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Help, I live in Vegas where there aren't many pretty bugs :( I have to rely on you for babeys

Pretty/cool bugs that are native to Las Vegas/Nevada:

The white-lined sphinx moth:


Photo by greglasley

Variegated meadowhawk:


Photo by stubirdnb

Vivid dancer damselfly:


Photo by andreacala

Hunt’s Bumblebee:


Photo by mlodinow

Western sheep moth:


Photo by yetikat

European mantis:


Photo by benoitnabholz

Pipefine swallowtail:


Photo by seaheart88

Ornate checkered beetle:


Photo by dlbowls

Habronattus americanus jumping spider:


Photo by thomasbarbin

Common desert centipede:


Photo by niz

That is just a small selection of the thousands of cool bugs that live in your area :)

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Update on my mom’s little millipede friends :) They are starting to change color!

Ohhh!! She is letting them live in the plant or keeping them elsewhere? That’s very exciting though look at them growing up they are living their best millipede lives

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Hello! These little guys are coming out of my mom’s snake plant. Can you help I’d them please? Thank you!

Hi! These appear to be young millipedes! Millipedes lay their eggs in soil and eat decaying plant matter so it’s not unusual to find them in a potted plant. They have been known to eat live roots, though, so probably best to get them out of the plant. :)

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Do you like house centipedes? I see them often in my home, they’re very cute!

Heck yes I do. Look at that adorable face! This one is but a smol baby, only nine pairs of legs look like! They can get up to 15 pairs. A fun fact about house centipedes is that they are very nice bugs. Thanks for submitting! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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Found a lil ciggy man a while ago (sorry the only pic is from snapchat) i have no idea what he is but i love him and his nicotine dependence


Hope you don’t mind I edited out the profanity on the snapchat caption! I try to keep this blog as wholesome as possible. This tragically addicted little fellow is some kind of millipede. Submitters please keep in mind I need locations to ID properly! Thanks for sharing this lil pal, though, As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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before: gross, overcrowded, bland, too easy to lose millipedes, lame first attempt at making a proper terrarium


after: new! exciting! you can actually see the substrate! easy to find millipedes on the surface! plenty of climbs and hides!

this is my first experience owning millipedes/invertebrates (i have bang the flat-backed millipede right now and im getting two florida ivories from @millipedefarmer​ next week or so), so im mostly learning as i go since theres not a lot of information on millipede care. im aware that the substrate is pretty lacking right now (i ordered it online and it seems i probably should have ordered two bags instead of one), but itll be enough for now until i need to change/clean/rearrange the terrarium again, since bang is tiny and the ivories are still young. the tank is a 12x12x18 zilla vertical terrarium with a high-set front opening door to allow for deep substrate. i have the tank set up on a tall dresser, so i needed something with a front door for easy access without having to use a stool every time i want to mess with the terrarium. i plan on going out and looking for a sturdy stick or two to add to the tank for more climbing opportunities since ivories like to climb, and i added live moss to the inside of the fake climb to have a high humidity place for them chill if theyd like. overall im pretty pleased with how it turned out, but i definitely plan on making some more changes in the future and upgrading them to a larger terrarium when i have the funds!

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elytra are the wing covers of beetles, modified from their forewings


the size of the elytra (if we assume they are taken from beetles), bees, and spiders (compared to the player) imply that the minecraft world has a higher atmospheric oxygen percentage, allowing for larger arthropod growth


so obviously the next needed step is minecraft arthropleura

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Season 3 Round-Up:

