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just thought of something cursed

Allison, leaving the Academy: Luther, weirdly, you’re kinda the person I’m closest to here. Don’t say why.

Luther: Because I was your brother and your lover?!

Reginald, Grace, Pogo: groans

Luther: Sorry, I just can’t control my tongue around you!

Reginald, Grace, Pogo:


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Gina : What are you doing?

Rosa : Nothing.

Gina : What are you hiding?

Rosa : Nothing.

Gina : I can see you are hiding something.

Rosa : *shows her hands* i hate this.

Gina : Oh, Rosa. Why didn’t you tell me you did a bracelet for me?

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Terry : Hey Jake, can you and Amy look after the kids tonight?

Jake : Sorry, Sarge. I can’t

Gina : I can handle them sarge.

Terry : You sure? Twins are monsters.

*Rosa walks in with two helmets*

Gina : *looks at Rosa*

Yeah, i have a huge backup.

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