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Crappy Day Gone Good ~ Negan & Blake Oneshot


Crappy Day Gone Good

The deliciously warm aroma of coffee and indulgent pastries enveloped her rain beaten body in a soothing hug as she stepped over the threshold of her favourite coffee house.

It had been such a crappy day, going from interview to interview and each time having her spirit crushed bit by bit. The whole day filled with dejection, rejection, not forgetting the torrential downpours leaving her looking and feeling like a drowned rat.

She took a moment, closing her eyes and taking a couple of deep yet shaky breaths as the door closed behind her with a satisfying click shutting out the wind, rain and woes.

As her eyes opened they were immediately caught in the smouldering hazel gaze that she knew and loved, full of love and concern for her bedraggled state and suddenly it was as though the sun had emerged.

It never ceased to amaze her how he could make her feel so loved and protected with just a simple look, one of the many reasons why she adored him so.

But then she saw it, the telltale quirk of his eyebrow and the oh-so-subtle shift from concern to barely contained laughter, teasingly nibbling at his lower lip as he gingerly rose to his feet just as she reached the secluded table.

He took in her appearance, her caramel locks plastered to her head dripping with rain and her usually pristine makeup smudged and faded, even so she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on.

Blake let her bag and saturated coat slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor with a resounding wet slap.

Negan bit back a bark of laughter, “tough day, Peaches?”

Blake shot him a murderous look even though she knew it was all in jest.

“The worst. You have no idea how close I came to nearly killing several people.” She sighed deeply and bowed her head, “I hate job interviews.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t cos no offence Peaches but you wouldn’t last five minutes in prison.”

“Oh really? And what makes you think that?”

“Cos you wouldn’t have me there protectin’ ya…” Negan inched closer, their bodies now a hair’s breadth apart, “keepin’ ya safe durin’ the day and warm durin’ the night…” he emphasised his point by pressing his crotch to hers and grinding his hips slowly, subtlety was not something Negan was familiar with.

“Steady on big guy,” she pressed her palm against his chest, her eyes searched his then fell to his beard-framed lips. Her eyebrows quirked and a wry smile tugged at her lips.


“Have you had red velvet cake without me?”

She nodded towards the table to the empty plate save for a few telltale crimson crumbs.

Negan has the decency to try and look sheepish, his nervous tell of scratching behind his ear suddenly not quite meeting Blake’s eye.

“Uh, no. No, Peaches. That, uhhh… that was already here when I got here. Honest, I ain’t bullshittin’ ya.”

“You’re so lucky that I love you.” She grabbed the lapels of his leather jacket and tugged him down so they were nose to nose, “cos you’re a shit liar…”

Without another word, she closed the gap between and eagerly pressed her lips against his, Negan growled lowly and crushed her against his chest, his large hands clutching and pawing at her shapely backside. Tracing the tip of her tongue over his lower lip unable to resist suckling, chasing the lingering sweetness of the red velvet cake and the heady taste of pure Negan.

She pulled away much to Negan’s dismay with a triumphant smile, “that’s fucking delicious red velvet…”

“Dunno what you’re talkin’ about Peaches…”

“Your beard says otherwise big man.”

As if to prove her point she plucked a crimson crumb which stood out starkly against the silver of his thick beard.

“Okay, it’s a fair cop,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her onto his lap as he flopped back into the booth seat. “It’s just that I fuckin’ love red velvet, it’s so sweet and delicious and reminds me of you, I just couldn’t fuckin’ resist. How can I make it up to you?”

“Hmm… well, you could start when we get home by being at my beck and call.”

“Of course…” He nuzzled against throat whilst caressing her thighs, “and what exactly would my mistress like for me to do?”

“Love it when you call me that. You could run me a lovely hot bath with those bath salts that make my skin deliciously soft and scented…”

“Uh huh,” he purred against her cheek, “what else, tell me.”

“You carry me through to the bedroom, lay me down and worship me with these hands.” She held his hand up to her lips, holding eye contact as she brushed her lips over the dexterous fingers and gently but down on his knuckles making him softly groan.

