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#natasha romanoff

Steve x reader x Natasha x Bucky

“Bucky, what are you doing up?” You asked, your voice still thick with sleep. You laid facing towards Bucky, Natasha behind you and Steve behind Bucky, and the bright light coming from his p hone was very noticeable in the otherwise dark room.

“Doll, you have to see this. Look.” Bucky said quietly. He turned his phone towards you and after blinking a few times, you could clearly make out the article title.

“Why do you need to read this?” You questioned, pushing the phone away from you.

“Proof. This is all proof that the moon landing was faked.” He explained with a grin.

“Bucky, the moon landing wasn’t faked.” You sighed, exasperated.

“How do you know, Y/N, where you there? That’s what I thought.” Bucky said, cockily. Lifting a hand, you swatted the man in the chest, you were about to speak when a groggy Steve interrupted.

“You weren’t there either punk, now go back to sleep.” Steve grumbled lowly. His hand snaked closer to your waist and he rubbed circles onto your hip bone.

“But Stevie I need to know more. There are so many conspiracy theories out there. “Bucky complained, leaning his head back to look at the blonde.

“They’re just theories, that’s the key word.” Steve said simply.

“That’s what the government wants you to think. I’m telling you, we’re all being lied to.” Bucky stubbornly stated. He looked between you both and gave you a pleading face. “Let me just tell you one.”

“Bucky, I’m going to say this once, go back to sleep.” Nat groused, curling further into your back.

“But, Nat.” Bucky whined. Natasha raised her head onto your shoulder and gave your boyfriend a firm look.

“No, James, you need to sleep. We need to sleep, and we can’t do that if you’re explaining to us that people are being replaced by lizards.” She said, rolling her eyes.

“People are being replaced by lizards?” Bucky exclaimed, his hand immediately going to his phone. “Who, how?” He questioned, beginning to type.

“Bucky sleep now. If you don’t sleep, then you’ll end up forgetting all of your theories.” You said, grabbing the phone out of his hand. Steve placed it on the bedside and pulled Bucky back into a laying position.

“Okay fine.” Bucky conceded. The three of you thanked the man before you all fell back to sleep.

“It’s literally been an hour.” Steve’s annoyed tone rose you from your sleep.

“What’s going on?” You asked opening your eyes slightly. Even with your eyes only opened minimally, you could clearly see the bright light in your bedroom.

“Bucky’s reading more theories.” Steve tattled, causing Bucky to let out an annoyed sound.

“That’s it.” You sighed. “I’m taking your phone.” You added. Grabbing the phone out of his hand, you jumped out of bed and put the device in the living room

“What? Y/N no.” Bucky protested, he attempted to follow after you, but Steve wrapped his arms around him and held him there.

“Yes. No more phone tonight, now go to sleep.” You said as you crawled back into bed. Natasha’s arms wrapped around your middle and she pulled you into her chest.

“Good job, med.” She praised, leaving a kiss on your cheek. There was no noise after that as the four of you fell back to sleep, this time for the night.

“Where is he?” Natasha questioned. Steve was supposed to have been back hours ago. He had been sent on a week-long mission and even though he’d gotten back today, none of you had seen him.

“He’s probably just doing his paperwork.” Bucky guessed. You and he were sat on the bed watching as your Russian girlfriend paced the length of the room.

“For four hours?” She said, raising an eyebrow at Bucky. “I don’t buy it. What if he’s injured, did you think of that?”

“Tash, if he’d been injured, we would have been alerted.” You reasoned, pulling the red head onto the bed.

“I’m just worried.” She sighed. “Paper work doesn’t take this long, even if Hill did give it to him. It’s 1 am, he’s usually so routine with his sleep.”

“Did you at least try to call him?” Bucky asked, getting a thumb to the ribs.

‘Of course, I tried to call him.” Natasha retorted. “That was the first thing I tried. He didn’t pick up though.”

“I’ve got an idea.” You said. “JARVIS, can you please tell us where Steve is?”

“Captain Rogers current location is the training room.” JARVIS’s voice came from the intercom.

“Thank you, JARVIS.” You thanked as you stood from the bed. “Let’s go bring the captain to bed.” You said. Natasha and Bucky nodded and followed you. The three of you took the elevator up to the training room and when you entered you could see Steve in front of the punching bags, 5 broken ones laid on the ground.

