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Imagine one afternoon, Sybok accompanies his wife to the Embassy library. She is working on some research and being the dutiful husband is pleased to assist her. The room is large and for the most part, deserted. The librarian has departed for the day and they’re enjoying some time alone after a busy week. The dark and intimate nature of the environment between the stacks screams out for improper encounters. At least to Louise.

She accidentally catches his fingers in one of the sliding cabinets. As she is “kissing them better” a brief moment of weakness in his Vulcan resolve is felt. Louise takes advantage of this rare occurrence.

He receives his first blow job as books containing the “Teachings of Surak” surround him, possibly judging him.


Vulhkansu Ar’kada : Vulcan Jobs


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Hi guys❤️

My entire for The day Nalu/Gruvia Big Bang @nalugruviaevents​ . @i-write-fanfics-to-procrastinate and I decided on a 1940s/50s AU. It has been so wonderful working with you, friend! Your story is lovely and it was a so great to be paired with you for this event.

Also thank to @rieriebee for become our mood !

It was a pleasure to work with you guys 🥰

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This art is by the magnificent Japanese artist, Cursor, who draws Narumayo doujinshis as well. None of the credit goes to me. I ship Phoenix and Maya like crazy, so this is amazing. You can look at it from either a platonic or romantic angle. It looks like an actual official image. 

Dammit, I wish I could find a link to them because they totally deserve the attention. This isn’t mine, of course. NOT MINE!

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Lou: (Snorts while reading the ask


“Anonymous asked, Sybok, what’s your favourite sexual position and are you good at it?“


Sybok: “I am uncomfortable with this line of questioning.”

Louise: “Oh don’t be a prude.”

Sybok: “I like any position as long as it is mutually gratifying for all parties involved. Yes, she is good at it.”

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