Negan’s eyes darkened, the hazel deepening to a delicious shade of espresso. He loved seeing this side of Blake, dominant, all encompassing, so fucking sexy. She had him wrapped around her little finger, had done from the first moment he’d laid eyes on her and truth be told, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Like this?” He murmured, lightly grazing his palm over her calf coming to rest on her knee.

“I was thinking more like this…” She took his hand and placed it firmly on her breast, instinctively Negan’s fingers curled around the pert mound his thumb circling where he knew her nipple lay.

“Love the way you’re thinkin’ Peaches.”

Staring deep into his eyes she brushed her fingers through his dark hair, trailing down the contours of his nose and cheek bones revelling in his handsome features.

Her eyes settled on his lips, running the tip of her index finger lightly over them she ran her tongue over her own as a naughty idea began to germinate.

Something which Negan noticed immediately.

“C’mon then Peaches, tell me what’s on your filthy mind…”

“You, you and that mouth,” Blake leaned in close letting her lips brush the shell of his ear, “tongue fucking me to oblivion.”

Blake’s sordid words sent a shudder of lust skittering down his spine. He swallowed thickly, trying to rein himself in but feeling his arousal growing by the second, “y-yeah?”

“Yeah,” she breathed whilst caressing his neck and chest, “I wanna straddle your shoulders and ride your face…”

Blake smirked against Negan’s face feeling him shudder under her touch, “you have no idea how good it feels having this beard between my thighs… tickling… teasing… oh it’s so delicious…”

“Fuck Peaches, you’re killin’ me here.” Negan gasped, his skin flushed and breaking out in a sweat. His erection now throbbing, straining against its denim prison just begging to be released.

“Maybe we should stop by a deserted alleyway on the way home,” She punctuated her words by nipping and kissing his jawline. “You could bend me over the bonnet and hold me down against the cold metal… I’d be squirming and writhing, desperate for you and your cock…”

Negan growled lowly tightening his hold around Blake, his whole body trembling with need making him squirm in his seat.

Seeing the effect that she was having on him she dropped her hand to Negan’s crotch, feeling how hot and heavy he was even through the denim material, a wicked smile tugged at her lips.

“You’d kick my legs apart, grip my hips tight and drive into me… so hard and so deep, my screams would echo off the surrounding walls… It be animalistic and raw, treading the fine line between pleasure and pain…”

Negan tossed his head back, eyes closed tight, a thin sheen of sweat covering his skin.

Close. He was so close.

“You won’t stop until I’m a sobbing wreck, your name on my lips as you come so hard and deep, sinking those pearly whites in my neck…”

As she trailed off Blake put words into action and grazed her teeth against Negan’s throat. The effect was instantaneous, his whole body stiffened, shuddered, panting heavily.

“You… you fuckin’ devil woman Peaches… shit… talkin’ me off in a fuckin’ coffee house, fuck…”

@likearaindropfilledwithgoldust @neganandblake ♥️

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A/N: Okay, I am rusty - very rusty, so feel free to give me some notes. This will be multiple parts - maybe 4 or 5 - and will remain open ended for future additions. It will be a snarky, confused occult monstrosity with a lot of thus far unresolved sexual tension and I’m not sorry. Takes place after the end of The Dark Compass. I will be posting this on AO3 eventually, but for now…

Rating: T, currently just for some blood and maybe language

Pairing: Dracula & Zoe/Agatha 

“Wherever this shadowed path might lead, we were both irrevocably committed to follow it to the end.” - Susan Kay, Phantom

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Part 4 Ieyasu’s Finale

Continued from Romantic Standoff

by K. Crow (Jan 2020)

  • Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku (An alternate route)
  • Links: See my Masterlist or the beginning of Romantic Standoff or Ieyasu’s Finale Part 1
  • Characters: Mai (Traditional MC), Ieyasu, and Hideyoshi.
  • Disclaimer: All characters are the rightful property of Cybird and I make no claim on them as my own.
  • WARNINGS: Contains Mature Content 18+ (SMUT warning!!!)


