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What Steve should have done in Endgame

Everyone has their ideas, here’s mine.

- Steve doesn’t go back in time to marry Peggy (although he does stay for a few minutes for that danced he promised).

- Peggy was married to Daniel all along and not Steve; she moved on.

- Steve did go on a mission to return all he infinity stones.

- He got Natasha back while returning the soul stone, under the condition that he passes his legacy down to a new, worthy hero.

- Grateful as he was to have her back, he didn’t waste another moment, and Natasha came back proud of her family and overjoyed to have everyone back.

- He returned to 2023 with Natasha, asking her to marry him.

- Clint And Bruce were both in shock of seeing her back, although she was devastated about Tony.

- Steve steps down as Captain America, giving his legacy to Sam.

- While Steve retired, Natasha continued as career as an Avenger and as a spy. He still works under her authority, just no longer the man with the shield.

- By miracle, they have their son James (like in the comics)

- Bucky heals properly, and is not heartbroken at any extent.

- Sam and Bucky work together as a team, along with Sharon

- Sharon gets the super soldier serum

- Team Cap (Sam, Bucky, Nat, Steve, Clint, Scott, Wanda, Hope, and Sharon) reunite every now and then.

- All is well

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Anon: “Please can you write a new natasha x reader x wanda thing. I love both these girls and there isn’t enough fics with them both and your writing is amazing“

This is based on the song Monster by Imagine Dragons

Warning: mentions of torture and murder, also a bit of self loathing

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At the end of the day, we don’t know the person unless they show us who’s beneath the mask.

Chapter 1 >> Chapter 2 >> Chapter 3 >> Chapter 4 >> Chapter 5 >> Chapter 6 >> Chapter 7 >> Chapter 8  >> Chapter 9 >> Chapter 10 >> Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Now that Y/n knows about their feelings, they don’t hold back in showering her with affection, constantly fussing over her when she’s discharged from the hospital. But aside from that, there’s a bit of family intervention.

Y/n is to stay at the hospital for a few more days as instructed by the doctor. She has no complaints. It gives her some sort of space for herself to think about what the three confessed to her.

Now that she thought about it, she could actually make sense of how they seemed so awkward with each other. She just shrugged it off at first, assuming it was because they barely knew each other. But it had been months already, so she wasn’t too sure.

“You’re thinking too loud.” Loki said without looking up from his book, making the actress sigh as she leaned against the pillow behind her. “I’m just trying to make sense of it all.” She responds while he rolls his eyes. “You and I both know fairly well that this wouldn’t be a problem had you not been so dense.”

“Excuse me, I am not.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“Why are you so annoying?”

“Because you love me.”

“Do I?”

Loki finally lifted his gaze, eyes narrowed as his met hers while she gave him a smug smirk. “Yes, you do. Now, shut up and just explain to me what you feel for each of them.” He grumbled, marking the page and setting it down on his lap when he adjusted in his seat.

“What are you talking about, Loki?” Y/n asked dryly but the man gave her a knowing look. “From the stories you’ve told us and from what I’ve seen, don’t tell me that you don’t feel even a fraction for any of them.” Her silence was all he needed before he waved his hand and told her to do as he asked and she sighed in exasperation.

“If it’s hard, then let’s try it one by one. Since she’s closest and known you longer, talk about Carol.” Y/n stayed quiet for a while as she tried to think back on the times she spent with the blonde and a small smile appeared on her face when she thought back on when Carol was staying at her house and when they went house hunting.

“She makes me feel safe. She’s always looking out for me and it’s like she knows when I need her.” Thor hummed when he finished eating his pop tarts, nodding, but Loki threw a juice box at him. “You aren’t a part of this conversation.”

“Okay, next is the Sokovian. Wanda.” Y/n looks at her cousin for a while before she shakes her head and laughs quietly. “You’re so weird.” She muttered, but went to think about Wanda this time.

She’s reminded of the warmth that she felt the first time they went to the warehouse. The way Wanda’s arms wrapped around her, trusting her when she brought her somewhere she knew nothing about. And then the moment on the roof.

Why did she bring her up there?

“Wanda is… she’s calm. It’s like amidst the chaos, she can keep me calm and not worry so much about everything. It’s as if she has this power of putting me at ease no matter the situation.”

“And lastly, that redhead, Natasha.” Y/n rolled her eyes, but she becomes quiet longer than earlier. Natasha had lied to her, but she just couldn’t bring it in her to be mad. Yes, she was upset, but she couldn’t stay angry at Natasha now that she knows.

“Natasha did what I hated the most… but she was honest with me afterwards.” Hela scoffed but Loki waved her away. “She drives me mad sometimes, makes me do things I didn’t think I’d usually do. She’s protective and fierce but elegant at the same time.”

“So, it’s safe to say that you like all of them.” Loki concluded and Y/n’s face went red. “That’s not what I said!” She groaned while rubbing her face. “You don’t have to say it out loud for us to know.” He retorted before he started to think.

“Well, I, for one, think you should give Natasha a chance to make it up to you.” Y/n looked confused when he said that, but his siblings had looks of disbelief on their faces. “Are you stupid?” Hela glared at him. “She could as well break Y/n’s heart if she had the chance.” Thor bellowed while Loki rolled his eyes.

“She said so that she was changing. She was genuine with her words and I could tell she was not lying.” He stated and looked at him as though he’d grown a second head. “Were you awake when they were here?” She demanded and he had a mischievous grin on his face while shrugging.

“I don’t think she’s really the better choice. Carol knows how to take care of Y/n, so she’s obviously the best fit for our cousin.” Thor defended while Loki scoffed. “Oh, please. You just like her because you used to have a crush on her.”

“That is false. I trust her with Y/n.”

“No. Wanda seems much more reliable and she’s good natured. She’s shown how much she cares for Y/n and is willing to sacrifice many for her.” Hela added in on the bickering and Y/n had to pinch the bridge of her nose as a headache started to form.

Her cousins were so busy fighting for each woman as if Y/n wasn’t in the room that they didn’t hear the light knock on the door. The actress tried to catch their attention, but they were so close to strangling each other to see.

When the door opened, a man in his late forties walked in to see the four. The three were in one side of the room, all glaring at each other while Y/n had her face in her good hand, seemingly tired.

