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Also ich fand die irgendwie voll interessant, auch wenn die nur zum Werbung machen da ist. Deswegen #Werbung.😁👌

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(Post by Greg)

The southern archipelago of Gothenburg is one of the best features of the city. The archipelago consists of a series of islands - some with permanent settlement, others that serve as nature reserves. A series of ferry route circle through the islands and back to the city multiple times a day. Even better - the ferries are part of the public transportation system, so your pass covers the trip as well. We’ve been out to the islands a couple of times now, and haven’t repeated an island yet.

Last Saturday, we took another trip out to the islands. Styrsö, the largest of the southern islands, held an art festival where you could tour the studios of a couple dozen of the island’s artists and see their work. Not that we needed much of an excuse, but the art festival was a pretty good reason to check out another island. 

The art was, honestly, nothing to write home about. Fortunately, the island itself was worth the visit. Styrsö is a little more developed than most of the other islands - it has a little over a thousand residents, a couple of restauants, and even two grocery stores - but still was fantastically beautiful. 

The islands feel otherworldly, in a way - especially in the summer. The sun this far north, in general, moves in ways that feel alien to someone who hasn’t spent much time up here. Weirdly, this feels exaggerated at times on the islands. The plants are vibrant, almost glowing with color. It’s amazing to see. I’m in awe at how good the residents of the islands are at gardening. The plants clearly love the environment of the islands, but still, the residents themselves all seem to have these perfect little gardens. Walking between these and the desolate, granite shorelines is something that I don’t think I’ll grow tired of. Luckily, there are several more islands to explore.

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