“I think…you should get some rest Mai. I’ll see you in the morning.” If he didn’t leave he was going to do something he regretted but she grabbed his hand before he could escape into the night air to clear his head.

“Don’t go.” Her voice wavered.

Ieyasu froze. Fear and desire warring within him as he fought to make the best choice. To return alone to the piles of paperwork waiting for him in his quarters. Yet when he allowed his gaze to get lost in hers once more he realized he’d lost. There was no way he could let go of her hand and walk away when she was looking at him like this.

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I live my life sat in a little glass box. 

It’s small and cramped and never quite comfortable. 

I can’t go anywhere. I can barely move a lot of the time. 

That isn’t the worst thing though. 

The worst part is that sometimes I forget there’s a wall

I stretch out my hand to a future

Step forwards to try and follow everyone else 

Only to be met with a cold impenetrable pane of glass. 

And then I get to watch

As everyone dances away into their sunlit lives not knowing that I can’t follow

Nobody looks back

Why would they. 

And so I am left behind 

As the sun disappears over the horizon and I know I will never catch it. 

So I sit by myself 

In my little invisible box 

As the darkness consumes me

And the mind forged walls close in. 

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Darkness, wake me up
If he leaves me

Darkness, wake me up
If he betrays me and my love

Darkness, wake me up
If he doesn’t want me anymore

Darkness, wake me up
If he doesn’t love me anymore

Oh darkness…
I know I will come back to you

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prompt fill for @midnightprelude​ <3 “9. “War’s End” kiss for Ellanis and Zevran?”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s over.” Ellanis laughs desperately quiet into the crook of Zevran’s neck. Fingers pressing into soft skin and softer sheets, hair down and getting in his mouth. “Can you feel it? Like there’s something I haven’t done or missed or-” 

Cut off by fingers tracing down his spine. “That is just the future amor.”

Ellanis shivers. Warm hands brush his skin like a secret, or a promise. Broken trust and hope. “But what do I-what do we do now Zev? I thought all of it was supposed to be over now.” 

“We do whatever we want.” Fingertips follow the dips and hollows of Ellanis’ hips, curl around his waist before trailing up his back. “We go to Antiva and I show you all the beautiful things I told you about, we stay in Denerim and help rebuild for a time, we vanish into the night because there is nothing stopping us from doing so Ellanis.” 

A breath smelling of smoke from the extinguished candle, Ellanis raises himself up only enough to catch Zevran’s eyes in the dark. Dark honey-gold burning with too many things Ellanis is just beginning to name. Wondering if he could really say they’re at the war’s end if he can still see the memory of it reflected in those eyes. Feel it beating behind his own ribs. 

“I love you.” Moonlight on loose black hair, catching and shining on a lone golden earring. 

Ellanis meets Zevran halfway, lips meeting in the dark with a soft fever. Ashes and sunrise. His fingers dig into Zevran’s skin and Zevran’s do the same, a question of what comes next asked in the shape of a lover’s heartbeat under palms. A kiss at the beginning of war’s end.

[mini kiss prompts]

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Hi! For the fanfic writers’ asks: 16 (for Blood Red Love), 19 and 43?

How did you come up with the idea for Blood Red Love? 
Blood Red Love was the fic I came up for my secret santa fic exchange. It was for my giftee, who had talked about doing a vampire hunter AU but had never written one. I just happened to remember that, and I was like “Ok, I’ll write it for them as their gift!” 

Are there any stories that you’ve written that you’d really love to do a sequel to? 
It is on my “to do list,” to write a sequel to Vader, Lord of Fashion called Luke, Prince of Fashion. I’ve even started it, but it got pushed aside as the last few months have been rough. I also would like to a sequel to Godhood that focuses on Luke. There are also plenty of one-shots I’ve written that I’d either like to do a sequel to or further explore it as a multi-chapter fic. 