“Stevie.” You stated, clearly, as you all entered the floor. Steve’s head snapped towards you, his cheeks red and his forehead dripping with perspiration.

“What are you doing down here?” Bucky asked, moving towards the blonde

“I just wanted to train for a little.” He puffed, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

“For four hours?” Natasha asked, raising an eyebrow. The three of you moved towards Steve, who looked confused.

“It hasn’t been four hours. Has it?” He questioned, looking around for the clock.

“Yeah, it kinda has. It’s 1 am Stevie.” You said, giving him a small smile. His face fell and he started wave his arms around as he spoke.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry. I was only going to come down for a little while and I must have lost track of time- “He began to frantically apologize until Nat grabbed one of his flailing hands.

“Steve, breath. It’s alright.” She said slowly. She looked him directly in the eyes and watched as he calmed himself down.

“What’s on your mind punk? Did something happen on the mission?” Bucky asked, moving closer to Steve.

“There were some causalities. Civilian’s.” He explained, looking downcast. The three of you all moved in and pulled Steve into a tight group hug.

“Stevie, that wasn’t your fault.” You informed him firmly. Steve gave you a somber look before he looked away.

“I could’ve saved them. I should’ve.” He muttered, eyes cast solely on the floor

“Things go wrong. Missions can’t always go right, sometimes things go wrong and we can’t control that.” Nat reasoned, giving his cheek a kiss.

“Come to bed, Steve, we missed you.” You begged, kissing Steve on the collarbone.

“Okay.” Steve sighed, a small smile on his face. The four of you made your way up to your floor, where Bucky pushed Steve into the bathroom.

“Go clean up, punk.” Bucky said, giving him a gentle peck and a pat on the shoulder. Steve wandered into the bathroom as the rest of got into bed, after a few minutes a freshly showered Steve came back into the bedroom in only his boxers.

Natasha and Bucky made room for Steve in the middle of the bed and he crawled into place.

“Try to get some sleep, Stevie.” You said, curling into Natasha’s back.

“We’ll keep you safe.” Bucky promised.

“I love you all.” Steve groggily mumbled.

“Love you too.” You all responded. The four of you all fell asleep, surrounded by the warmth of the ones you love.

“Doll, what are you doing out here?” Steve asked walking into the living room. You turned at the sound of his voice, finally looking away from your tea.

“Couldn’t sleep.” You stated, looking back at your now cold drink.

“What’s going on in your head, doll?” He quizzed, sitting next to you on the couch. He pulled you into his side and you breathed in his comforting scent.

“Too much.” You confessed. “I can’t switch my brain off.” 

“You want to vent to me?” He offered, taking the cup of tea out of your hands.

“I just want to sleep.” You confessed, turning to face him fully. “I can’t remember the last time I slept properly.”

“Why aren’t you sleeping then, doll?” Steve asked, tilting his head at you. “Why haven’t you mentioned this to us?”

“Because we’re all always busy. We have meetings, missions and all this crap to do every day. I don’t want to bother you with something like this. I should be able to deal with it on my own.” You said, shaking your head.

“Deal with what, doll?”

“I can’t turn it off. I can’t turn my brain off. I think I’ve done it and then suddenly there’s a flurry of thoughts attacking me. Things I have to do tomorrow, things I should’ve done better and all this crap that I know I shouldn’t worry about, but I do.” You rushed out. “I’m tired Steve, I’m so tired, but I can’t to sleep.”

Steve gave you a concerned face as he pulled you closer into his body. 

“Baby doll.” He began. “You know you can always come to us. We promised at this start of this relationship that we would be there for each other. We don’t care if we all have things to do we love you and we want you to be happy. We want you to talk to us about these things.”

“He’s right, krasota.” Natasha said. Your head snapped behind you to see Natasha and Bucky coming into the room. “We want to know these things, krasota.” Natasha told you, curling into your side.

“Nothing is more important than this relationship.” Bucky added, coming to crouch in front of you. “We love you, sweetheart, nothing is going to change that.”

“Come back to bed, Y/N.” Steve pleaded, placing a kiss against your temple.

“Okay.” You whispered. Bucky quickly came to a stand and held his hand out for you to take.

“Come on, doll.” He said leading you back to the bedroom, Natasha and Steve following behind you. They got into bed first and made room for you in the middle.

