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Mysterio: SPIDER-MAN! Prepare to face your doom! At the hands of THE SINISTER SIX!

Mcu! Peter: yeah….ok vulture, Mysterio and…um who are you? Edward Cullen?

Morbius: I’M MORBIUS, I’m not some pretty, glittery, STEROTYPICAL VAMPIRE!

Mcu! Peter: yeah you’re right you’re definitely not pretty. So why do you want to hurt me?

Morbius:……….Your blood…I crave your blood specifically. I’m not a Twilight cliche.

Mcu! Peter: right…..ok, and you are?

Shocker: a-are you serious? We’ve fought before? I threw you into that bus… can you forget me?

Mcu! Peter: ah sorry, being thrown in to vehicles is kind of a regular thing for me…

Scorpion: *tail squirts acid* SPIDER-MAN! FINALLY I’VE COME TO RECK YOU!

Mcu! Peter: whoa- getting a little excited there buddy. But I think I remember you….you’re that neck-tattoo-guy? It was a dung beetle?

Scorpion: It was a SCORPION! Like how I’M A SCORPIAN!

Mcu! Peter: alright no need to get your tail in a twist!

Venom: *munching on tater tots in the background*

Mcu! Peter: who are you and how did I destroy your life?

Venom: honestly? You did nothing. I’m just here because they have food.

Mcu! Peter: oh sick! Can I have some?

Venom: oh sure.

Mcu! Peter: *munching on tots* SWEET!

Vulture: why….why did I think it was a good idea to bring these idiots together?

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how about 6 and 17 :00

Already did 6, here’s 17 with Peter :)


Originally posted by clarkeshope

You should have known this was coming. Being on the opposite side of the right team never served well.

Too bad Peter had to get caught up in this.

“It’s okay”, you rasped, “You can kill me, I won’t hold it against you, my love.”

He was wiling his eyes furiously, “I - I can’t…”

You offered him a weak smile, “Do it… Before they do. I’d r - rather take a bullet from you than Beck, Pete.”

He winced, his fingers shaky on the trigger. You closed your eyes, wishing you had more time with him. More time to make things right, to change your mind and to leave Beck’s side in favour of your boyfriend.

If only you had known Peter was Spiderman before.

“I love you”, you whispered, whimpering as you coughed up more blood, “so much.”

“Me too”, he was crying, his tears splashing on your face, “I’m so sorry Y/n. We didn’t deserve this.”

You were about to agree with him when the gunshot rang.

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Omg your post about the chain- mob!boss going full dom! after the reader sets him off. Tugging on the chain? YESSUM

Ooh, Mob!Jake?

  • So Jake was as usual, busy with phone calls and paper work here and there
  • And you were right there on his lap, but he was barely paying you any attention
  • You whined, bouncing on his lap, showing your boredom
  • But he still went back to his work without sparing you a proper glance even
  • You wrapped your arms around his neck and inhaled his strong cologne which was in itself enough to make you weak in the knees
  • You nuzzled his neck and kissed his skin softly
  • “Honey, I know you want me but daddy is a little busy at the moment,”
  • His words made you groan out loud
  • “Oh come on! I want you. Right now!” you knew he hated when you sounded like a spoilt brat but it seemed like it was the only way to get his attention
  • “Baby,” he said, as a warning. As if daring you to do something he wouldn’t want you doing.
  • And you took that as a challenge, you pulled away from his neck and carelessly took your top off; leaving you only in your black thong, apart from which you were wearing nothing
  • “Still don’t wanna play with me?” you murmured against his lips
  • He glared at you, indirectly telling you to stop your antics because you were making it hard for him to focus on work
  • You leaned in and tugged on his bottom lip. You didn’t kiss him, instead you just took his lower lip in between your teeth and tugged on it gently.
  • Jake was well aware that you knew that that was one of his weaknesses.
  • “Keep acting up and I’m not gonna put up with you for much longer, baby. Bad girls get punished, remember that” he told you the same thing he always did.
  • And you were tired of it
  • “It’s always just big talks with you,” you spoke as you slipped one hand under his shirt and leaned in to kiss the side of his mouth; knowing that he was running out of patience.
  • “I’ll punish you if you do this, I’ll punish you if you do that!” you mocked him shamelessly, “But then you never really do anything.”
  • Your hand gently twirled his infamous golden chain around your fingers, and you tugged on it sharply, causing him to lean forward
  • “Is it because you’re too soft, daddy?” you whispered in his ear
  • Jake chuckled, darkly. He kept his calm all throughout your little show but now he simply couldn’t contain himself.
  • “You’re gonna wish you never spoke to me like that, babygirl”
  • You shivered at his tone, but part of you impatiently awaited what came next
  • Okay but mob!Jake would be such a rough and mean daddy when taming his little brat
  • He’d be so careless
  • And wild
  • Jake would totally bend you over his desk right there and then and spank you for being a brat, and for even daring to talk to him like that
  • “Been too easy on you, haven’t I?”
  • “Been putting up with all your tantrums for too long” he’d say while bringing his hand down and smacking your ass repeatedly.
  • He’d think that that was a punishment, but it’d only turn you on and made you want him even more
  • God, he’d be so cocky…
  • “Aww look babygirl, you’re dripping all over my desk already”
  • “You’re really needy for my cock, huh?”
  • He’d get you out of your thong in no time
  • He wouldn’t take his sweet time with you like he used to
  • He’d push into you and wouldn’t even wait to let you adjust to his size
  • “This is what you wanted, wasn’t it?” he’d taunt as you’d whimper under him while he pounded into you.
  • He would totally pin your hands down on the desk, above your head to keep you from moving.
  • Because there’s nothing he loves more than having you helpless and whimpering in pleasure under him
  • “Won’t even let me work because you’re daddy’s little slut, and you always just want his cock, don’t you?”
  • Oh but he would have his way with you until you were shaking
  • You’d whine and whimper, begging for more
  • Ugh imagine him leaning over you, and his chain hanging from his neck touches your skin; the cold metal making you shiver again.
  • And he chuckles when he sees what he does to you
  • “You just can’t get enough of me, can you?”
  • You’d shake your head, even though you were tired and sore
  • You wanted more
  • You wanted him
  • And good lord would he give it to you again and again
  • And again
  • By the time he was done; you’d be a mess.
  • Okay but Mob! Jake is totally the type to keep you on his lap aftet sex, while he lazily sips on whiskey or smoke a cigarette
  • Or both
  • You’d lay your head against his bare chest, basking in his body heat while you mindlessly played with the golden chain around his neck
  • “Are you done being a brat?” he’d ask, and you’d smell the liquor and nicotine in his breath
  • You’d look up at him and nod, finally content.
  • “Good, can I work now?” he’d ask, his hand reaching out to push the hair out of your face
  • “Okay” you’d reply, throwing your arms around his neck and getting comfy on his lap because you both knew that you were going anywhere any time soon.
  • Jake would kiss your forehead and get back to work.
  • But he’d feel you palm him through his pants
  • He’d noticed how you’d slowly lower his sweatpants to free his cock
  • He’d watch how you’d gently wrap your hand around him; stroking him lazily
  • He’d lean back in his seat to look at you with a questioning look
  • “What? I never said I was gonna let you work in peace” you reasoned, with a playful smirk on your face.
  • Jake would eventually give up and carry you to bed instead
  • And needless to say, that night was a long and rough night

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[spiderman 3]

Happy: oh hey u are back early from hiding….

Peter: Beck’s alive

Happy: what?

Peter: *grabbing iron spider suit and Captain Marvel pager* Beck’s alive

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