Has anyone ever guessed the plot twist of one of your fics before you posted it? 
Yes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because people will avoid saying it in comments as not to ruin it for others. Then when the plot twist is revealed they’ll state “I knew it!” But I have had people see it coming. I know it’s happened with the Bargain and why Luke and Leia weren’t mentioned until several chapters in. I know it’s happened with other stories, but I can’t recall off the top of my head. 

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“What’s wrong?” And how innocent is her question, how naïve is she to not realize what it means to those in close service to her that she will leave this place, to no longer have her there? She is their security, the one master they do not mind serving, someone they are actually loyal to out of love and respect, not fear. And suddenly Bada feels angry, angry that she cannot see this, angry that for this one moment, she seems just as selfish as any other dominus or domina he has served. Angry that his beloved domina is suddenly not who she’s been for years. Angry that she pulled him out of the pit, a place he understood, to just leave him to wander aimlessly in a world he cannot accept nor understand, a world he no longer recognizes.

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Chapter 9: The Controlled

Summary: In Victorian England, Anakin Skywalker is part of the Holy Jedi Order that works to exterminate vampires. But whenever he has a break from missions, he sneaks away to spend time with his lover, Marchioness Padme Naberrie. However, Anakin is unaware that the ruler of the vampires, Darth Sidious, plots to have Anakin join the ranks of the vampires.


“Who is this?” Billaba asked.

She was oblivious! She didn’t know who this viper was.

“Go!” Tapal shouted. “Run!”

Billaba and the younglings jumped but otherwise didn’t move.

“-Silence,-” the vampire hissed.

Billaba’s eyes widened as she realized the danger. She spun, pushed the boys back, and slammed the door shut. Tapal could hear her shouting and the sounds of feet running away. He couldn’t help but sigh. The vampire let out a long low snarl.

“You have done nothing,” he said. “You have not saved them.”

Tapal found he couldn’t speak, but he could move. He stood up straight, raised up his chin, and glared down at the man.

“-You will find them,” the vampire said slowly, “and you will kill them. You will kill every Jedi here.-”

This vampire was crazy. He would not … He was … He was a Jedi Knight … Waaq had chosen him! He … He was going to find and kill every Jedi Knight. Yes. That’s what he was going to do. He nodded at the vampire, who smiled wickedly at him with a smile filled with pointed fangs, and then he swiftly marched out of the room.

Read the rest on AO3 //

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I feel like with plot twists, it’s less me trying to out-smart the reader and make them surprised. 

I try and sprinkle in clues as to what’s going to happen, or sometimes straight-up use tropes that people are used to in regards to plot twists, and if they notice, then I feel like the reveal is less of a ‘HA! GOTCHYA’ moment and more of a ‘hey man, you were right! Nice job!’ moment. 

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the sleeping potion headcanon with rook and ignihyde bois? thanks.

TW Boys’ reaction to their crush putting themself under a sleeping curse pt.3

Pomefiore (continued)

Rook: (Shout out to @poisonepel , their Rook headcanons helped with figuring out this one)

- No. The carefree smile on his face fell as Vil’s message sank in. You couldn’t have done that to yourself…why would you? You were happy! That’s what Rook wanted the truth to be. That’s what he tried to tell himself every time the two of you hung out. But the truth was clear in every memory of your bittersweet smiles and fingernails digging into your arm. He knew the truth….yet he still tried to distance himself from you. He left you alone with whatever damned voice planted those cruel thoughts. His grip tightened on the bow he was using only minutes before. The brim of his hat hid his expression from his dorm leader. You made him feel vulnerable, and, though it wasn’t entirely unpleasant, the feeling frightened him.

“Rook,” Vil’s voice pierced through the huntsman’s thoughts, “I know you two were close. Crowley has them up in the infirmary, should you want to see them.”

“Is that all?” The hunter’s voice was low as he tried not to let his breath pick up.

“You recall how the sleeping curse works?” Rook nodded in response. “Yes, that is all…..look, I’m not trying to order you around. However, I do think you should go, even if it is just to say farewe-”

“Farewell? They’re not dead!”