You crawled in between them, Bucky behind Steve, your back to Natasha’s chest and you faced Steve.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart.” Steve said, tracing his fingers along your face.

“I love you all.” You murmured, already drifting off. The last thing you heard were the sounds of your lovers responding to you.


Non-reader POV

“I’m going to kill him.” Natasha’s growl woke Steve with a start.

“Nat, what’s going on?” He questioned, still dazed.

“Fucking stark and his bloody music.” She cursed, glaring at the wall.

“Nat I can’t hear anything.” Steve said, tranquilly. Natasha snapped her head to look at him.

“That’s because your hearing is akin to that of a fossil. JARVIS shut off Stark’s music and tell I am not playing any type of game.” Natasha snapped at the artificial intelligence.

“Mr. Stark says he’ll keep it down in future if you, miss L/N, Captain Rogers and Sargant Barnes attempt to as well in the future.” The A.I said in his British accent.

“Stark.” Natasha growled. She attempted to get out of bed, only for Steve to grab her waist.

“Sweetheart, what’s really going on?” Steve asked, giving her his talk face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Natasha grumbled, turning away from him.

“Tash don’t lie to me. Just talk to me.” Steve pleaded, rubbing his thumbs in circles on her waist.

“I had the dream again.” Natasha admitted with a sigh.

“Who was it this time?” Steve asked, his tone gentle and soothing.

“Bucky and Y/N.” She confessed. Steve rolled her over to face him but she refused to meet his gaze.

“Sweetheart they’re both fine.  They should be home tomorrow.” Steve assured gently. He grabbed her chin and forced her to make eye contact, when her eyes met his he could see how glassy her eyes were

“We don’t know that. We haven’t had any contact with them for months, anything could’ve happened.” She said, voice cracking at the end.

“Nat, we’ve all been together for a long time. You know just as well as I do, they can handle themselves. They wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize their chances of coming home.” Steve promised, holding his girlfriend closer to his chest.

“I know. I know that, but anything can go wrong.” Natasha stated.

“They will be fine I promise. Get some sleep, Nat. I’ll look after you.” Steve swore, kissing her on her head.

“Love you, Stevie.” Natasha mumbled into his hard chest.

“Love you too, Nat.” Steve replied. He held her close into his body and watched over her to ensure she fell back asleep calmly.

Normal POV

“Buck, you need to be quite.” You whispered, watching as your boyfriend crashed into the door frame.

“I’m being quite.” He replied.

“You make more noise than Hulk.” You stated, rolling your eyes at the man.

“That’s rude, doll.” He said, offended, raising his hand to his face as if he were wiping away tears.

“Buck, Y/N.” Natasha uttered, sitting up in the bed. You and Bucky both turned in alarm to look at the red head.

“Shit, sorry Nat. Go back to sleep, we’ll keep quiet.” You assured, giving her an apologetic face.

“Oh hi, to you too, Tasha.” Bucky said in surprise. Your girlfriend had launched herself off the bed to wrap her arms around the two of you.

“You’re home.” She stated simply. 

“Yeah we finished early. We were just going to wash up and get into bed. Sorry we woke you hon.” You rambled only to be silenced as smashed her lips to yours. As she pulled away, she repeated the same, passionate, action to Bucky.

“Baby doll, we’d love to continue this but Stevie’s sleeping, and we didn’t get any sleep on the jet-”

“I don’t care about that.” Natasha interrupted with a smile. “I’m just glad your home. Let’s get you cleaned up.” She added dragging you into the bathroom.

“Won’t that wake, Steve?” You asked, beginning to strip out of your uniform.

“No, this will.” Bucky smirked. “Steve get America’s ass into the bathroom!” He yelled. A loud thump echoed into the room, quickly followed by a grunt of pain.

“That was mean.” You scolded the grinning man.

“Still funny.” He said with a shrug. 

“You’re back.” Steve breathed as he entered the room. He was dressed in barely anything and was rubbing his head, but he otherwise smiled brightly at the sight of you all.

“We’re back.” You repeated as he took you into his arms. He gave you a quick kiss before giving Bucky the same treatment.

“Shower’s ready you two.” Natasha stated,

“How about Nat helps you clean up, and I make you something to eat?” Steve suggested, getting a loving kiss from you.