“If this isn’t a nice family bonding, I don’t know what is.” The man said with a chuckle and Y/n quickly looks up and beams. “Michael! What are you doing here?” She asked excitedly, glad to be free from her cousins’ useless fighting and to see the man again.

Michael had shaggy brown hair and light blue eyes. He was almost as tall as Sam. He sported a checkered polo and dark jeans, a grey messenger bag slung over his shoulder before he walked over to the bed.

“I received a message from Pepper Potts regarding your situation. She explained to me that you’d gotten into an accident and since you talk about me a lot, she thought it was best I knew.” Y/n grinned while she let out a sigh. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you. I swear, my cousins are driving me insane with all the fighting.”

“We’re right here.”

“So was I when you decided to fight over who deserved me more.”

Michael seemed amused with the conversation and he smiled to the three. “Good to see you again. Now what’s this about being worthy of Y/n?” He questions, making Y/n swat his arm. “Don’t encourage it!” She whined. “Hey! No hitting!” He complained as he rubbed his arm but Y/n just stuck her tongue out at him.

“Three women are trying to court her.” Thor quipped. “They aren’t courting me!” Y/n grunted. “Can’t say I’m surprised. But I heard Carol’s name, so that’s a shocker to know that she’s finally doing something about it.” Michael laughs, making Y/n glare at him. “This isn’t funny.” She mutters. “Oh, please. I’ve been betting with Jason on how you’ll find out. And since she confessed, he owes me fifty bucks.” Y/n smacks him again. “Why must we hit?” He complained.

“You and Jason were betting on us!” She snapped back with an annoyed look that has her cousins laughing. “It was so obvious that she had a crush on you!” Hela interjected, earning her cousin’s glare. “You’re very oblivious to her feelings, and to the other two.” Thor added.

“And who are the other two? I haven’t heard any names or even seen any faces.” Michael rose a brow while giving Y/n a mock disappointed look. “Come on. They’re friends.” She groans. “Who have feelings for you.” Loki quipped, making Y/n flip him off.

He placed a hand to his chest in mock offense. “Why I never. Since when have you been so rude?” Hela hit him on the upside of his head while shaking her head and Thor chuckled in amusement before he looked to the brunette. “These are friends of Y/n that she met through Pepper and Tony. They were also there during her play.” He explained and Michael nodded in understanding.

“I hope we aren’t interrupting anything?” All heads turn to the door and Pepper is standing there with a small smile when she sees her friend finally awake. Right behind her stood her fiance and the three women in question.

Michael stood with a smile and waved his hand dismissively. “Please, come in. We were just talking.” He ushered them all in, eyeing each person before he grinned then turned back to the couple. “Pepper Potts?” When she nodded, his smile became genuine before he offered a hand.

“You must be Michael.” She says while shaking his head. “Yes, and thank you for the call. I wouldn’t have known had you not notified me last night.” He said gratefully after letting his hand fall to his side. “Oh, no need to thank me. Y/n’s told me how you were basically her legal guardian so I thought it was only right.” She explains and he nodded, smiling still then looking to Tony. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Stark.” Tony waved his hand with a smile. “I think things would be better under different circumstances.”

The comment earned him a jab to the ribs, making him wince as Pepper glared at him sideways.

Pepper soon moves over to the bed to let the two speak and Y/n smiles at her. “Hey, Pep. Thank you for telling him.” She says quietly and Pepper smiles before pinching her cheek. “Scare me like that again, and I will personally be the one to murder you.” She stated blankly and Y/n blinks in surprise. “I’m… sorry?”

The strawberry haired woman sighed before shaking her head. “You are such an idiot sometimes, I swear.”

“It’s why Tony and I get along.”

Y/n laughs at the look her friend sends her way before she quiets down, noticing the three that stood awkwardly at one side of the room. “They’ve been restless since they got to the cabin.” Pepper suddenly says, forcing Y/n to meet her eyes again.

“What do you mean?” She asks inquisitively. “Well, Pietro told me that his sister was pacing a hole into their floor and kept telling him how she had to make things better with you.” At the question in her eyes, she adds. “She thinks she ruined things with you.”

Y/n makes a quiet oh sound before Pepper continues. “Nat hasn’t slept. She was just in the living room the whole time. Clint bugged her about it and she nearly snapped his neck.” Y/n pursed her lips before nodding.

“Carol is… well, she’s been really quiet. Steve tried talking with her but she just brushed him off, said she was fine, but she hasn’t eaten yet. She was on the phone, talking to someone named Monica.” Y/n smiled a bit at the mention of the Carol’s niece, but it was short lived when she glanced back at the girl.

“They’re all paranoid.” She muttered quietly, to which, Pepper nodded before she tucked her hair behind her ear. “They begged to come with us, wanted to make sure you were alright so I hope you’re ready for them.”

Y/n laughed lightly before she shook her head. “It’s like before a play. I say that I can’t do it, but I have to.” Pepper smiled at her once more before she kissed the top of the actress’ head then stepped away so she could talk to Hela regarding Y/n’s current condition, letting the three come closer.

A small smile appears on her face before she finds her voice again. “Hey.” None of them notice Michael glancing over. All three were hesitant to meet her eyes, but when they see that she isn’t made, they become less tense before cracking small smiles of their own.

“Hi.” Carol breathes out when she finally composes herself. “How are you feeling?” Wanda asked softly when she placed a paper bag on the table near the bed. “We brought you some food since we know that the food here isn’t really that good.” Natasha nodded to the bag and Y/n felt a bit relieved that they weren’t fighting.

“Thank you. And I feel better now despite not being able to move my arm.” She tells them and Natasha frowns. “Is it hurting?” She asks carefully. “A bit, but it’s tolerable.” Carol instinctively pushes Y/n’s hair behind her ear and sighs softly. “Is there anything you want or need?” Wanda asks curiously and Y/n chuckles. “If any of you have the power to let me out of here, that would be great.”

Hearing her laughter made all three visibly less tense, but they weren’t completely okay as long as they were in that room.

“We can’t do that. The doctor said you had to stay for a while.” Carol reminded while Y/n groaned. “It’s going to be okay. When we get back, we can get whatever crap you want to eat then watch all the movies you planned on watching.” Natasha said encouragingly while Wanda agreed. “We can just do whatever you want.”

The other people in the room watched amusedly from their places before Michael grinned and folded his hands behind his back.

