing a ponytail, slightly tanned skin and blue eyes that she inherited from Dottie.

The young girl is known for her difficult temper to deal with, her stubbornness and her lack of patience around people, she is described by her parents as a delinquent who is recovering.

Is she a delinquent? Well, yes. Rosebelle suffered some traumas in her childhood and ended up trusting the wrong people when she studied in one of the worst schools in her country, the young woman was for a few months in a reformatory in her hometown because of some crimes she committed.

Luckily for the young woman, she only spent two years in retirement and then was released. She never touches on the subject of her arrest with anyone, in her family few know where she really was in those two years that she was away from home, Tony is not one of them.

Moving into Scotland was a divine gift in her eyesight, since she left the reformatory, no one at her school spoke to the young woman and her former friends left her. Mainly, the young girl’s old girlfriend, Stacy.

I won’t go into details, but having your girlfriend sent to a reformatory and then discovering everything she did behind your back is not a good feeling.

Of all the members of her family, Rosebelle has more affection for Tony, or, as she calls him Sunflower Boy, Lovebird and Amore Mio.

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In any rpg’s type game I play I always try to make this one character.

This one character that is:

  • Probably belongs in Devil Wears Prada
  • Can’t hear you over my designer [usually weapons]
  • Will walk into a place and say it smells like bitch in here
  • Her resting face usually says it for her
  • Yes, her, it’s always a she
  • Dares people to vibe check her
  • ‘Like go ahead, do it, I dare you,’
  • Has a mean laugh
  • I mean it could be someone told her a terrible joke or pun and she laughs and its sounds so mean like she just watched someone trip or something, but it’s just a joke a friend told her
  • Will vibe check higher ups/people “more powerful” than her
  • Rich and a bitch, but not spoiled
  • Her family got rich, and she, through hard work, and values it
  • Cant stress enough how rich she is
  • Like she should be a snob and such, but she will spoil her friends rotten
  • Her friends are her family and she would do anything for them
  • Debt? What debt??? Its been paid hun
  • Too expensive? 100k??? that’s lunch money
  • But anyone else…not her problem
  • Is a weird combination of the mom friend and the rich wine aunt
  • She’s ride or die for her makeshift family
  • But she is professional above all else
  • All I can think of is the line that the sniper says from TF2, 'professionals have standards’
  • And Thomas E. Ricks’ quote 'Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet’
  • Think CEO woman with heels that can kill just as much as her words
  • Judgy side eye
  • Will look at her companions discretely like they’re the camera in the Office
  • Will come unhinged when it come to dogs
  • Itty bitty baby pupper needs to be protected at all costs, even if said cost is her reputation because she needs to pet the dog and/or save its life, can she adopt it? Shes going to sure try
  • That dog will be living the life of luxury
  • Two games where I have one:

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