“Might as well be in that coma.”


“If you would rather continue with this,” He waved towards the target riddled with arrows, “then by all means do. It’s not my problem.” Vil excused himself from the training field after that, leaving his friend to his own thoughts.

Rook tried to let off some steam afterwards. He tried. The arrows kept missing the target; each one felt like it had buried itself in his chest. It hurt. It took a while for him to accept it, that he couldn’t win against the pain. Vil’s words still lingered in the back of his mind. Perhaps, seeing you wasn’t such a bad idea. If nothing else, it could put his mind at ease. It almost did. Even in this deathlike slumber you remained so utterly beautiful, so peaceful. He stood there, barely aware of the nurses and students moving about the room, soaking in every one of your features. How could someone so precious bring themselves to this? He couldn’t help but wonder, walking ever closer to your side. His hat was set upon the foot of your cot. Did someone tell you otherwise? Oh what pleasure he’d take in using that fool as a practice dummy! Gloved fingers tenderly traced your palm, easing themselves to dovetail with your own. The other hand rested beneath your chin. His thumb stroked your lip; you had a tendency to touch them when you were nervous or concentrating, he recalled. “True loves kiss can break the spell,” that’s what all of the texts said. Only one way to find out if they had any merit.

The sensation of warm lips pressing against your own slowly coaxed your mind out of its groggy state. Not surprising, you’ve had dreams that started off like this before. You kissed back. That seemed to encourage the dream to heat up a little as the kiss steadily grew passionate, your lips parted and your phantom took advantage. Just a dream, no need for embarrassment. Something wrapped around your back, it felt like you were being lifted to an upright position and pressed against something. Just a dream…. An older women started yelling at you in the background. Wait. Your eyes snapped opened. Your phantom, a.k.a. Rook broke away, still holding you in his lap, to address the nurse currently shaking a hand towards the two of you. This wasn’t a dream. It suddenly got really hard to breathe. “E-xcuse me,” you got of his lap, pulling the blanket back over you, “I’m gonna go back into the coma now, thank you for coming.”

“Like hell you are!” The blanket was ripped from your grasp.

Rook insisted on walking you back to your dorm room. It was…awkward…how do you handle this kind of situation?! “Y/N,” you turned to your escort, “I’ll be here for you, I always will be… please don’t forget that.”

(Not at all self-indulgent. Nope! Not even a little bit!)



- Idia’s eyes scanned the email on his computer screen for the fourth time. He didn’t want to believe it…no, you couldn’t be gone! Any minute now he knew you’d force your way through his door just like you usually did after class. Hours passed, the email was still on his screen, and you were nowhere to be seen. Worry crept through his gut. No…no, this had to be some prank from Lilia. You wouldn’t leave him. The door flung open behind him. He sighed in relief and turned…to see Ortho…sobbing and wiping tears from his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

The little cyborg darted over, burying his head into his big brother’s sweater, “Y/N-…th-ey drank sleeping potion.”

Idia’s heart dropped into his stomach. “No…they would never….” It’s a lie…it had to be. “Ortho they-.”

“They did! Big brother,” Ortho pushed away from his sibling’s chest, “I saw them….in the infirmary……I don’t understand why….”

“I-……you said they’re in the infirmary?”

The boy only nodded in reply. The Ignihyde dorm leader rushed over to his computer set up, pulling up the feed from his surveillance drones around the school. His fingers dashed across the keyboard, searching for just the right one. Idia froze. There you were, layer across a cot in the infirmary, just as Ortho had said. Just as was written in the email….It wasn’t a lie. You put yourself under the sleeping curse.

“Big brother….why did they do it?”