“There was another reason why I called you.” He shifted his attention to the strawberry haired woman and blinked. “I wanted to personally thank you looking after her.” She tells him. “I wasn’t aware of the things that have happened since she moved away. She only told me once when we caught up with each other.” He smiles while nodding his head.


“Getting her out of the car and inside the house would be much better right about now.” Thor mused lightly when he watched Carol trying to make sure that Y/n wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, especially with her cast. His sister rolled her eyes at the three’s antics but a small smile was fighting to be visible on her face.

“Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” Wanda asks softly when they look at the actress and she smiles while nodding her head. “If you want, I can just carry you.” Natasha offered and Carol gave her a weird look. “I can carry her.” Y/n shook her head before she lightly pushed them out of the way.

“I can walk on my own. My legs aren’t broken.” She chuckled softly. “But Y/n, you have to rest. The doctor said, nothing too strenuous.” Natasha reminded her. “Yeah, but walking isn’t that tiring. Plus, if I want to stay in shape, I have to do something.” Y/n shot back. “Are you seriously worried about that?” Wanda crinkled her nose, making the actress laugh.

“Alright, alright. Let’s just get inside.” Loki cut in when he shut the car. Thor was next to him and grabbing some of the bags. “You heard him.” Y/n giggled, causing the three to smile back and immediately nodded their heads. “Carol, Natasha, help with the bags. Wanda, help Y/n to her room.” Hela ordered, earning a few disagreeing sounds from the two women, but they quickly did as told while Thor and Loki looked bewildered at their sister, who smirked as she entered the house.

Y/n looked to the brunette and smiled lightly. “I know this is your first time here, but don’t worry. It’s not that big of a house.” She stated and Wanda beamed, excited to see what Y/n’s house was like and getting the chance to see her room. And though it was unnecessary, she stood next to the actress and placed an arm around her waist. “I hope this is okay.” She murmured softly, to which, Y/n replied with a small nod and even leaned more into her.

When Wanda looked over her shoulder, she saw the other two women staring at her and she grinned triumphantly before accompanying Y/n inside.

Thor and Loki were at the sides, watching the whole exchange. “It’s like that, is it?” The youngest muttered under his breath as he started to form a few ideas in his head. “I guess we’re really doing this then.”


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Anon: “Heylo, I was wondering if you could do a Nat x fem reader where the reader is sitting at a bar drinking when Natasha comes in and flirts with her and they have sex, but reader turns out to be the newest avenger so things is a bit awkward? You can choose how to edit if if you don’t think things will work“

Warning: smut, alcohol usage, and did I mention handcuffs?

My imagination went out of hand

Natasha turned out to be a regular to the bar Clint introduced her to, many months back. It’s where she goes to after a tiring mission or just wants to get away from all the testosterone in the compound.

If she wanted to celebrate, she’d be seen at her usual seat, drinking away, sometimes conversing with the patrons or even the bartender. They knew who she was at this point and no one really bothered her, save for a few drunken assholes or brave souls. Sometimes, Natasha would be the one coming over to initiate a conversation.

Right now, she was starting to think of doing so when she looks over the rim of her glass and stared at the pretty h/c woman that sat across from her. She looked like she was having fun, giggling as she spoke with the few people that were near her.

Tipsy or drunk, Natasha thinks that she’s borderline drunk.

“Hey, Chris, what’s her name?” She asks casually to the man in charge of the bar and he looks in the direction she’s staring at before he shrugs. “Don’t know. She’s been here, I think twice, but she’s had a few drinks a while ago since she’s got here.” He then let his eyes back to her with a playful grin. “What am I getting for you both?”

She smirks lightly while getting on her feet. “Whiskey for now.” He nods and goes to fix their drinks while she casually walks over, smirking more when she sees how the woman’s eyes flicker to her and pauses with what she’s saying when she slides on the stool next to her.

The only reason Natasha was there tonight was that she was stressing with a new person joining the team. Fury had suddenly came out of nowhere and told them that they found someone suitable to join the Avengers, and apparently, it took him a while to convince them into joining.

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but have I seen you here, before?” The woman’s giggles grace her ears before she’s shaking her head. “Well, I don’t think so since I’ve only gotten to New York last month.” She answers with a little grin, suddenly forgetting about the man that was talking to her earlier, who scoffed and left when Natasha gave him a smug smirk.

She somehow finds it endearing how the smile plays at her lips. But then, those lips are against her cheek before the woman pulls back, cheeks redder than when Natasha approached her. “You were wrong so I kissed you like you asked. Can’t deny a pretty girl.” She says while leaning her head against her hand just as their drinks arrive. “My name’s Y/n, by the way.”

Natasha grins widely at her, thanking Chris before he left. “How about a drink then?” Y/n glanced at the glass before picking it up, having too much alcohol in her system to bother before clinking their glasses together.

“What made you move to New York?” Natasha asked when she put her glass down and the woman hummed thoughtfully. “Well…” She drawls out, brows furrowed before she laughs. “I got a job. But I can’t really say much yet ‘cause I haven’t even started and I might get fired on the first day.”

The redhead can’t help the chuckle that escaped her mouth. “I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t fire you. Pretty sure I’d love to have you around.” She says lowly and the woman stares at her. She’s quick to see her eyes drop to her lips.

Teasingly, she runs her tongue over her lower lip before it’s trapped between her teeth and the stranger’s eyes are back on hers. “That does sound tempting.” She murmured softly and Natasha smirks victoriously before she leans in, trying to eliminate the gap between them and her lips brush against the shell of her ear when her voice comes out in a purr.

“Maybe I can show you a better offer?”

It wasn’t that hard convincing the woman. Since she was already drunk after a few more shots with Natasha, she was quick to agree and soon enough, Natasha has their lips locked in a heated and messy kiss. Her hands find her hips and Y/n’s arm is around her neck while one hand got lost in her hair.

The redhead’s tongue glides over her lip before barging into her mouth and she groans at the hints of whiskey left in her mouth. Even though she wasn’t one for attention, she could tell that there were eyes on them, so she broke the kiss, panting, only to grin when she sees just how breathless Y/n was.

“Did you drive here?” With a shake of the head, Natasha takes her hand and leads her out, keeping the other woman against her until they’re in a taxi. When the car starts moving, Natasha’s lips are back on Y/n’s as she pulls her closer. The driver could only shake his head, muttering something about horny teenagers under his breath before he just focused on the road.

