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#nathasha romanoff

Dear Peter Parker

I’m thinking either Bucky or Natasha sings this

Dear Peter Parker,

How to say to you?

Sometime last night

Your Aunt called your name

And that was the last thing she did

The plane crashed,

She died

She’s gone

She dedicated every day to you

She changed your life

She made your life worthwhile

And when you smile

I know a part of her lives on

I know you can go on

You have come of age with our young nation

We bleed and fight for you

Sometimes it seems that’s all we do

And you and I will build a strong foundation

And I’ll be here for you

The way is clear for you

To blow us all away someday

Someday, someday

Blow us all away someday

Someday, someday

Blow us all away someday

Some day



Blow us all away


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Fav marvel character and least favorite trope?

Fav marvel character

These dude


Least fav trope in the mcu

Where Tony ask the other avengers if Natasha has family since she has passed away, everyone knowing fully damn well she never did and that was a really stupid question that the writers decided to put in there for end game like everyone knew Natasha family was the avengers she fucking sacrifice herself for that stone so Clint could see his children grown

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