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Old Man Of Storr, Isle Of Skye, Scotland. Think a cloud was passing through at the time (OC) [5472 × 3648] via Jacobscrackers

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When We Were Wolves


we ran beside the river

our thirsty tongues

tasted of Earth

and our eyes

shone with


of sky


we saw

high inside

clouds as hawks

soared with hungry

beaks and sharp talons


we did not mind

the snakes who slithered

blithely underneath our paws


we heard fish

leaping, splashing

as if laughing at the sun


oh, how we

would run and run

our spirits two, yet one



when we

were wolves


Azuki Lynn

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6:21 am

The air is blue and gentle,

These nights are bright and sentimental.

I long to be with you,

You’re someone I feel close to.

When you are here I feel at home.

I haven’t seen you, and I find myself lingering

For your warmth and devotion.

You have been gone for a long while,

And I hope you miss me.


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It never hurts to have backup. Bobcats tend to be solitary cats, but it looks like this one has a friend. Excellent climbers and swimmers, bobcats can live up to 14 years and have the greatest range of all native North American wildcats. They are very adaptable to a wide range of habitat, making their dens among rocks and caves. Fierce hunters, they’ve been known to pounce on much bigger animals, including deer. Photo by by Alek Quintero, Bureau of Land Management.

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