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I think I’m actually annoying Helmer with my affection now that there is only one dog in the house at the moment. He’s not growling or anything but he’s protesting for sure. Grumpy old man… Let’s see if he can resist the “behind the ear scratches” or the “just above the butt scratches”. 

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I can’t sleep and I’m looking up pictures I have on hand of Pepper. 

Even though she generally doesn’t like most other dogs she has always been super gentle and sweet with Helmer and Pom (my sisters little dog) ever since  they were pups. She is a good dog, I want her to be okay. 

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thestarfishdancer replied to your post “randomyorkshiregirl replied to your photo “My three cats just…”

I love your beautiful pets, but probably especially London because I had springers growing up, and London’s face reminds me of Anchor. (We also later got Rudder. Our nautical pups.)

I love your nautical pups.  I have never met them and I adore them… and their names.

I absolutely Springers.  London is my fourth English Springer Spaniel, and he will likely not be my last. They’re not too small (I personally don’t prefer to own small dogs, but I will pet them when given the chance) and they don’t break my rule of “I have to be able to lift and carry them 200 feet” just in case something happens because NORMALLY they don’t get bigger than 55lbs.  London is an exception at 65lbs… and the vet is like Nope not overweight… just huge.  

My first were a pair of sisters called Tedi and Dot


(excuse the picture of a picture. This was from like 1992) And yes my parents had a hand in naming these two.


Rikku, the original Civic Duty Spaniel, was the first dog I owned on my own. She was my 30th birthday present to myself from myself with love. She loved the water and love playing fetch in the water


She had her tail, which is unusual for Springers… most breeders dock them since it is the breed standard. I loved her tail. I loved her. I still miss her lots.

She also had the ability to make Sarah Maclachlan’s “Angel” start playing in your head when she looked at you doing her “Sad Spaniel Eyes” thing. Seriously, for a spoiled rotten dog, she would make you think she was suffering mightily because you weren’t giving her your radishes.

So yeah.  Springers are like the best dogs. They only shed twice a year. Are eager to please and train. They’re good for cuddling and playing and exercising and being lazy – London is currently acting like a neck rest since he is sprawled out behind me on the chair. And I highly recommend them. 


This has been your English Springer Spaniel endorsement post. 

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