When they got to the compound, Natasha paid the man before she was leading Y/n to her room, not at all giving her time to even notice where they were. It wasn’t like Y/n cared at the moment, either.

They were luckily able to control themselves, but Natasha’s hands would not stay still as she slipped them over Y/n’s butt and gave it a squeeze as she pulled her against herself. “You still up for a few drinks?” She asks and Y/n nods with a dopey grin on her face.

Her lips were swollen and Natasha bit her own at the sight. When the elevator finally came to a stop, Natasha wasted no time in leading Y/n to her room, slamming the door shut and locking it so that no one would bother them or walk in as Y/n pulled her back for another kiss.

Clothes started to fall carelessly on the floor before they reached the bed. Natasha pushed Y/n onto the soft mattress before she crawled on top of her, lips pressing kisses and tongue licking at the exposed skin before she reached for her nightstand drawer and Y/n soon looked up when she felt cool metal locking around her wrists.

Natasha was giving her a smirk, green eyes darker than earlier as she licked her lips. “Be a good girl for me.” She told her before she stood up and walked over to the mini fridge that was located in the corner of the room and came back with a bottle of vodka. She unscrewed the cap and took a long swig before she was back on the bed and gazing down at Y/n, who was watching her in anticipation.

The redhead leaned down before she pressed a kiss to Y/n’s neck before she was sucking on her collarbone. The woman tilted her head back to give her more access, her hands gripping the pillows as she whimpered and bucked against the latter, but a gasp tore through her lips when she felt something cool and wet spilling on her stomach.

Her eyes fell down and she saw Natasha watching her amusedly with the bottle still in her hand when she leaned down and licked up a stripe across her abdomen. “This tastes much better than the whiskey earlier, don’t you think?” She teases before she’s basically poured half a bottle of vodka on Y/n’s chest, stomach, then thighs.

“Fuck, Nat.” Y/n moaned when the redhead started to lick and suck her breasts. Skilled fingers moving to play with one, twisting and rolling her nipple between her fingers while the other was caught by her mouth and she groaned at the taste, much like earlier.

It was much more intoxicating, she concludes, tasting alcohol from the moaning woman under her.

Y/n tried to move her hands, but with having the cuffed, she could only bury her nails into the pillows while her back arched, allowing Natasha to bury her face in her breasts before she’s moving lower, making sure to lick up every drop until she’s settled herself between Y/n’s legs.

She pulled down her panties, leaving her completely naked for the spy. She shivered when she felt her breath fanning against her pussy and she tried to close her legs, but the other kept them apart when she placed her hands on her thighs.

Their eyes met for a brief second before Natasha went to work as her tongue shot out and ran through Y/n’s folds. The mix of her juices and the vodka had Natasha moaning against her cunt and Y/n’s breathing picked up as she tried to buck her hips despite Natasha’s hold.

Her tongue continued to move, swiping up and down, left and right before she pressing it hard against her clit and flicking harshly that it makes Y/n jolt as her moans grew louder. “Fucking christ!”

Y/n’s eyes screwed shut as she was consumed in bliss. The coil in her stomach was tightening with each second and Natasha was relentless as a finger added into the mix, slipping easily into her tight cunt that it draws another moan and whine when she starts repeatedly prodding at her spot when she finds it.

“Natasha… I’m gonna, fuck, I’m going to come.” Y/n whimpered and the redhead hums before adding another finger then fucking her harder while sucking her clit. One last flick has her crying out and Natasha’s mouth opens to lap up every drop, making sure not to waste anything before she’s laying next to Y/n, both panting as she uncuffs her hands then tosses it to the side.

They’re both out like a light. No more words were exchanged and Natasha’s arm curls around the other’s waist before she’s fast asleep.

When the morning arrived, she was groaning and rolling to her side before her eyes opened. Looking around her room, she notes that her clothes are on the floor and nothing more, meaning Y/n left before she woke up.

She’s surprised with the disappointment she feels but shrugs it off when she heads to the bathroom. She would go change her sheets afterwards.

Once she’s finally showered and doesn’t reek of sex and alcohol, she exits her room to head to the kitchen. They would be meeting the new recruit after an hour, so she had time.

What she wasn’t expecting, however, waz Tony to be standing outside her door with a wide smirk on his face and Steve was next to him, ears pink. “Fury is here.”

Her brows furrow at them while she closes her door, head cocked to the side. “It’s early.” She answers, only making Tony’s smirk widen. “Yeah. The recruit was way earlier than we thought.” He tells her before Steve rubs his forehead.

“Let’s just go, please.” He doesn’t wait for an answer before he makes his way to the living room, confusing Natasha further before she pauses when she sees Fury, looking even more unimpressed than ever.

But when her eyes land on the person next to him, all the air seemed to get knocked out of her when she sees who he was talking to.

“Romanoff. Good to see you’re up and not hungover.” The director says when he sees her and Y/n’s already red face buries to her hands in embarrassment.

Finally, everything clicked in her head before her eyes widened a fraction. Tony was cackling from the couch and Steve gestured to Y/n. “We saw her leaving your room, thought she was trying to trespass and then…” He nods to her and she finally lifts her head before crossing her arms.

“This is Y/n L/n, your newest teammate.”

Y/n nods stiffly as she tries to avoid everyone’s eyes, but she knows Natasha is watching her.

“I know I don’t have to say it anymore considering the circumstances, but try not to do anything stupid.” Fury tells the pair before he walks off without another word.

Tony snickered with his fingers laced together in front of him. “So, care for a drink?”

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I’ve got a favor to ask from you lot, if it’s not too much. But if you’re fine with it, I was hoping if you could send me a small message and tell me how you are, how your day has been and when you get home or to where you have to be. It can be in my inbox, or you can stay anonymous through asks

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Anon: “Can you do a fem!reader x natasha x wanda where the reader comes back from a long mission and feels like she’s no longer a part of the relationship and wanda and Nat don’t realize they messed up until reader breaks up w them? Happy ending please :) (sorry if that’s too long)“

I actually like this idea and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this.

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Fuck You

Part 1

Natasha doesn’t bother going to Steve and apologize. She doesn’t think it’s necessary, and that it was just hilarious, really. She does think on how long it’ll take before he gets over it.

But right now, she’s trying to think of a way to catch Y/n and talk to her, which was quite ironic since she didn’t really like having conversations with the woman previously.