The arm of Idia’s desk chair creaked under his grip. “Why?…..why does anyone do anything.” Red tinged his head of fire, “Why do we go to this dreadful school…why do we try to get along with these terrible people……why did we let them get so close to us in the first place…why. Why. WHY?! WHY WOULD SOMEONE I LOVE LEAVE LIKE THIS?!?!” Ortho jumped back as the desk chair crashed to the floor. Blazing red fire scorched the ceiling, blackening the tiles. Idia didn’t care. Inside his heart a war of fire and Ice waged….until the sprinkler system activated. Why did he install those again?

The last thing Idia wanted was to venture outside of his room. Why should he? After all, everything a person could possibly need was in there! Everything, except you. That’s right, mr. shut in was braving the cruel world for you. Granted he waited until after dark, when there wasn’t as many people lurking the hallways; a mighty feat considering his state. So many emotions swirled within him as he finally came to your bedside. Anger. Sorrow. Love.

“I don’t understand…why did you do this?” He whispered into the night. “Was I not enough….enough to keep you here? Or, was it my fault?……I’m sorry….” A pale hand rested on your cheek. His face so close to yours, “I’m so sorry….”

This kiss was soft, shy, and surprisingly warm. You’re groggy mind barely registered the sensation before it fled. Your eyes fluttered open to see a startled completely flustered Idia staring down with you with wide eyes. You were still waking up, but you needed to know, “Idia, did you…did you kiss me?”

Crimson darkened his face. He tried to avoid your gaze, “M-maybe….”

“Sleeping curses can only be broken by true loves kiss.”



- I’m sorry, I can’t hurt the baby. Please don’t make me hurt the baby!!! 😭

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|| on ao3

He hears a huff of laughter from the kitchen, quickly followed by a hurried apology and Dean realizes Sam’s telling Eileen about their adventure. He tries to go back to reading his book, but the story is much more amusing hearing it secondhand and Eileen keeps giggling despite herself. Dean tries not to overhear; he tries to focus on anything else, but it’s hard with everything in his head. He picks himself up and makes his way out of the library and down toward his room. He and Sam heading out for fucking Alaska soon, the least Dean can do is give Sam and Eileen a little privacy before they go. Eileen’s only here for a little while and then she’s heading out again - and then he and Sam are going way up north to try and fix whatever the fuck this is.

When he gets to his room, he slumps onto the bed. He’s been feeling shitty for a while now - long enough that he’s beginning to wonder if Chuck’s still fucking with him. First, it was Sam and Eileen - not that he’s not happy for them - and now Garth and his wife and his kids. And while he’s still hunting, to boot.

He flops back onto the mattress, shutting his eyes and he doesn’t realize he’s praying - silently wishing Cas could be here, even just for a little while before they leave. Dean knows Cas is busy and he’s working on trying to figure out this whole Chuck thing, which is more than what he and Sam are doing right now, but he misses him. It’s not until there’s a knock at the door that he realizes what he’s been thinking.

He bolts upright, looking straight at the door. “Come in-?” he says skeptically. The door opens and Dean’s greeted with a familiar smiling face.

“You missed me?” he asks and Dean ducks his head, flustered.

“Shut up.”

Cas smiles. “I overheard Sam, it sounds like you had quite the adventure.”

“It’s been… something.”

“And you’re going to Alaska?”

“Yeah,” Dean sighs, then shrugs and looks up at Cas. “’S why I was hoping I might see you. Before we go.” Cas sits down at the end of the bold, folding his hands in his lap and smiling over at him.

Dean flounders. Now that Cas is right next to him it’s a hell of a lot harder to remember what he wanted to say to him. Maybe it was nothing at all. He was feeling lonely and left out and even now he can’t stop thinking about Garth. More specifically, he can’t stop thinking about Garth’s family, his wife.

“Hey,” he says finally, “I know you’re busy with the whole heaven and angels thing and I appreciate that, I really do, but d'you think you could stay tonight? Just for a while.”

“Of course.”

“You wanna watch a movie or somethin’?”

“Tombstone?” Cas asks and Dean grins at him.

“Tombstone,” Dean grins.

- - -

Dean’s never been under so much stress watching a movie. And this one he knows by heart; it’s become their movie and he can’t even count how many times they’ve seen it together. But it’s never been like this. If he thought things were tense before his apology, it’s nothing compared to right now. This is different though.