“Food sounds fantastic right now.” Bucky groaned appreciatively. Steve placed a last kiss onto the both of your cheeks before leaving the room again.

The three of you stripped out of your remaining clothes and climbed into the shower together. The warm water felt fantastic against your aching muscles but the feeling of two of your lovers pressed against you was even better.

“God, I love you two. I really do.” Natasha said, looking at the both of you.

“Love you too, Tash.” You replied, pulling in closer to yourself.

“I love both my girls, and Steve too, I suppose.” Bucky smirked, moving you both closer to his chest.

“I heard that, jerk!” Steve called, causing you and Natasha to laugh. 

“You love me, Steve.” Bucky yelled back.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re lucky you’re not sleeping on the couch.”

Leave feedback. Give it a like. Leave a comment. Reblog. Buy me a KO-FI. This is apart of the new sleep series I want to do. I will do a series of one shots with any pairing surrounding sleep. Leave a comment for the next pairing you want to see.

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“Y/N,” Bruce scolded gently, reaching over to slow down your treadmill, “easy, sweetheart.” You bite your tongue and take a deep breath. Honestly, you’re just thankful Bruce is still letting you do anything at all. You’ve got three weeks left to go and as the days tick down, he’s a bigger mess. “Bruce,” you say, giving him a look. The scientist smiles sheepishly and takes a drink of water.

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Hey would you mind giving us like a few hints or maybe a couple of sentences of the next story you're working on? No pressure or anything just curious to know what i can expect next

oh boy, there’s a lot going on in my drafts and for the most part i only have like one sentence at best, but i don’t mind sharing a few notes that i made for stories that i have a more concrete idea of

Though, those ideas/titles/stuff and thangs may also change. Nothing is ever written in stone with me.

Anyway, here goes nothing in no particular order: 

1. One Hole Away (Steve Rogers x fem!Reader)

you hate each other. You have to go on a mission together. Rent out two roooms in a hotel in some shit city in shit knows where. The rooms are right next to each other and divided by a wall. Only they aren’t. There’s a hole the seize of Texas in that bad boy. Will they strangle each other? Will they fuck? fuck if i know

2. Bruderherz (Brother!Bucky x fem!Reader, Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader)

fluff. assholes did babies dirty. Reader gets turned into a super soldier too. Chaotic trio. 

3. Photograph (Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader)

If you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what the photograph - Unknown

4. Game-Changer (Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader, Avengers x fem!Reader)

College!AU, inspired by that quote (?):  I heard you’re a player. So let’s play a game. Let’s sweet talk. Let’s take walks together. Let’s give each other nicknames. Let’s talk 24/7. Let’s hang out with each other’s friends. Let’s go on dates. Let’s talk on the phone all night long. Let’s hold it each other. Let’s kiss and hug. And whoever falls on love first? Loses.

5. Vanidicus Part II

6.  Tourner Dans Le Vide (Bucky x fem!Reader)

inspired by the song

7. My Friend, Death, And I Part IV

8. Start A Fire (second part to Start A War) (Mobster!Natasha x fem!Reader)

9. Saw You In A Dream (Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader)

A story without a plot or concrete idea that i still feel passionate about. for how long i dont know. lets hope long enough to write it

10. Of Loyalists and Lovers (Daenerys Targaryen x fem!Reader)

saw a post on tumblr about her and it kinda made me want to try and write for her. 

Quote: “Her heaven will be a love without betrayal.”

story will be about little snapshots of your life from the beginning to the end- from the first meeting to the reclaiming of the iron throne and everything in between

and since i also adore the witcher series the reader will be just as skilled with a sword and will know and use the same rudimentary magic. 

11. Turn Back Time (Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader)

Time travel. or not.


The other 25 drafts i have no idea about. In conclusion: there is not much to expect.

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Series Summary: Stuck in an abusive and controlling relationship, you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant and know you need to get out now, not later. Even if you’re going to be a single mom, it’s worth your child not being anywhere near their father. Luckily, Steve and the rest of the avengers are there to make your life just a little bit easier. (I suck at summaries, I’m truly sorry.)

Series warnings: domestic abuse, angst, unplanned pregnancy, depression, suicidal thoughts, smut later on.