Okay, maybe she did want to talk to her but had no idea how so she went with sarcasm and insults. But it was just difficult when someone like Y/n was just too focused with being professional one second, then carefree the next. Y/n was someone she couldn’t read easily, and it bothered her. Add to the fact that she was a mutant.

Or so she keeps saying.

So when the opportunity came, she made sure to take it, even if she did hesitate the first few seconds. She was just glad that Y/n didn’t snap her neck when they had kissed. And just like that, her head was filled with thoughts of her again and what happened in the shower.

It made her steps quicken and she looked around when she reached the kitchen. Surely, they’d be having breakfast, right? She’s usually spending time with Thor, eating as they chatted about anything. They were the closest out of the bunch and sometimes, Natasha felt a bit jealous for it.

But when she got there, she was hit with disappointment when she only sees Thor and Bruce there. The pair looked up to greet her and she only nodded before heading to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. “Have any of you seen Y/n?”

Bruce quirks a brow before shaking his head. “I just got here.” He turns to look to the god and he smiles brightly. “Oh! She is in her room, preparing to leave.”

That statement alone made her freeze in place before she slowly turned to look at the blond. “Leave?” She’s not sure why it leaves a bad feeling, but the fact that Y/n is leaving just after they were that close, that intimate, made her uneasy.

Thor nodded in confirmation. “Yes, Fury came and told her that she is to leave with Hill for a week long mission.”

Now that set her off more. She knew how close the pair were, and she knew how Y/n found the woman attractive, even said it out loud when they were all having a get together. The pair flirted back and forth. Another thing Natasha hated.

“I’m going to put my stuff in my room.” She told the two, not waiting for a reply as she brisk walked out of the kitchen, only flinging her bag into her room before she started to hurry over to Y/n’s room, which was one floor above hers.

When she gets there, she stops in front of the door. What was she supposed to say? What was there to say? Just because they had sex and seemed that they weren’t pissed at each other anymore didn’t mean they were together. Hell, they weren’t even friends to begin with.

But out of everything, Natasha was not a coward. She’s stubborn. That’s why it’s taken her this long to actually admit that she does like a certain h/c despite the fact she was a mutant.

So with that in mind, she doesn’t knock anymore. Simply, she opens the door and barges inside, causing the current resident of the room to turn and look at her with a questioning look. “Nat? What’s up?”

There’s something in the way Y/n addresses her as more than just her surname that has her knees buckling. All confidence leaves her body as she stares at the woman who’s just finished packing her bag. She tries to speak, but when her mouth opens, no words come out so she’s forced to close it again.

The flash of concern on the other makes it harder. She’s mentally cursing because she was Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow, for heaven’s sake! She’s confident and everyone wants her but why couldn’t she get herself to get Y/n?

“Is everything alright?”

She’s not used to this, she concludes. That’s why she can’t speak. She’s used to people telling her that they like her, not the other way around. And suddenly, there’s doubt creeping into her chest and she hates that, too.

“You can’t go.”

Those are the first words that manage to come out and Y/n is confused more than ever. “What?” She asks, brows knitted together and Natasha grits her teeth. “You can’t go.” She repeats, and Y/n chuckles a bit. “I think Fury ordered me to go. And I’m perfectly healthy.” She answers lightly.

Natasha’s entire being softens before she’s making her way over to Y/n and stands in front of her. “I don’t want you to go.” She reiterates and Y/n’s surprised by the gentleness that she sees. “Nat, I-”

But Natasha cuts her off. “I don’t want you to go. Not with her, at least.” Y/n keeps quiet when she sees that there’s more that the redhead wants to say. “I don’t want you to go without knowing what happened means to you, what we are. I don’t want you to go, knowing that it’s with her and that something more can happen between the two of you when I only want you with me.”

The confession shocks the latter, but she shakes her head before smiling a bit. “I thought you hated me?” She asks softly. “I don’t. I just didn’t know how to talk to you.” Natasha admits, biting her lip before Y/n cups her cheek. “Nat, you don’t have to be worried about anything. Maria and I are just friends.” She assured her, but Natasha shakes her head more. “That’s the thing. We weren’t even friends, Y/n.”

The way her name rolls off her tongue sends tingles down her spine and she fights the urge to say it again.

The woman’s eyes soften and she urges Natasha closer. “Hey, listen to me.” She tells her and ducks her head so their eyes can meet. “Just because my friendship with Maria is closer to what I have with you, it doesn’t mean we can’t work on it. You’re different from her. I see her as a friend, but I see you as someone more than that.”

Natasha looks deep in her eyes for any lies, but all she sees is sincerity in them. “Sure, you knew how to get on my nerves, but now that I know why you did what you did, I understand.” She added before smiling. “If you want to work things out, jus-”

“I do.”

Her answer was firm, urgent, as she stares at the e/c woman, gripping her wrists as her hands stayed on her face. “I want to be with you.” Her voice is quiet, but her eyes are fierce and Y/n nods her head before she moves closer. “Then I want you to trust me on this mission, okay? I’ll be back, and I’ll be with you the moment that I do.” She tells her and Natasha nods her head before a hint of a smile slips on her face.

“You better.” She breathes out. “Or else I’m kicking your ass the next time we get to the training room.” Y/n smirks slightly. “I can deal with that.” She chuckles and Natasha rolls her eyes before she presses a light kiss to the corner of her lips. “Just come back.”

Y/n grins at her and nods her head. “I will.” She promises before there’s a knock on her door and Maria opens it, a surprised look appearing for a split second when she sees Natasha before she smiles and then looks to Y/n. “Time to go.”

Natasha’s hand twitched slightly before Y/n smiles at her one last time when Maria leaves to give them some time. “I’ll be back. Don’t worry.” She murmurs, pressing a kiss to Natasha’s forehead before she’s stepping away and grabbing her bag.

“Try not to miss me too much.” She says with a playful wink and Natasha smiles as she feels more at ease. Y/n was someone who pulled through with her promises, so she knew that if Y/n said they’d make it work, then they would.

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Just to get this all out. I don’t know if I’m going to make sense and I know I will get a lot of hate but I want to say something about the shits happening with Scarlett Johansson. Dude, I know she said something stupid but why do people have to fucking boycott a damn movie we’ve waited too long for just because of the actress.