The thought has been in his mind since they left Garth, but he didn’t think he’d actually get the chance - like a promise you know will fall through. He stands up without warning and Cas looks up at him.

“Can I- can we-” He sighs, letting his shoulders slump defeatedly because he’s not going to get the words out. He holds a hand out to Cas and thankfully he gets the idea. He slides off the opposite side of the bed and walks around to meet Dean.

Cas looks down at Dean’s hand, carefully sliding his palm against his and Dean can feel his heart thudding in his chest, so close to pounding right through. He feels like he can’t breathe but he wants this more than anything and he pushes himself forward - and stumbles into Cas’ arms.

He could die, but Cas catches him easily and pulls him close. Dean can’t look at him, but he shifts his weight, leading into the dance. As he moves, he settles against Cas, letting himself relax and Cas pulls him a little closer.

Dean leads to start, but Cas is quick to take over, sliding his hand down Dean’s spine. He settles on his lower back and when Dean looks up at him, he’s got his eyes shut, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Dean grins to himself and lets his head bump against Cas’.

“Hey,” he breathes, “you’re pretty good at this.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

Cas’ hand shifts, just barely pushing Dean’s shirt up and his fingers brush bare skin. Dean’s breath shakes as he inhales, hardly daring to move lest he wake up and find this is another dream. He rests his head on Cas’ shoulder, humming a familiar tune as Cas continues to lead.

“Have you ever thought about what happens after?” he asks quietly, gently tugging Cas back into place when he moves to pull away. There’s a soft huff and Cas slips back into place against him.

“After?” he asks.

“I mean this is God we’re talking about. You don’t get bigger than that, right? When we beat him, what then?”

“I appreciate your optimism. I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

“You ever think about settling down?”

Cas laughs and Dean feels it all the way through him. “I’m an angel, Dean, I don’t exactly fit seamlessly into society.”

“I don’t mean out there,” Dean says and he’s nervous again as he tries to find the words. “I mean with me. And Sam, I guess, but he’s gonna be off with Eileen. I mean, when this is all sorted out, I’m sure-” he pauses, taking a deep breath to collect himself and Cas waits patiently. “You said I didn’t stop you from leaving. I always just let you go. I know right now you’re busy and it’s unavoidable, but maybe when this is done- maybe when Chuck’s gone and Eileen’s back- maybe you could stay?”

He waits just long enough that Cas doesn’t have time to respond, and he corrects himself. “I want you to stay. With us. With me.”

This time, when Cas draws back, Dean lets him. They still, just for a moment while Cas scans his expression. “I’ll stay,” he says as he starts to move again, “when everything is over, I’ll stay.”

Dean doesn’t acknowledge the emphasis on everything but he doesn’t care. They’ll defeat Chuck and tie up all the loose ends and Cas will stay. Cas chuckles softly against his cheek.

“Of course, I will. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

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for the pillars.. most to least likely to enjoy PDA

Most —> Least :

  1. Kyoguro Rengoku - physical touch is def his love language
  2. Giyu Tomioka - VALIDATION + to passive to tell you no
  3. Mitsuri Kanroji - validation
  4. Tengen Uzui - bcuz ur waifu
  5. Obanai Iguro - possession + validation
  6. Muichiro Tokito - it’s a bonus not a necessity
  7. Shinobu Kocho - it doesn’t do much for her
  8. Gyomei Himejima - ehhh not embarrassed by it, just not his thing
  9. Sanemi Shinazugawa - solely for possessive purposes
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hey guys, just a little update! I know I said the last chapter of gnossienne would take far less time than the second one took, but to cut a long story short I’ve recently taken up a temporary second job quite last minute and ive just been extremely busy. The last chapter might take a little longer to write than promised. it WILL definitely go up, but I’m not too sure when. thank you all so much to you wonderful readers who enjoy the story, and I’ll try and get it up quick!! <3

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