  • Cairns Birdwing Butterfly
  • Dog Flea
  • Trilobite Beetle (male and female)
  • Tiger Moth
  • Antlion (larvae), Lacewing (adult)
  • Human Head Louse
  • Pecan Weevil
  • Mangrove Horseshoe Crab
  • Luna Moth
  • Atlas Moth
  • Antarctic Shrimp
  • Most of the Monarch Butterfly Family
  • Tardigrade (a.k.a. waterbear)
  • Amblypygid (a.k.a. whip spider)
  • Indian Red Scorpion
  • Amazonian Giant Centipede
  • Pink Orchid Mantis
  • Short-winged Mole Cricket
  • Peacock Mantis Shrimp
  • Peppered Moth (White Morph and Black Morph subspecies)
  • Malayan Wanderer Butterfly
  • Royal Scarab Beetle
  • Asian Ladybird, Ladybird Mimic Spider, False Ladybird Fungus Beetle
  • Indigo Velvet Worm
  • Geography Cone Shell Snail
  • Orchard (Swallowtail) Butterfly
  • Glasswing Butterfly
  • Orange Ringlet Butterfly
  • Duck Billed Christmas Beetle
  • Giant Petaltail Dragonfly
  • Swamp Bluet Damselfly
  • Anomalocaris

Season 3 of Bug Art is over. I’ve been on a roll with Bug Art lately, but it’s partially been because I’ve been running through a list of critters to draw, starting with about 15, and then occasionally adding as I worked my way through it. I wouldn’t be lying that I’m stopping because I’m a bit sick of bugs, but it’s also because I have finished my list.

Here’s a few stats for this season of Bug Art. There were 32 Instagram posts, and at the start I set out to colour most of them. Only 2 weren’t. Over those 32 posts, I drew 38 species. 28 were insects, notably 11 Butterflies, 5 Moths, and 5 Beetles. There were 2 crustaceans, 4 chelicerates, 1 basal arthropod and 3 non-arthropods.

I have pushed the limits on what I can draw and still call it Bug Art. When I began, it was insects and arachnids, but crustaceans are still arthropods right? And if bugs are just creepy crawlies, then I can do snails right? The furthest i pushed that bracket this season was tardigrades and anomalocarids, which are not even arthropods, but fall just outside that bracket. I also did a sea snail, which is pushing the limit too, even if snails are creepy crawlies, are marine relatives still in that definition?

So with the conclusion of Season 3, I want to declare an end of my Bug-exclusive scientific drawings. Given that I wanted to stop drawing bugs before but kept coming back, I can say with certainty that I’ll draw bugs again. But I want to draw other types of life too. Watch this space.

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Ok so


I have found this impossibly tiny, extremely injured millipede. Despite having the last ¼ of its body hanging on by a thread, it seems to be walking around and doing okayish.  I dont know if it will survive but i figure the enclosure i have my other local pedes in will probably give it a better chance than being out there with the ants. Does anyone know, can millipedes survive injuries like this?

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As a human being living in Barbados I have no idea difference between centipedes and millipedes because I rarely see them in my home or in my parish.

Story Time

I had gone to a party in the proclaimed “Land of the Centipedes.” I had gone to the door and I saw a millipede. Me frightened and slow asf shouted louddddddd “Look! A centipede with many legs.”

The 25 or so people at the party look cross at me like 


Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

I’ve never felt so stupid in my life.THE FACT THAT I HAD LEARNT THE DIFFERENCE WEEK BEFORE IN BIOLOGY.Btw is was a millipede I had seen


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got to handle my son a bit before i put him back in the terrarium when i was done setting it up :)

since hes wild caught and still getting used to everything (although hes definitely settled in surprisingly well!) he isnt too fond of handling and will avoid crawling onto my hands if he can go around them, but as long as i dont pick him up directly he wont curl up or secrete gross liquid all over my hand. hes super curious and loves to explore (when hes not getting stuck of course) and hes honestly a lot more surface active than i expected him to be, so im hoping he’ll get along fine with the ivories im getting. (if not, i have another terrarium i can keep him in since its smaller than the one hes in now)

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Some dirt buddies a pal I’d like to see leave and a nice wall friend


I love these millipedes!!! Please tell them. Have you tried asking nicely if that roach friend will leave? Sometimes that works if they are feeling generous. I also love this moth but it is failing at camouflage. Doing its best I suppose and that’s all we can ask. Thanks for submitting! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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it’s been a while since i’ve been online, but i’ve taken a lot of bug pics recently!

Holy cow a treasure trove of friends! I don’t want to play favorites because I love them all but I feel a special connection to the millipede in the third photo. I am blowing it a metaphorical kiss. Thanks for sharing again! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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