Y'all keep on saying you love Black Widow but you want to boycott or won’t watch the movie just because of what the actress said. Know how to fucking separate what the actress have done and said to the character that meant so much to all of us.

I don’t know why Scarlett would defend such inappropriate and disgusting person but it’s my Nat’s time to shine on her own solo movie.

So Scarlett said something dumb again, I don’t care. I’m going to watch the movie because I love Natasha Romanoff. Simple as that.

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At the end of the day, we don’t know the person unless they show us who’s beneath the mask.

Chapter 1 >> Chapter 2 >> Chapter 3 >> Chapter 4 >> Chapter 5 >> Chapter 6 >> Chapter 7 >> Chapter 8  >> Chapter 9 >> Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Confessions, conflicts, and confusion.

When they all arrived at the hospital, Pepper was fighting back tears as she asked the receptionist of Y/n’s whereabouts. Hela was desperately keeping herself together, putting on a blank mask on her face as they walked through the halls.

They were looking for the room, and luckily, they were able to spot Vision seated outside while Bruce paced in front of him. The blood on his clothes was enough to set them off and Loki marched over before he grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt. “What happened?” He was seething in anger and if Thor hadn’t pulled him away from the doctor, he would have probably hurt him in his angered state.

Bruce was shaken up after what he saw, rambled about what happened but they could barely understand him. “Okay, you gotta sit and take a breath.” Tony told his friend, guiding him to a chair before Vision finally looked at them, knowing that since Bruce was incapable of explaining and that Y/n was still in surgery, he would be the only one present to tell them about the accident.

“Vis, can you tell us?” Sam questioned and he nodded his head, sparing all of them a glance before he collected his thoughts. “I’m not too sure of the details of her injuries, but Y/n was hit by an unknown driver.” He started, making a sound come from Pepper as she covered her mouth.

“What do you mean, unknown driver?” Steve questioned. “It was a hit and run situation, from the looks of it. There was no other car, but hers.” Vision told them. “When we arrived, we only saw her car, upside down and the side was smashed.” He added. “How bad is she hurt?” Rhodey frowned. If the damage to the car was that bad, then it meant Y/n could be in worse conditions.

Vision grimaced as he remembers the scene. “She’s fractured her left arm and from Bruce’s thoughts, a few broken ribs with a possible punctured lung. She was also hit in the head, but we have yet to know the extent of that.” He ended and Natasha felt her heart drop while her throat dried.

This was her fault.

If she’d just been more careful, maybe this would have all been avoided. Wanda was sending her concerned looks, but at the same time, she knows that she’s hurting with what happened to Y/n.

She liked the woman for goodness sake, and Natasha had gone and ruined things.

Carol was fuming as she glared daggers at the redhead, but it was drowned out by her concern for the actress. The woman who may as well be the love of her life was most probably fighting for her life and she wasn’t able to do anything for her. She swore that she would protect Y/n at all costs, but right now, all she could do was wait and hope that she was okay.

Wanda kept trying to keep a level head despite the inner turmoil in her head. Her brother had stayed at her side and pulled her against him, rubbing soothing circles on her back as if he knew exactly what she was thinking, and he might as well could be. It was as though they had the same mind, yet completely different at the same time.

She desperately wanted to be next to Y/n, comfort her from the pain she was sure she was experiencing, but she couldn’t. She wanted to stop Natasha earlier, and hearing that her friend had also started liking Y/n made her even more upset, so the whole incident was just giving her a horrible headache.

Pepper and Hela, they were like overprotective mothers yet completely different.

Pepper was crying, not at all trying to stop the waterfall that came from her eyes while she gripped Tony’s arm. Hela, on the other hand, was quieter than usual, eyes trained on the door that separated them and her baby cousin that it made her feel as though it was mocking her.

Thor had to make sure his siblings were okay despite his own distress. The three cared deeply for their cousin as if she were their own sister, so with something as bad as this happening, it was scaring them that things won’t end well.

After what felt like an eternity but was only four hours, the doctor finally stepped out of the room, exhaustion clear on his face before it was replaced by surprise when he saw the sudden amount of people. “Family of miss L/n?”

Hela was striding over, her brothers following with everyone behind them and the doctor had to take a step back before he cleared his throat. “Okay, um…” He moved away from the door and they watched as Y/n was being rolled away to a room and they caught a glimpse of her banged up form, covered in bandages with one arm in a cast.

“Miss L/n will be fine, but we nearly lost her since she flat lined twice.” They held their breaths as he started to speak. “Overall, she has to be confined for now. Her arm was broken from the collision and broke two ribs, one, of which, ended up puncturing her lung as Dr. Banner told us when they arrived. The hit to her head wasn’t strong enough to damage her skull, but she’s received head trauma so there are chances that she’ll be a bit disoriented when she wakes up.” He looked at all of them and gave them a small smile.

“She’s quite lucky. Usually with that sort of incident, she wouldn’t have survived. But your friend will be alright.”

“Can we see her?” Bucky asked carefully and the doctor nodded his head before leading them to the room Y/n was brought to. “She’s asleep for the meantime. We’ll provide the medication she will be needing. She will be in a lot of pain once she wakes, so try not to strain her too much.” He warned and they nodded.

When they arrived to the room, the doctor carefully opened the door and the group cautiously stepped inside. Luckily the room was big enough to fit all of them, so they all went in and all eyes fell on Y/n’s sleeping form.

Seeing her in such a broken state had them all feeling on edge. “You said that she received head trauma. Should we expect her to be having any other complications like short term amnesia?” Though it wasn’t the most ideal question, Tony had to ask so they would be prepared for the worst.

The doctor went to check the machines that were hooked up to Y/n before he shook his head at the question. “I can’t say for certain. But it is a possibility. For now, we can only wait and see until she wakes.” When he finishes, he excuses himself to handle another patient.

Hela sat by the bed, carefully taking in Y/n’s appearance and a deep scowl made its home on her face while she willed herself not to cry. She took her cousin’s fixed hand in her own and gently ran her thumb over the back of it.

Carol went nearer, taking a seat, jaw clenched as she carefully reached out to touch Y/n’s face, but stopped, letting her fingers hover over her skin.

