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I’ve been waiting for this pack for literally years! I was super happy when this came out, however it’s not as exciting as the Sims 3…*sigh* but it’s still playable I guess. University Life in TS3 was my number one favorite pack that I spent more time playing more often, so I decided to send Yoosung back to college to prevent him from remaining a hermit in his room playing LOLOL!😂


We felt sorry for Yoosung always moping about his life, being alone with no friends or girlfriend in college, and always falling asleep in class with his professor scolding him to focus on his work. We didn’t want to continue seeing him skip classes and being emo, so we decided to join him in University so he didn’t feel alone. So, Seven started the first day trying to loosen Yoosung up a bit.


I was so excited to see the Pleasant twins from The Sims 2 here, Lillith was a perfect match to hang out with Saeran. They seem to be up and down though, they would hangout together and then start arguing at each other. Both of them have villainous intentions and both knows what it’s like being labelled as the evil twin.


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