“Oh, come on!” you yell softly, exasperated. “Stupid button! Just a little more….” With a sigh, you give up. This is the last pair of jeans that you have that was even remotely comfortable due to your expanding belly, and now the goddamn button won’t close. You pull on a hoodie that you stole from Steve and luckily , it’s long enough that it covers the fact that you can’t button your stupid pants. 

You step into the bathroom to brush your teeth and throw some light makeup on, just to feel kind of normal. For someone that used to have a pretty active social life (at least before Andrew), you feel like a hermit that’s just been hiding out in the compound for the last month or so. It’ll do you some good to get out.

You step out of your room and head to the kitchen. You’re meeting Elizabeth for breakfast but if you don’t eat something RIGHT NOW, you’re going to die. 

“Good morning.” you say, waving at the small group assembled for breakfast. 

They respond with “good mornings” of their own. Most of them look like they could stand to go back to sleep, Steve and Bucky being the only exception. Just like the old men that they are, they’re usually up before the sun. 

“Wow, you look…comfortable.” Natasha says, taking in my jeans and hoodie. I glare at her and she puts her hands up in defense. 

“Well, due the fact that nothing wants to seem to fit me anymore, this is it. I’m lucky it’s not just yoga pants and a baggy Tshirt.” you tell her. 

“Is that my hoodie?” Steve asks with a smile. 

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We made fun of the Avengers’ disguises. We Said that it was ridiculous that they only need a hat and sunglasses to hide in plan sight.


But none of us noticed Jake Gyllenhaal in the same disguise until it was pointed out to us

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Steve: Any sign of trouble just give the signal and we’ll come in hard and fast.

Natasha: What’s the signal?

Clint: Me screaming.


Y/N: *Laughing*

Steve: What’s so funny?

Y/N: You said ‘come in hard and fast’. *Starts laughing again*

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Natasha Romanoff x Reader


Wandering around the empty halls of the tower has become a new hobby of yours. You reminisce on old memories of your team mates, dwelling on how much you miss them. They may have bickered like children and were massive pains in your ass, but you couldn’t help but have a soft spot for them. You counted your lucky stars that Natasha was part of the few that survived the snap. You found comfort in having her close and appreciated everything she has done for this family. Well almost everything, the view from the kitchen door was something that couldn’t be unseen.

You raised your hand to your chest, an exaggerated gasp filled the room. Natasha’s eyes shot up, sizing you up for any injuries. Her body slumped after discovering you were in perfect condition

“With everything that’s going on, you can’t just walk in here like that” she rolled her eyes and brought her attention back to her sandwich

“But there’s a crime being committed and I wanted to draw attention to it” you took a few steps into the kitchen, moving closer to the island bench

“Oh? And what would that be?” her movement came to a halt, her eyebrow raised and her eyes trained on you

You raised your hand, motioning towards the sandwich on the bench. “You’re cutting your sandwich into triangles, that’s a massive deal breaker for me”. Natasha scoffed at the comment

“That’s what you came in for? Really (Y/N)?” Her face scrunched at the silly conversation, a small smile peaked through. She secretly loved these little conversations with you 

“I don’t think I can be with someone who doesn’t believe in the rectangle lifestyle”

“Well then I guess this is the end” Natasha mockingly wiped a tear from her eye, before taking a bite of her sandwich. She raised the plate, offering you the other half. “I know you’re hungry”, she wriggled the plate, emphasising her comment

“Even though it’s cut wrong, it looks like a good sandwich” You quickly snatched it off the plate, taking a big bite in the middle. “Thank you” you mumbled in between chews

“You’re welcome” she lent over the bench and gently kissed your cheek, a big smile spread across her face before taking another bite. Both of you ate quietly together, enjoying each others presence.

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Carol flying to Vormir fueled on the vain hope that she’s not too late, that she’s still alive, that she can see her one more time.

But she is too late.

She missed her chance to see her, made excuses, and now all she can do is land, gently beside her, as though she were merely sleeping, kneel on the cold ground, warmed only by Natasha’s fading body heat, and cradle her bloody, broken, yet still beautiful, head in her lap and cry.

More time, if only they’d had more time.

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I just realized that Natasha is literally everyone’s soulmate. Bruce Banner, check. Clint Barton, check. Happy Hogan, check. Tony Stark, check. But the true reality is she belongs with Ava the “Ghost” from Antman and the Wasp. Their ship name is BlackGhost. Black Widow + Ghost = BlackGhost

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