She hated seeing her like this, covered in cuts, bruises, and bandages. She looked so frail and fragile that a single touch might as well end up breaking her. She wiped away the lone tear that managed to slip from her eyelids before letting them fall to her side

“What happened?” Loki’s voice cut through the silence and most of them looked at him. His face was anything but happy, seeing his cousin laying on a hospital bed. Thor placed a hand on his shoulder, but it was smacked away. “Loki, accidents happen. Banner already told us what happened.”

“Then find the bastard who did this!”

His eyes fell on the billionaire. “You’re supposed to be a genius, right? With all the money in the world so you can do anything. Can’t you do something about this?” He demanded, hands clenched into fists.

“Look, I can’t just figure out who hit her. It’s a long process and-” Tony wasn’t able to explain when Loki cut him off.

“I don’t care! Just as long as we find out who did this!”

“Loki, enough.” Said male turned to his sister, his eyes still lit with the same anger. “What? You don’t care about Y/n? Is that it?” He knew better than to say those words, especially to his sister. But he couldn’t take them back, even if he wanted to.

“Thor, bring him outside. Calm him down.” The eldest of the three ordered and the blond immediately followed, grabbing their brother. “No! I will not-” But Thor managed to shut his mouth and dragged him outside and Bruce looked at the door in worry. “I’m gonna… make sure they’re fine.” He mumbled and quietly exited the room.

Pepper sat by the bed, her eyes red and puffy from crying. “God, why did this happen…” She mumbled while tiredly rubbing her face and Tony gave her a sympathetic look. “It wasn’t in our control. For now, I’ll go and ask Fury if he can help with this, find out the idiot who did this.” He told the group as he rested his hands on his fiancee’s shoulders.

Bucky glanced over to Natasha, a silent question in his eyes when he saw how she was keeping her distance from the bed, seeming small as she hugged herself and refused to say a word. Even when Clint went and nudged her, silently asking her what was wrong, she just shook her head.

Pietro looked at his sister before he took her arm and moved her to one side of the room. He could see the worry in her face and he knew that there was a storm brewing in her mind as her hands twitched slightly, clenching and unclenching. ”What happened?” He asked softly, voice low for only her to hear and she seemed to glare at the floor. “She heard Natasha and I talking.” She mumbled.

He didn’t seem to understand what a conversation with Natasha related to anything, but with the look on her face, he knew that now would not be a good time to keep poking her for answers. So, he sighs and nods his head before pulling her against him, pressing her head to his chest as he rubbed her back. “It’s going to be alright.” He murmured while placing a kiss on the top of her head while she gripped his shirt and shut her eyes tight to remove the look of anger, betrayal, and heartbreak that was on Y/n’s face.

Carol just kept staring at Y/n’s sleeping face, silently hoping that she would be okay despite her injuries. She knew she should have gone after her, just ignore Natasha and stopped her from leaving. If she did, then maybe Y/n wouldn’t be in this situation. The guilt was eating away at her and she didn’t realize that tears started falling from her eyes.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

The sudden voice makes her look up, seeing Steve looking at her with a small smile. “I should have gone after her.” She told him but Rhodey shook his head. “Even if you followed, there’s no assurance that she wouldn’t be here, or maybe you’d be in another bed, too.” He explained softly then scanned over the h/c’s form. “She’s gonna be okay, but for now, let her rest.”

“Don’t neglect yourself, either.” Steve added and she smiled weakly at them before nodding. “I won’t. I don’t want her to worry about me when she should be worrying about herself.”

When they all managed to get their bearings, they left the hospital, one by one, until the only people there were Carol, Wanda, Natasha, and the three siblings. Tony had to bring Pepper back to the cabin so she could get some sleep. Pietro had only gone ahead when Wanda assured him that she would be okay, and he let her be, sending her a knowing look as he left with Vision.

Meanwhile, Loki had finally calmed down, a somber look on his face when he plopped down on the couch and kept his arms crossed. Thor was standing by him, though his eyes were on his cousin when Hela stood up. Her eyes were ablaze when she turned to the three women.

“I know for a fact that Y/n wouldn’t have done what she did without reason. I want to know what happened.” Her voice was cold and firm as she directed her statement to the three and they found it difficult to meet her gaze, Natasha most specially.

Hela’s gaze went to Carol, knowing the woman longer and better, so she trusted that she would have an answer, but the blonde shifted slightly before she shook her head. “I’m not the person you’re going to get answers from.” She mumbled softly, and it prompted Hela to turn to the other two.

“You don’t seem like a person who could have done this, seeing how you were around Y/n previously. But I would like to know.” Wanda bit her lip. Hela was intimidating and she so desperately tried to keep herself calm but found no courage in speaking up. “You’re only going to make this harder for yourself.”

Natasha inhaled deeply, shutting her eyes before shaking her head. “You’re right, Wanda didn’t do anything. It was my fault.” Loki looked up, a sneer on his face. “And what did you do?”

Hela finally took the time to assess Natasha for the first time. The past few days, she never really bothered to look at the redhead, but now that she knew she was involved, she had taken an interest in knowing what she did to her cousin.

Natasha didn’t bother looking at Carol or Wanda. Her eyes only landed on Y/n and the look on her face made Loki ease up just a bit. “It wasn’t really my intention, really. At first I thought it was all for fun, string her along and then have my way because I assumed we weren’t going to get any closer than just acquaintances but…” Her eyes went back to her hand. The same hand that Y/n held so closely and treated as though it were porcelain. “She heard me talking to Wanda, how I used to play around with strangers. But she didn’t hear the whole thing.”

Thor rose a brow as he crossed his arms. “I was changing myself, really. I stopped going out or even meeting any other woman because often times, I see her and it leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. I didn’t even realize that I was doing these things until the night I stayed over…”

Carol’s brows furrowed as her eyes narrowed at the woman. “You stayed over?” She muttered and Natasha only rolled her eyes. “I didn’t do anything so calm down. We just slept.”

“Right. You didn’t take advantage of her then?” The comment set Natasha off and she glared at the blonde. “I know you like her, Danvers, but she isn’t yours. And if you think I’d stoop so low as to take advantage of someone like that, you should really keep your mouth shut.” She hissed, but Carol wasn’t one to back out either.

“Oh, right, my mistake. You just thought of having some fun and played with her emotions even when I told you about what happened to her.” Wanda looked between the two and panicked as she tried to step between the two.

“This isn’t the time or place for you both to be fighting.” She scolded, but Carol only turned her anger toward her. “Like you’re any better than her.” She scoffed and Wanda gave her a bewildered look. “Excuse me?”

