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A plain old overpass was designed to look like giant LEGO bricks by MEGX, a street artist whose graffiti is really quite beautiful. The 250-square-meter bridge in Germany went from bland concrete into one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. Think it’s photoshopped? It’s not…

The Wuppertal, Germany bridge was a blank canvas before MEGX began painting it last year to give it the illusion of stacked, colorful LEGO building blocks. This wasn’t some overnight graffiti bomb — authorities and sponsors helped MEGX create the giant mural over the course of four weeks. Totally legit.

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All my recent nail-art write ups seems to be a litany of how I screwed up and it looks like a dog’s breakfast.

So, this started with a simple layer of Metallic Mush.  The next day I decided to add the blue, using vinyls to get a sharp line.  Despite it being the next day, the vinyls started removing chunks of top coat.  So I figured I’d use masking tape instead.  But masking tape doesn’t provide as good a stick or as sharp a line so it was all blurry and smudgy.  So I tried to freehand it, and the line curves up instead of being straight.

Also, the blues don’t contrast enough and some of the gold dots went skew-wiff.


Metallic Mush by piCture pOlish
Swagger by piCture pOlish
Bette by piCture pOlish
Gold Rush by Ulta 3

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This Turkish, Istanbul-based illustrator Aykut Aydoğdu has developed a unique style creating surreal, enigmatic digital art. It reflects the most intense and incomprehensible feelings that haunt the souls of those who suffer or have already suffered being brokenhearted.

Looking incredibly real, his beautiful drawings are full of symbolism that brings out heavy and almost morbid look on how painful it can be to love someone. The most common objects in his unique art are female figures that are interacting with or actually becoming different elements of nature

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So…. Hello. I have been hella absent for pretty much the past 2 months, save for two manis, simply because I wasn’t inspired. I had this whole grandiose plan of trying out filming videos and being productive, and it simply didn’t happen. I decided to literally waste time doing nothing, rewriting my nail polish inventory book, re-organizing all bajillion bottles of polish, and throwing in a few crafting projects instead of doing actual nail art. I trying to do better, I’ve worked on a few designs, and I’m going to sit down this weekend at my desk and WORK.

In the meantime, here’s some fun fishbone reverse stamping.

Products Used:

China Glaze - Def Defying, Tart-y For The Party, I Herd That

Painted Polish - Stamped In Scales, Midnight Mischief

Zoya - Eleni

OPI - Matte Top Coat

Maniology - Smudge Free Top Coat, stamping plate M090

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