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Seven: searan! How about you try skateboarding ? It’s fun and it will go with your edgelord game going on !!

Searan: *glares* I try everything to be away from you

*5 minutes later*

Mc: oh searan, how was skateboarding?

Searan: shit, I didn’t know what to do, I put one foot on the skateboard and it started to move while my other leg was on the ground. Needless to say, I ripped myself a new fucking arsehole because of that

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I’ve only completed the Casual Story, so don’t spoil me but I have some…remarks about the mystery plot.

Okay so, Rika. I’m not sure if she’s actually kind or actually the villain, but she’s certainly interesting. I really hope the game didn’t choose to make her the villain and give her mental illness as a correlation tho… One thing sparks my attention: the eye. Rika hurt V in his eyes, but I’d like to know how exactly..and I think it’s probably related to her breaking down over her dog Sally dying because she lost her eyesight.

The cult is also named Mint Eye, and its symbol is, well, an eye. Mint eye…like Rika’s (more green actually) eye colour? Is Rika related to the cult…? (I think she is, considering the important religious talk that comes up with her, but also with Seven). But Ray also has mint-coloured eyes.

And in Yoosung’s route, we learn that Seven “abandoned Ray to that crazy woman”. Is that “crazy woman” Rika, since it’s in this route we learn she was mentally ill? (I hope not, bc that’s uhhh ableist). Or is that crazy woman someone like their mother (since I’ve been spoiled about Seven and Ray being brothers)?


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Author’s notes:

  1. I’m having way too much fun with this fic, lol.
  2. Be aware of: my terrible attempts at puns. It supposed to be funny, but as a non-english speaker I don’t know what I’m doing.
  3. The next chapter will be probably the last one :) PROBABLY, lol.

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When you returned to home you shared with Zen, of course you got into a quarrel with him. You were very close to telling him what had happened between you and Jumin. But you were afraid of how much this information would hurt him. You still cared for him, and you didn’t want him to suffer.

However, you two managed to reconcile. You showed Zen the comments and explained the whole situation. Zen started apologizing for not being with you when you needed him. You spent the night cuddling with each other but you felt bad about it - both  towards Jumin and Zen.

The next day, after you worked for several hours, you entered the chat room.

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