Carol sneered, hands clenched on her sides. “You were flirting with her, I could see it. And you knew what she was doing and let it happen!” She stated while pointing a finger in Natasha’s direction. “I didn’t let it happen. I didn’t want her to hurt Y/n. I even told her that I like Y/n and asked her to back off!” Wanda retorted and Natasha rolled her eyes but Wanda only glared at her. “I was trying to be better. I didn’t want to hurt her either.” The redhead muttered.

“That’s enough.” Thor finally spoke up, a wary look on his face before he sighed. “Fighting will get us nowhere. It doesn’t matter your intentions. It happened and we can’t do anything more.” He then shook his head. “Y/n needs her rest, and I think you all need it as well. So for now, go back to the cabin and come back tomorrow.” He told them but Wanda shook her head.

“It isn’t up for discussion.” Loki answered before they could protest and the three women looked hesitant before they finally and reluctantly agreed to leave the hospital, having a tense atmosphere when they all silently got in one car and headed back.

When they all did come back, it wasn’t surprising that the three siblings were all asleep in the room. Hela was sitting by the bed, in the same chair she’d been in since the night before. Loki took up the couch, one leg dangling on the edge whilst Thor was seated on the ground with his back against the couch, arms crossed with his head bowed down.

But aside from them, Y/n was already awake, just looking at her cousins curiously before her eyes fell on the three and a displeased sound came from her lips. “What are you doing here?” Her voice was low and raspy from sleep and her throat being dry.

Wanda quickly went to one side of the room and filled a cup of water before she brought it over to the actress and let her drink. And though she seemed reluctant, she obliged as Wanda brought the cup to her lips.

“I know this isn’t your ideal morning.” Natasha started and Y/n gave her a glare. “But, we came here for a reason.” She said with her hands up. “And what reason do you have, exactly?” the h/c rose a brow and Wanda took a seat.

They all exchanged a look and Natasha stepped closer. deciding to speak up first. “What you heard yesterday, yes, it was true.” She saw Y/n scoff and smiled lightly before she shook her head. “But, you didn’t hear everything before that.”

She paused and tried to find her words then sighed. “It’s true. I used to go around, jumping from one girl to another. But ever since that day where we read the book thief together, I just couldn’t get you out of my head.” She admitted softly that it made Y/n’s glare disappear. “Whenever I even start to think about going out, I can’t help but think of you and that it’s wrong. Then that night at the club, it was like there was just… you.”

Despite the fact that Wanda and Carol were there and that the three sleeping people would wake at any moment, she ignored it as she kept talking as she poured everything bottled up inside her.

“I was so pissed when that guy tried to take you with him. I wasn’t even thinking when I punched him.” Ah, now it made sense for Wanda. “Then you would just look at me like… like I was something important and I just wanted to kiss you because I really like you.” She finally got it off her chest and Y/n’s facial expression finally softened as she stared at the redhead as she smiled weakly. “I didn’t kiss you because I didn’t want to take advantage of you like that.”

Carol frowned slightly. Natasha’s words sounded so genuine and it made her feel guilty for what she accused her for.

Wanda was the next to speak up as she fiddled with her rings. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tell you, but please understand that it wasn’t place to tell and I couldn’t just throw her under the bus like that. I believed that she’d actually stopped trying to pursue you.” She mumbled softly as Y/n turned to look at her.

“I wanted to tell you, but I was in no position to tell you who you can and can’t spend time with. But in actuality, it just scared me because I felt like you’d stop hanging out with me and focused on her or Carol.” She was apologetic as she recalled the events and sighed.

“Why would you think that?” She heard Y/n ask and she chuckled lightly. “I was still trying to understand what it was I was feeling for you.” Though her voice was quiet, her words were clear. “I just wanted to be with you, talk to you, and just hold you and be held by you like the time you let me get on your bike for the first time. With you, I feel safe and that I could just be me. You make me feel whole and contented and warm.”

Carol then chuckled softly as she leaned against the wall and ran her fingers through her hair. The sound caught Y/n’s attention as she looked over and she sees the look on her face.

“I think you get that I’m going to tell you the same they did.” She said with a small smile. “I know you weren’t ready to get into a relationship again, not after what happened in the past with your ex, but I think it’s best I tell you that I’ve been in love with you for a while now. And sometimes I want to be more than just your ‘on-stage’ boyfriend.” She said while quoting the word. “I really care about you, and I wanted to take you up on that offer of just living with you, but the truth is, I didn’t want to. I thought that, maybe, by being away from you, these feelings would disappear, but they didn’t. Your absence only made me want you more.” She said with a sigh.

Y/n was quiet as she let her eyes move from one person to another. She was not expecting for all three of them to be feeling the same toward her. She thought they were just being friendly, but there were instances where she did think if it was more than that.

She wasn’t able to actually say anything and they could all see that she was trying to think about what to do. Wanda reached over and placed a gentle hand on her arm. “Hey.” She spoke softly, giving Y/n a smile when their eyes met. “You don’t have to think about it too much.” She told her.

“We just thought it was best you know. But we aren’t forcing anything on you.” Natasha added with a nod. “You don’t have to give us an answer. This is so you know why we might act a certain way with you.” Carol said with a smile.

“You don’t have to pick, okay?” Y/n bit her lip as she nodded her head.


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It’s still surreal knowing that next year, Scarlett is going to be returning as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and finally getting the Black Widow solo movie. We’ve all been waiting so long for this and it’s long overdue.

As fans, we deserve this.

As young girls and women who’ve looked up to this character for the past 10 years, we deserve this, ladies.

As an actress who’s been in the MCU for over 10 years playing such a popular, iconic, badass female character, Scarlett deserves this.

I’m glad we’ll get to see her reprise this role on the big screen in just a couple of more months and lead/be the main focus of the film. And, it’ll be kicking off Phase 4.

This is what we deserve.

Long live Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow.

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If anyone hurt our baby assassin Natalia again, or says that she’s just a SUPPORTING CHARACTER, or just neglects her past in the Red Room, or agrees with the whole ‘oh she can’t have BABIES so she MUST be a MONSTER’ thing,,,,,

I’ll fucking rip your spine outta your back,,,,,it’s a supporting structure in your body, let’s see how well you do without that.

Natasha antis,,,FIGHT ME.

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